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#1 Powers Bank (Need help with character powers?) on Fri May 27, 2016 8:40 am

Here you will find a list of powers, abilities, and releases for you to choose from if coming up with them isn't your strong suit.

If you're interested in any of the things you see here and would like to take them on as your own, just make a post. I can fill in any missing details or answer any questions you may have. X3

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Character Type: Arrancar

Inspiration: Scorpion

Zanpakuto: Bladed Whip- The bladed whip functions exactly as it sounds. It's a whip with blades which line the entirety of its cord. Further still, in has the ability to extend and retract. In it's retracted form it functions as a changdao sword. The changdao blade is excellent for mid range combat, but it's not a good choice for close range combat due to its length. This type of blade is difficult to use when defending against close range attacks made with smaller shorter blades, which are more maneuverable in tighter confines. This zanpakuto would be best utilized by a fighter who has brilliant unarmed hand to hand skills, but does what must be done when they are unable to get close enough to an opponent to land a decisive blow.

Resurrected Form: Hunt, Scorpion- The body of this Arrancar is covered in plated armor reminiscent of its scorpion inspiration. The scorpion's signature tail comes from either the base of the spine or the back of the head. At will the Arrancar can produce two additional sets of arms. When it this form the fighter is perfectly suited for close range, mid range, and long range combat.

Resurrection Powers: The tail of the scorpion inspired form can be controlled with just as little effort as a limb. It extends great distances to strike with just as much speed as one would expect a scorpion to. Once stung, it isn't traditional poison which courses through the body of the afflicted, but cero. This actually causes the cero to work internally. Like the scorpion which hunts most carefully, while in this form, the entirety of ones spiritual pressure is focused in the tiniest part of the stinger, allowing it to penetrate foes the fighter wouldn't be able to using their own sword thrust while in an unreleased state.

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Character Type: Shinigami (or Bount)

Inspiration: Alexander Oparin

Zanpakuto (or doll): Evolve, Primordial Being- This release causes for the zanpakuto to explode into a large puddle of sludge. Once released it begins to evolve according to both its environment and its user's objective. The first stage in its evolution is commenced when its exposed to an energy related to its objective and reason for being released. This energy can be anything from spiritual pressure to friction, lightning to fire, and everything else that falls into the category of energy. Whatever that energy is, it will begin to develop organic polymers which thrive off of it, and consume it. So in terms of an opponent, this release starts off by not only developing a resistance to the energy in terms of potential damage it may cause, but it it begins to make that power its strength. The next stage in its evolution is the development of means to consume more of that energy. This means that it evolves to be able to move. As time passes the speed of its movement increases. This means that the ooze begins to take on a form which is more efficient at moving. The type of movement it may make changes over time as well so that it may thrive in an environment. It may begin to crawl at first, but it may also make physical changes to learn to swim, or fly if the conditions call for it to. At any stage of its evolution it can be attacked and damaged. The type of damage done to it influences its evolutionary path. It may develop armor plating to shield itself from blades, flexible bones to prevent damage which may arise from external pressure, etc.. It's evolution is slow and requires much time. The longer a battle goes on, the less likely an opponent is to be able to destroy this release. There are however limits to its power. The most important is that its overall power pool never transcends that of the spiritual pressure of its owner.

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Character Type: Shinigami

Inspiration: Soifon

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: "Mamoru haibu, Tetsu Ōsuzumebachi"(Defend the hive, Giant Iron Hornets)

Zanpakuto Description: Like Soifon's shikai, once released, this zanpakuto takes on the form of an elegant gauntlet. Unlike Soifon's this has two additional attachments linked to the gauntlet by thin chains. A segmented stinger like blade rests on the index finger. A large shoulder cop is the major design difference between this shikai and Soifons. This large piece of armor contains a single hole on the side which produces a low pitched buzzing sound. While this zanpakuto is in use, it's difficult to sneak up on an opponent due to the sound. This however is a minimal drawback. Unlike Soifon's zanpakuto, this zanpakuto is black and grey in color.

Zanpakuto Abilities: This zanpakuto doesn't cause death in two strikes, however it can do something arguably just as troublesome. After the user strikes an opponent the area is marked by a grey flower. The buzzing from the shoulder cop intensifies as a giant metal hornet emerges from it. The hornet will aggressively strike at the symbol with stinger and mandible alike. As time passes, more of the giant metal hornets emerge from the shoulder cop, making it obvious that it is nest to the growing swarm. They will all converge on the area that is marked by the grey flower. Leaving plenty of openings for the zanpakuto's user to take advantage of. The "venom" which is injected by the stingers is actually molten metal. The owner of this zanpakuto is may of course opt to have the hornets inject a toxin of their own design.

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Character Type: Shinigami

Inspiration: Phoenix Legend

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Moyasu subete hanarete, Fenikkusu (Burn all away, Phoenix)

Zanpakuto Description: The released form of this zanpakuto is a gold jeweled long spear. Brilliant flames rage from the point where the shaft and spear head connect. It's brightness is a major distraction for foes of all skill levels as it makes precisely following the tip of the spear extremely difficult. A set of burning feathers hang from the main fire as if large embers from a raging wildfire.

Zanpakuto Abilities: The flames produced by this zanpakuto are not what one may expect. They don't always burn targets. In fact, they also posses the ability to heal whatever is lit ablaze, so long as the wielder desires it. A single wave of fire from this zanpakuto burns away enemies while simultaneously healing physical wounds and rejuvenating reiatsu of allies. The most interesting power of this zanpakuto is its ability to reincarnate both itself and its wielder. In fact, this zanpakuto is said to reappear without fail two to three centuries after its previous wielder's death.

Zanpakuto History: The zanpakuto's history is shrouded in myth. It is said that the first wielder of this zanpakuto was a spiritually aware human who transcended what was possible for the human body and rose to the ranks of shinigami before actual death. It is also said that other wielders of this zanpakuto first attained its power while still human. Other stories say that the first wielder was born to the oldest of Seireitei's noble families and played a major hand in making Soul Society what it is today. The only thing confirmed is that the fiery mass that is Fenikkusu's second release always claims the life of the wielder. The immense flame takes on the form of a burning twister which stretches from the land into the very heavens. It's diameter easily encompasses a small city while the heat and suction force of the burning tower spans even further. It is said that upon activating bankai, the wielder is granted access to all of their past memories by the zanpakuto spirit.

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These are so creative. Can you help me make a zanpakuto and abilities for my character?

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Hey so it occurs to me that I should publicly post a reply even though I've been developing your zanpakuto for a while now.

OF COURSE I'LL HELP! :urharaftw:

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