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on Sun Apr 17, 2016 5:46 pm




Name: Gonzalez, Adelita
Aliases: Caléndula (Marigold)
Phys. Age: Early 20s
True Age: 1,300 years
Species: Arrancar
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Affiliation: Légion de la Rosa

Face Claim: Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

Loud and a little bit of deranged, would a fitting description to Adelita's character. She thinks herself as a gallant knight among the monsters, and originally, when she first became a hollow, her only purpose was to exterminate as many as she could - now, she gets along with others, but they still think she's a little off. She has no social skills or empathy, making it difficult for her to understand how other people feel or if her actions are inappropriate. This can make her come off as tactless and intrusive towards others. She has short temper and loves to fight - especially if she gets to show off and brag about her own abilities. Adelita fanatically follows Katherine, and is obsessed with what she perceives as justice (ie. slaughtering 'heretics' and freeing them of their burden of disbelief). One could say, that she fails to understand the disputable moral driving her actions or if something she does is wrong - indeed, Adelita always thinks, that her opinions are right, and ignores any statements, that contribute against her own beliefs. If she was to say, that sun is blue and not yellow, there's no way of swaying her from that belief.

Sealed Powers:
Most defensive of the Roses, Adelita has enhanced hierro, which grants her a +1 FAR to defense at all times. She has little to no sealed powers, and relies on her brute strength and melee weapons in sealed combat.

Resurrección: Take Down, Gárgola!
The resurrected form of Adelita takes the appearance of a medieval knight, tracing itself back to her human life. Her body is covered by shining steel armoring, except for her head, where no helmet is worn - the armor is nearly impenetrable, but somewhat heavy, rendering her slower in this form. Her two pigtails are changed into a single, long ponytail. Instead of a katana, she holds a medieval long-sword in her left hand, and a shield with the image of a golden rose painted into it appears on her right hand. Around her, pieces of earth and metal are floating, which she can send flying at her opponents in high speed.

Whilst in this form, Adelita is granted control over the affinities of earth and metal - she is capable of conjuring up sand, rocks and metals out of the ground, and utilize them against her opponents. All earth- or metal-related matter within the range of her reiatsu (200 feet), is enslaved by this ability and can be manipulated. By controlling the density of her opponent's blade, she can make a metallic weapon very brittle and prone to breaking apart, if she wishes to do so. She could raise up dust to conceal her next action at any time, or attack from behind and the front of the opponent simultaneously by using her affinity for earth. However, her greatest accomplishment would be the ability to create constructs and even servants out of the earth and metals - and when she wills it, two wings made of stone and metal emerge behind her, allowing her to fly. In this form, she gains a total of +3 FAR to defense, which includes her sealed specialization in hierro, but loses -1 FAR in speed - in addition, she can use the signature technique of Gárgola to turn herself into stone, granting her one more +1 FAR to Defense, but rendering her completely paralyzed and motionless for a single post.

Additional Details:
• Her reiatsu is yellow in color.
• Her hollow hole is located on her right shoulder.
• She specializes in swordplay, and in defensive combat.
• Adelita, the fourth to join Katherine's pack, is the most loyal out of her servants. She will jump in front of her to take a fatal blow, if necessary to protect her queen.
• Her mask fragment is a shin armor located on her left leg.
• Her aspect of death is fanaticism.

Intended Role: Adelita is a member of Las Rosas, a small military elite unit within Katherine's army, and thus, answers directly to the queen. Her designation is the 'Golden Rose', and she stands on tier 2-3.

RP Threads:
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