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#1 Simetria on Wed May 04, 2016 9:57 am


Organisation Goal: The goal and purpose of Simetria is simple, to create and maintain a stable government in Hueco Mundo. They do not believe that Hueco Mundo should be ruled by kings and queens and instead should be unified to create a strong and stable society for the Hollows and Arrancar. In terms of alignment they are considered to be neutral although in many aspects they are more like neutral evil despite the fact they are not enemies of the Gotei Thirteen at the same time they are not allies.

Base of Operations: Simetria operates from within the massive fortress known as Las Noches, it is located within a small land which is bordered by all four hollow kingdoms making it a central region and territory. As for the fortress itself it is massive, being as big as the Seireitei in diameter although much larger actually due to the using of multiple floors and the structure to allow a large number of floors thus making it incredibly large and has a larger volume of space than the Seireitei. The massive domed structure is incredibly durable and can withstand an assault from an army sized force although someone of Espada level can break through the walls with a technique on par with the Gran Rey Cero.

Las Noches:

The Fortress can be divided into five towers and a large domed structure, the first tower which is called "Fuerza" is home to the Espada, it is here that the Espada have their quarters and their meetings, from here they control Simetria with their strength and authority. This tower is often off limits to anyone other than Espada and their Fraccion, intruders will often be killed due to the place being one of the most important parts of the entire fortress, however with the Espada's blessing some people are able to walk around albeit with limited access.

The second tower called "Grieta" is home to the Privarion Espada, these are the people who have become obsolete but are still valuable. The Privarion Espada tend to be located here, to enter their lair is to suffer whatever they desire as punishment. This tower has no laws, only the leading commander of Simetria can intervene with the Privarion's actions, in all essence this is where they still hold their power of authority.

The third tower is called "Porvenir", it is the home to much of what gives the Simetria the advantage in this age. This tower is almost like a labyrinth of labs, mechanical production lines and is what drives towards the future. In essence this could be called the Simetria's Department of Research and Development, it is where the more advance things happena and are designed. Of course this place tends to be highly classified and only Espada tend to be able to look and learn what goes one behind these closed doors.

The fourth tower is called "Subir", the tower is home to a variety of training grounds and ares in which people can train to become stronger and achieve further. At the very top of this tower is a place in which things are manufactured such as armour, equipment and the like. This tower is easily accessible as it is publicly available for everyone to go to when they feel the need to train.

The fifth tower is called "Castigo", it is the place in which the Exequias Squadron reside, those that are taken in here tend to be tortured for a variety of purposes whether it be punishment or for information. Very few ever go in and come back out, it is a place for the punishment force to sit down and relax, it is there own space although they also keep records of everyone they deem possible threats with detailed reports on them for intelligence purposes.

The actual dome of Las Noches is a very large structure, it operates as a huge complex with living quarters for soldiers, larger gathering places for shops and is the overall metropolis of the organisation. It is the city in essence, compared to the rest of Las Noches this is by far the biggest structure, it has the volume of being able to hold the Seireitei witin its walls and still have space to spare.

Organisation Allies: Allies of Simetria include. On occasion the Simetria and Gotei Thirteen are willing to ally with each other depending on their situations.

Will be updated as organisation develops.

The ranking system used by Simetria is one that is defined by a numerical code. The Simetria have taken the original system of the Espada and used it to create their ranks which are based on authority. It is quite simple, the closer you get to the number "1" the more authority you have since you have more authority of those who's number is above yours, for example someone with the numerical ranking of 57 and someone who was 85, number 57 would have authority over all those who were 58+.

The rank system is quite loose, with the Números since it can go up to any number from 10 and above this means that Números can go upwards to infinity, although in many cases there are those called the "Masked Knights", these are numberless foot soldiers that make up the majority of Simetria's military force, in essence these people hold absolutely no authority and exist as servants while the Números tend to be able to order around the Masked Knights with no resistance, they can also gain rank by defeating a higher ranking person for their position.

A unique rank within the Simetria is the rank of Privarion Espada, although it has also been dubbed Negativa Espada due to their unique rank. These are past Espada who have been demoted for whatever reason, they are given a their number although it is inverted so a Segunda Espada (2nd Espada) would be (-2nd Espada) although if two Privarion Espada were the same number then the new Privarion would receive the number plus ten so for example, the Decima Espada would be -10 although if another Decima Espada was to become a Privarion Espada they would be called -20 and so on and so forth.

Despite whatever number you have the Primera Espada's word is law, even if it contradicts the rules or laws that were created although this can have some exceptions, the Espada are also quite fluid and can be malleable from time to time, this is due to them all being considered equal in power in times of peace and act as a council with only the Primera holding any form of power and authority although in times of war and conflict then the number system takes place and all Espada serve the higher numbered Espada.


[b]Desired Position:[/b] (What position do you want?)
[b]Link To Approved Character:[/b] (A link to the character you want in the division.)
[b]Challenge RP Request:[/b] (If you want a position of 3rd seat or higher, you must create an [url=][u]RP Request[/u][/url] for a thread where you earn the position IC. If the position doesn't have an established player or NPC you will be allowed request to peacefully take the position by passing a test(NOTE: A mission mod has the right to decline a request for a peaceful thread if they need the spot for an NPC.) But if the position IS held, you must defeat the player or NPC in a thread to gain the position. Even those whom have been approved for leadership positions must earn their captain spots IC through this method.)

Primera Espada: Graven Fel
» Fraccion:
Segunda Espada: Kuroi Shingetsu
» Fraccion:
Tercera Espada: OPEN
» Fraccion:
Cuatro Espada: OPEN
» Fraccion:
Quinta Espada: Elizabeth Venator
» Fraccion:
Sexta Espada: OPEN
» Fraccion:
Septima Espada: OPEN
» Fraccion:
Octava Espada: Manda Marluz
» Fraccion:
Novena Espada: OPEN
» Fraccion:
Decima Espada: OPEN
» Fraccion:

Tercera Negativa Espada: Hane
Sexta Negativa Espada: Liz Segunda
Septima Negativa Espada: Violeta Martinez
Decima Negativa Espada: Castro Grimm

Leader: Hana Bira
Second-in-Command: OPEN
Members: OPEN

All Numbers: OPEN


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