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#1 Life is Delicate [OPEN] on Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:13 pm


2nd Division
2nd Division
AUTHOR's NOTE: This thread will in future contain scenes of torture and surgical procedures which are torture. You have been warned so if you don't like torture or medical procedures this thread is not for you.

In the Squad Three Barracks sat the Mod Soul Vice-Captain of Squad Three, she sat on the bed completely nude while looking quite fazed at the wall, she seemed oddly focused on it as she simply started the wall, normally a human would find it boring however she found it easy and quite nice to simply look at things and see everything about something, to understand the very thing that makes them up. She got off the bed and walked up to the wall to look closer at it, from this distance she could make out a lot more detail, small cracks, chipped or discoloured paint. She put her finger out to touch it and just as she put her finger on the wall, she heard a knock. "Vice-captain Kimura." came the voice of a young man, she sighed. Having forgotten about her current state she told him to enter although he quickly blushed but didn't look away, "Yes? Can I help you?" she asked although he was unable to talk as he stared at her body, she noticed this of course and sighed.

"Tell you what, how about you tell me the information and you can look at me for a few minutes while you tell me about what you are meant to tell me?" she said making a deal and hopefully making him tell her even if it meant showing off her body. He nodded before he pulled a piece of paper from his attire and handed it over to her, she took it out and began to read as the man's eyes looked over her naked form. Finally upon finishing she gestured the door, "Good bye, I hope you enjoyed yourself." she said as he left, causing a bigger blush to form on his face as he left. She quickly got dressed and made her way to the central senkaimon since she was stationed in the Living World to monitor spiritual presence and activity within Naruki City.

Upon arriving she departed to the Human World, now wearing a gigai which was that of a woman about 23, she read the report as she went. Taking in her goals and what exactly they wanted to know, she was to be undercover as... well nothing however they had given her no money or anything except a basic apartment to live in for the mission's duration, how was she going to earn money? she constantly thought before arriving at the living realm. She made her way to the apartment until she got into the place of her home for the next few weeks, she wondered what to do before she quickly set up the small amount of things she had with her, mainly basic things like a laptop to write up her reports and a few pairs of clothes. Now she wondered what to do, maybe she should go and scope out the area or just relax for a bit.
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#2 Re: Life is Delicate [OPEN] on Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:26 pm

Erida Seika


To the eyes of an outsider, Naruki City was a small, quiet japanese town within the heavily-populated Tokyo - there was nothing particularly special about this part of the capital, nor did most people know, that such a town existed. However, it was a real hot spot for those, who were, like her, walking on the faded, gray line of good and evil. A darkbringer or a bount, your kind was known here, because they alone made up about twenty percentage of the population of the area to her knowledge. It was a place, where beings like her made home - where rumors traveled with the speed of light. Without a doubt, half of the darkbringers would recognize the names, that the NPA had given to her during her years in the Ninth Ward. The Ghoul. The Gourmet.

A dangerous, unpredictable killer, who didn't follow any pattern in his choice of a victim, the police had called her. Of course, they had assumed she was a he. The country was full of smug misogynists, who thought they knew it all. However, the poor humans were oblivious to a fact known to all supernatural beings in Tokyo - all of the victims had been fullbringers. They whispered of a cannibal, that ate it's own kin for sport. A true devil among cambions. She couldn't say, that her reputation did not amuse her. Erina loved the look in her victim's face, once they realized, who she was - the sweet taste of betrayal, that would fill their flesh, just begging to be prepared and eaten.

As she stared down from the balcony of an apartment, a growl escaped from her stomach. Damn, all that thinking about such delicacies were arousing her hunger. Maybe she could have a snack? A voice in her head reminded her of her diet - a period of starvation she put herself through for her next meal to taste even better than the previous one - but she consciously chose to thrust the thought away. Erina hadn't eaten for weeks, though her appearance didn't show it - thanks to a fixed metabolism, a byproduct of devouring souls. Did humans count? She was pretty sure a human didn't count. She could casually go shopping for a meal, couldn't she? It took no conscious action to move from a balcony on the fifth floor to the sidewalk below, not for a darkbringer around her age. Now, the only question left was...

Whom she wanted to eat today?

Her spiritual presence was kept under strict control, as always. It was necessary, due to the increased shinigami activity in the area. The girl decided to hit a coffee shop, knowing it would be full of people at this time of day, giving her a vast selection of flavors to choose from. She glanced at the thai restaurant nearby, as she walked, and allowed herself to scent the people inside - fleshy and juicy, filled with spices and just waiting for her to pick them up. Erina shook her head, and continued to walk. Not the time for a three-course meal. She didn't want to go overboard, right? Just a snack. Just a tiny snack. Her stomach protested again, annoying her greatly.

The coffee shop was a short distance away, so walking there took little time. As she stepped in, Erina would smell the coffee flavors around her, and the flavors of people drinking their coffees. A hint of vanilla made her mouth water - once her eyes set on it's source, a five-year-old girl with her mother, she pondered her options for a moment, before deciding, that snack wouldn't just be enough for her. A five-years-old was snack. She wanted a brunch. Something, that was around twenty, a female and doe-eyed with a tint of fire to her orbs. Fierce, challenging, but not too hard to catch. Erina's eyes observed the cafeteria for a moment, trying to hit a valid candidate.

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