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#1 Seihenkanbaku [Sex-Switching Bomb] on Sun May 08, 2016 6:20 pm


Item Name: Seihenkanbaku (性変換爆 Sex-Switching Bomb)
Item Appearance: One of Izuna's many inventions, this is one that is less than practical, the device is a small sphere that functions much like a smoke bomb. Very sensitive, the device explodes upon impact or pressure, enveloping the victim in a smokescreen. The contents of this smoke have a starling effect on the body, completely altering the target's gender to that of the opposite sex. The device was initially created as a joke item when Izuna was told of the idea by Luke Yasenha, however, this item was popular among young boys in the Rukongai, who use it to play pranks on their friends.
Item Effect: This device has the strange effect of manipulating the genetic structure of those effected to temporarily invert their bodies sex, this effect usually only lasts the length of the thread although the time can be manipulated for example the thread might go over several weeks, then the effects could wear off IC.
Item Amount: They are mass produced and supplied to be bought from Squad Twelve in a variety of outlets around the Seireitei and Rukongai, the device costs 25 coins per bomb and 50 coins for a bundle of three. There is no limit to how many you can have although the line is drawn when it begins to not make sense.
Item Origins: This was an item that was created by Izuna with a concept Luke brought forward to her. It was originally a joke item and still is. With her knowledge of the genetic code Izuna was capable of creating a chemical that was able to temporarily invert the sex of those affected. It didn't take very long to develop since Izuna was well versed in the nature of DNA and the hardest part the body itself changing and making sure no harm was done to the affected. After its completion it has gained much fame for its humorous nature.

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