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#1 Noelle! on Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:39 pm


Full Name: Noelle Genevieve Bisse
Aliases: Bubblegum, Powder Puff
Gender: Female
Phys. Age: Early 20’s
Real Age: ~430
Species: Arrancar
Alignment: Neutral Good
“I just want to be the best I can be! Master believes is me!”


Petite, cute, adorable.

She is a spunky little Arrancar that shows her colors brightly. Even before having to give an explanation on her looks, she's just as happy letting herself shine through action alone. She stands tall and proud with a, metaphorical “head in the clouds”. That is to say she stands as tall as her slight 5’6’’ frame can manage. Merely walking shows powder-puff here stands upright with a hard built sense of pride. A self-swelling sense that puts a bounce in her every step. She is lax yet graceful in movement - at least depending on how her mood inspires her. When happy and jovial her bouncing step is readily apparent, walking at almost a skip. When angered and tense the feet that carry her tend to glide across the ground with purpose. When scared and timid there is a slight of a stumbling tremble in her step. When serene, she slides along the ground with unnatural grace.

A personality that is eager to show itself off in it’s appearance. She adorns her everyday garb in what she feels is ‘her’ which can be at most described in light ‘lolita’’. A base of a black slim fitting top and matching slim fitting shorts. On top that (in her ever expanding wardrobe of pinched clothes from the human world) is usually adorned in something that piques her interest in the buzzword of “cute”. Some type of frill, poofy shoulders, or a long neckline with little bows and all other things adorable. She loves her dresses but prefers to keep them short and tapered even above her slim pants. In a way her style can best be described in chic minimalism.

On the contrary to her design. As much as she begged and pleaded with her Master to be able to wear the cutest shoes, he would not relent. Not budging an inch on her choice of footwear. Only giving her a strict choice in footwear. Ranging from flats to combat boots. There had to be a strong foundation to the shoes. Nothing that had a heel or anything that could get caught on something.

Colorized based on her mood. Happiness is enough pink to make the eyes bleed, with many bows and frills. Anger is a fiery palette of reds with streaking yellows, straight lines and minimalism. Sadness and timidity is perhaps the only form that hearkens a serious difference in attire, as half-assed dressed as she anyone could. Compulsively picking at her decoration until there are holes in the clothing.

She combines her style in two layers. The outer clothes are designed to tear away under stress and combat. Learning quickly that tear away clothes saves lives. As much as she loves clothes, being alive is a far more important. Underneath is tight form fitting compression wear. Black material contouring to every shape and form. It is thin, comfortable, breathable, and protects the goodnesses. Saying that, she does not wear any form of bra.

Her eyes are shimmering emeralds. Shimmering from the beaming light of her smile. She views the world with intense intensity that pieces deep through the thickest souls. It could be rather intimidating, if only she knew how to look upon someone with that emotion.

The most expressive parts of oneself kept in the most diminutive manner. Her hair is kept in a short pixie style dyed pink. A naturally black haired girl, she has since made regular trips to the living world to “procure” pink hair dye. The hair itself is kept perpetually short. Rarely growing any longer than below her ears then quickly shaped back up with a few scissors to a more appropriate length. Often stylized as much as possible despite a small working area. When excited with a ‘Can-Do-Attitude’ her hair reflects that in some form of energetic fashion commonly done did up in a faux hawk or any other upward pointing style. A more serious Noel finds her style as restricted as possible combed out in every inch into as mild mannered of a form as possible swathed off to the side.

Her frame is somewhat as delicate as her clothing choice. Her body is lithe with the essence of flexibility and finesse. Her musculature curves are almost minimal at best. Do not let that fool you into thinking she is some petite princess prancing through a pasture of pansies. She holds a fine amount of muscle, betraying her lack of taut lines. She is a thick girl that hides her gained muscle under layers of pink. Exercise, yet nothing that strictly built muscle. Technique that focused upon stamina and endurance. Thick muscle underneath silk smooth skin being a side effect. Her thighs as large as many weightlifters arms. Of which, she is mostly ‘leg’ in a manner of speaking, disproportionately longer legs than many girls of her class. Not freakishly so but in just the right amounts to satisfy any leg-man.

The rest of her body fills out more or less to a hourglass, however not as fine tuned as much of the idea of an hourglass comes to mind. Viewed as almost boyish and teased relentlessly about it. A constricted waist and wider chest to be in line with her hips. She has a thin tummy that has the beginning of ab lines. Her bust is rather unimpressive at only enough cup to barely qualify as ‘B’, something that give her a minor inferiority complex when in the presence of larger and more robust women. Resorting to stuffing her chest to ‘C’-size to even compete with others. While there may not be much she can do of her modest bust size there is much she can do about the rest of herself.

One thing to be proud of is how well kept her overall features are. Thin curtailed brows with a small button nose. All sorts of mix-matched for her body type. Her skin is a beautiful white, a middle ground between pale and a soft tan. Soft to the touch. Such serious attention goes into the maintenance of her skin. Sticky little fingers taking more than just clothes from the human’s world. Extending to bodily care products as well. She would buy them, but with what? Not like her master gave her some kind of allowance. Her skin is too important to let go to waste. She's gotta cover up the scars somehow.

Long before her master lifted her mind from darkness. Noelle suffered heavily from the Arrancar norms. Angry, bloodthirsty, destructive. He attire mirrored that as well. She attacked herself as well. Cutting herself in random areas across her body in self. Scar tissues line her body that she carefully tries to hide with trinkets, bands and the like.

The pièce de résistance, the mask, if it could be called that. Around her jaw line is thin bone raiment that descends to the chest. Simple pale bone encircles her jaw that continues the line around and down the trunk of her neck.. Unintentionally does her mask form a slight heart design on her neck. The mask ends at her clavicle, shoulder tips, and shoulder blades. Much as a mantle would.

Her hollow hole is located on her navel. Three inches in diameter.


Theres a stereotype that says women are emotional creatures.

Noelle couldn’t live up any more to that stereotype.

She wears her emotions on her sleeve. A radiant sun of personality, that shines brightly no matter the condition.

Painfully happy. Its quite true that a smile a smile is always across this face. She is rather painfully happy. Quite pathologically. If Hueco Mundo ever needed a spunky cheerleader - which it doesn't - it definitely should not be her. This happy little psychopath, while anything but, is on a rampage to make anyone and anything smile. Shes a giver and finds joy out of giving joy. If you don’t have a smile on your face, you have been put on a hit-list until she turns that frown upside down. She will always try to find the slimmest ray of sunshine in the darkest of places.

Opposite her happiness is a streak of timidity. Underneath the smile lies a scared little kitten. She feels lost in the world without her master to lead the way. Her smile has become almost a mask that hides her timid nature. That does not mean her happiness is fake or somehow less authentic. She fights against this fearful nature in seeking happiness at every turn. However much a struggle, she’ll continue trying to push out the fear. Desiring to be able to stand on her own two feet without her master’s help

Love - love is such a strong emotion for sentient creatures who understand it. A deep desire to everyone who understands it. Perhaps a bit to in touch with her heart, or rather, her desire to pour everyone she sees in the red lovey-dovey goodness. Persistence iks the nerves of almost every other arrancar alive, even those that chose to tolerate her. Noelle enjoys companionship. She loves to be around people, not necessarily the center of attention. But to simply be around people. The Master grew a strong community of Arrancar and because of that grew trust, love, and friendship. Noelle had thus developed a strong sense of trust and love for those she is able to trust. She would want nothing more than to rejoin the rest of her brother’s and sisters.

But what of others? Quincy? Shinigami? Bounts and Humans? They all deserve the love showering out from the heart! Noelle doesn't see the uniform of shinigami or the arrows she has to pluck from her ass after every Quincy encounter. She sees no other faction or race as an inherent enemy.

Love - pushes her feet. Love for one person, an obsession for one man who gives her the ultimate drive of life. Without her Master, she would’ve been lost to the endless sands as mindless as the rest of them. He reached down into her darkness, lifting her up into the light. He taught her what it meant to be human again. Pressing compassion in through the pores and destroying the hate in the soul. Having no chance to shape herself; She is nothing more than an amalgamation of the purest teachings of her Master. She aims to live up to those teachings. Spreading the principles of humanity and temperance.

Stubborn like a mule and vicious like the wolf. When these fangs sink into a target they don't let go. She grips and rips with teeth until she gets what she wants. Time away from master has set in old ways. Without guidance she has softly began mixing her tempered nature with the hostilities of the arrancar workplace.

Aspect of Death: Mania

She is up, she is down, she is left, right, and all around. Lost in the swaths of her own glass case of emotion. Noelle drifts from one emotion to the next in many ways rich women buy Porches. In this case all of Noelle’s porches” also coming in numerous colors. One emotion is stringently dominant, happiness. So while she's not above easily falling into depression or letting someone hear how destructive her voice really can be. It is a good assumption to guess that she is always in a - at least - fair mood.

Likes & Strengths:

Her Master!
  “Master was the one who saved me. He put his faith in me and and he believes in me! I will make him proud!”

 Oh boy, she could go on and on about her love for her Master. No, it was not a Master/Slave relationship. He was a teacher, showing her everything he could teach her. Whether it be how to fight, managing her reiatsu, basic Hueco Mundo history, or just pushing her to be better than she was yesterday, her master is a strong focal point of her life. He lifted her from the arrancar madness. He had effectively become her savior, he had become her god, he became like a father. Care to those that insult her master.

A pure and genuine love. Obsession, but love - none the less.

• Inquisitive!
“Whats this button do?!”

The Master drove his ‘children” to seek to always better themselves. Never admit defeat and find pursuits that always better yourself. Noelle took the inquisitiveness to heart. Always yearning to learn. She would be a scientist if she could actually have the patience to sit and read a book.

•  Everything!
 “You know what I love?! Everything!"

 Noelle exists to shine the warmth of her heart across the sunless sands. It's a rather good escape from the fear in her heart. Bringing a smile to the hearts of others, in a way, tricks her into thinking shes happier because of another’s smile. A narcissistic philanthropy if there were any.

Meeting new people!   /  Spending time with people!
 “Oh new friends!? My favorite!”

A social little butterfly. Noelle’s fondest memories have been meeting new people and making them happy. Anytime shes around doing things with other people is a good time!

•   Siblings!
 “I love all my brother’s and sisters! They protect me and I will protect them! We all stand together!”

 Not true siblings, arrancars are rather incapable of sharing blood. They are siblings through strife and trial. Through life and love. Noelle loves her makeshift family more than anything. They all came as arrancar wanting to learn; They all became brothers and sister under the stern hand of the Master.

 “I will not stop until my dream is complete!”

 Feet that don’t stop. They will carry her over the edge of the world and back. No matter how tired or worn, she has the will to go and keep going.

Always happy, all the damn time!
 “I’m not going to pout in the rain, lets go play in it instead!”

Perhaps a little too happy for her own good. Noelle always has a perpetual smile on her face. Pathological happiness oozes from her every pore.

 “I can still stand! I will not surrender!”

 A violent little fervor installed on this little ball of razor blades. Shes a strong one that bites and doesn't let go. No matter the obstacle, No matter the odds, she will not be dissuaded. She will vehemently fight for what she believes in. There is no other way!

 “No one is above anyone else. There is no ladder to climb. This life is not a race. We need to work together. We can live in peace.”

There is no reason for the arrancar to be aggressive to one another. There is no need to kill and destroy. It gains nothing except the lessening of great individuals. Peace is something to be striven for. To raise above what makes us animals and raise into greatness. Who would want to live in ignorance? Who would desire such weak traits? Become better than yourself. The best you can be!

Dislikes & Weaknesses:

 “How can anyone be like that? Its makes him look like an ass.”

 Quite the unattractive personality trait. Pride in excess is a disgusting trait. Pride is ones accomplishes is acceptable in moderation, but excess is disgusting. No amount of personal accomplishment can warrant hubris.

 “You need a time out!”

 Outside of sparring, aggression has no place in society. Settle things with your words and minds. A fist is only the way of impudence and ignorance.

 “No silly-butt! We have so much to do today! Lets go!”

No! No days of lethargy! No days of laziness! Strive for greatness! We have infinity to sleep and rest! You can sleep after we’re done with today, the next day, and the day after that!”

 “I will not let you be sad here! No sadness on my watch!”

Without her Master - there's a pattern here - she is a lost little lamb. Filling the void in her life in vain to stave away the mounting sadness and timidity that keeps creeping back. She is on the run, constantly sprinting from an ever encroaching depression and dread.

 “I know they will take advantage of me, but sometimes you have to sift through the trash to find a diamonds. I would rather they take advantage of my kindness if it means finding genuine arrancar.”

 Living the compassion philosophy of her Master, Noelle wants what's best for the arrancar race. Willing to take risks for the betterment of their kind. Willing to help all those who ask for it, within reason. Her Master was not stupid. He knew that there are arrancar standing today that cannot be rehabilitated. Telling his pupils to be careful and use your best judgement when giving out your trust. Noelle’s naivety hampers that harshly.

 “Master will come back for me… I know he will.”

 How lost is this chivalrous little heart. A deep seated obsession with one man that can't be settled unless he stands beside her. Her Master meant the world to her. He taught her, he led her, showed her the way to a better life. He was her father in his life. Without him, she is but a lost little moth searching for a flame that has long since disappeared.

 “I just don’t like being yelled at ok...”

 Noelle’s confidence had been tied to the close knit community that her Master had formed. He had been the crutch she, and so many others, leaned on. Whenever a complicated decision was necessary, he was there to make it. Life within the Master’s community was a rather easy and peaceful one. Without life experience, she had withered. Severe decisions hold back her every step.

• Naivety!
 ”Oh?! Espada! Are they nice?! I wanna meet them!”

Relying on her Master has created somewhat a crutch. Shielded from the rest of the influence of Hueco Mundo’s underworld. Her Master hoped to protect her from the harsh reality of the ways of the sands. She knows little of the world outside of her Master’s teachings. Shes eager to explore the world and the knowledge it contains. That eagerness might lead to downfall.

Dreams & Goals:

• Reunite with my Master!
• Extend my master’s dreams and goals!
• Turn everyone’s frowns upside down!
• Stand on my own two feet!


Fighting Style:

Noelle takes to heart what few of the arrancar of the Cabal had. The Master had preached peace. Peace until absolutely necessary to defend yourself or others. You do not seek out the lives of others for trouble or to bring trouble into their lives. Noelle has become a living embodiment of the Master's teaching.

Upon initial confrontation Noelle will be pacifistic on approach. Trying to deescalate the situation to a simmer. Attempting to talk to her combatant down and become amenable to more peaceful resolve. Working any diplomatic angle to avoid combat at all costs. Taught that you do not fight unless there is no other option. She does not fear combat. She neither enjoys combat nor abhors it. It can be a waste of time. Having the bloodlust beaten out of her, she values time more productively wasted. Training to fight better is one of the acceptable forms of fighting.

She would open diplomatic negotiations by simply offering not to fight. Imagine how effective that is. That is only to open the door. In the inevitable event peace is not first tempted. She will continue trying. Offering bountiful unlimited friendship to calm an enemy’s hand. Of course, some wild creatures cannot be reasoned with.

When push begins shove. Noelle first finds her footing. Readying herself for the coming war. As Master had said, no single fight is a battle, but a war of many fronts. Taught many ways of how to defend herself. That is an unfortunate keyword, Defense. She spent much time with her master, but in that time, most was spent learning acts of self-defense rather than offense. Her master was patient with her. Weeding out her aggression through teaching more intentional defensive martial arts. Throws, submissions, acrobatic maneuvers, control - over shattering power.

That is not to say she isn’t capable of crushing. She would not survive very long if she did not have any threat to back up her otherwise inconspicuous frame. She learned how to kill with bare hand and zanpakuto. No where near complete in her training, she is capable of a surprising amount of offense.

Her art of war is a stringent adherence to the hand-and-foot. One of the Master's star pupils, she grew in his shadow of favoring hand-to-hand combat. While certainly capable of energy based combat, it has been left up to dry at home while the boxing gloves were taken to school. Noelle has learned a strong degree of physical based arts. Ancient Greek pankration, Ancient Cambodia bakator, and her personal favorite: Ancient Arrancar Cruel Immortal and Smothering Hands. Both techniques derived from a necessity to find ways to deal with the arrancar. Human martial arts are worthwhile options, but they do not take the arrancar's changed physiology into account.

In the real world, Noelle has had no actual combat experience. One hundred percent of her experience has been under controlled supervision of sparring under the Master or one of his instructors. Giving a sense of anxiety in any approach to actual combat. Her timid nature creeps forward as she tries to escape any form of violence.

Noelle's timidity seeps into her heart for others, having thus become more reliant on the art of Smothering Hands to incapacitate her enemies. For her love knows no bounds and she doesn't want to bring pain! This little steam engine doesn't get riled up often, but when it does she's quick to flip on the Cruel switch. Unfortunately Noelle was still but an acolyte in it's ways when her Master retreated under the sands. Thats not going to stop her from trying her little heart out with as much knowledge as she has in the art. At this point, shes gonna have to be pissed to enter the mindset needed to overcome her natural fears. At that point, what the fuck did you do to piss Powder Puff off?

Personal Abilities:

Name of Technique: Venom
Technique Description: How typical of the spider to have fangs. Did you know that all spiders in the world are venomous? This spider is no different.

Noelle’s saliva harbors a dangerous toxin. Even it’s mere touch is dangerous to one’s health. The venom itself can enter the victim's body via many methods. Biting her targets for injection is generally the most common method. Biting is generally the most effective way to implant her venom, but is not by all the only method. Simple contact proves dangerous. Absorption occurs on the skin allowing her to spit on her opponent.

Voraciously the toxin will try to seep through the skin. Designed for arrancar versus arrancar combat, Shinigami are at a bit more susceptible in the technique as there is no hierro to act as a first line interceptor.

The venom attacks it’s victim in different ways. A basic neurotoxin, it'll attack muscles and nerves. Volume is the biggest contributor to effects. Small amounts of her toxins give a tingling feeling that decays over two posts. Three small doses equal a moderate amount that can paralyze a limb for 3 posts. However, a large dose is only capable via a direct injection, most notable by a bite. A large dose can be most debilitating: blurring vision, clouding the mind, crippling pain, immobile limbs, etc.

General Techniques:

Name of Technique: Basic Arrancar traits
Bala, Cero, Hierro, Sonido, Garganta, Pesquisa, Regeneration

Name of Technique: Cruel Immortal
Technique Description: Martial Arts form. Assuming the stance of the Cruel  Immortal is to assume a stance of brutality. It lives up to it’s name. Where most martial arts are designed to help anyone overcome their opponent with specialized targeting, the Immortal is directly opposite. It is the hail that breaks the mountain, the waves that destroy the land. The Immortal utilizes hard, devastating strikes to break an opponent, to shatter their defenses as if the opponent never put up a fight. Break your opponent, so that they cannot get back up. This is a style that if only either you or your opponent were going to go home that night. You are best going to be damn sure that its going to be you.

Attacking an enemy will cause a certain few effects on successive hits. On successful hits, the attacker will apply stacks of Destruction onto their target. After six(6) successful stacks of Destruction. The Defender will lose an entirely effective tier level. The Defender will stay at that tier level for a total of 4 posts. Successive hits build additional stacks of Destruction. If stacks of Destruction hit six(6) while tier loss is already in effect, tier loss is refreshed, NOT STACKED.

Noelle is not a master of this technique. Learned well into it and perhaps one of her master’s more fervent students in learning it. She is not learned enough in the ways of Cruel Immortal to apply it to the maximum effect. Hence her need for six stacks before effects take place and its non-stacking effect.

Name of Technique: Smothering Hands
Technique Description: Martial Arts form. Assuming the stance of is to assume a fluid stance meant to wear an opponent down through combined pressure-point assault and trips, throws, submission holds reminiscent of pankration. Purely designed to subdue an opponent. Where the [/i]Immortal[/i] is designed to beat an opponent into submission, Smothering Hands asks an opponent to sit down for a cup of tea and take a breather. If the Immortal smashes upon an enemy's armor until it shatters, Smothering Hands snake’s it’s way into the weaker bits under, attacking weak points underneath the armor.

Attacks will hinder an opponent. Poking the eyes incur blindness. Snapping at the solar plexus can leave an opponent on the ground, gasping for breath. Clapping the ears will leave momentary deafness. Raking muscles can reduce power and speed. Specific attacks must be chosen before Hindered may be applied. Such as, chose to attack the legs will cause an opponent to lose a tier worth in relation to speed. The arms, one tiers worth of power. The eyes, temporary blindness. Concussions can slow the target.

Attacking an enemy will cause a certain few effects on successive hits. On successful hits, the attacker will apply stacks of Hindered onto their target. After four(4) successful stacks of Hindered. The Defender will lose an entirely effective tier level. The Defender will stay at that tier level for a total of 3 posts. Successive hits build additional stacks of Hindered. If stacks of Hindered hit four(4) while tier loss is already in effect, tier loss is refreshed, NOT STACKED.

Noelle is not a master of this technique. Learned well into it and perhaps one of her master’s more fervent students in learning. She is not learned enough in the ways of Smothering hands to apply its effects to the maximum.

Smothering Hands is not designed to kill.

Name of Technique: Expel Breath
Technique Description: A form of walking meditation centered on the use of the bodies reiryoku in controlled violent bursts. The aim being to control oneself, most often found with breath control to focus the concentration and center the mind; to recollect the psyche. The technique has found practical combat applications. Most often used in friendly little sparring between the practitioners to combat each other in a competition of spirits. Compounding the training by straining concentration within the action and stress of combat.

The technique works purely on the user’s reiatsu, compressing it to a fine layer to expel from the body in a small focused burst. Opposite of traditional reiatsu saturation, this compression technique can render even reiatsu into a violent offensive form. The ’Breath’ is as strong as the user’s spirit, completely independent of the user’s body or physical strength. Allowing those of weaker constitution able to compete with those of greater value. The blast itself is felt as a physical force, like a harsh wall crashing into the body. More experienced user will find different variations of the technique. The Master was so experience in Expel Breath that he was able to breath in a way of a total polar opposite. Incredible concentration to expel his breath as softly as possible.

The process of focusing the energy necessary for Expel Breath to be viable is  rough on the body. It has to be collected on the skin without being released into the environment. Then compressed in a manner that it would be viable to be felt. Finally expelled out the body with enough force to turn it into a wary weapon. The process itself can be exhausting solely from the steps requiring intense coordination and concentration.

In composition, the attack is reminiscent to the arrancar bala. A compressed energy form moving in one direction. To that basic of a descriptor, it is verily similar. Only differing in the amount of range. This technique was never meant to be offensive. Concentration, practice, patience were meant to be the derived application. Her master would’ve been a fool to neglect its applications. Turning Expel Breath from theory to practice.

Unfortunately, Noelle was still learning the technique when her master had been forced to leave her. She, at most, can expel a blast in an area around her. Unable to refine it in smaller areas of her body to compliment individual attacks.


Sealed Zanpakuto:

No one would ever guess Noelle’s Zanpakuto. She never carries it around. Holding it like an ace in the sleeve. Because it is an ace in the sleeve. Literally up her sleeve is a wrap of silver gleaming wire. That is the ace, that is Viuda.

A long silver, glistening, pristine wire generally wrapped around her arm. Drawn in fourteen gauge. It is twenty feet in length at its shortest distance. Length easily changed with the infusion and reduction of reiryoku. Channeling reiryoku into the wire will cause it to generate more wire, likewise reducing the gathered energy will cause the wire to constrict in length to a minimum of twenty feet. Increasing the length of the wire will have a direct relation on its tensile strength. Conversely, siphoning energy out of the wire will not make it weaker beyond its base ability.

The wire represents her inner spider nature. A spider’s silk that has taken opponents in shock. It’s steel like construction is reminiscent of the typical zanpakuto and despite its flimsy appearance. Even as a single wire between both hands, the zanpakuto is capable of catching the edge of zanpakuto. Never on a single wire alone, Noelle will create intricate designs between her fingers to catch an opponent’s weapon.

Found within the infusion is the ability to control direction through the infusion. The wire can be controlled like a prehensile finger. Turning and twirling on itself with careful energy manipulation. Applying reiryoku at different angles in the wire found the wire bending in that direction.

Viuda is a very difficult weapon to harness. Even as the owner she had no idea what to do with it when first introduced to her other self. Regularly resorting to basic punches and kicks over the use of the useless zanpakuto. It took the expertise of her Master, with all his aged wisdom, to devise her a style viable to utilize the weapon in some capacity. Viuda intricacies made it a very niche weapon. Often passed up in favor of even the usability of a rock. It is more a tool that offers utility over brutality, at least to those that can't see it.

It is not a heavy weapon that can be used to bludgeon, nor is it sharp to cut. A sharp wit is necessary to imagine the possibilities of the wire.

But with careful tactic, Noelle can increase Viuda’s length, then double up the wire multiple times to condense it’s weight in one area, allowing it to function like a whip or blackjack. Able to bring down the wrapped wire with the force of a heavy club.

Catching little flies in intricate and unsuspecting patterns. Noelle is well trained in Viuda’s usage.

Resurreccion Name: Viuda
Resurreccion Representation: Spider
Resurreccion Appearance:


Starting with the mask remnants. The neck pieces becomes more full. Encompassing her entire neck and shoulders. It separates at the chin, continuing to flow up the face, over the eyes and ending in spikes like a crown around the crown of the skull. Two long fangs a centimeter long each.

The mask extends along the skin downward, covering the breast, bisecting the body in half to leave a window exposing the chest and stomach. It flows over her extremities, Contouring the legs to end in points like the foot of a spider. Her fingers do not follow the black coloring, yet change to a red aposematism. Dangerous are these fingers that harbor a purple hazed colors. Those fingers become gangling in appearance, gaining a good three inches in length each.

Long black like tendrils of spider legs extend from the back. In a rectangular two-by-two position, four long legs assist in locomotion. Each leg is five feet in length. Encapsulated in a chitinous hide that benefits from the hierro. Each leg has a phenomenal range of motion of up to two-hundred-forty degrees. Holding an impressive amount of strength that a singular leg can manage her entire weight alone.

Resurreccion Abilities:

Ability Name: Generate Silk
Ability Effect: While released, Viuda is able to generate Reishi based silk wire similar to the Zanpakuto. This silk requires little reiryoku to generate and can be maintained for hours before disintegration. Structurally, these wires are not as tough as it’s strength in zanpakuto form, trading quality for quantity, losing it’s metallic like composition.

The silk mirror's an actual spider’s silk in adhesiveness. Viuda’s silk has an abnormal adhesiveness that can prove hazardous and trap even the hardiest of victims. Noelle is able to exempt herself from it’s effect. As naturally as that would be, stimulating her hierro with energy to slide along the silk instead of being caught in it.

Generation is from specific areas of the body. Through her chitinous exoskeleton are exposed points that harbor silk ducts. Such as the wrist where a duct she can draw string from, the knee, or any other exposed crevice. The silk has no properties of her venom.

Resurreccion Techniques:

Name of Technique: Enhanced Venom
Technique Description:

The same venom as before, but now with 190% more hate!

No longer does Noelle dispense low level doses, all venom applications are moderate, but effects only last for one post. Large doses are still only as strong as sealed form.

In her released form, Noelle gains more excretion points across her body. All five fingers, mouth, and every joint in her chitinous hide. Reminder, these are secretion points, they are incapable of spraying the venom.




Noelle is born.

A ceremoniously joyous occasion brought to a simmer at the announcement the babe’s genitals. Everyone wants a son when they are given daughters. At least in medieval France where Death was a casual visitor who stopped by for tea and cookies every month. The most the family could wish for was a swift death and the second chance for a son.

Lo and behold! The child survived every arduous day! That is not to say parental love was never there, it was, with all the fine amenities offered to every nobleman possible. It wouldn't be too far to assume the parents wouldn’t have flinched had Noelle bitten the dirt as a baby. As such, she had quite the wondrous life of a child of the time. Money to enjoy all the purple lined things and for her parent’s lack of care, a wondrous adventure in the land of child protective services. Had that existed, Noelle would’ve been so quickly taken from that home, but luckily it didn't exist and her family was the law. Hooray! The system fails again!

A rather uneventful childhood with schooling leads to an uneventful adolescence with only one major development. Noelle develops an early onset hysteria disorder that manifests in various symptoms such as mood swings ranging from delirium to mania to depression and psychosis. Thats really all that is important to note, as is how minor its effect were at that age.

Eventually, Noelle would come of age within the French sphere of politics with her first menstruation and with that became a debutante to be shown off during feasts and get-togethers by other families in a manner to show off her as stock. One family’s son took noticed and wanted the girl for himself. Getting rid of a daughter you don't want and form political ties with a family thats quite a tad more influential, win/win.

By the next year with Noelle’s grooming complete, she was sent off to a marriage she was quite ambivalent on. Being one smart cookie, however, she saw one a potent position in using her knowledge. With power there's only one thing to do with it, gain more power!

With her smartiness she knew she could use her intelligence to bolster her standing in the world. Spurned forward a rather incompetent husband, she used her knowledge and beauty to slink her way into the world of intrigue. Becoming the pants-wearer of the relationship. She was the one that went to neighboring Lords and Ladies to assure trade deals and other economic drives. She was rather effective, to the point that all of the domain’s attentions were brought to her instead of the Husband.

Now that lasted for many years. Gaining the visage of a Black Widow that she was the aggressive political woman. Perhaps at one point, a little too aggressive. While her in-laws and own parents were impressed by her outward nature, the Husband saw the other private side of Noelle. He saw her more wilder sides and how it was affecting every aspect of her life. He stopped attempts for children with Noelle, probably not the best start. The stressful idea of not having a baby increased symptoms. The Husband denied Noelle a main point of one of her feminine desires. Her aggression grew stronger, to the point where the Husband forced Noelle to stay inside their manor. Noelle was, unfortunately, politically defeated.

Needless to say, the house started to decline without Noelle’s passionate intrigue, much to his care. Climax amounted the day the Husband brought home a little bastard. Devastated, Noelle retaliated in anger. She wanted answers, the Husband told her that no woman with mental affliction would ever bear his children. That sent the poor girl off the deep end.

She killed the little bastard. Murdered him in his sleep at the crack of midnight. All fingers pointed at cackling Noelle, whom lost her head in the following week.


Noelle woke up on the floor as a spirit overlooking her headless corpse. Confused she would wander for (less than) a month connected to a chain before that chain dissipated. Soon plaguing the land as a mindless hollow wandering around chomping souls, yaddayadda. Nothing too much out the ordinary happened in the next few years outside the lack of shinigami to cleanse this soul.

Seven months as a loose hollow was absorbed into a large menos grande. In the collective creature, Noelle ceased to exist as a person and now was in the collective conscious as a concept. So what did Noelle have over many other of the souls in the collective? Hysteria. The wildness of her mental affliction thrived amongst others until it won out decisively.

Then came Gillian state, and next Adjuchas. Events ranged from eating souls to eating souls. Pretty standard for any hollow, so lets skip these pedantic details.

The mask was removed in a conflict with another Adjuchas. With newfound power came newfound mobility. She traveled, continued eating, continued fighting. Until she came across an immovable object.

One man, one woman, no different in form and function than her, stood before her. Noelle attacked.

The male of the two stepped forward without lifting a single finger, brought Noelle to her knees with his reiatsu alone. Never before had Noelle seen such power, he was power. Absolutely humbled before him. While on her knees, he sat before her and they talked. He introduced himself, introduced the woman beside him as his taken wife. He talked to her about what they are and what they were, what was their purpose, what were their capabilities? He gave her a name for themselves, arrancar.

The man gave her life. He gave her peace. He convinced her that her life need not be a life of violence and anger. Placing his confidence in her, the man lead Noelle to a large structure in the sands. The structure housed many arrancar who also had been convinced of a life of peace and quiet. The man was called, the Master, a two-millennia old arrancar with a host of knowledge at the disposal for anyone willing to learn and live by his rules. The name, master, was more a title of his prestige and experience than to signify servants or slaves. The Master introduced Noelle to the community he had created over his long life, named, the Master’s Cabal.

The Cabal was a family. Under the Master’s peace, they broke the arrancar mindset of survival of the fittest. Noelle was able to utilize her family to learn. She learned maths, sciences, literature, even cooking from the most adorably petite French arrancar. Noelle’s learned her most desired subject, combat, specifically, directly under the Master. The Master was a man who favored a strong ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude, personally favoring physical pursuits over the intellectual. He taught her the finer finesses of combat and philosophy. Through his guidance, Noelle gained further control of her hysteria, allowing a better semblance of normality. She grew to him, loving him in everything he was.

The Master held a profound effect over Noelle's life. He was 'more' than just The Master to her. He became a father. The Master's wife had become a not-so-willing mother.

Life was comfortable within the cabal. Never were anyone concerned for their safety in Master's domain. Not with the Master's shadow casting away any fear and would-be evil doers. Noelle's passion to please the Master's greatness and his hospitality. At every turn, Noelle did her utmost to offer some sort of appeasement. Learning directly from him instead of his certified teachers, taking up extra classes with more knowledgeable Arrancar to prove her growth. No higher aspiration for Noelle than the journey to the Security teams. The Security Team were the Master's equivalent to the Gotei's division. Charged with protection of the house and lives of those that. In that honor, Noelle saw the path to worshiping the Master greater.

Noelle trained and trained as far as her teachers would allow her. She learned what she could from the Master's slow rate. Learning what she could from the lower stationed combat instructor's. Learning what she could from her friends for the combat trials to test Arrancar abilities. Nothing satiated this little book worm. Every time she took the trials, she had failed. No, that would not be the end, she'd retake to the drawing board with a zealot's fury. Trying to push her body beyond the max, only to be beaten down by the next hopeful for the honor of serving the teams. Perhaps fighting wasn't in the stars for her. Then the stars be damned. Noelle trained until her arms were black and blue. Until she couldn't stand. Meticulously going over and over all the material she knew to beat it into her skull that she could always do better.

Never did Noelle figure out why it was that she was always second best. The Master knew, the Master had known all along. He intentionally held her back. For he too saw her like a daughter and in a way wanted to shield her from the world. That was only one reason on a long list. Her fervor to appease forced the Master to stem her growth. While amicable, she has no temperance. Not everything was about combat or pleasing your superiors. She was not ready.

She tried on and on. Struggling to find the next step in her path to greatness and pleasing her Master. Noelle sat crossed legged, existed for another horrific day of training and asswhoopin's. That was, until a scout had come running through their home calling for all available security team members. Confused, Noelle followed at a distance. It had been the first time such panic arose amongst the Cabal with her inquisitive nature unable to follow orders and sit still. The sleuth led to the Master's 'throne' room as many liked to call it. From there the master had relayed information to a gathering of the security members around him from the team that had been patrolling the wastes. Of how an unknown creature had attacked them and tore through their numbers like paper. This was a dire situation, as any creature that could treat his security teams like nothing, and have the anger to support that power was a risk that needed investigating. The Scout concluded that it also spoke no words to the team and when they tried to engage it in conversation, merely attacked. The Master would lead an away team of a number of security members out into the wastes. Fearful that some mad beast had gone on rampage and threatened the people.

For once, the Master would act as Sheriff.

The Master had left home with only his most capable warriors.

Noelle - following behind thereafter.

She stayed silent and in the shadows, hoping not to gain the ire of the Master as his explicit instructions were for everyone to stay home and keep duties. She struggled to keep up with his retinue and in a way it saved her. The Master had let out colossal amounts of his energy to satiate the beast to his position. Giving Noelle and easy beacon to stay attenuated with in chase. Noelle followed the Master's energy for what felt as miles at a pace incapable of. Until one energy began to seep through the Master's, until it became noticeable against the stark power of her Master's, until it grew to rival that of his.

She took cover behind the crest if a nearby dune to the event. Overlooking, she saw her Master, the team he brought with him, and one other horrible creature.

The creature was unlike anything she had every seen. Was this the fabled Vasto Lorde she heard about? It looked to foreign even to make that assumption. Like it had not even come from Hueco Mundo entirely, but an entirely different plane of existence. A bi-colored mess of harsh angles and sharp chitinous points. It was large and rough, too hate inspired to vividly be called an Arrancar, or a Hollow. Whatever power the creature had, it eclipsed the members of the Master's retinue and rivaled that of the Master's.

In the Master's presence, the creature spoke. The Scourge acknowledged the Master's power. Contemplating on why he would waste it in the presence of these worms. They spoke of things unheard of. Noelle picked up a few keywords such as: "The Falling City", "The Lake of Ashes", "Abyss", to only name a few. Their words turned into heated exchange and in the next second, death.

In the shear of a breath, tentacles had erupted from the ground and tore apart a large portion of the retinue. Something inside the master ticked. His usual serene smile had been replaced by pure malice. Not once had Noelle seen such a display of the Master's power. In brilliance and grace, Noelle saw the Master at his peak capacity. How negligible her skill was compared to his and yet he struggled against this Scourge. Sweltering power saturated the area that brought every arrancar in the area to their knees and the pair fought to hellish equivalence. The Scourge still prevailed. Never once had she felt so insignificant. For in all the years she spent with the Master had she never seen him unleash his perfect glory. The release of his reiatsu left her breathless. Air was a struggle to inhale. She was an ant against a mountain.

Noelle watched her Master become a monster against the Scourge. Each retaliating strike against the other brought one to themselves in kind. Power that would shake mountains seemed to be negligible to each other. Yet as time counted on, the Scourge edged out on top with every series of attacks. In a break of combat, the Master stared upon a returning glare. Where both creatures looked devastated. The Master looked back at his followers. Knowing that he would lose this fight otherwise, would have to make a risky play.

He called back to his people and called for them to run, run as fast as they could as far as they could. Do not stop no matter what happened or how they felt. No matter what happened, do not return here.

The Master would release himself.

The Master’s release was a monster in it’s own. Screaming, a persistent never ending scream rocked the minds of those nearby while it unleashed fury onto the Scourge. The Resurreccion was some next level savagery. It fought with no patience, no technique. Its mere existence meddled down to purist hate. Soon, the Ressureccion overcame. It ate the Scourge.

The members of the retinue stayed their ground. Vowing not to leave their Master in his time of need. But the Master called them to retreat not because he didn't need them, but for their own safety. They had not retreated and the Resurreccion was not finished. It turned on the remaining Cabal arrancar that remained on the site. If the Scourge could barely contain the Resurreccion, how could lowly others that bowed in it’s presence? It tore through the remaining Cabal at the scene. The only thing able to slow the Resurreccion's rampage down was the distance it had to travel between them. Noelle was able to get away with some remaining survivors of the teams through that distance alone.

Fear shook the heart of the survivors. So shaken by the event they sat in silence together for over an hour and for the next and third. It took some time but the vilified aura of the Resurreccion settled back into the familiar calm of the Master. Noelle ran to the aura. Finding the Master in a pool of his own blood and wounds on the ground. The arrancar took him back home.

His wounds were horrific. Beyond which their medicinal techniques could not heal and his advanced regeneration took to at such a slow rate it was almost negligible. The Master was dying at a slow rate that could not be staunched. The Master came to the conclusion that the only way for him to be saved was to sleep. Slow his metabolic rates so he could survive while his wounds repaired via regeneration.

The Master, with five of his most trusted arrancar, wandered off into the desert. Noelle, despite being beloved as his ”daughter”, was not one of them. The five, nicknamed “Lieutenants”, returned with news of the Master’s sleep. Saying that he had placed them in charge of day-to-day affairs while he slept in his and his wife’s place. Not many took to kind to the news.

Many saw the Master’s sleep as a sign of abandonment. Many saw that without his presence, many other threats would rise without his shadow casting fear. They left, the cabal diminished nearly overnight. The Five Lieutenants did their best to manage the situation but none commanded such a presence as the Master had. The Master was a wall of safety from the horrors of the outside world. Those that didn’t partake the combat training felt especially threatened. All that remained was a mere handful that tried to regain the former camaraderie that had nestled the halls.

But even they fell apart and drifted away.

Noelle felt a piece of herself leave with the Master and another when she left the her home.

She wanders the sands alone. Searching for her lost brothers and sisters.

Namely, the Tomb of the Screaming One, so that she may sit and wait at the Master’s foot for the day he awakens again.

Roleplay Sample:

Noelle sprinted and sprinted, my how hard her feet dug into the ground. Struggling to keep up with a beacon of energy she followed ahead of her. No matter her speed, it felt like it was constantly escaping her. No, not today!

She dug deep into the soul, for every last bit of energy she had to press into her feet to propel her forward. Her sonido was woefully outmatched by those she chased. Becoming painfully apparent just how much more training she had to go before facing her trials again.

"No, I can't lose them! Master needs me!" Optimism granted another slight burst of speed. Her pursuit lasted for upwards two hours at high speeds. The amount of work her body was performing was nothing new or spectacular for herself, but the level of work was something entirely new. Her gasps, begged at the air to fill her lungs. Muscle tension gained in every moment. Collapse was imminent but a sturdy heart kept kept the muscle from failing. This was perhaps the farthest she had been from her home and yet her destination was still fathoms farther.

She ran with reckless intent. Until her feet were stayed by the presence of another brought her to a halt. At first it felt empty. A small speck on the radar which isn't much to say in these times when so many people can overwhelm the senses. It grew. Becoming more than a speck into a noticeable glint in the raging wildfire that was the Master's energy. Into a colossal pillar that rivaled his. Noelle was taken back by it, not once in her 400+ years of existence had anyone even come close to register as a challenge to the Master.

Fear became a front-lining emotion. She had to get to the site immediately.

The fear washed away the thought of worn muscles as she took off again. Thinking that in her pathetic mind, could offer some kind of help that those, milestones beyond herself were not capable of. The only thing her mind kept repeating was that she had to be there. Had to be faster. Had to be there now.

She rushed, blitzed, thundered her way through the desert. She had only one last hill to cover before she was there. Blind-sided in the now dissipated auras of her Master and whatever else was there. Two giants had finally met. Guess Master didn't need to let release a large burst of energy anymore. Noelle came to a stop at that aforementioned hill. Gasping for air that didn't seem to exist. She crawled along the ground up to an overlooking dune.

This conflict looked easy enough to deal with. On one end was Master and a large retinue of the security teams accompanying him, opposite was just one lone creature. What the fuck was that thing? A complete abomination. Eleven foot tall vision of hate. Clive Barker ain't got shit on this. Poetic words would have a hard time describing the creature. flat angular shapes? Pointed spikes holding spite at the air around it. It's voice was something of a eldritch horror, that no matter how wet and gargled could be understood quite easily.

Words exchanged between the Master and the creature. Topics they argued that herself couldn't even comprehend. What is the Falling City? Lake of Ash? Abyss? What're they fucking on about? Might ask later?

Sentiments became heated. Movements beneath the sand caught Noelle's attention. Before getting the moment to cry out a warning, the tentacles had already torn through half the security force. Horror switched to terror.

Something inside the Master ticked. In one-hundred and fifty years, the Master had only even been a slightly upturned smile and encouraging, loving words. There was an immediate switch in temperament that would surprise anyone who knew him. Anger overtook him before unleashing fury upon the abomination that looked entirely ineffective. Noelle laid in awe of the speed her Master performed under. He was nigh untrackable in movement. Surpassed only by the speed of the creature's retaliation. Although, the Master didn't seem the have the trouble she was.

The combatants vanished under wisps of sand. Overwhelmed in amazement that such a level was possible. Stupefied when the battle escalated beyond that.. Reiatsu flooded the area in sweltering amounts. Crushing display of power brought arrancar to their knees. Echoes of conflict rained down from overhead the arena. Strikes with the force of explosions cascaded through the dunes. Every clash shocked the hearts of minds around. Every crash releasing enough concussive force to reshape the dunes around them eventually revealing her own position.

Noelle curled into a fetal position. Screaming.

And screamed.

And screamed.

Panic. Today was the day she was going to die.

Their battle dragged on and on. Neither gaining the edge needed to close out the fight. The explosions came to a stop with the fighters reappearing centerfold. Both combatants looked worse for wear. However, only one of them held a better stature and the other had something to fight for. The Master would release himself.

Today was certainly a new turn of events. Noelle had learned of so many new things, new layers of strength previously unthought of and the Master’s truest form. He was the antithesis of common sense. Noelle pictured him as some grand shining god, but he was just the opposite of what he fought. Where the creature was large, evil, and burley, the Resurrecion was thin, emaciated, and devoid of features, and angry. It began screaming at a shrill pitch. Living hate took flight.

The Battle was more or less one sided now. The Resureccion ripped and tore at the monster with savagery unbefitting the Master. Such livid abuse certainly violated so many articles of the  geneva convention. Clawing and tearing at its opponent with a voracity that surprised even it. The creature stood no chance.  The Resureccon feasted.

Screams did not cease from the Resurrection’s mouth. Anger did not abate in the absence of an enemy. For the Ressurecion noticed there were survivor’s for it to turn it’s hatred upon. Turning its hatred it did. Upon the Surviving Cabal arrancar did a wall of Anger crash. Bone and sinew spewed into the air. Allies turned into unwilling enemies in the eyes of the Ressurrection. It tore through the remaining survivors in grace. Noelle sat face to face with the visage of hate. Hazy white eyes stared though her soul. It reared back and thrust one long gangly arm at her. Whisked away at the last minute by a brother.


“Noelle… what are… you... doing... here?”

“I came to help! But what the fuck is that?!”

“Master’s... release. We need... to run. Go.” Vaska was a large ape of a man that made the petite Noelle seem even smaller in his arms. “I will… keep master busy. Run. Now.” She did, she bolted off into the blank desert.

What was that - thing? There was no way it could’ve been the master, it looked right at her. Stared into her soul. It didn't have the love that had the same tenderness that her Master did, it was hate, pure hatred that knew no bounds. It was not the same thing that she had come to love over the years,

Hours later, feeling the vast expanse of the Resurrecion’s aura tickle the back of her neck. A seldom scream reverberating through the world. Then silence. No longer feeling the influence, she returned to the scene.

The Master laid broken in a pool of his own blood. Internal pieces were visible through gashes in his skin.

The horrors of the waste were something completely foreign to her young mind. That even something that horrible existed. A real an eye opening experience. A moment of existential dread setting in in the realization of eternity. In one-hundred and fifty years in tutelage, the Master had always been a rock of safety in a storm of hell. Now even he were reduced to a puddle of his most basic components. The body of the Master was not the eye of a storm any longer, but a stark reminder that the immortals were not immortal.


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