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#21 Re: The Third Trial [PRIVATE] on Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:33 am





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As Mei passed the threshold of Luke's office, she would feel a chill run from her legs and travel to her head as, in preparation for her test, Luke had released Zetsubo into shikai and told him to lay his mist by the doorway. So as Mei entered, Luke would speak a single word that would alter the very world around her.

"Emptiness..." Luke spoke softly before the illusion set in so it would appear that as soon as Mei entered the room, the entire room would end up being a dark, empty void; there was no sound, no light and a sense of hopelessness.

Time seemed to no longer matter within the emptiness of the void, although if Mei thought about where she was, Luke would think she would realize that the void was the darkness that the squad shared: Despair, the lack of hope and the hollow-like emptiness that they felt. After what would feel like a eternity, Mei would see something growing within the center of this void, something that was all too familiar to Mei: The tree that all her love ones were buried under, but something would be different then what she saw before and that there was a newly dug hole and if she went up to it, she would see her own cold, rotting body; gently decomposing into the dirt.

Meanwhile, in the real world; Luke would be looking on and looked to the hallway.

"Lieutenant Izuna, I know your there; come in, I would like you to observe the test with me; I'm aware that you seek a position for squad twelve, but this test involves you too as you must see whether or not she is capable of taking on your role, Luke would ask Izuna, who he knew was there to come and watch the test that was happening inside Mei's mind.
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#22 Re: The Third Trial [PRIVATE] on Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:57 pm


2nd Division
2nd Division
Standing in the hallway as Mei entered Izuna sighed, in truth she truly believed in her heart that Mei could pass this test but her brain didn't agree. Such thoughts were not wanted at this time, especially when one is trying to root for someone. So the lieutenant stood against the wall with her back propped up against it while letting it take her weight as she settled down into a comfortable position to wait.

It occurred to Izuna a few moments after closing her eyes to attempt to find a sense of inner peace where she could wait for her new little friend to pass her test, although she was drawn from her trance by the voice of her captain. The interruption to her thoughts didn't annoy her, but she was quite surprised.

"Personally I think she's perfect for the position and I support her to be my replacement, but sure I will observe this little test of yours."

Moving herself so that she sat in the hallway in a seated position with her legs crossed Izuna began to project her consciousness into Mei's through the use of astral projection, hiding herself so that the young girl would be unaware of the Vice-captain's presence in her mind. There was nothing more for the woman to do than to settle down to see just how Mei handled her test.
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