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#1 Site Plot on Sun May 15, 2016 1:47 pm


There is no life outside this world of ours, a voice whispers in the crowd, that is completely silent. But the voice is cracking with a lie, the kind of a lie you tell to yourself, when you don't want to believe what is in front of you to be real. The speaker, like all the people in the crowd, had diligently contributed to the facts of science, that they had favored, only to see them now crushed by the appearance of the largest spatial vortex, and a gigantic, organic spacecraft, that had emerged from it. The entirety of Seireitei is a witness to the Day of Contingency - the day, that would change all of the days to come. As the vortex ceases to exist, a laugh is heard from the above, and as the colossal entity opens it's mouth, revealing a man, who was as dazzled by the sight in front of him as this world was. Oleg, a shinigami from another universe, had succeeded in crossing the veil between parallel worlds, marking the beginning of a new era in the vast cluster of universes.

- winds of a revolution -

Act I - The Foundation Stones:

It's the year of 2015, and ominous winds are blowing over the worlds. As the trees prepare for the winter in Tokyo, colors of orange, red and gold decorate every corner of the peaceful city. It has been nearly a month, since the events of August 6th and Aizen's desertion, but Ichigo and his friends are having hard time to adjust back to their lives. The messengers of an apocalypse are already knocking on the door of Karakura Town, promising of the otherworldly war and bloodshed, with the silence of the Soul Society not comforting their fears and doubts. The shinigami, who were left paralyzed by the venomous conspiracy of the ex-captains, are now mobilizing and preparing their soldiers for a great battle - most of the academy students have been graduated early, even the retired military personal have been ordered to return to duty, and volunteers are being sought from the Rukongai. Dying to exterminate great evil. The words of captain commander last spoken a thousand years ago are now being revived. What is to come seems despairing.

It is then, when the great, purple light appears in the skies, within the barrier around Seireitei, where all dimensional travel should be rendered useless. Dread is turned into joy and hope, as the dark vortex reveals a new ally and another universe itself. The shinigami learn of the worlds, that are within the reach of one's hand - how they are breathing the same air and feeling the same warmth of sun on their skin, yet unable to pass through the thin veil separating the universe from another. They learnt of history not shared, technology absurdly developed in their eyes and different customs of the new-found sibling of their world. A committee was chosen from both sides of the veil between universes, to discuss the foundation of an alliance and co-existence. The balance must be restored, and the villains had to be slain. The opportunities and a promise of a brighter future led the negotiations between the worlds. Whispers of a revolution. Foundations of a friendship.

A beginning of a new era and an alliance, that transcends all others.

Act II - The Burnt Offerings:

A true darkness lurks in the land of death and desolation. As an usurper from the West rises to power and sacks the ancient, prosperous kingdom of the North, the fate of all hollows and arrancar, who call the barren land a home, is endangered. A fearsome, blood-thirsty king, calling himself the "Blood Wraith" spreads fear and destruction around the desert indiscriminately. From the ashes of the kingdom of North, a lost king has gathered a small, but formidable militia around him, to serve as his means of vengeance against the Blood Wraith. A war between the two kings is closing in, and it seems, that the outcome will dictate the fate of the entire white desert of the hollow species. All and every civilization is at stake in this war.

When the Blood Wraith launches an attack to the region of South and murders it's lord in cold blood, the militia, now carrying the name of Espada, is forced to plea for their natural enemies for aid. Knowing his militia wouldn't stand a chance against the army of the usurper, the lost king has made a temporary alliance with the shinigami - and with their respective forces joined together, the Espada march to the South, to confront and bring the Blood Wraith into what they see is justice. However, the night is painted in blood and only with a painful sacrifice, can the Blood Wraith be vanquished. The variables, that are capable of turning the course of events at a moment's notice, are floating around the battlefield ominously, in the eyes of a fatalist.

However, the bloodbath, that follows, is only the beginning of the real war. In the shadows, there lurks forces much more evil and unconcerned about justice or peace, just waiting for the right moment to reach out to the unhallowed treasures in the Blood Wraith's possession. The kings and queens, whose names have been long forgotten, are burning their last offerings to the image of the first of them all. A malicious prayer is drowned into the war cries of the ignorant and idealistic Espada and the greedy Blood Wraith.

They will all fall. One by one, false king after another, as promised.

Act III - Delicious Dissonance:

In the beginning, there was a young boy, ostracized by everyone around him for his abnormal qualities, a vision of greatness - and a knife. Rumors of him have been around, since the 1998, when a teenager allegedly murdered the oyabun of Yamaguchi-gumi and took his place on the top of the organized crime in Japan. Now, in the 2015, the man has built himself an empire, crushed all competition standing in his way and replaced the petty, fragile humans with other supernatural beings, who, like him, stand on the wrong side of the law. Most of the darkbringers and bounts in Tokyo kneel to him and work under his orders, and in turn, he grants them freedom to rave and rampage in the city, that he holds under his tight grip.

However, no crown comes without enemies.

A secret division of the government, Supernatural Affairs Department (SAD), was formed in the 1961, in response to the destruction caused by the Great Hollow Incident. It serves a single purpose - to monitor, hunt down and cover up supernatural activity in the country. Comprised of spiritually-aware humans, fullbringers and quincies, the organization answers directly to the prime minister of Japana. With the rise of the new, supernatural Yakuza, the department has their hands full with incidents and strange occurrences desperately in need of being hidden from the public. Not all members of this division have the best intentions, however - some are out there to exploit the situation and twist it into their own ends. A new race has begun, a war on crime and a struggle between the gray moral of each side.

Will the good guys bring the end to this delicious dissonance?

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