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on Sun Apr 17, 2016 5:45 pm




Name: Taníth, Cassandra
Aliases: Orquídea de Serpiente (Snake Orchid)
Phys. Age: Early 20s
True Age: 1,300 years
Species: Arrancar
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Affiliation: Légion de la Rosa

Appearance: Front & Back © rei-koumei

A manipulative, back-stabbing bitch, would be the right description for Cassandra. She is out for herself, pure and simple, but is very much capable of feigning loyalty and concern for others, if it suits her interests. Her envy for others is the driving force of her character, having a natural craving for the things others possess, much like an ordinary hollow craves for souls.

Sealed Powers:
Perhaps the most swiftest combatant of her squadron, Cassandra has a natural specialization in speed, which grants her +1 FAR to speed even when she is in her sealed form. However, she has two other, more famed abilities to serve her in combat, when she chooses not to release her resurrected form. First, she has an extremely potent high-speed regeneration, that allows her to "shed" injuries away and heal even her internal organs, given that the damage is not mortal. Second, she can send a target into a state of extreme suggestibility by staring deep into their eyes, much like a snake-charmer would do to a king cobra. The pupils of her targets appear dilated. She can implant thoughts, memories and emotions in their unconscious, only to activate them later on by a command, as well as forcefully make her victims do something against their will.

Resurrección: Bite, Serpiente Emplumada!
The resurrected hollow powers of Cassandra take the form of a legendary feathered snake, a serpent deity associated with the wind. In this form, she reminds a Mesoamerican goddess. Most of her clothes are gone, with only green scales concealing her private parts, along with black ribbons tied to her arms, torso and feet - a scaled tail of a reptilian is grown from her tailbone and bat-like wings are revealed from her upper back. A white snake is worn like a decoration on her neck and shoulders, and her zanpakuto is carried in her right hand.

In this form, Cassandra is granted governance over the element of wind and the natural affinity for poison, that a snake possesses. She can create and shape gale winds to her hearts desire, creating hurricanes so sharp, that they will cut her opponents, and using a tempest to shield her against projectiles - in addition, the green-haired arrancar could manipulate the composition, density and pressure of air. if she wanted to. Cassandra can also generate a wide collection of poisons (neurotoxins, for the most part, but also some acids and other types of toxin and venom) from different parts of her body (scales, bite, tail, blood, breath, saliva, etc.) - she often tailors these poisons to cause as much suffering as possible, before the opponent is killed. Her naturally heightened regeneration is more advanced in this form, and she can 'shed' nearly any non-mortal injury in no time. The specialization of +1 FAR to speed applies in her resurrected stage, allowing her to gain +3 FAR to speed and +2 FAR to offense in total.

Additional Details:
• Cassandra's reiatsu is magnificent green in colorization.
• Her hollow hole is located just below her breasts.
• A masterful hand-to-hand combatant and a swordsman, she combines the fanged snake style with buddhist zui quan (drunken fist), and uses her knowledge of anatomy to make the most efficient offense.
• The third member to Katherine's original pack, Cassandra is a venomous snake, even after taking on a human form. A manipulative force working in the shadows, it is she, and not Dante, who poisoned the king.
• She serves Katherine to become stronger and eventually usurp her throne.
• Cassandra's aspect of death is jealousy, mirrored in her relationships.

Intended Role: Cassandra is a member of Las Rosas, a small military elite unit within Katherine's army, and thus, answers directly to the queen. She's designed with the code-name, 'Green Rose', and stands on tier 2-3.

RP Threads:
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