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on Sat Mar 19, 2016 9:01 pm


NPC Template

Identity of a Soul

Name: Larypt Kalaldas
Alias: The Doom, Larypt Thrice-Cursed, Unspoken Leader of the Seven Eternals
Age: Unknown - Larypt stopped counting after the first two millennia.
Age of Appearance: Varies, usually 50+ - although Larypt keeps this hidden
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Arrancar
Character Alignment: Chaotic Evil


Personality: Larypt Kalaldas. Not many know that name and no one enjoys speaking it when they do - no, this is a man known by his epithets, and that speaks much for the nature of Larypt. The Doom. Thrice-Cursed. Defiler. Unpleasant words for a deeply unpleasant man - Larypt is an old soul, bored of much the world has to offer, and he finds his entertainment in the suffering of living beings, physical, mental, emotional...these are the joys remaining to Larypt.

The Doom. Larypt's presence heralds madness and desolation, even amongst his allies. Larypt wanders the world, after all, seeking new sights where any might exist, and rarely makes his presence openly known, but when he does, all have the right to fear. He doesn't participate in wanton slaughter like some might, and indeed he rarely uses force at all, but by his will, atrocities follow him. He doesn't care about law. He doesn't care about rules. He doesn't care about allies or enemies. He will have his due. His fellow Eternals have felt the consequences of meeting Larypt more than once, and it is an experience that none of them look forward to.

Larypt is old, strong and cunning, and aware of all of that. He has lived his life on his terms, taking what he needs to survive and thrive, and this has never changed, even now when he does not have to do that. Larypt looks down on nearly everyone, viewing them as tools or less still. He looks upon them more favourably once he has made use of them, but ah, they rarely keep their sanity if they spend too long with Larypt.

Thrice-Cursed. Tales of what Larypt has done over the years have become stories attached to other monsters, for one man could surely not be responsible for everything he has done. Yet there are three stories about Larypt that all who know him have heard of. The first story tells of how he was cursed to wither away, his body ageing rapidly and needing replaced by Seach Taraign time and time again. The second speaks of how his very power was cursed by another, becoming uncontrollable, affecting friend and foe with impunity and destroying the few things once precious to Larypt. The last is of how Nafliri Vallas came to be - and this was not a true curse so much as a stain on Larypt's soul, for the things he did to transform a bright shinigami to a corrupt arrancar were unspeakable.

No morals. No ethics. A glutton for despair and a lust for horrors - all would be wise to avoid the attention of Larypt Kalaldas.


Technique Name: The Crawling Chaos
Technique Description: The air around Larypt is often described as heavy and sickly, and even being within speaking distance of the man results in feelings of unease and often makes ones skin crawl. This is a warning sign - one should keep their distance to Larypt, for to touch him is to change. Indeed, the ground at his feet doesn't stay still - stone slowly shifts and twists around him, sand fuses and morphs, but living things are affected far worse. Larypt's touch on vegetation drives it into a frenzy, growing rapidly and in a twisted fashion, often becoming vines and thorns from nightmare.

So what happens when Larypt touches an actual being? The power of the Crawling Chaos affects the area touched at first, but multiple applications will cause the technique to start influencing the whole body and every tissue type. At first, being touched by Larypt will leave flesh feeling raw, often blistered and discoloured with corruption. But once enough has applied, the Chaos begins to change the target, preying upon their physical, mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Whatever is held strongest within the core of a being is used as the means of their corruption - in the past, those obsessed with beauty have been twisted into things half flower, half human, whilst others obsessed with strength become cumbersome goliaths. Not even Larypt can be sure what happens each time he uses this power on a being, which brings him much delight in using it.

The power of the Crawling Chaos is ultimately tied to his reiatsu, and as such once the offending reiatsu is removed from the body, it will start returning to normal in most circumstances. The exception to this is if the being transformed either accepts what has been done to them, or cannot muster the will to reverse the change. A broken soul cannot undo what Larypt does.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: It would be deeply unwise to be in contact with Larypt at all. More than four brief applications of his corruption would begin to twist a being, and if he were able to hold them then they would become monstrosities within minutes.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Here, resistance is possible. Larypt would need to have many instances of exposure to these individuals for effects to start applying - five touches for more than the blistering effect.
Opponent is Equal Tier: These individuals have less to fear. Short of being in constant physical contact, Larypt's reiatsu would not take hold.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: As these souls are stronger than Larypt, they can avoid his chaos.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: As these souls are stronger than Larypt, they can avoid his chaos.

Technique Name: Essence Reaper
Technique Description: Larypt cannot actually sustain himself through eating souls, and he hasn't been able to do so for as long as he has been a hollow. Eating a soul does nothing for him - he might as well eat the sand of the Hueco Mundo - and instead he must consume through the ability of Essence Reaper.

Essence Reaper can be applied to Larypt's body or extended to his sword, and it has a simple enough effect. Any wound that Larypt successfully delivers to a target has a bit of an extra kick to it, if you will, when Essence Reaper is applied - visible as a dull red aura around whatever is using the technique. This aura spiritually 'hooks' itself into a wound, quickly merging with the reiatsu of the target and tearing free a small amount of their spiritual energy, feeding it to Larypt. The greater the wound, the more that Essence Reaper tears away - although it doesn't differentiate between a significant wound and a killing blow, and thus Larypt is encouraged to draw out the suffering of his foes to steal the most of their energy.

In battle, this has two notable effects. The first is that any injury inflicted by Larypt should be considered as slightly to moderately more damaging than it was, due to the fatigue that would follow. The second is that, should Larypt be able to absorb enough through Essence Reaper, he can potentially heal his own wounds with the incoming surge of power. As a general rule, Larypt can heal himself from a wound if he inflicts one on an equally strong individual that is more damaging; a nick to Larypt could be healed by a true cut to a foe, and so on - although he cannot perform the tricks of true regeneration with this technique (such as restoring severed limbs).

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Essence Reaper can be crippling to these individuals. Great chunks of their spiritual energy can be torn free by the power, and indeed, if they are much weaker than Larypt (3 or more tiers lower), then Essence Reaper's effect can be more damaging than the wound that delivers it.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Essence Reaper is slightly more effective against these individuals than normal, drawing a greater yield per wound.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Essence Reaper draws a small amount of energy from each wound proportional to the damage dealt. In and of itself, Essence Reaper should not be particularly concerning - the damage itself would be.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Essence Reaper is ineffective.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Essence Reaper is ineffective.

Intended Role: Larypt is a high-end 2-2 in the service of Nox Xorik, acting as the second most powerful individual in the organisation, the mightiest of the Eternals, and the day-to-day, if not overall, leader of the organisation.

He will serve as the main antagonist in the Nox Xorik Arc I'll be setting up.


SOON. Larypt's history will reveal a great deal of the past in regards to Seach and Nox Xorik, and as such I would like to reveal it over time, rather than all at once, updating this section accordingly.

RP Thread list: N/A

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on Sat Apr 02, 2016 6:40 pm


2nd Division
2nd Division
Approving this bad boy, liking him although a bit disappointed there is no history. But still pretty cool.

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