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on Sun Apr 17, 2016 5:43 pm




Name: Araya, Emilía
Aliases: Boca de Dragón (Snapdragon)
Phys. Age: Early 20s
True Age: 1,300 years
Species: Arrancar
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Good
Affiliation: Légion de la Rosa

Appearance: Picture © rei-koumei

Emilía is an extremely calm and collected temper, which is somewhat in odds with her fierce hair color, as people tend to point out. Unlike most of arrancar, she is a caring and compassionate individual, genuinely concerned for those she holds close to her - even as a hollow, she felt bad for eating others, especially humans, and would keep herself in a state of starvation rather than allowing herself to feast on the weak to become stronger. Her self-control and unwillingness to harm innocent bystanders was something, that impressed Katherine, when they first met, and forced the voracious arrancar to re-consider her eating habits. Emilía was a moral compass, consulting the 'White Rose' with her strong sense of justice, when they traveled the pale sands together. However, the red-haired adjuchas proved more than ready to utilize her deadly flames against the less innocent kind of hollows, who were nothing more than beast wearing a guise of a sentient being.

She does, however, underneath the self-disciplined and tranquil character of hers, have a more intense side. Emilía is rather quick to grow angry and bitter towards others, but less prone to violence or gruesome tactics in combat than any of her comrades - indeed, it is often her, who is disgusted by a cruel, ruthless decision made by Katherine, but nonetheless carries out her orders out of an undying loyalty. There is speculation, that she was a lover, and according to some, still is, of the queen, before the others joined their pack and Katherine found herself in the East - some even say, that the queen uses the unrequited love of her oldest follower to serve her own purposes and manipulate her. Emilía, of course, denies such vile accusations.

Sealed Powers:
Emilía is a powerful psychic, and given her age, has had plenty of time to perfect her abilities. She can read and exchange thoughts with other people around her, but is more known for her psychic techniques of offense and stealth. First and foremost, she can control 'psychic flame', which is not actual fire as one would think at first - it exist entirely on mental level, and not in physical. This allows her to inflict an illusion of burning pain in the opponent's mind, which causes them to sweat and actually think that they are being toasted - this could even knock out someone considerably weaker. Fire is also known as a wild, passionate element, and thus, she can chose not to inflict pain on her target, but intensify their emotions - annoyance can be turned into infernal rage, and sadness can be turned to paralyzing despair. This can only be done to existing emotions, however, and none is created by her.

Another notable psychic technique is her 'psychic shield', which allows her to render herself and any chosen others invulnerable to any and all psychic attacks, mental influencing and/or external abilities. However, this shield wouldn't work against someone one or two tier higher than her/anyone who has been bestowed with the shield. It ceases to exist once she is killed.

Resurrección: Incinerate, Efrit!
The resurrected form of Emilía takes the appearance of an infernal jinn, a spirit born out of fire. Her skin turns black, as if she was covered in ash, and her heart becomes a flaming core, that glows light from within. She maintains her physical features, except for her hair, which is set into an eternal flame that doesn't seem to burn out. The sheer heat of this form makes it impossible for her to maintain clothes, which are replaced by magnificently burning flames, that cover her breast and hips - from her back, emerges two wings of fire. Her zanpakuto transforms into a black gauntlet with a stinger on the middle finger in her right hand, and into a wakizashi with dark red wrapping and flame-shaped tsuba, that is held in the left hand.

Whilst in this form, she gains a "godly reign over fire and all things associated with it", as well as a natural against any heat-/fire-based powers, including her own. She herself is so hot, that touching her will result in getting your skin burned, and the heat she radiates makes the battlefield feel like you've been stuffed into an oven - her own lungs are modified upon release to adapt into this ability, but for others, it will mean difficulties in breathing. Temperature of the air can be raised to be enough to burn anyone too close to her to feel her wrath. The flames of her resurrection burn with such an intensity, that it will even reduce solid objects into ashes. Ash and smoke can also be controlled to a certain degree, enslaving everything, that her flames might leave behind. Lava can be conjured from within the ground, and explosions can be induced with a wave of her hand. However, as her representation of an ifrit might suggest, her manipulation of fire is not limited to what flames are often capable of - destruction. Emilía could use her flames to heal allies within seconds, or 'burn away' her own injuries, as well as create servants out of fire and ash to help her to defeat an enemy. In addition, she can manipulate the laws and concept of fire, allowing her to change it's composition and override any weaknesses it would naturally have, ie. oxygen-dependency, susceptibility to water, etc.

Additional Details:
• Her reiatsu is fierce red, golden and burnt orange in color - like a flame.
• Her hollow hole is located on her left instep.
• She specializes in swordplay, and has a keen intelligence.
• Emilía was the first to join Katherine's pack, before she found her way in the heart of the East and became a queen. She is her most trusted adviser.
• She will leave Katherine only if death them parts.
• Her aspect of death is unrequited love. She died for love she couldn't have.

Intended Role: Emilía is a member of Las Rosas, a small military elite unit within Katherine's army, and thus, answers directly to the queen - she is largely recognized as the leader of the unit, being the closest one to the queen, despite the fact that no member of the squad is above another. Her designation is the 'Red Rose', and she stands on tier 2-3.

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