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#1 Hikaru Shibata, another Remake on Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:47 am



Name: Hikaru Shibata
Age: 27
True Age: 574
Sex: Male
Hikaru is a very temperamental person. He normally is easily angered, but it takes time for him to build up to a full, uncontrolled anger. He has learned to control his anger over time, but still has his moments, especially when he gets into it with his hollow side. He tends to stay away from associating with his hollow side if possible due to how much it normally affects his personal life.

Most of the time he is a friendly person. He would not hurt anyone and tends to treat women, children, elders, and those with higher rank with respect and kindness, helping them out first during any situation. When he was raised by his adoptive parents he was taught how to be a gentleman and how to treat those around him. He didn’t like the training at the time but has since learned how important it was and is happy to follow through with the training. He tries to make friends quickly from anyone he does not feel is there to harm him, though he can be somewhat shy when he first approaches someone.

Hikaru will stick up for what is right and tends to be angered easily if he sees any mistreatment of anyone who he is around, no matter if they are enemy or friend. He is never in a rush and will stop to help anytime he can and will even volunteer for a task if needed. He feels that this may be a fault of his due to the fact that at times he will promise to help out one person and then at the same time promise to help another during that same time period, often stretching himself thin when it comes to helping others.

Hikaru is very loyal to anyone he considers a friend; much like a dog would be loyal to his master. He feels that once a person becomes your friend that they are your friend for life, not just for a moment.


Height: 6’3”
Weight: about 150
Physical Traits: Hikaru is 6'3" tall and weighs around 150 pounds. He has long, red hair that he keeps in a braid down his back. The hair comes to an end around the small of his back. As you look at his face you can see he is has taken good care of it. He has round, red eyes that are centered perfectly on his face, an average sized nose, and normal mouth that, when he smiles, shows his beautiful white teeth. If one were to look closely it may look like he has a pair of teeth that are almost canine like in nature. His cheeks are not too chubby and he normally does not have any facial hair. If he did this also would be red in color. His lips are average and reddish in color, making them look very kissable. His skin is soft to touch and white in color as well with touches of pink in places.

He has a muscular chest that makes him look like he works out. Some would say six pack abs. His arms are not to long and are well toned, also making him look like he works out. This mostly comes from the years of sword training that he's had. His legs are not to long, but lean and muscular as well, showing he has a very fit body all around.

Hikaru is the type of person who does not really care what he wears. For the most part, when not wearing his shinigami uniform he wears a pair of black pants that comes up to his waist. A black belt is normally around his waist to help hold up his pants, not that they need much help due to how form fitting they normally are. On his pants is a silver chain that leads to his back pocket. Attached to the other side of the chain is his wallet. His pants go down the length of his legs and end at his shoes. He wears a plain pair of black high tops that look generic in all ways. No markings can be seen of the maker of the shoe and it they normally don’t look worn out or faded. For his top he wears a loose fitting, all black shirt with short sleeves. No real markings are on the shirt as he prefers it to just be plain. When it is colder outside he’ll wear a leather jacket that covers his arms, wraps around his body, and flows all the way down to the ground. It does, however, leave room for him to walk and not be torn or ripped from walking. His regular clothing is able to change to be a bit looser if needed should he get into a fight. The clothing is also flame retardant and does allow for him to vent his temper easily, especially should he surround himself with fire if angered enough.


General Fighting Style: Hikaru mostly is a long range combat fighter, mostly using his flames if he can. He will fight in close combat if needed and sometimes does when it comes to some of his attacks using his scythe.


  • Hikaru, being a fire elemental user, is strong against fire. He will take no damage from fire attack except from those very much stronger than him.


  • Hikaru is elementally weak against water attacks. He will take 25% to 50% more damage from these types of attacks
  • Hikaru is elementally weak against ice.


Sealed Appearance:

Hikarkus Zanpakuto looks like a normal broadsword at first. It is 26 inches in length, has a red hilt. The decoration on the sword looks like a half circle sitting on a line. This is the bronze in color and has a red jewel in the middle. It is from this jewel that the flames his sword is covered in come from. The flame does not burn Hikaru as he touches it but can burn someone should he cut them with it. Minor burns are suffered near the area cut for those in tiers above Hikaru, 1st degree burns from the area cut for those in an equal tier with him, and 2nd degree burns from the area cut for those in tiers below him


Call Out Command: Rise from the ashes and torch our enemies, Wolf of Misery, Ken!

Hikaru is surrounded by fire after he calls out his Shikai command. When the fire clears he stands before you wearing a pair of loose fitting brown pants and no shirt. He his wearing a tattered red cape and is holding a scythe in his right hand. The scythe in the picture is what he uses. The blade of the scythe is made of flame. The blade extends from the staff for about three feet before ending in a very sharp point. The staff part of the scythe itself is about 7 feet in height and looks to be made of wood. The wood is very sturdy and will not break easily when hit by someone of lower or equal tier. Those of higher tier and strength may be able to break the pole a bit easier, but will still be somewhat hard to break. The wood of the staff is also made to withstand high temperatures.

    Ability Name: Does not have one
    Ability Description: Hikaru's Shikai gives him the ability to use Flare Sniper Blast outside of Shikai, allowing him to get an edge on a battle. His sword, before he uses Shikai, is normally covered in flames as well.
    Ability Name: The Temper (as he calls it)

    Ability Use/Effect:
    If Hikaru is angered he will start off by trying to relax. If he is continuously angered he will become surrounded by flames. He then will just randomly attack anyone around with little to no control over whom he attacks or what he attacks with. If, while he is in this state, his hollow takes control then he goes wild and his attacks become more powerful. Hikaru has become better at gaining control once he begins, though, it does take time. He also knows what normally triggers him to get this way so he works to avoid those triggers at all costs. Hikaru, for the most part, won't really use this since he mainly avoids everything that would trigger attacks. It takes about 3 posts of being around one of his triggers to charge. Cool down is normally 5 posts to come out of the Temper and 7 posts before he attacks again, if angered.

    Technique Name: Flare Sniper Blast


    As the name suggests the attack is best used when Hikaru is not to close to his enemy or his enemies attack. Hikaru raises his hand and gathers energy in the palm of his hand. He then uses this energy to send out a barrage of fire balls towards his enemy's attack that was directed at a friend or companion whom the enemy is attacking. The attack can also be directed at the enemy as well. There could be anywhere between 10 to 25 fire balls. The more fire balls that he creates, the weaker the attack. Hikaru will mainly use this attack if he is able to catch his enemy off guard as a first attack. This attack is more of a defensive attack but can be used offensivly if able to catch an enemy off guard. There is no wait to use the attack but Hikaru is not able to use the attack for the rest of the battle due to this attack working best when the enemy is not aware of him. If is does wish to use this attack again during battle there is a 3 post cool down.

    Technique Name:Flame Arrow

    Description: The blade on Hikau's Scythe disappears and the stick shortens a bit. He then holds the staff like one would an archers bow. A string made of fire forms between the two ends. As he draws back the string an arrow will form. The arrows will be made of fire and take on the shape of a normal arrow. They are able to fly like a normal arrow but can be controlled by Hikaru with his hands. There a 1 post charge to account for the time to change the scythe to the bow used to fire the arrows. After a 2 post cool down, and if he has not changed back to using his scythe, there is no charge to use the attack again.

    Technique Name:Ruby Lighting


    The blade on Hikau's Scythe disappears and the stick shortens a bit. He then swings the newly formed bow around. In the center forms a red ball of light. Once he has gathered enough energy in the ball, he releases it by calling out the name of the attack. It then shots out like lighting and can strike any person within a 50 foot radius, no matter if they are friend or foe. Hikaru will advise those that he is working with to move out of the way if he feels they would get hit by his attack. There a 1 post charge to account for the time to change the scythe to the bow. After a 2 post cool down, and if he has not changed back to using his scythe, there is no charge to use the attack again.

    Technique Name: Blazing Torando
    Hikaru's scythe has to have the blade on it and it has to be a sunny day for Hikaru to use this attack. Hikaru draws from the rays of the sun shining down to the blade on his scythe. Once he has enough energy from this a giant ball of fire can be seen at the end of his scythe. He then swipes the scythe, causing a tornado made of flame to form. The tornado can travel anywhere in a 50 foot radius and can attack friend or foe alike if they are in the way of the attack. Hikaru has no control over the tornado once released and can even be attacked himself. This attack charges for one post and the tornado lasts for 3 posts unless the sun is blocked out or the sun sets.

    Technique Name: Ruby Typhoon
    Hikaru sticks his scythe into the ground and crosses his arms in front of him. He then begins to draw energy around his hands. As he draws more energy he brings his arms up and begins to uncross them. He then calls out the name of the attack and first lowers his right hand, bringing it back up again to send the attack. He does the same with is left hand and this causes two waves of ruby colored fire to shoot right at the enemy. Hikaru is not able to control the direction the flames travel in as they will only move forward from where he is standing. The flames are only able to travel about 50 feet before slowly dying away at 100 feet. The further away the person is from where Hikaru is standing, the less damage the person will take.

Boosts: He gains a slight increase in speed and strength.


New Name: Ookami no Ken, the fire wolf
what Hikaru looks like:
Hikaru is once again surrounded by flame. When this clears you can see his lower half is covered by armor plating along the pant line. This amour is surrounded by flames and is gold and blue in color. The top half of his body is now bare, but surrounded also by flames. His scythe stays similar to the one he has in Shikai, but grows a chain of fire that can wrap around anyone or anything.

    Ability Name: Darkness Enhancement

    Ability Description: This ability allows Hikaru to use his Shikai techniques in Bankai and enhances them with Darkness, allowing them to be hidden in the shadows or in the dark of night, allowing for a 10% greater chance of being hit by them.

    Technique Name: Wolf Blaze


    Hikaru looks down to Ken and says, "Time to join the fight Ken. Use Wolf Blaze!" Ken then nods at him and concentrates. His fire coat becomes ablaze with more fire. He then charges at the enemy like a fire bolt, aiming to catch the clothing on fire. Hikaru can use this attack once in Bankai, there is no charge. This attack is not able to be used again for 5 post if used by itself and 9 if combined with Blaze Wolf Tremor.

    Technique Name: Blaze Wolf Tremor


    After Ken's intial attack he turns around. If Wolf Blaze hits, Hikaru moves on to the second part of this two part attack. "Good Ken. Now, Blaze Wolf Tremor!" Hikaru commands. With that Ken turns around and jumps on the ground. This causes a tremor which forms a crack in the ground that opens below his feet and speeds for the enemy who is caught off guard as they are putting out the flames from the Wolf Blaze attack. From the crack comes up a wall of fire. Should the attack hit the enemy becomes surrounded by the cracks made and the flame causes a barrier. If the barrier is touched the enemy will be burned. Hikaru, using Ken to help him, jumps over the flame barrier and aims to cut the enemy with his Scythe.
    This attack does take 1 post to charge due to being part of a 2 part attack with Wolf Blaze. This attack has a cool down of 10 posts.

Boosts: He gets a slight increase in speed and a nice increase in stamina.



Hikers mask is pure white except for around the eye and the ears of the mask. Around the eyes is a ring of red and the ears are pure red. His mask looks like a wolf's face with the ears pointing up and ending at a point. There are no markings on the muzzle of the wolf's face on the mask.
Abilities: He mostly gains an increase in speed with his mask on as well as the hollow powers listed below.
Hollow Powers: He can use, with difficulty, a Garganta as well as a regular Cero, a Cero that is fire based, and a Cero that is darkness based.


When Ignado takes control he brings out his full image to make Hikaru look like him.

Hikaru's inner hollow, Ignado, is just as tall as he is. He has short, flaming red hair and bright, ruby red eyes. His red hair is spiky and a bit long. His nose and eyes are all you can see if his face as he keeps this covered with a white scarf. He wears a long sleeved black shirt and a pair of form fitting pants that are also black. He is wearing black, calf high boots and has a belt around the middle that ties in a knot and flows out on either side of where it is tied. Like Hikaru, Ignado has the ability to control fire and wields a sword similar to the one Hikaru wields.

Technique Name: Garganta (黒腔 (ガルガンタ), Garuganta; Spanish for "Throat", Japanese for "Black Cavity")

A Garganta literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway. It is primarily used by Hollow and Arrancar, but some other characters have used it through different means.[C&P from Bleach Wiki]

This is something Hikaru learned while in Hueco Mundo. He is able to use it well enough, though, for known reasons, prefers not to.

Technique Name: Cero
Description: A ruby red colored cero, besides the color there is no variation in the power or speed of the cero. If Ignado is in control fully it will be a black colored cero.
Boosts: He has better control over both elements of Darkness and Fire as well as a better ability to control his hollow powers.


Background: A/N: All the cannon character names listed in the history are not actually cannon characters. They just coincidentally have the same name but are completely different.

Hikaru was born in the Soul Society. Even when he was a baby he's always had an ugly temper. It is due to this temper that he has been passed around from one family to the next. Sometimes he would fall into a family where there was abuse. He would fight back and be moved on due to what they called "The Temper."(see personal abilities)

He did end up at one point with one family where he stayed for quite a long time. The Shibata family. Hikaru never really knew his last name as his family didn't want him to have it. The Shibata family taught him a little how to control his anger and helped him to control his ability better when angry. Due to this Hikaru took Shibata as his last name. The also taught him life in high society and how toe behave around those who are lower in rank than him, or higher in rank than him. This is where he learned his respect for women, children, and the elderly. It was also around this time that he began to see Ken in dreams he would have. Most of the time Hikaru would write this off as a dream since he was not fully aware of Shinigami and what they did. The Shibata's were not really a family that had many Shinigami in them and, any time he would tell them about his dream they would tell him that it was that, only a dream.

After about 20 years of living with them he left the Shibata family. He didn't want to continue to be a burden on them. He knew it was hard for them to have someone living with them with a bad temper like his. He also was somewhat not pleased with the way he was acting around people who were not as lucky as him to end up living with someone who was rich. So, he went out on his own and scavenged around for what he needed. Most of the time, though, people just gave him what he wanted for fear of his temper. The Shibata's, mainly Mr. Shibata, kept trying to find him. Whenever they would meet, Hikaru would run off before they could talk. He really did not want to live that life any more.

It was while he was with the Shibata’s that he meet someone. Here name was Sara and she was a friend he made who was part of another rich family. His parents and her parents wanted them to get married. This was part of the reason that Hikaru left the Shibata house. Sara was in love with Jon, someone who was not rich. Hikaru and Sara did date a few times and, just to try it, did kiss. Hikaru was not happy and neither was Sara. That was when he ran away. Eventually Sara and Jon got married. Hikaru was there as Jon’s best man. He was even there when their first child, Rha’ Chonchiyo. Hikaru eventually became his godfather.

Eight years after Rha was born, another small miracle came to Sara and Jon. Sara’s family didn’t like it so the hid her away, Reyna Chonchiyo. Hikaru had graduated from the academy by this time. He had been hard at work the night before and had accidentally slept in. He had wanted to visit with Jon, Sara, and family. Both Jon and Sara stated that they had something they wanted to share with him and Rha. Upon his approach he saw the house was on fire and being attack by Hollows. He hurried to control the fire and kill the hollows. He was too late to save Sara and Jon, but he did manage to save Rha. He took Rha to a hospital to get healed but Rha, in the middle of the night, took off to look for his parents. Hikaru never found him to long after he had grown up.

One day he was told that he might just need an outlet for his temper. The thought that maybe if he went through the Shino Academy that might help. He did have some trouble, at first, getting through due to his temper. He quickly learned when and when not to use it. It took him longer than normal to become a Shinigami because of this. Once he graduated he spent most of his time moving between a few of the different Divisions, never really finding a place to fit in. This again was due to his temper.

After Aizen created the group that Urahara helped to become the Vizrad's, he continued to experiment. Aizen knew, at that point, that emotion helped the transformation and wanted to see more. He saw Hikaru that same evening while walking away from Urahara. Hikaru had been in a bad mood that day and was in the middle of blowing off some steam when Aizen approached. Hikaru nearly attacked him until he realized that Aizen was a Shinigami like himself. Aizen convinced Hikaru to follow him and became another one of his experiments. As soon as Hikaru learned to control his inner Hollow, Aizen had him join in Division 5. Once he joined the Division, he soon was given the 10th seat. Aizen wanted Hikaru close by, but didn't want to make him to high. Aizen, by the time Hikaru had joined, had become the captain and Gin the Lieutenant.

Soon afterward there was word of someone in the Rukongai who was going wild. Hikaru was sent out to see if he could find out what was going on. He never found who was going wild or who started the rumor, but he did run into Mizuko Ichikawa while there. She seemed to be struggling in her day to day life. He began to take care of her at that point. He looked after her like she was his younger sister until he was reassigned back to his squad. He taught her how to do most of the basic things in the Rukongai and saw that she was able to support herself just as he was reassigned.

Once he was back with the squad he continued to train hard. He worked on further controlling the hollow inside as well as keeping the fact he was a vizard hidden. He did well since he didn't use his hollow powers when he fought, especially when around other Shinigami. He mainly stayed away from difficult missions and stuck to guard duty most of the time. When Ichigo and the others invaded the Soul Society to save Rukia, Hikaru was told to say away from them and in the Division barracks. He did this only until he thought that Aizen had been killed. He worked quietly to stay out of sight but he wanted to try to find out what was going on. He was in the trees in the background when Aizen and the others moved to Hueco Mundo. He felt betrayed and left out. As he watched Aizen and the group ascend to Hueco Mundo and he wished he could be up there with them. During the first few weeks after that he worked with Momo Hinimori to bring the squad to some sort of order. Once that was done they worked together to keep the squad organized until Aizen's invasion of Karakura Town.

Before Aizen's invasion, Hikaru is asked to step in, at one point, to help out the Shino Academy students on a trip. He had taken the small group out to hunt hollows when they come across a powerful one. He was a bit injured after taking it out. This is when he comes across Fuu Uchida. Fuu is an amazing healer that has the ability to use her healing outside of Shikai. The two become fast friends and eventually Fuu falls in love with Hikaru. Hikaru, however, does not return her feelings, much to Fuu's disappointment. Hikaru did, however, fall in love with her. He was just afraid to show it due to him not wanting her to see his hollow side should Ignado gain control.

Hikaru appears on the scene shortly after Rangiku Masamoto is taken out by Mizuko Ichikawa and helps to get rid of the rest of Mizuko's attacks, catching the falling Rangiku Masamoto. He brings her down to the ground and begins to heal her using what little he learned from Fuu, now a member of Division 4. Division 4 members soon showed up and took over. It was around that time that Hikaru noticed the cause of Mizuko's actions, Atsushi Kujo. He went and spoke with Atsushi Kujo to see if he could get the other male to stop his actions. It did not work. Once Aizen is freed from the flames Hikaru made his way over, asking his former Captain if he could be of some help. Aizen was curious to see that Hikaru was still loyal even after what he'd done. Hikaru only replied that he felt a debt to Aizen for what he had done. Aizen then ignored Hikaru and he went back helping out Division 4 or the remaining of the group attacking Karakura town.

Hikaru did engage in a fight against one of the bad guys, Tetsuya Shimazu. The fight was back and forth with Hikaru winning for a bit. In the end he had to use his mask in order to dodge what could've been a fatal attack. It almost killed him but he was able to be healed by Fuu Uchida.

He did make it safely back to the Soul Society. Once there he was then sent on a secret mission in Hueco Mundo. During that time, a 3 year period, he was able to learn a little more about himself and his inner hollow. He returned to the Soul Society shortly before Mizuko Ichikawa returned. He remained in the 5th Division, laying low and working to ensure that he does not show proof of the fact that he is a Vizard. He continues to try to move up to a different seat, but is a bit timid in trying to work his way up. This is mostly due to the fact that, as before, he does not want to reval his true self for fear that he will be kicked out of the Soul Society. As time progressed the Division soon became Captain less and Lieutenant less. Most of the other seated positions were missing as well. Due to this Hikaru was asked to step up and become a temporary Vice Captain. As he continued to work and prove himself he sound found the spot most enjoyable. He then applied for and soon obtained the rank of Vice Captain. He now performs most of the duties of the Captain since his Division is still Captain less.

One day, about 2 years ago, Hikaru found that he was having a bad day. When he normally has a bad day he wonders over to a secluded area where his parents have a quiet Victorian home and vents out his frustration away from everyone so that no one would get hurt, mainly by Ignado, should he take over. It was at this time that he felt he needed to vent when Fuu had deiced to follow him. Hikaru normally left notices behind not to bother him or come looking for him due to him knowing what needed to be done to calm himself down. Fuu had been watching Hikaru from a distance and saw that he was letting out some steam in a fit of rage. When Fuu saw this she wanted to help. She slowly began to approach him. When Hikaru heard her and turned around to face her, a crazed look in his eyes. Fuu kept asking if she could help him and if he was alright. He only told her to run away and leave him alone. She would not and eventually Ignado took over. Fuu had never see Hikaru like that before and was shocked to see that the mask that had formed on Hikaru's face. Fuu stepped back a few steps and Hikaru, now hollowfied, followed her. As Hikaru followed her he drew his sword. Fuu, in her hast, soon tripped on a rock and fell down. Hikaru, still being controlled by the hollow, took this chance to rape and then killed her. Hikaru had watched all of this in the background, Ignado was fully in charge. With Fuu dead he began to fight for control. Eventually, after a few hours, was able to take back control, but it was too late for him to save Fuu. He was devastated and it took him weeks to recover. He did bring her back to the Soul Society and made up the excuse that she was killed by a hollow and that he could not get it in time to save her. They believed the story, but they still keep a close watch on him. This is mainly due to rumors that he is a Vizard. He tells everyone he is not and demands proof that he is. Since no one can ever prove it, he tells them to mind their own business and goes about his daily life.

In the last 30 years he has had more trouble controlling his hollow, Ignado. He also has had desires to do bad things such as betray the Soul Society. He's been working his hardest to avoid giving in to those feelings, but, a push in that direction from anyone or getting kicked out of the Soul Society may make him turn.

Side Notes: Hikaru is Vice Captain of Division 5.
RP Sample:
It seemed to be the typical morning for Hikaru. He woke up and followed the same routine as he always did. He'd get up, wash, and get dressed. All seemed well in his life. This was about to change, however.

Hikaru had finished up his breakfast and went out to the sparing area where he'd be sparing with his Captain and Vice Captain as was his usual routine. His Captain, however, had an assignment for him.

Hikaru, just the person I wanted to see. I've got an assignment for you. I don't know how long it will last but you must report to me weekly on the status of your mission.

But I've never been given a mission before. Why start now?

I've been under pressure to give you a mission. I feel this one may be very easy for you and, should certain things happen, things will be easy to explain and be taken care off. Are you ready for the details of this mission?

Yes Captain. I'll do my best to complete the mission with no incidents.

There have been reported incidents in the Roukongi of hollow attacks centered in one area. You are to go to that area and see if this truly is a hollow, or something else. If it is a hollow you are to take it out at once. If not, see what you can do. There have been rumors that the hollow is actually a person who changes to a hollow. This is why I selected you for this mission. You and your hollow powers can help me out if this is a person.

Yes sir Captain sir. I won't let you down and will work to bring everything back under control.

With that being said Hikaru had returned to his room. He gathered everything he thought he would need for this mission and took off. The Captain of Division 5 had given Hikaru a packet of information before leaving to his room. Inside the packet was a map showing the location of where the attacks have been taking place. Hikaru became a bit excited. His parents had a home not far away. He felt this would be the best place to start off and would make this his base of operations till the mission was finished. Once he had everything he may need he took off. It was mid-day by the time he reached his house.

As Hikaru walked in he realized just how dusty the place was. He'd not been there in quiet sometime. The house was a beautiful Victorian home that had 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It had one large kitchen with a dinning area, a den, and a living room. In the back was a spacious porch with a swinging chair on it. The house overlooked a beautiful lake off in the distance. Since the house was rather dusty Hikaru took a bit of time to clean up a bit. He then headed out to look for this person they called a hollow.

Hikaru walked through the Rukongi area where the map had shown the hollow had shown up. He was about to give up on his search for the day when he heard people yelling something about a hollow. He ran towards the direction that the people were running away from. He knew this must be what he was after. Upon arriving he saw what looked to be a hollow, but it seemed like it was human as well. The hollow standing before him looked human in nature, but was also dragon like. She had a long tail that resembles a dragon’s tail. On her hands and feet where claws for scratching. Her body was covered in blue scales from head to foot. Her face seemed dragon like as well. She had the snout of a dragon, her ears where on top of her head rather than where they normally would be, and her eyes were yellow with slits down the middle. Hikaru walked up to the hollow/human and attempted to speak with it, thinking that he'd try to calm her down first. It only threw him against the wall. He quickly recovered and drew his zanpakuto. He then charged in, attempting to hit it with his sword. She blocked and was about to swipe at him with her clawed hand. Hikaru ducked and, when he stood back up, delivered a swift but hard kick to her mid-section. This seemed to have done the trick since it did knock her out. Once she was knocked out she reverted back to normal, but naked. Felling it best not to leave her here as she was, Hikaru picked her up and took her back to his house.

It was a few hours later when the girl finally woke up. Hikaru was by her side. He had so many questions, and was sure she had many questions herself. He first made sure she was comfortable and was not thirsty. After that, he began to ask her some questions.

Welcome to my home. My name is Hikaru Shibata. I found you in need of some assistance and brought you here. What is your name?

Mizuko Ichikawa. Why are you helping me?

Becaue you needed help Mizuko. How long have you been able to do what is was I saw you do?

I don't really know what your talking about. All I know is that one minute I'm getting really upset and the next thing I know, I wake up with a small headache and no memory of what happened to me.

I see. Maybe I can help you with that, if that is alright with you. I can help you to where you won't blank out any more. I'll even try to see if I can cure you.

That would be wonderful. Thank you Hikaru.

From that day on Hikaru helped Mizuko to be better at controlling her other side. Eventually, due to her lack of control, Hikaru and Captain Aizen locked the hollow side away, wiping out some of Mizuko's memories in the process. This is why Mizuko actually thinks she is newer to the Soul Society than she really is.

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#3 Re: Hikaru Shibata, another Remake on Sat Nov 12, 2016 11:51 am


Forgot an Ability under personal Abilities.

    Ability Name: The Temper (as he calls it)

    Ability Description: If Hikaru is angered he will start off by trying to relax. If he is continuously angered he will become surrounded by flames. He then will just randomly attack anyone around with little to no control over whom he attacks or what he attacks with. If, while he is in this state, his hollow takes control then he goes wild and his attacks become more powerful. Hikaru has become better at gaining control once he begins, though, it does take time. He also knows what normally triggers him to get this way so he works to avoid those triggers at all costs. Hikaru, for the most part, won't really use this since he mainly avoids everything that would trigger attacks.

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