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Name of Technique: Zetsubō Shēdo Hasai Himitsu Shuhō: Akuma no Ningyō (Crushing Despair Shade Secret Technique: Devil Puppet)
Technique Description: In effect, it has some simularities to the rare quincy technique, "Ransōtengai", but in appearance, it is vastly different. This technique is only useful in bankai and if Luke is somehow unable to move alone. This technique allows Zetsubo to peel off from Luke's back, removing the bankai appearance from Luke apart from the wrists and ankles until Zetsubo is floating above Luke's back with black mist connected to Luke's wrists and ankles like a puppet master holding his puppet. However, the only thing that doesn't change while this is active is that Luke's face is still disfigured with only having nose holes visible, the rest is covered in thick skin so his face looks like it possesses no facial features. While in this state, Luke is able to float around and move his arms and legs, ignoring any paralysis or disabled limbs. He is however unable to use the illusion part of his bankai while this is in effect. Lasts for six posts before needing a six post cooldown.
Tier Effect Chart:

[The tier effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.]

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower:
Opponent is One Tier Lower:
Opponent is Equal Tier:
Opponent is One Tier Higher:
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher:

Erida Seika

Seems good to me, and has needed duration and cooldown times. Approving this.

You will still need to train and purchase the technique, before you can use it.

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