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#1 Site Plot.. Or.. The lack thereof.. on Fri Oct 21, 2016 7:53 pm

Ika MaziOnline

As far as site plot's go.. I've come to notice they are pretty pointless. Other than stating we're 100 years past the Site Civil War, and things are finally returning to normality.. Sort of..

Plots are created by the members who RP on any individual making one is limiting what a member could possibly do. I may change this later and do something more creative..but it won't have any real impact on the forum. We can hold events and RP all we want in the bleach universe without even having one of these. The Plot should evolve in character, not through means of site-wide mandate. So yeah.

Now, as topics are finished, PM me a summary of events, and once a month I'll post them, so that as our plot unfolds and our characters evolve, it can be tracked here.

Any questions, complaints, and concerns, can be PM'd to me.

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