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#1 Plot Update! on Sun May 15, 2016 2:28 pm

Okay, folks! As you might have noticed, THE NEW PLOT has been published. We decided to go on a different road with the original idea, that @Fauna Yasenha gave the staff - instead of a single plot, we have three 'arcs', that will collide in their final.

If you've been part of the Arrancar Civil War, we can tell you, that the Massacre of Karasu's Castle was only the beginning of the new chapter in Hueco Mundo's history. A race for the enigmatic artifact, Heart of Darkness, has began, and four major parties have been chosen by staff to serve as factions for members; The Simetria, born out of the shattered forces of Espada, led by the acting commander Kuroi; The Legion of Roses, led by the Queen of Hearts; Nox Xorik, led by The Shadow That Is; and finally The Army of Blood, that is not quite defeated yet, led by the bastard children of late King Dante. Dante has been bound to Seach's shadows, and forced into an eternity of torture, but is this the last we see of him... I doubt.

In Human World, a war on crime has began between the supernatural Yakuza and Japan's SAD, a secret sect of the government dedicated to protecting the mundane from the beasts among them. You will hear more of this soon, I promise!

In Soul Society, the plot deals with the discovery of an alternate universe, which we refer as the Delta universe (ie. the canon universe). At the same time, canon plot will start from the beginning of the Arrancar arc, where Ichigo and his friends have returned from Soul Society and are trying to adjust back into their human lives.

As you might notice by reading the SITE TIMELINE, we are taking a really small time-skip from the events of Karasu's Castle. A full seven days has passed, and all threads are expected to occur after the September 1st, 2015. To further enforce this rule, the staff has decided, that thread trackers (character timelines) are mandatory for all members; you can find TIMELINE BOARD here. [This will mean no liquid time rule.] I will be posting an example of what a thread tracker will look like really soon, for those who haven't used this kind of thing before.

In addition, the Alpha and Delta universe only discovered each other on the September 1st - in other words, any interaction between the universes before that is voided, as there was no contact between them. The portal will not yet be ready to use, as negotiations of alliance between the two Soul Societies are being held. The staff will actively progress the timeline as we see fitting, but in the final hand, most of it all is up to character development.

Finally, you should also read through the NEW CANON LIST, PLOT MECHANICS GUIDE and PLOT FAQ.


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