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#1 Necrones Triarca (Complete) on Fri Apr 22, 2016 4:31 pm


"To most the light is a symbol good or hope, but through my eyes it is as silent and empty as the void. To look upon this light I see, is to know terror. It drifts above me with slow, liquid grace, and its gaze causes madness and despair wherever it falls. Through my eyes, those it came near took their own lives rather than endure its hellish presence. Through my eyes, it steals away all it stares upon leaving only traces of light that once was. Through my eyes, a machine can only fear one. A light that brings nothing. A light that shows nothing. A light that comes to claim existence itself."

Theme Song


Name: Necrones Triarca

The Necron Primarch
The Light of the first Primarch
Metal Reaper of the Garden
Nubkherekh Sekhetaruk

Age: Late Twenties

True Age: 2000

Sex: Male

Species: Arrancar

Aspect of Death: The Aspect of Death that Necrones displays is one that is hard to determine, however to say simply it is "Change". His aspect of death is this because he hates repetition, change is the act of evolving, removing weakness and replacing it with strength. In essence change is what makes one better or worse, however to one such as he it is evolution, the way of destroying all those in his way and reaching the pinnacle of existence, the level of a god if you will.

Personality: Necrones' personality, put simply, can only be explained as machine like. He is an emotionally deprived individual, he has never experienced the feeling of being comforted or loved by that of people. He has never been acknowledged by people around him, always traveling alone, thus he has never known what emotions truly are. He shows no emotion to anyone and always logically answers a problem or question, and if he doesn't have an answer for the Problem/Question at hand he won't answer or do anything at all. Necrones however has experienced one occasion of comfort, but this experience wasn't given by that of anyone but by something.  

Necrones' personality can be put into several traits, these Traits Include. Machine, Continuity, Intelligent, Strategist, Calm and Curious.

Machine - Necrones is almost incapable of showing emotions towards others. He is also almost incapable of understanding most emotions from others. He never takes into account other peoples feelings and can often say hurtful things. He doesn't care for emotional and physical pain, disregarding both as simple warning signs. If he is knocked down by force that breaks his bones, cut down to the point of missing limbs, Struck down by words of hate and spite, pushed back by words of profanity and insanity, tethered and chained by the world, left to rot and rust. he will continue fight, he will continue to march forward like that of a juggernaut. He will march untill his heart gives out. He will march until his body completely breaks. He will march forward untill his light itself can shine no more.    

Continuity - Necrones can often be quite repetitive in the way he talks and acts about and around others. while talking with others he will always continue to treat them the same way and talk to them in the same manner. While in the presence of royalty or something similar and around people of a lower stature, he will treat them both equally. He does not see the point in treating someone higher in quality unless they treat him the same. This means he often appears Intimidating for those who cannot handle his metallic personality.  

Intelligent - Necrones is extremely smart and intelligent, this is often shown through his ability to quickly learn and understand complex situations and problem. He has a vast knowledge of materials(e.g. Metals and their capabilities), electronics, robotics, and a vast knowledge of Battle tactics and war strategy. He is also very knowledgeable in the field of Biology and the mental state of beings, but however lacks knowledge and experience on how to use these for medical purposes.  

Strategist - Necrones is a grand strategist, often when it comes to large forces and numbers. When Necrones launches an attack, it is impossible to discern if it is the main thrust of his strategy or simply a decoy, created to bleed enemy reinforcements away from a battle yet to come. All such assaults are carefully weighted to overwhelm enemy forces already in place, requiring the foe to either sacrifice his troops or reinforce them -- and Necrones' plans are always many stages ahead, set to take advantage of either course. Indeed, Necrones' battle plans are incredibly versatile, seeded with feint attacks, counter-strategies and other contingencies enacted automatically should certain circumstances be triggered or thresholds crossed. To the outside observers, there is something almost mystical to Necrones' methodology, for how else could he so flawlessly anticipate the unseen? Yet in truth there is nothing more at play here than the careful application of probabilities and logic, combined with a canny understanding of the foe’s mindset.

Calm - Necrones exerts a calm and collected aura around himself which can sometimes annoy others because he never rarely changes from that state. Necrones is practically resistant towards frustration and pressure in a situation. He never/rarely acts on emotion what so ever, and will always take into account a variety of outcomes before doing/saying something, but only if the outcome is something that will benefit him.  

Curious - Maybe the most interesting aspect of Necrones' personality is his curiosity. He is curios about most things and shows this in a way that most would consider odd. He is always observing his surroundings for things that could catch his interest. When he finds something that catches his interest he will either take or follow the object/person to study it. When he has found out what he was curious about, then his curiosity simply fades. When he has no interest in the object/person he took/followed he simply stops following/throws the object/person away.

When around others Necrones becomes very quiet, yet doesn't act differently from how he normally does. He only talks when he feels it is required and is limited when it comes to questions from others. He finds simple conversation utterly useless and not required. Although he may not talk an awful lot, he definitely listens. He may not care nor need to give input because of how he thinks, yet sometimes he is compelled to give input on the matter at hand. Although he never acts like it, he sometimes doesn't mind the company of others. Granted they're on neutral ground.


Height: 7,3 ft or 2.2 metres

Weight: 692 lbs or 314 Kg

Physical Traits: Necrones has very defined broad shoulders, his body was very muscular which is easy to see even when he is adorned with clothing. This usually gives him a very intimidating appearance, most would probably avoid him or have have trouble talking to him face to face. If people weren't so often under his gaze they probably wouldn't have a problem with him.


It doesn't help that he also has strange cross markings going up his arms and along his chest, these marking are mysterious in nature with Necrones himself having no memories or idea partaking to there purpose. Necrones has had these markings since he was birthed as an Arrancar. Necrones has created his own idea of these markings, believing that they represent his limited understanding of everything else. Giving the markings a name known as the 'hearts secrets'. Necrones painted and scribed the same markings on his temples, which currently reside in Corda Speculo. The markings use several lines and circles to explain a story, the writing is Advanced yet Confusing. To some it would appear primitive, maybe because of the lack of understanding people have of them. Others would most likely think of them as Fascinating.

Necrones also has "cybernetic Implants" and "Robotic" body parts. His left and right arm and whole chest region is all robotic and metal plating, as well as his right leg. The missing organs and vital areas were remade into different more advance machinery which is far more efficient. His brain has had a complete remodel of technology and added Armour for more combat efficiency, and shielding. You can sometimes see a green glowing energy flicker or flash through the metal. The metal/material these body parts are made out of is called Necro-steel and is dark grey in colour. This metal can only be made by Necrones but can be used by anyone given' they can understand it's properties, and it has the ability to self-repair it's structure. It can even regenerate after being reduced to it's separate atoms and molecules. However if the metal sustains too much damage in a short period of time, faster than it can self-repair, then it will cease to self-repair. It will go into a shutdown mode for 1 post before the living metal starts to repair again, or will begin self-repairing when the proper repair are made. It can also be noted that when he becomes active in a fight his machinery can start to glow in certain areas with a Lime Green glow.

Once, Necrones' skin tone was naturally olive, and could clearly be seen, this is probably due to his genetics in his human life. Even with the lack of sunlight while traveling Hueco Mundo, Necrones was surprisingly able to keep his toned appearance and a beautiful young complexion that would have most jealous. The remaining human skin is soft and warm to touch. However his Metal body parts and plating are Dark grey in colour and are Smooth yet, cold, dead, and lifeless to the touch.

Necrones' muscles were very defined. His arm muscles such as the biceps, triceps, and Brachioradialis are all large and show visible raw power. The muscles in his remaining chest area giving him his brute like appearance, as well his legs which could help him most likely outrun an athlete. Until he changed himself.

Necrones amazingly enough rarely did training on most his body, maybe running, climbing, or lifting the occasional sand dunes, fissures, and trees, yet is still able to keep him amazingly muscular appearance. Although one thing Necrones does aspire towards is the occasional hand-to-hand combat with hostile Hollows and Arrancar that attack him, not to mention Shinigami that he finds while traveling to the human world via his Corda Speculo. Though through recent years he has been training himself with the surrounding environments getting used to wide open spaces and enclosed areas, for combat.

Necrones' head is averagely sized and shaped with the rest of his body. his eyes are Lime Green, and often have people look away from him, but he has no threatening glance, only a glance given' by what people say as a "Machine". His eyes hold no emotions apart from maybe the occasional curious look of a person with amnesia, or the look the of a child homeless and alone. Necrones never smiles which is noticeable because he has no crinkles around his oral region. His hair is a beautiful charcoal Black that in terms of length is rather short, but looks clean yet ragged at the same time.

Necrones wears black boots, cargo pants and a belt which all have been patched in certain areas with metal plating due to tears and wear. Necrones' Clothing usually gives him the appearance of an Aggressive ruffian or bandit. Necrones' Zanpukto used to be a strange sword being very unique in appearance, it being Completely made of Metal, even the Grip was metal. Until Necrones lost his right arm during a battle with another Arrancar. In his loss he turned to the only thing he knew, even from birth, "robotics" and "cybernetics" and melted down his Zanpakto to recreate his lost arm, also Infusing Necro-steel with it so it could regenerate like the rest of his robotic/cybernetic parts.

Necrones is young in appearance, ranging around 20's to early 30's. Although Necrones' age should give him more persona, it simply doesn't. It is noted that necrones does let off a very tall, dark and handsome aura. Although to some more of a Giant, brute, I'm gonna rip of your arms and legs appearance. Although it should be more noted that women find his tallness quite attractive, however due to his current understanding of the world he can't seem to grasp the term "sexual attraction" and usually becomes quiet when too many questions are asked. He becomes especially quiet when someone tries to flirt with him, he might give them a stare or two.

Necrones' reiatsu is Lime Green and flares straight up, however when Necrones releases a sufficient amount by flaring it or going into resurrection, it starts to swirl around his feet like a void and flare upwards at a lightning fast rate, It can give the appearance of electricity spiking and sparking around him. Sometimes when he releases enough reiatsu around himself you can see the faces of skeletal machines flicker through his reiatsu like the dead screaming silently from the abyss. This being very unique to Necrones.


List of 'Innate' Skills:

• Cero
• Bala
• Sonído
• Hierro
• Pesquisa
High-Speed Regeneration
• Garganta

In addition of the universal, well-known base techniques of an Arrancar, his released power is great enough to completely heal ANY and all injuries he has sustained in his sealed form, upon entering his Resurrección. This is an innate ability possessed by all Arrancars, but because it's often forgotten and because I don't want to be blamed for cheating in a battle, I am making a note of it here.

General Fighting Style: Necrones usually prefers to be close to his target when fighting, having a fighting style made up of boxing and a unique form of karate (which is in no way similar to normal karate). He also has a very unique style of swordplay which is a slight variation of Kenjutsu, which has a utilization of Staves,Battle Axes and Scythes.   

Strengths: Strength, Reiryoku, Hand-to-Hand.

Weaknesses: Speed, Sonido (Necrones' sonido is Rather slow, being slower than all the other espada. Can only be used twice per post).


Sealed Appearance: His Zanpakto is now his right arm, although it used to be a sword made completely of metal. His Zanpakto used to be strange in appearance, a very unique looking sword.

Zanpakto Name: Metarueboryūshon/メタルエボリューション/Metal Evolution

Zanpakto Call Out: Punish the Flesh. Metal in Mind and Body.


Cero - A basic "Cero" used by Necrones, that can be fired from either his left or right palm. The colour of the "Cero" is Golden Yellow. Can be fired up to 2 times per post.

Bala - Necrones' "Bala" unlike others is more condensed and focused on causing damage. Just like his "Cero" it can be fired from the right or left palm, however when using it Necrones uses a throwing motion to fire it. His "Bala" is the same colour as his "Cero" but with a red outline around it. Can be fired up to 2 times per post.

Kurimuzon-me Cero - This is Necrones' Unique "Cero", an extremely powerful short range "Cero", that is around 2 times stronger than a regular "Cero". It travels to around 10 meters give or take, and is fired in a cone blast radius of 160 degrees. When using "Kurimizon-me Cero" Necrones collects and condenses spiritual energy into a ball on both of his palms, then Necrones will smash the two balls together and hold his palms towards his target before firing off the "Cero". The Colour of the "Kurimuzon-me Cero" is a burnt orange and the core of it is crimson. Has a two post cooldown.

Personal Abilities:

[Passive] Necro-Steel Body - Necrones body is made to deal with extreme conditions and stress that it may endure. Parts of Necrones' Body are made from the unique metal Necro-Steel (This changes during Resurreccion and Segunda Etapa, When Necrones' Whole body is made from Necro-Steel). It has the capacity to self-repair itself, even if it has been reduced to it's separate atoms and molecules. When sustaining a vast amount of damage with in a short period of time, faster than the Necro-Steel can repair itself, the Necro-steel's self repair will shut down. It takes one post for it to start up again, unless it is manually started up again from the necessary repairs made to it.

While In his Sealed form, Necrones' Necro-Steel is as strong as an average Hierro.

While In his Ressurection, Necrones' Necro-Steel is as strong as a strong Hierro.

While in His Segunda Etapa, Necrones' Necro-Steel is as Strong as a Highly Strong Hierro.  

Sand Spirits - Necrones can spawn everlasting minions of sand to do his bidding, Essentially servants/butlers. He can also un-spawn them if he so wishes. They are of Human durability, and aren't really combat orientated. Unless you're a nut, they shouldn't really be able to hurt you at all. Maybe they'll try to claw your eyes out or use obejects to try and bash you to death. The Sand Spirits look like scultures in a way, eccept they have no face. Also they possess above average strength, so watch out for that.

[Passive] Autonomous Body - (Ressurrection/Segunda Etapa) Necrones possesses immense strength and physical power. He can lift many times over his own weight, which equates to several tons. Being punched by this monstrosity can break bones and make people and objects go flying.  

[Passive] Electromagnetic Field - Necrones has a magnetic field around his body, a bubble which extends 2 metres around him. This field is special, only affecting Necro-steel. The Ability itself allows Necrones to Manipulation the metal parts of his body, if any parts are detached, they will not go outside the field, instead they will return to their original position on his body, allowing for Self-repair. (Ability will not work when Necrones is Incapacitated.)  

Corda Speculo Energy - Having a Natural Affinity with Corda Speculo, Necrones is able to use and harness some of its power. Necrones can Heat up any sand under his control with Corda Spculo Energy, to turn it explosive or have heated like properties. Necrones is also able to infuse an object with Corda Speculo Energy and make it come "alive" and fight with it's natural make up in Necrones stead. "aka a rock would not change in size but would like. get arms and legs and stuff to fight with." this can be applied to anything up to and including the size of a car/truck motor vehicle.

Corda Speculo - Necrones can at will open a portal to Corda Speculo. The Portal itself cannot be seen by those who are unaware of Corda Speculo and is impossible to go through unless you are deemed worthy. The Portal can only be used as a means of escape or exit. It is Impossible to use it for battle advantage. It can be used as a means of travel.

Corda Speculo is a confusing and an infinitely large Dimension. Corda Speculo itself exists as a Dimensional plane alongside the Material Plane. Corda Speculo is built upon the thoughts, emotions, dreams, fears, E.T.C of all beings that exist among the Material Plane. Although Necrones himself has free access to this Dimensional Plane, it is Promptly known that no other being has access to Corda Speculo freely. Quite Possibly no other being will even learn about it's existence yet alone get to this plane. The time that Passes through this dimension is dependent on where you are in Corda Speculo. Sometimes Years in Corda Speculo could be but a second in the Material World. Sometimes a second could be but years in the Material world.

Corda Speculo is large beyond belief and is also just as confusing. It is easy to get lost, even just by walking in a straight line. The most Commonly seen thing among Corda Speculo is the amount of water, and the fact that it's incredibly shallow, but the noticeable thing here is how it acts like a giant reflection. It is Impossible to see through the water, only being able to see what it reflects.


If Ones was to walk long enough through Corda Speculo, they would eventually reach forests, and even old structures that have been all but abandoned. The forest makes no sound, no breeze runs through it at all. You cannot hear yourself talk or breath.


When Reaching some of the old structures, it appears if some where the structure of an old city. The remains of the city are all but quiet, nothing but whispers echo throughout them. With endless streams of bridges connecting them all.


When one travels far enough into the forests, they eventually begin to find old entrances, massive doors of metal, with water flowing from them. Covered in overgrowth, and rusted along their sides and edges, they stand massive and tall. The doors are strange, not necessarily an average door. They are like hatches leading down into flooded underground cities which are so deep it is impossible to see the roof of the underground structures. They have doors and stairways that lead to nowhere, doors that have been shut off and locked, and most of the cities seem completely intact. The most noticeable thing about them is the fact that they're completely made of metal.


As you go lower throughout the structures, you soon reach exit points, Giant gates with runes covering them and an ancient language written on the walls next to them. They lead into another massive underground network, massive catacombs. Structures underneath are built into the supports of the catacombs as to prevent falling into the endless abyss of black below. A simple noise can create an echo throughout the catacombs which seem-ably echoes throughout the whole structure.


When reaching the bottom of the massive catacombs, castle/pyramid like structures can be found, which house some of Necrones' work, and even a single massive structure which houses the "Tree of Necrones".


Inside these Structures Strange round Doorways can be found, with tunnels that lead even deeper inside Corda Speculo. They lead to endless deserts, with Constructs above the sands surface that appear like they've never aged. Below it's surface are buried structures which house tree's, that have retreated from it's surface. When you look into the sky, Flying stone city constructs can be seen, which overview the entirety of the deserts.


These are the places that Necrones has discovered in Corda Speculo, and he has learned of their dangers and terrible secrets. Beyond that. Corda Speculo has many many many more secrets.  


Appearance: Necrones Takes on the form of a Robotic Skeletal Warrior, Armed with a Necro-Steel staff at which he can Materialize and un-Materialize at will.    



Master-level Sand Manipulation - Necrones can shape and manipulate all sand within a 100m radius. Some applications include; He can turn it into hardened sandstone at will, allowing him to create structures and hardened objects. He can also use various types of sand blast attacks, and make streams of sand so fine that it can cut like a blade.

[Passive]Sand Transmutation - Outwards from Necrones, within a 60m radius any and everything is slowly turned into sand. Water and moisture is dried up. While everything slowly Transmutes, it appears as if everything is decaying. This Ability is active constantly, however Necrones can choose what is Transmutated. (PC's and anything under the inlfuence of a PC is not transmuted. Unless given Authority. Important NPC's are uneffected). (It can take up to 10 posts for everything to transmute)

[Passive]Sand Sense - Any movement that is made in Necrones' sand can be detected.  

Sand Bullets - Every post, Necrones can shoot up to 30 condensed Sand Bullets from his fingers. Each the equivilant of hado 4. He can single fire or barrage fire them, depending on what he feels like. (Each travel at Bala speed.)

Psammokinetic Transport - Necrones is able to fly, through his manipulation of sand, as well as surf on it. Necrones can also travel through his sand at Cero speeds.

Heated Sand-Blast - Through a combination of Corda Speculo Energy and Sand. Necrones shoots a blast of heated sand causing Double Cero damage to anyone with in its path, and causing second degree burns. Has enough force to knock even the sturdiest of people onto their ass. (Travels to a maximum distance of 20m and has a width of 10m.)(2 post Cooldown)

Colossus Sand Revenant - Necrones can call upon a giant Heated Sand Monster from his tides of sand to attack his enemies. A full on hit from this bad boy will cause Cero Oscuras Damage. Lasts 2 posts, Necrones has full control over the monster during this time. (5 post Cooldown)

Sandstone Defense - Necrones creates Special Sandstone Armour around himself, which lasts one post, and blocks everything up to a Cero Oscuras. (4 post Cooldown)

Boosts: x3 Strength, Durability, Reiryoku/Reiatsu.


Appearance: A more Armored Version of his Resurreccion, Necrones still holds the form of a Robotic Skeletal Warrior. Giving him a sharded cloak. Armed with a Necro-Steel Scythe seeping with Corda Speculo Energy, at which he can Materialize and un-Materialize at will.        


(Still Retains abilities from Resurreccion)

[Final]Over-Charge - Necrones Surges himself with massive amounts of power, Increasing all his Stats to x6 for 6 posts. Upon reaching the 6 post mark, Necrones' body will completely shutdown and Necrones will become Incapacitated (Unable to fight for the rest of that thread).  

Reign of Sand - (2 post Charge) By sending streams of sand into the sky and having them be infused with Corda Speculo Energy. Necrones can then create a massive corrupted sand storm. which will block most light under itself, making visibility incredibly limited but not impossible to see in. Necrones can call upon 30 Death-Rays from the sky to deal Cero Damage each. The Storm will not disappear until all of the Death-rays have been used. (10 post cooldown)

Millennium Shield - Necrones can at will (Instantaneously) make any Sand structure/construct become Cero, Double-Cero, Gran Rey Cero, Cero Oscuras strength. Upon any of his Structures/Constructs taking damage, Necrones can at will, Negate the damage and make that structure/construct The same Durability as the damage taken. The Structure/Construct will stay that Durability for 1 post, after which it will return to its previous durability. Necrones has 3 charges with this ability, upon using all 3 charges he will have to wait for one to come off cooldown before he can continue using this ability.

All 3 charges have a separate cooldown, and each cooldown is dependant on how much damage was Negated.      

Cero - 1 post cooldown

Double Cero - 2 post cooldown

Gran Rey Cero - 3 post cooldown

Cero Oscuras - 4 post cooldown

Boosts: x4 Strength, Durability, Reiryoku/Reiatsu.




Necrones was born in Greece.
Even at birth Necrones was different, not only was he an extremely fast learner but he was also highly Intelligent. Necrones never knew his parents, as they left him at an extremely young age. As such he was never given the love most children were given. He was taken in by an old man, who was both an Astrologist and Scientist. He was raised with the old man, who taught him about science and the stars. Necrones learnt fast, and seemingly enjoyed the work the old man did. He looked up to the old man, not as a father, but as a guide. One of the most memorable things Necrones was told as a child, was that even when the world seems cold and cruel, It's only ever the people who were treated unfairly that lash out.

When Necrones was of age to enter a school, he did so under the justification that the core of mans spirit came from new Experiences. The problem being here that he was vastly smarter than any of the so called "Teachers". In fact he didn't go to school for very long, maybe a couple weeks before he was "Graduated". A little while after he was offered a place at one of the greatest schools of science. He was forced to leave the old man behind because of such, but Necrones would never forget the old mans words and his dreams.

"Life is like a flower. If it is treated with kindness and comfort then it will blossom into compassion. However if it is treated with spite and malice then it will die and be left in a continuous state of Despair, Regret and Loneliness."

One of Necrones' Pinnacles of his life was the time at which he hit Adulthood. This was when his love for Philosophy would start to kick in, and his interest in the study of life would begin. He gained a rather large interest in the field of Biology and Psychology, studying upon what "life" really meant. Although Necrones was more interested in his work than making friends or having conversation with others, he could never help but feel lonely. He was too smart to have a decent conversation with anyone, and being in such a high position as he was didn't help. People had always found him different and this was reflected through his life. Nothing but work from people who didn't even know him. Half of the people he'd met would prefer take his work than his friendship. As such Necrones slowly began to grow cold towards others, His heart slowly withering away. He'd seen and studied war in all its forms. Watched as governments manipulated the people and taken everything for their own gain, rather than the peoples.  

It only took a lifetime of solitude and constant work for Necrones to finally grasp the truth about "Life". He'd tried to hold onto the values he'd once believed, but to no avail. He'd been constantly seen as different and unnatural. Considered perhaps to be one of the greats, and although this may have appeared amazing to others, Necrones did not see it the same way. He'd finally grasped the Truth to "Life".

"All life exists in discord. War and strife affect all known societies and all species spend their existences competing with others for limited resources. From the cries of an infant for the maternal teat to the wretched stench of the aged dying in their own filth, life is a series of squabbles and ugly messes."

Necrones met his fate of old age, Having died in his sleep. Nothing but an almost useless life. It took him an entire lifetime to realize that people never change, and that no matter what, history will always repeat itself.


The Memories of Necrones' past beyond that of his human life are unknown to him. Having suffered memory loss during his transformation into an Arrancar. The first thing Necrones had awoken to was a tree. He was lying at the base of a tree on his back, with its root embedded into his body. The Tree was the most Beautiful thing Necrones had claimed to see. It was pure white, from its root buried in the ground, to the beautiful white glowing leaves on its branches. The Tree whispered to Necrones, telling him to stay in its embrace, to let it hold him and care for him. Necrones did such, for a very long time, before it had let him go. At which point Necrones was to discover that he'd been in the depths of a very deep cave, or at least it first appeared to be a cave. It turned out that the tree was buried underground amidst the ruins of an old empire. Necrones would slowly make his way to the surface, night by night, exploring more and more of the place he had awoken to. He was stuck in an endless desert of endless night. The Tree gave him answers to his questions, and more and more Necrones learnt of this place. He learnt of the existence of hollows, Arrancar, Shinigami. The Tree told him everything, giving him more and more Knowledge. This was when he'd gained a deep interest in the field of Botany. Any question Necrones could think of or even wonder could be answered by the Tree. The Tree never stopped telling Necrones that it loved him, it told him that he was special, that he was what made it complete. This was also when he began to ask it odd questions, questions about the future. It didn't just tell him, it showed him. Perhaps it didn't answer his questions the way he'd imagined, but it showed him things that he shouldn't have even been able to comprehend or even know.

Necrones was enveloped by wonder and for the first time love. The Tree had given him, what should've taken Millennia to discover. The first thing Necrones did at this point was begin to build a working space. This was also the first time he needed to the human world, and when he found himself finally back everything was different. He didn't take too much time to study the new environment he was in, because the only thing he needed was resources. He found himself in Greece yet again, but everything was more advanced. How long was Necrones within the Grasp of the Tree? Regardless of questions Necrones had at this time, his primary obective was Tools and Metal. Going to forgeries and other various Refinery factories, he stole Metal and Tools, and did such for years to come. With his first workshop complete, Necrones would begin to make the first design for what the future would call a Robotic Limb. Necrones met many troubles and problems, the primary one being how to make it function from the nerves properly. Having a vast knowledge of Biology it wasn't hard for Necrones to find out how to properly design the technology. He found that creating the physical wires and connecting them to the brain was the most efficient way at that point to make the Limb fully respond.  However the hardest part was testing such things. He wasn't willing to test it on himself just yet. He instead lured unsuspecting hollows into his workshop, at which point he would Bolt them down to one of his many tables, and adapt his developing technology onto them. It took a long time of proper testing and re-designing for him to get it right. Although he wouldn't adapt the Technology to himself until later, he would certainly continue to make more. Necrones continued on to making the Robotic counter-parts for everything, and eventually a fully working version of the brain. The biggest problem with this, being that it needed the Bio-transference of a living subject to properly work. The first experiments he did with such all resulted in failure, and as such he put the subject on Hiatus. Instead in the mean time he would instead develop improvements and augmentations to the brain.

Necrones' continued experimentation led him rather far, at which point he was already on his way to creating some pretty devastating weapons. This was also the stage at which he had fully created an automated work station. Which was able to connect to his brain and allow him to operate using his mind, similar to using a limb. It was created with the idea of making mass production and the unnecessary parts of designing and building easier.

Necrones' Tree began to warn Necrones that what he was doing was beginning to make him obsessive. It told him that his uncontrollable thirst for knowledge would make him rather dangerous, not only to others but himself. This being the first time that Necrones wouldn't listen to his Tree. Although it warned him over and over again, he simply wouldn't listen, or more like he couldn't hear what the Tree was saying. His only ploy at this point was more and more knowledge. His overworking nature would not stop, he wasted years upon years of Building and Designing.

Upon one of Necrones' visits to the Human world, he would come across another of his kind. An Arrancar just like himself. Although unlike him, it was more hostile. Necrones' large size was definitely threatening, but his power most certainly was not. The other Arrancar didn't have intentions to just let him walk away. Having never fought before, Necrones fought using his knowledge and study of war. However in the end, his lack of experience was his downfall. As Necrones fell to the vastly stronger Arrancar, he was torn apart. His left arm, and relative entirety of his left chest region was completely destroyed. He had his Right arm as well his right leg ripped off. Having presumed Necrones to be dead, the unknown Arrancar simply vanished. It was unlike Arrancar to do such, although Necrones wouldn't be complaining, he was on the brink of death. Crawling ever so slowly back to Hueco Mundo and into the ruins where his workshop was present. Necrones was not only hurt physically, but also mentally. He swore that if he was to survive, he become stronger physically. Having somehow made his way back to his workshop, Necrones usedhis Machinery to first of all replace his heart, and prevent him from bleeding out and dying. However, loosing as much blood as he had, he had no other choice but to give his machines preset instructions. An imminent coma was going to happen, and having realized this Necrones needed to make sure that he would survive even after his operation. However before he could do much of anything, It had already happened.

Upon awaking to the world he should have died in, Necrones found himself to be incredibly physically weak. However he also found that his Tree had yet again connected itself to him. It had saved his life, or at least that's what he'd presumed. The Tree told him that it had sacrificed itself for him, that it had given up all of it essence to assure his survival. Having realized this Necrones could only look upon the dead roots of his once Beautiful Tree. They were dead, just like the rest of his Tree. No longer white but black as night. In a fit of frustration at his stupidity Necrones trashed his entire workshop, destroying all that he had created. Only to mourn at the base of his Tree as it slowly died. As hard as he held onto his Tree, it also grasped him as tight as it could hold him. The last thing Necrones had asked his Tree before its eventual death, was if it could teach him about combat. Being only able to imprint so much knowledge into Necrones' mind, its whispers would begin to grow quiet. The last thing it had Told Necrones, before had truly faded was "You are what has completed me for so many years of loneliness. You are truly the only thing I will ever love. You are what makes me happy." These words were the only thing that would echoes throughout his mind, for years to come. Upon its death, the Tree had instantly faded, like dust in the wind. Leaving behind a singular Seed of the same Beautiful glow the Tree had once had. Grasping the seed between his Metallic hands, he would never let it go.

Necrones being mentally broken from the loss of his Tree, spent quite some time wandering the endless desert of Hueco Mundo. He challenged and fought every hollow he came across, brutally killing hollow upon hollow. Using the last of the knowledge the Tree had given. He Trained upon the dunes, rocks, mountains and endless tides of hollows. He was Determined more than ever to become stronger. To which he eventually made his way back to the Human World, once again. As coincidence would have it, he would find exactly what he was looking for. He had come face to face yet again with the Arrancar that had ruined his body. He was prepared for their rematch, and the unknown Arrancar would regret having ever met him again. The fight lasted a good while before it finally came to a halted stop, with Necrones ripping the Arrancar's head from his body. After having done such, Necrones had retreated back to Hueco Mundo. Returning to the first place of he'd come to know. He dropped to his knee's crying and sobbing, only able to continuously say sorry. He should've been more careful, and had just simply listened to his Tree. Upon saying the Exact words of what his Tree had originally said to him, with his Tree's seed in his hand. A strange tear opened, a portal, a portal unlike that of the Garganta. Necrones made his way through the portal and found himself in a place unlike any other. A world of nothing but a water mirror, a continuous water mirror everywhere he looked. This was Necrones' new start, and a new home away from that cursed Hueco Mundo.

(History WIP; will be continued overtime)

Side Notes: Necrones has partnered up with a Xeno Psionic Machine (ASI) known as "The Cryptark". The Cryptark acts as a relay super computer, and has influence over technology which allows him to control almost all forms of technology. The Cryptark also has very minor influence in corrupting the mind of sentient beings.

RP Sample: I'll give ya some fairy bread cunt, and then you can just fuck off and act like this part doesn't exist.

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