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Item Name: Eienhei Senseki (永平遠平 泉石, Springs and Rocks of Eternal Calm)
Item Appearance: Izuna built two models of this hot spring, one surrounded by rocks and featuring a giant sōzu, and another indoor hot spring that more closely resembles a public bath.
Item Effect: Special hot springs created by Izuna for the purposes of healing wounds. Enhanced by special minerals, the waters of the Eienhei Senseki are able to drastically speed up the healing process of an individual, healing minor wound within seconds to minutes, and more moderate wounds within a night of soaking. The process of the healing is relatively simple, acting more like a Kidō than a healing solvent. As the user rests within the waters, their spirit energy is simply recycled with the strong spirit energy of the waters, which seep into the wounds and the body's cell division is forcibly stimulated, reconstructing all organs and all tissues. Submerged within these waters, even the vital organs that were so grievously injured they could not possibly function as they should would be restored to their natural state. The bather's reiatsu is also replenished through these springs, effectively healing them in both body and soul, and when the they exit, they are healthier than before they were injured. She is more than happy to allow injured individuals to use the hot spring.
Item Amount: After becoming captain of Squad Twelve a number of Squad Twelve shops were opened around the Seireitei and Rukongai, a few of these stores have a special back room dedicated to these Hot Springs; these are free to use at anytime. There is also one of these at every Squad Barracks although Squad Four has three due to the nature of it. Of course these can be bought although at a costly price of 1000 coins for your own private one.
Item Origins: After doing extensive research in the way of Kaido and chemistry Izuna developed a special liquid which has incredible healing properties. The main purpose was to help heal and refresh those who were injured or training although they were later made to be a relaxing method due to the popularity of the item.

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