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#1 Bringing Back the Dead [Izuna, Graven] on Sun Jul 24, 2016 2:02 am

Erida Seika


©2013 kaitou
She could hear them on the other side of the wall. The two female arrancar, discussing heatedly, whenever trusting a shinigami was a wise decision - as if any of them had made any decisions. Yumiko was a hostage to the Espada, and the women outside couldn't be sure if they were to be executed on the next sunrise. They hadn't been given options from which they could choose. So, there she was, surrounded by people, who wanted to eat her, and whom her kind had hunted for thousands of years. Being a dimension away from home was strange enough, but having no means of getting back home? The idea of it was... frightening.

But not as frightening as the idea of what they could do to her, if the woman on the table died into her hands. She looked the most serene, clothed in bloody fabric, blissfully ignorant of the fact, that she could die very soon. The bleeding wouldn't stop, not even with her neck wrapped in bandages. She was not healing, even though she was supposed to be able to, since all arrancars had a regenerative factor to her knowledge. Maybe she was different than others, and couldn't heal, or maybe it was because her immune system had collapsed. To be honest, Yumiko was not much of a healer, but she had studied it, after it had became apparent to her teachers, that she had greater aptitude towards Kido than physical combat. She could, in theory, save the arrancars life, but theory was as far as her knowledge of Kaido went.

There was no real medical facility in Las Noches, because arrancars did not traditionally need one. The room was a small, dusty laboratory with it's closets barely containing essential equipment for patching up someone - surgery was far out of her league, so she would need to rely on her spiritual energy and abilities in diagnosing her and closing the wound. Yumiko placed her hands carefully on the neck of the woman, and she didn't move or register the pain. Her skin was pale and she was lifeless, but her heart was still beating steadily - her death, if it were to be so, would be one of silent passing. For a moment, the shinigami wondered if she was dreaming, and what would that dream be - would it be a movie of her spent life, a light at the end of a tunnel or a place of peace and happiness, where she had retreated to spend her last moments. Her own wounds had been barely closed up, and she could not help but wonder, if the woman in front of her could be in her stead. Would she have helped a shinigami?

Exhaling deeply, she began. A dim shimmer of green was born from her palm, as her reiatsu began to work together with her subject's reiatsu - she was stronger than her, and her thick spiritual pressure was desperately trying to block out the foreign energy, even as she was weakened. She continued, prayed and continued, but no effect was shown or felt on the arrancar. Yumiko, in the other hand, felt already exhausted and dizzy for using large amounts of her reiryoku. She bit her lip, and whispered; "I really this to work." The shinigami withdrew her hand, frustrated. What would she do now?

She couldn't give up, not until there was no energy left in her to heal her. "Please, I- I need you to heal. I need your help, please." She spoke to the woman in front of her, who wouldn't show a sign of hearing what she said. Then, something within her awoke. A forceful wave went through her every cell and for a moment, her senses felt dull and foggy. It was the same feeling she had gotten in the battlefield, after she had woken up. She thought she was going to faint, until everything became crystal clear and she felt... powerful. It, something, was guiding her hands back to the arrancar's neck. The reiatsu, her reiatsu, would pass through the subject's resistance and imbue itself into the wound and the arrancar's body. Her palms were sparkling with bright green, and she felt like she had ten times more energy.

Yumiko laughed, out of joy. The arrancar was healing, as the spark of energy had revitalized the regenerative factor within her. Then, she laid her eyes into the mirror on the wall, and saw herself. Her eyes were yellow and black, and dark veins had appeared around them. All of sudden, she didn't feel like laughing - she was afraid, afraid of herself. Yumiko would look at the mirror and blink, but her demonic eyes would stay. She removed her hands from the now-healed wound, and stepped closer to the mirror, examining herself carefully. The mirror smiled to her, prompting the shinigami to touch her lips to see if she had smiled - the hands of her body didn't move in the image of the mirror. "You are tempted by us." It spoke, in a strange distorted version of her own voice. "Our power is yours, if you would only reach closer to us."

"No!" Yumiko would shout, and before she knew, the mirror had shattered on the floor and her fist had been cut. Out of the pieces on the ground, she would see her normal, human eyes. The two arrancars, Mu and Tau, would storm into the room to see what happened. She'd pick out the pieces of glass in her fist and see her hand healing by itself. Turning her head into the couple, a voice behind her whispered to her ear: "This is just a taste of what you could have." The red-haired one, Mu, stared into her eyes and asked if something was wrong. "No." Yumiko answered, her face pale and exhausted. She could no longer feel the immense reserves of energy inside her. "She is healing. I have no idea when she will wake up, though - it could be hours or days."

Both of the arrancars nodded, and moved closer to Lambda. They gave her a glance, which meant that she was not needed anymore and that she could fuck off - but a small taste of genuine gratitude was carved into this message. Yumiko left the room, and was met by two soldiers of the Espada in the hallway, who had been guarding the room. She had forgotten, that she was not free.
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#2 Re: Bringing Back the Dead [Izuna, Graven] on Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:46 am


2nd Division
2nd Division


Kuroi's Application
Tier 2-2

©2013 caliburn
The war had been brutal for the Espada. Having lost many soldiers and even an Espada had left a bitter air around the majority of the Espada present. His dark eyes glanced over each and every Espada who was present, he stayed like that for what seemed longer than it really was. Everyone knew that Graven had been put into a coma by the Queen of the East, Kathrine. The appearance of her faction of Seach did not help either, what should've been a simple and quick battle to cut the head of the snake that was Dante however none foresaw the sudden complications.

Finally the Segunda Espada finished gazing at the Espada, "So the one's of you that are here are the Espada who failed to succeed in a battle. Firstly I am demoting you all to the rank of Privarion due to your incompetence" he said with a tone that said he was taking no shit, despite this though some gave him an angry glare as they were dismissed. He had expected more chaos but that would probably come a bit later down the track when he enacted the reforming of Espada. However and while it wasn't necessary Graven would be an excellent help. Having concluded this the Black Swordsman stood and began to return to his quarters when a small hollow came up to him, it was small being only 4 ft and it gave off the appearance of having a rabbit physiology. Nevertheless he waited patiently while the bunny Hollow told him about the feat of the Shinigami that they rescued from the battle and how she had already saved the life of Lambda.

More curious at what this girl could do made him make the next decision of the day, his black clothed figure of the Espada walked down the corridor before reaching the place they had stashed the girl, it had been decided she would be placed in a simple quarters and not the cells with the other brutal arrancar and hollows they had captured from Dante and Kathrine's army although he had already received ten reports about prisoners killing each other, the shinigami would probably be used for more darker purposes though and so Kuroi made sure it wouldn't happen. Even being kind enough to as to give her a sense of freedom around Las Noches although guards would be with her everywhere she went.

So once he arrived he waited for the guards and Yumiko to show up, his tall frame made him increasingly intimidating and his reputation only grew after he apparently looked like a demon when he unlocked his higher state of power. Once the girl and her escort showed he would make a hand gesture which told them to leave and like good little soldiers they obliged and left the girl with the company of Kuroi. "You are the girl that can heal people. So tell me little miss Shinigami, could you do that again only this time on a much grander scale to the Primera Esapada. If you do so then I would be in your favour and if you still want it then you maybe leave and go back to the Gotei Thirteen. You tell me what you need and I will be sure you get it, is it possible?" He questioned her with a serious tone.
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