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on Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:29 pm




Name: Gabríel, Dorothea
Aliases: Campanilla (Bellflower)
Phys. Age: Early 20s
True Age: 1,300 years
Species: Arrancar
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Affiliation: Légion de la Rosa

Picture by rei-koumei

Dorothea is perhaps one of the most vain, arrogant and self-conceited entities you will ever meet.

Sealed Powers:

Resurrección: Screech, Valquiria!
The resurrected form of Dorothea takes on the appearance of a valkyrie, a heavenly spirit that carries the warriors to the afterlife. In this form, she attains a gallant steel-and-gold armoring, suitable to someone akin to an angel, and a helmet with white wings on the sides. In her left hand, a divine spear is held, which she uses as a medium for her resurrected powers, and in her right arm, a shield (with a purple rose painted into it) is held to protect her from damage - in addition, Dorothea acquires a coat of imperial purple colorization. Her ponytail is released, allowing her hair to float free in the wind, and two, white-feathered wings sprout from her back in a majestic manner.

Upon her resurrection, black clouds cover the sky, to further enhance her affinity for thunderstorms. Dorothea gains complete control over thunder and the dark clouds of her resurrected form, and can strike her opponents down from afar by causing a purple lightning fall down upon them. By focusing, she can shoot powerful, paralyzing bolts from her spear, and summon constructs out of the clouds to serve her whims - to entrap opponents, shield her from their attacks or destroy them. However, her purple thunder has a disturbing effect, outside of it's natural properties of lightning; it opens scars and wounds already healed, and prevents them and any injuries to come from being healed via use of abilities within the next twenty-four hours. If faced with an opponent, who is used to shrugging off damage with their regeneration powers, she can prove to be a deadly enemy, by stripping them away of their trusted healing methods.

Additional Details:
• Her reiatsu is royal purple in color.
• Her hollow hole is located above her breast.
• She specializes in cero, and is an offensive combatant.
• Dorothea, being the fifth to join Katherine's pack, follows her queen out of admiration.
• Her aspect of death is self-conceit.

Intended Role: Dorothea is a member of Las Rosas, a small military elite unit within Katherine's army, and thus, answers directly to the queen. Her designation is the 'Purple Rose', and she stands on tier 2-3.

RP Threads:
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