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#1 Plot FAQs on Sun May 15, 2016 1:49 pm


What do Alpha and Delta stand for?

The two parallel universe, with Alpha standing for the "fanon" universe and Delta for the canon universe. Here in Bleach Story, we have an unique dual plot, where the universe we've seen in the series, and the universe of our making are both available for roleplay. In the beginning of our plot, they're conjoined by a portal in the veil, that separates the different universes.

But what does this mean, practically? It means, that you can play both canon and original characters, and that these two types of characters can interact with each other. It means, that we have always multiple plots, one for the canon universe and one for the alternate universe - the events seen in the series will certainly be changed by the discovery of a parallel universe. It means, that you will have twice the opportunity to plot with other people!

The Act I occurs before Act II, right?

No, and we're sorry for not finding it a more suitable, less deceiving name. Each chapter has two to four "acts", all of which are happening simultaneously within the current chapter of the plot - they are in linear order only for aesthetics. However, Chapter II would indeed occur after Chapter I, and so on.

Isn't Bleach set on 2001?

Yes, the series takes place between the years 2001 and 2003. However, here in Bleach Story we have decided to alter the timeline so, that the setting is the year 2015, and not 2001. As you can see from the timeline, some historical dates have gained a few years as well - to put it simple, the history and the timeline has a gain of fourteen years on our site.

Does the "Canon Plot" start from the Quincy arc?

No. As you can see from the timeline and the plot, we are set in the beginning of the Arrancar arc in terms of canon universe, which is when the parallel universes discover each other. In other words, it has been nearly a month since the events of Rukia's execution day and Aizen's desertion. To answer your question more thoroughly, the Quincy arc will not likely occur due to a slight change to the historical dates. The war between quincies and shinigami was fought in the 12th century, meaning that the Kaiser Gesang's prophecy is set to happen in the 22nd century, and not in the 21st century. Yhwach has regained his heart and body, but has yet to regain his intellect or powers. But then... does this mean Masaki never died?

Unfortunately no. Auswählen was still performed on 2009, in order to bind Yhwach's soul to his physical body, rather than to return his powers to him. As a result, Masaki Kurosaki died by the hand of Grand Fisher, and Kanae Katagiri fell into coma and died 3 months later. This means, that Yhwach isn't relevant to our plot right now. In addition, Ichigo's quincy powers will remain sealed.

Can my character be original and from the canon universe?

Yes, though this will require some permissions and a good understanding of the lore. If you have a similar question, ie. what character types are allowed and what are not, you should refer to the Bans & Wants guide for more details. Simply put, original characters can be born in the canon universe as well, but there is some restrictions and guidelines, that you need to read before you create one. Feel free to PM us if you have questions!

Did Bount Invasion already happen in the Canon Plot?

No. None of the filler arcs, that exist only in the anime, have occurred nor is their history listed as canon - no characters, that only appear in the said arcs, are allowed to be created and played, unless the staff decides to use them in a sub-plot. As you can see, Bount are a playable species in our site, but only in the alternate universe - it can be presumed, that no one is the canon universe knows what they are, as they do not exist there.

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