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on Wed May 11, 2016 6:45 pm


2nd Division
2nd Division


Full Name: Kōga Shihōin
The Memory Thief
The 3rd Head of the Shihōin Clan
Gender: Male
Phys. Age: Mid-Thirties
Real Age: Eight Hundred years old
Species: Shinigami
Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: Kōga is a tall man standing at 6' 2'' and weighing near 180 pounds. His chiseled features, long thick hair, dark smoldering eyes, perfectly smooth brown skin and muscular build make him one of the more attractive captains. As handsome as he is, his callused hands tell the tale of both hardship and dedication to his craft. He commonly wears the usual uniform given to captains. The only exception being his family's jeweled silver head piece which keeps his hair in place. He has a tattoo of a flower on his sword hand which he kisses before drawing his zanpakutō.

Personality: Kōga takes the form of a calm, stoic individual. His appearance is always a multitude of layers of cynicism, sarcasm, and other negative outwards interactions. He is a leader, and sometimes a follower, and always a soldier. He is someone that never backs down to pressure, and he is someone that always attacks with a force that isn't like anything else ever. The type of person that Kōga is has often gotten him in trouble with higher authorities, though the higher authorities that dislike him are usually the ones that in turn are weaker than he is to begin with. He is what is expected of a Noble Family Member, and of someone strong and business-like.

Kōga is one of the most uptight, no-funny-bone people in Soul Society. There isn't a single funny bone in his body. He doesn't understand humor at all. Even if it's a light hearted joke, and this is obvious, Kōga does not get it, and he does not approve of it. Kōga has a sort of outwards aura that repulses people out of fear or dislike. When directly insulted, he has a no tolerance policy. He is known to punish, torture, and kill. He is not a sadist so much as he is a monster. Kōga does not appreciate anything that is not serious. He has never been able to understand real emotional value, even though he is not lacking emotions.

He is an exceptional strategist, and a prodigy in the line of growing stronger. Kōga is especially tough on his subordinates. He is a man that has no tolerance for failure of any kind. Even a slight mistake can earn incredible pain and punishment. He will take the worst, yes. He is willing to have an open mind. He believes firmly in his ability to change others. He is a stern task master. While he will take even the worst, he expects them to be the best by the time he has finished molding them. They all must be immeasurably strong compared to the average Shinigami if they work for him. Kōga for this reason works tirelessly. His punishments for his subordinates are regardless unnecessarily harsh, and he is someone who truly lacks mercy sometimes seen with his harsh punishments on his younger sisters and Lieutenants.

There is no one that Kōga cares about. Besides his family, Kōga would hardly risk his life to defend anyone else. Kōga is not someone with strong bonds. While he respects and loves the Shihōin family, any members that are so weak as to actually require him to save their life are simply undeserving of the Shihōin name, and are therefore mongrels that deserve no respect from him.

Kōga is known for saying harsh things. On many occasions, he has been capable of infuriating even Captains for calling them out, or for making the more sensitive individuals in the world cry. Kōga is a cynical and blunt person that does not know the meaning of "pushing it" or "crossing the line." In insolence, and in being a dick, Kōga has no limits. He is one of the biggest assholes of Soul Society. He is a very hard to like person in the world.

When Kōga is angry, a visible change comes over him. He becomes more blunt than before, and his words are short and strict. He is harsh. He is irritated obviously. The aura that he gives off is killing intent. Normally he doesn't kill, but locks down. Even his reiatsu changes when he is enraged. Normally it is a violet reiatsu. It's ordinarily a hue of ordinary reiatsu that glows like purple light. When Kōga is enraged, it becomes like electricity. His reiatsu when forced out looks like lightning coursing across and around his body instead of just an aura. His eyes usually light up too, when he's angry.

He has a habit of intimidating others and directly invading their personal space bubble to achieve this. He is tall, but more than this he is imposing. There are many who are taller than him anyway. The reason that he is intimidating is his brusque manner, and the look in his eyes. He's rough, and he has a "Give no fucks" and "Take no shit" attitude. Kōga doesn't have a problem with speaking his mind, even in the presence of the Captain Commander himself. He has that flaw. He is flawed in that way in not knowing when to hold his tongue.

Intended Role: Kōga Shihōin is the captain of Squad Two and Head of the Shihōin clan. He is the son of Yuya Shihōin and the older brother to Akuma, Sasami and Sakura Shihōin, this is an updated version of him with my own take on the original author's concept and define him a bit more due to the fact I though he was lacking in some areas. He is tier 2-2 and a fairly strong captain due to his powers and zanpakutō abilities.

RP Thread list:
None as of yet.


Fighting Style: Kōga as the Captain of Squad Two and the Head of his clan has been trained in the art of Hōhō and Hakuda from his father Yuya, the very man who created the legendary Flash Step. He is very analytical in terms of fighting and always seeks to end combat quickly and efficiently, he will take orders and kill on them without a second thought making him a remorseless and dangerous foe. He will usually attempt to outmaneuver them and catch them by surprise with a quick killing blow.

He is not the kind of person who will spare enemies, believing he must cut of the head of the snake to truly bring peace, while he uses his own power a lot more in combat instead of fighting with his zanpakutō it isn't uncommon for him to use it, just uncommon for him to be seen going to start combat with this weapon.

Personal Abilities:

[Unlike in the past, there is no longer a set amount of personal or release abilities given to characters - instead, you're given five ability slots, that you're free to distribute as you wish thorough the application's ability sections. However, since you decided to make a shinigami, one of these abilities will be saved for your Bankai, so you only have four slots to begin with!]

Ability Name: Hakuda Master
Ability Effect: Kōga's prowess in the art of Hakuda is well known, as a member of the noble Shihōin and a high-level member of Squad Two he is incredibly dangerous in this art and can easily utilise most techniques of the category, he can utilise every Hakuda technique with the exception of those that are character unique or for whatever reason not available to him, he is one of the few people to use and master the Ikkotsu [Single Bone] and Sōkotsu [Double Bone] techniques.

Ability Name: Hōhō Grandmaster
Ability Effect: As one of the highest levels of people capable of using Shunpo to its highest levels due to being trained by the very man that invented the high-speed movement technique he has an incredible level of skill in this category of skills, he is capable of using Shunpo to the level in which it seems like teleportation to others, even people one tier above him find it hard to keep track of the blur that he is with his movement, people of two tiers and higher are also strained to see him although they can perceive him he is also incredibly fast and agile to the still hard to catch up to and beat in terms of speed.

His skill in Hōhō has left him capable of using all shunpo techniques and those of the Hōhō category without problem, he is capable of easily learning variations from others by just observing them making him a true master of this category of combat, he is not to be taken lightly in terms of high-speed combat.

Ability Name: Mukyū Shunkō [Tireless Flash War Cry]
Ability Effect: As one of the greatest masters of Hakuda being only preceded by a select few Kōga is capable of using the highest form of Hakuda which is Mukyu Shunkō, Kōga has the benefit of maintaining this form indefinitely and has displayed excellent control over it by being able to switch it off and on at will with repeated use. Kōga ironically uses this technique more than his constant-realse shikai and so he has gained great skill with it. The ability firsts starts by fuelling his body with kidō, in particular his legs, arms and upper back area around his shoulders, this kidō is highly pressurised and takes the form of electricity and wind.

While most users of the standard Shunkō tend to have a set amount of time they can maintain it for Kōga has mastered how to bypass the problem by making it swirl around him in a vortex which allows him to maintain it indefinitely. Kōga can also release this Kōga to cast all kidō spells which are lightning and/or wind based instantaneously and without incantation. He can also use the kidō to increase the defence of a specific area on his body by +2 FAR by concentrating it there although he only gets it on that specific area.

General Techniques:

[As of the new slot customization rule, you're now given fifteen technique slots, that you may distribute thorough your application as you wish. You can give your character two general techniques and thirteen shikai techniques. However, since you chose to make a shinigami, five of these slots are locked from your use, until you reach Bankai, so you have ten to start out with!]

Name of Technique:
Technique Description:
Tier Effect Chart:

[The tier effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.]

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:
Opponent is One Tier Lower:
Opponent is Equal Tier:
Opponent is One Tier Higher:
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:


Zanpakuto Name: Banku
Zanpakuto Affinity: Memory, Kōga's zanpakutō takes multiple powers and abilities based around the short-term memory. This symbolism has yet to be deciphered although people have theorised that Kōga's zanpakutō affects the short term memory because he hates people understanding him and as such erases the memories.
Spirit Description: Kōga's spirit is shrouded in mystery, even Kōga has no idea about his zanpakutō which is mainly due to the fact it has the ability to remove any knowledge of itself from people's minds although they still have the teachings and what they learned from it, Kōga's Bankai has also yet to be disclosed by his zanpakutō since it has yet to allow Kōga to use it, this could be due to the spirit not being pleased that Kōga relies on himself more than it, Banku has given Kōga knowledge and the ability to use Bankai although certain conditions made by Banku must be met for him to use it.

Release Phrase: N/A
Shikai Appearance: The appearance that Kōga's zanpakutō takes is that of a wakizashi, the sword is quite small and kept strapped to his back horizontally. It has an elegant look to it, with a short blade it has very little reach although it also has very little use in combat since he mainly uses Hakuda and Hōhō as well as Shunkō to beat his opponents. The sword's shiny blade often can catch people's eyes with glare but although it is possible as a distraction it is rarely employed. The sword is wrapped in black cloth with a matching black sheathe.

Shikai Abilities:

[Unlike in the past, there is no longer a set amount of personal or release abilities given to characters - instead, you're given five ability slots, that you're free to distribute as you wish thorough the application's ability sections. However, since you decided to make a shinigami, one of these abilities will be saved for your Bankai, so you only have four slots to begin with!]

Ability Name: Short-Term Memory Loss.
Ability Effect: The unique aspect of Kōga's sword is that it is constantly released, its release state means that any one who is cut by this blade will lose short term memories, these tend to be memories formed within the last hour before being inflicted with this ability. Upon being cut all memories from up to an hour ago are erased, it doesn't go back either so the continued effects always last an hour from when they were hit so for example if Kōga struck someone then they lost all memories from the last hour, if he hits them again then they lose all memories up to a hour from the time. It doesn't exceed an hour as that is when it gets into long term memory, Kōga's zanpakutō doesn't affect the long term memory and as such he cannot make someone forget important parts of their lives or memories from a long time ago.


Significant Events: Kōga's significant events are when his father was promoted to the Royal Guard he was forced to take up the Shihōin clan as its Head, something he has hated ever since. Another event is being promoted to the Captain of Squad Two, his most fulfilling time of his life when he achieved such a position and has held it ever since.

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