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#1 Holocron [WIP] on Thu May 19, 2016 7:12 pm


Item Name: Holocron
Item Appearance: The Holocron takes the appearance of varying shapes and sizes, colours and forms. The item itself is usually seen as a small device that could fit in someone's palm quite easily. It is almost always in the shape of a polyhedron, the overall device tends to always emit a soft glow, the colour is determined through what crystal is used in the process of making it.

This item is very light, its frame is comprised of the incredibly durable compound known as Aethium which makes the destroying of this device incredibly difficult. The sizes of the Holocron's varies, this can lead to incredibly large Holocrons which can store phenominal amounts of data and even incredibly small ones which can be disguised as jewelry and other decorations.
Item Effect: [Explain any abilities or effects that this item can do, this is essentially its power or effect that it was created to do.]
Item Amount: As many as desired. They can be bought in three different sizes. Small, Regular or Large. Small holocrons cost about 150 coins, regular holocrons cost about 300 coins and Large holocrons cost 400 coins. A personal holocron is provided to every member of squad twelve upon joining for their own research and personal use.
Item Origins: [Who created it? How was it made? Tell us about the history behind it, how was the idea formed and what was its purpose?]

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