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#1 [Adoptable Example] on Sun May 15, 2016 4:59 pm

Erida Seika



Okay, so this is an exemplary Wanted Ad for my character, Eliyah. Meet Raian Ichigawa, his closest and eldest friend. Here's quick summary. Raian is 74-years old shinigami, and a member of Eliyah's psychic cluster; this means he lived in Hiroshima during World War II, and died with his friends in the nuclear bombing of the city. He has known Eliyah since kindergarten. He has two older sisters and one older brother, and when they passed onto Soul Society, they remained together - all of the Ichigawa siblings are in Gotei 13. While I will leave romance completely open to you, it must be said, that Raian has had a crush on Katagiri, another member of their psychic cluster, for most of his childhood and afterlife. These feelings will be present for him, when you create him, but only time will tell whenever they fade.

His personality is pretty specific. He's cheerful, and has a laid-back attitude at life; there's always a big grin on his face. He likes to nap a lot, and seems to dislike work, unless there is a prize for doing the job - if this is the case, he will be more than enthusiastic about it. Raian is the comical character of the story; he tends to crack the most terrible jokes, and make others laugh at his own clumsiness and misfortune. Raian likes to fight and play video games, and in both, he enjoys winning and showing off his prowess. He will accept any challenge you throw at him, and rush into a fight without thinking about it beforehand - spontaneous would be the correct word for this. As said, he's hyperactive, bold and outgoing, but there's more to him beneath all this. He's more intelligent than he lets on, despite his unthinking and oblivious demeanor. Raian has a diagnosed case of ADHD and trouble with sleeping without medicine, which he shamelessly abuses to stay awake for days and weeks - in the other hand, he has excellent memory and ability to put patterns and external events together within seconds. He cares deeply for his friends, and is willing to protect them at any cost.

His face-claim is Satoshi Fukube from Hyouka and set in stone. He's also nicknamed 'Topaz' by his friends (who all have a gemstone as their nickname, based on their eye color), because he has smokey topaz eyes. Height and weight, as well as any physical details of the face-claim, apply and can be checked from Hyouka wiki - please do not plagiarize or do copy-paste with the appearance.

He's a member of Division 11, and should stand on at least 3-3. He's also nicknamed "Lion" by people, because Raian is a variation of the japanese word for a lion. Do note, that this character already exists as a NPC - Here is a link to his NPC application. Do note, that his Shikai power and Katamari ability are mandatory for the character. Techniques and other abilities are up to the player.

Everything else is up to the one, who picks him. Feel free to PM me if you want to negotiate about something, and we'll see what we can do.

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