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#1 Yomi Shingetsu [FINISHED] on Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:22 am


Name: Yomi Shingetsu, the etymology of her name is quite plain, Yomi is the name of the Japanese underworld while her last name means "New Moon" which she inherited from her father: Kuroi.
Age: She appears to be a teenager around 16-17.
True Age: 56 years old.
Sex: Female.
Personality: Yomi is a very calculative woman, from the moment she meets someone she is already analysing them and seeking to get what she wants out of them. The people she surrounds herself with tend to have purpose for what she wants, whether it be they have something she wants or they could be of use later. One thing that must be understood about Yomi is that she doesn't care about anyone, she is a person who prefers to be alone and hates when people try to develop any form of relationship with her that is above professional or something past what she wants (although if it would better her standing she might lead them on).

Holding a strong understanding of people and the way they work makes her a very skilled manipulator, she's not above using dirty means to get her way. Sexual favours, money or anything she is not above using but she would prefer to get it out of them for as little as possible (she never was good at sharing). This way of thinking has made her develop a superiority complex, she believes herself above people and better than them in every and any way. Her arrogance is a huge flaw to her psyche, although one might easily link it to her arrogant father.

She isn't one to plan, although she can, preferring a flexible and malleable plan the woman will often work with bare basics and try her best, dedication and stubbornness, is usually how she gets what she wants and her constant perseverance makes her try as hard as she can to achieve her goals, of course she does have quite high goals and a higher opinion of herself. Nevertheless she is a cunning little vixen, the young woman will play her cards to make people see what she wants them to see and so many don't actually get to see the depth of her true arrogance.

Apathetic and uncaring the shinigami holds no care to who she might hurt in the hopes of achieving her goals. She is remorseless in all situations and only shows mercy if she sees it as a benefit to her. As a leader this trait is beneficial in the fact that she can plan without thought to her subordinates well being and if they die then so be it, although as some people might still hold value she'd prefer to avoid wasting objects.

Being that she is quite the witty and resourceful character she likes to cause mischief and chaos, she desires ultimate power and to be the world's equivalent of a god, fuck the soul king, she would usurp him if given the chance. There is no limit to her headstrong and arrogant nature. She is rarely happy, she is not pessimistic and she is definitely NOT optimistic but she is very realistic and despite the fact she knows her goals are set high, for someone as amazing and strong as her they are more than capable of being achieved.

Despite under all this manipulation, lies and confidence Yomi is still human, she is actually quite insecure and if people strip away all her layers then they will find her scared and alone, having abandonment issues because of her father's disappearance left her like she is today. She is constantly looking for him and the fact that she has these abandonment issues contributes to her reason at keeping everyone around her at arm's length.


Height: 5 feet 10 inches.
Weight: 69 kilograms.
Physical Traits: Yomi is a slim and rather attractive young woman, she has the body of a super model and isn't afraid at showing it off to people. Her thin physique makes her look rather frail and one wouldn't be wrong to gauge her as not very strong, however, Yomi does possess an unnaturally elastic body which is why she spends a lot of time doing gymnastics and aerobatics, to help her fighting style. Her body is quite healthy, not being overly weak but not super strong. She finds a nice balance of the two.

Her hair is a deep black, inherited from her father it is a dull and consuming black that lacks lustre and doesn't shine. Being soft and smooth the feeling of her hair is rather silky and has a pleasant feel, boasting just how much she takes care of it. Her hair reaches to her shoulder blades, or at least about there depending on the style. In it's most commonly seen appearance her bangs are curled and the rest of her hair is smooth and straightened.

Eyes, apparently the windows to the soul, well that would be true for most but for Yomi it cannot be said, her rich green eyes that seem to almost glow can appear however she wants them too. Unlike her father who could never show any emotion Yomi has reached the point where she can easily emulate most emotions through her eyes. They are not to be trusted despite the fact that post people can be fooled by those mischievous orbs.

The skin of Yomi is pale, a very pale tone which makes her look like she'd burn up very quickly in the sun. Her pale skin tone is something she's always had, from her birth to the present although the fact that she doesn't spend much time outdoors if she has to doesn't help her complexion but she doesn't mind if she'd pale, having a fondness for every part of herself in her mind no one matches her beauty.

Yomi's spiritual appearance is topped off with the addition of two demonic horns which do not disappear from her form. They are one hundred percent real and are similar to an arrancar's mask fragment and most people write it off as her heritage's doing. The horns are not visible in her gigai but when not in the gigai her curved horns stand out quite a lot to those around her.

Another feature that is part of her appearance is two wings that shoot from her lower back, although unlike her horns these appendages can be retracted and removed from her overall appearance. They are rather short although their size varies depending on their use since they grow when she is in flight although when not being used they are much smaller to avoid being a nuisance. Her wings and horns are quite sensitive, but while her horns are strong the wings on her back are quite fragile and still flesh and bone.

Clothing: A big fan of black, Yomi is mostly seen in black and sometimes Gothic attires, she doesn't wear the shinigami Shihakusho and prefers her own attire. The most common attire that Yomi is seen in is a

Accessories: [What do they carry with them excluding their zanpakuto. Jewelry, hats, etc. Some accessories may have to be approved in the equipment bored]

Appearance Picture:


General Fighting Style: Using her body's natural elasticity and speed Yomi is a deadly high-speed combatant. Her moves tend to be graceful and it is almost like a dance for her, she
Strengths: A dangerous combatant in the art of Zanjutsu, not in the traditional sense since she uses her large scythe to deadly skill however as her father was a master of the art of using swords she does possess incredibly skill with weapons and other bladed objects. She has very little skill in Hakuda, not being able to use it to a very high level but when it comes to her Hoho one best look out. She is incredibly fast and considered a master in her speed, being able to use most shunpo techniques with her weapons make her dangerous for people to face. In terms of skill in Kido she is quite basic, not being able to go over the level of 40 despite her strength.
Weaknesses: She is less skilled in the art of Hakuda and Kido, primarily focusing on the physical side of combat.


Sealed Appearance: N/A


Call Out Command: N/A
Appearance: The weapon that Yomi wields is a very large scythe weapon, it has a very sharp blade that can easily slice through defences, very sharp to the point where she can even slash through hierro of arrancar and slash through most things. The sharpness of the blade is at a constant state of being very sharp and it cannot dull or lose sharpness.

Scythe Appearance:

Abilities: Similar to her father's powers Yomi's release works under the principle of battle advantage. Yomi's being undergoes changes in Shikai to give her the edge in combat. Being the primary focus of her shikai people tend not to be able to isolate the theme of her power because some appear very different from others.

Scythe: The scythe that Yomi wields is incredibly sharp, being her primary weapon it holds the ability of slashing through most forms of defences, including spiritual ones such as Hierro or Kido barriers as well as physical ones. Aside from it's unusual sharpness the weapon holds one other ability, to Yomi it is very light, following the fact that a shinigami can wield their own zanpakuto with ease as a part of their soul the scythe is nigh weightless to her.

However that cannot be said for her opponent, while the scythe is light for her the weapon is able to increase it's weight and force as she swings. This means that upon slashing at an opponent the weight of the scythe increases exponentially, this means that the slashes feel less like blocking a swing of a sword and instead are like a blocking a speeding truck.

Osteokinesis [Reaper's Body]: While her powers are about gaining "Battle Advantage" another theme of her release form is a reaper, Yomi's power manifests as an ability known as Shikotsumyaku [Dead Bone Pulse] because of this form. Due to her constant-release shikai this ability is always active and able to be used by Yomi.

The main capabilities of Yomi's reaper body is allowing her to manipulate the speed of her bones' growth as well as the location of calcium deposits allowing for great versatility. This allows her to create weapons of bones that can either protrude from any part of the body, or pulled out and used like hand held weapons. She is also able to create armour of dense bone underneath her skin. She can even fire pieces of her bones as long-ranged projectiles which can have either pierce through its targets via drilling.

Any bone that she removes from her body immediately regenerates, as does the skin that is damaged when the bones are removed. Although it seems it takes a bit longer for the limb to become usable again (1-2 posts depending on the severity), unless the user regrows the bones consciously. She can increase the density of the created bones, making them stronger than steel. This not only makes the created weapons very powerful, but also makes her body virtually indestructible; the bones can withstand even a zanpakuto blade, which is usually enough to cut through anything. The bones structure can also be hollowed out completely to increase her speed and make her more weightless.

Yomi's ability grants her an impenetrable skeletal frame, which can resist most types of physical trauma and makes breaking her bones nigh-impossible. In addition, should a she decide to go on the offensive, she can instantly turn her bones into the sharpest spear.

CREATOR'S NOTE: Yomi's ability to regenerate is only applicable if the damage was done to her bone structure or caused by the ability. Any damage done to her from an opponent is not given the same regeneration properties.


Dance of the Rose: Coating her entire body in small sharp bone fragments to emulate rose thorns the large majority of Yomi's body is covered in these fragments which act as a defensive technique against people grabbing her or hitting her physically. The thorns also make an excellent offensive addition, due to being able to attack and inflict damage with her combat although due to her inexperience in hand-to-hand combat the technique is better used for defence. It has a duration of three posts and a cool down of five.

Dance of the Seed: A very basic technique which is used for reconnaissance by Yomi, by placing a small piece of bone on or in someone she is capable of tracking where they are whenever she desires. She can effectively use this technique to keep track of anyone so long as they are in a 10 kilometre radius of Yomi and so with this technique she can distinguish where people are, however she cannot hear or do anything other than learn where someone is. Nor can she learn about the environment or see anything. It should also be noted that when she is using the tracking her reiatsu can also be detected and also tracked back to her, this technique does not cross over to other dimensions so she cannot track someone in the Human World while she is in the Soul Society. This technique lasts for four posts with a cool down of eight although with permission it can be used without limit for plot etc.

Dance of the Bamboo Stalk: Using her bones as a medium Yomi is able to eject them as weapons, they are incredibly durable due to the fact she can control her bone's density which means she can create weapons to rival zanpakuto in durability. These weapons can be used by anyone although is not advised since the bones are still under her control and she could potentially make them hurt the wielder. It has a cool down of five posts after it is complete, the weapons can stay.

Dance of the Forest: Considered her final dance, Yomi sends her bones into the ground for four posts before making them rapidly grow and explode out of the earth in a forest of bone which can be from anything to 100 metres to 2 kilometres at her strongest, as they are all her bones she refers to it as her trump card due to the fact she has complete control of the environment around her and as such it is incredibly hard to combat since she can use mineral deposits in the earth to strength the bones. It can only be used once per thread and the technique doesn't have a duration since it changes environmental factors, can still be destroyed by other people though.

Dance of the Dead Forest: While it is unknown to most there is one more dance used by her shikai, she is capable of fusing with her bone structures and using them for sneak attacks although it has to be big enough to support her mass. Using this with Dance of the Forest allows her to travel incredible distances and fight with an environmental advantage against her foes. It has a duration of two posts and a cool down of six.

Boosts: Her body is naturally much faster than most due to her constant-release, she has a very durable body and can increase her speed by hollowing her bones for more speed although that lowers her durability in the process. She doesn't get any spiritual boosts from her shikai.


New Name: Dead Master
Appearance: Not Revealed.
Abilities: Not Revealed.
Boosts: Not Revealed.


Background: Yomi Shingetsu's history is shorter than most, a young soul in terms of age. Being less than a decade most people are surprised by just how strong the girl is. From her birth comes her story. Yomi was born after her mother Reika fell pregnant after being captured and raped by the Black Swordsman, Kuroi Shingetsu. A darker soul back then Kuroi felt little to no care about how his actions affected people, a miserable soul that slaughtered for no reason other than to try and appease the despair he felt.

It was just pure unluckiness that Reika's small squad fell upon the place of which Kuroi had finished with a pack of Hollows and slaughtered the alpha. Her squad was there to do simple recon, being the Vice-Captain of her squad with a few other shinigami. The Black Swordsman held no remorse and the fact they wandered upon him justified his actions of attacking them, they stood no chance.

Reika nor her squad stood a chance against his swordsmanship and in the end she was left on her knees in the bloody sand, her own squad lay slaughtered around her with the hollows and Kuroi's dark form approached her, she refused to cry or scream in terror, like her squad that all screamed as he eviscerated and the countless other hollows and shinigami he'd killed. That annoyed him greatly, he killed and did all of this to inflict that despair on people that he felt every second of his life and so instead of killing her there he left her alive. Much to her horror he took her with him, upon arriving in the small cave where the arrancar lived Reika quickly saw her life turn bland but she refused to give into the despair that she knew he wanted to see.

Irritated further by her Kuroi raped her, attempting to inflict that sadness on her, pain and fear and while yes she did scream in pain and cry afterwards it returned to the same way. Reika refused to give in, despite all he tried Kuroi could never break her resolve. From his hatred and annoyance Kuroi gained the slightest bit respect for her, she had something he didn't which was the ability to resist the depression that came when you realised just how shit your life was.

Of course three months later when Reika showed signs of pregnancy Kuroi was less than pleased, the monster that he was wanted to kill the shinigami and the unborn child but his own shreds of humanity that were left refused to let him do it. Reika reminded him of his wife, the child his own son he lost in the Second World War and for that Kuroi couldn't bring himself to kill them.

So without any interruptions and Kuroi's protection Reika was able to give birth to her healthy little daughter, having grown accustomed to Hueco Mundo and the hell that was her life as Kuroi's slave made her give the child the name of Yomi, the Japanese Underworld and version of Hell. Kuroi expressed an interest in the child, despite the fact that Reika thought she saw him happy at some points he rarely showed it.

Yomi grew up, learning from her mother and father, Kuroi never expressed any love to her but her mother tried her best, while she learnt from a young age how to speak, walk and all that basic stuff we learn to do when we are young. From a young age she got to train with weapons and learnt to fight. Having a father that was a master swordsman was helpful for her development in the art of combat and fighting.

As she grew up Reika couldn't bear watching her daughter become like the dark man who made her life hell. Working up the courage she attempted to take Kuroi's life while he slept, unaware that Yomi had developed her own little connection with him and a strong attachment as Reika tried to kill the arrancar the little girl ended her mother's life through the use of her own weapon, a large scythe.

Seeing her actions as an act of attachment to him Kuroi left her alone in the desert, being left all alone in the white sands. She was forced to survive and this is where she began to lose her mentality. Her mind decayed into a broken mess that became her, shaping her mind the young woman walked the sands killing those that she met until she stumbled upon a group of shinigami who were patrolling Hueco Mundo and took her back to Soul Society due to her shinigami.

When she got there she was hospitalised until being released into the academy to properly hone her skills, while she sucked at Kido and unarmed combat she was feared for her killing of three other students in weapons training although despite being expelled she was placed in the most vicious division of them all. The eleventh division was one she enjoyed, due to her female status and her weak frame she was occasionally targeted with abuse and at one point even rape. However Yomi was quickly established as a demon in her own right, ruthless and savage in combat she harmed those she saw as threats and established a place of dominance among the squad.

After a few years of learning she was introduced into the art of manipulation and psychological warfare, she was naturally attuned to it and picking it up was easy but as she learnt more about herself she got closer to shikai. A rare and basically unheard of method was used for Yomi to achieve shikai using a strange combination of her hollow and shinigami heritage she devoured her own spirit and in doing so her zanpakuto spirit became a mirror of herself inside her own mind, bound and chained to her inner world and shikai was attained. When she deemed herself ready she targeted the position of Squad Two Captain, it was a famous event for Yomi killed him in one swift stroke of her scythe in front of the entire squad two and claimed his title for her own.

Upon becoming the captain she quickly achieved a position of fear. She quickly began to use her own squad without remorse or care for her own means, she could do what she was needed for by the Gotei however many dark rumours emerged about the Squad after Yomi took control, many of which were true although the public didn't know exactly what to believe and so Yomi was able to avoid detection for her crimes.

Side Notes: [Anything you left out, put it here]
RP Sample: [Show us what you got. Rp with your character that you are applying for.]

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