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on Sun Apr 17, 2016 5:44 pm




Name: Cadíz, Amara
Aliases: Azucena (Madonna Lily)
Phys. Age: Early 20s
True Age: 1,300 years
Species: Arrancar
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Affiliation: Légion de la Rosa

Appearance: Picture © rei-koumei

Characterized by her laziness, Amara loathes any and all activity, that is not fighting or flirting with young men of the Legion, especially if it demands mental effort. She is sassy and laid-back, avoiding responsibility at all costs, and napping in important meetings - or even in the battlefield. She loves to tease other and frequently pushes them to the edge to see what happens. Amara couldn't care less for the opinions of other people, so she can come off as quite self-centered and shameless, as well as brutally honest in conversation, that would need well-chosen words. She appreciates beauty and sex appeal to the point of belittling those she views ugly and calling her opponents with creative names, should their combat style prove to be 'disgraceful' in her eyes.

Despite her obvious flaws, she can prove to be a good listener and a caring friend. While she can crush your self-esteem at times and do atrocities in the name of not caring enough or being too lazy to go for the longer, better path. She might not be perceptive or moral like Emilía, but she is reliable, loyal and trustworthy person overall, who doesn't judge anyone (except the ugly ones).

Sealed Powers:
Amara might just be the most physical combatant of her squad, and possesses both an enhanced hierro (an additional +1 FAR to her defense) as well as a supernatural physical strength (+1 FAR to offense) - this makes her way much heavier than she looks, because she is armored with a literally iron-hard skin at all times. In turn, she gains a disadvantage to her swiftness (-1 FAR to speed), but not because she has exchanged it to strength. Is something along the lines of a natural weakness - she tends to be sloppy in combat, not paying attention to her own steps, and is always last to respond into an attack.

However, she is also very much tied to her affinity of water, even while not in her resurrected form. Even though she cannot exactly control water in her sealed state, she can transmute all inanimate matter into water within a radius of three hundred feet from her, creating a battlefield suited to her abilities within an instant. When in her own element, she gains an ability to regenerate injuries at a quick pace and to move at incredible speeds via speed-swimming, losing her disadvantage of speed whenever underwater. Amara is adapted to underwater combat, and it can prove quite difficult to turn her own affinity against her, because she can breathe underwater and survive even in the highest pressure of waters - like most aquatic entities, she can read the changes of water with ease, allowing her to sense everything happening in a body of water she is in.

Resurrección: Swallow, Leviatán!
The resurrected form of Amara takes on her representation of a leviathan, a whale-like sea monster. She hates it, when she has to revert into this form, as she views it as "the epitome of ugliness and un-sexiness", as she would call it, and thus, uses it as a last resort only. Instead of a revealing dress, she is armored with what seems like a jumpsuit, that is reminiscent of the throat of a baleen whale in appearance, covering her bosom and leaving even her neck covered by a turtleneck. Her arms, as well as her legs and feet, are covered with white-and-black armoring of hierro. On her head, a breathing mask covers most of her lower face, leaving her purple eyes the only distinguishing facial features from her old form - from this white mask, two black tubes extend to her back, piercing her hierro to her lungs, which suggests her respiratory system changes drastically. Her hair is pushed to the back, by a helmet, that represents the upper part of a whale's head. She has no sword in this form.

In this form, she gains an additional +1 FAR to her hierro, as it's enhanced even further - this makes it a +3 FAR to defense in total. Her physical strength, too, is granted an additional boost, giving her +2 FAR to offense in total. However, her speed is drastically decreased (-2 FAR to speed), and it cannot be countered by submerging herself in water any more.

Now, as briefly mentioned before, she is capable of manipulating water to a great extent in her resurrected form - in addition to generating it by transmutation, she can summon it from the ground and the air, as well as control it's movement and shape. She also reigns over all forms of water - vapor (or steam), ice and is capable of manipulating the properties of all those forms, ie. conductivity, surface tension, viscosity, etc., as well as phenomena associated with it, such as erosion. However, the most fearsome effect of her water is the reiatsu, that it is infused with. Directly tied into her aspect of death, sloth, any and all water, that comes in contact with Amara's reiatsu, gains an unusual effect. When her enemies are touched by the affected water, their stamina, reiatsu and willpower are slowly being drained into her own reserves. In other words, it induced sloth, fatigue and numbness over time, much like a depressant or a hypnotic drug would - which means, that the longer the fight lasts, the more likely her opponent is to fall to the ground, because breathing itself feels exhausting. See Katherine's reiatsu for tier effect chart - the abilities function on the same principles, different effect.

Additional Details:
• Her reiatsu is aquatic blue in color, and composed of bubbles.
• Her hollow hole is located above her breasts.
• She specializes in hand-to-hand, and has a tendency for sloppiness.
• Amara was the second to join Katherine's pack, before they traveled to the East and she became a queen - she is Emilía's best friend and loves to tease her.
• She has zero ambition, and follows the queen out of habit.
• Her aspect of death is slothfulness, which is mirrored by her behavior.

Intended Role: Amara is a member of Las Rosas, a small military elite unit within Katherine's army, and thus, answers directly to the queen. Despite her obvious flaws, she is trusted as capable enough to carry out even the most complex orders of the queen, especially those related to combat. Her designation is the 'Blue Rose', and she stands on tier 2-3.

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