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#1 A New Universe on Fri Mar 04, 2016 4:30 pm

A new universe

So far things were getting confusing enough, this whole new universe was still something Ichigo had to get around. He was finding it somewhat overwhelming to place himself here. He had to admit he had no idea what was going on, it had only seemed not that long ago that comprehending the fact he was a substitute shinigami was something needed great time in letting sink in. His life had changed for the better but still this was to become the new norm, his life now would consist of defeating hollows and stopping anyone in their tracks who caused trouble for this world.

This world was still very much similar to what he recognised, it still appeared to be the town he knew and loved but with some added extras. He had to learn his way around here as at the moment lost wasn't cutting it. He had to work some of this out for himself, but if he could find someone who knew all about this alternate universe then he'd get a clearer picture and could get used to it quicker. He could still sense reiatsu but only a little not that he was any good at detecting or controlling reiatsu because he'd never learnt how to perfect it but it was of some use he could still sense others so he wasn't alone.

He had to hope all his friends were aware of this new world and that they weren't completely phased by it. If he could find any of them, then he'd make sire they stuck together just until this new world made some sense to him. He'd try and see if he could pick up on their energy's but he couldn't detect any of those he recognised, only ones that were unfamiliar, which begged the question if they were friend or foe, she he be on his guard here?

Ichigo looked around seeing where was the best place to go first, did this place replicate the old one or was everything turned upside down and he'd have to re-learn every path and adjust accordingly. Ichigo did pick up on how it was a little too quiet in this town right now. Sure he could sense a few others but were they so far away from his location, where was everyone exactly?

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#2 Re: A New Universe on Fri Mar 04, 2016 5:01 pm

As the VC of Squad Three Izuna had been getting reports of a shinigami who looked out of place, no record or anything of the sort and this lead it to finally come to Izuna. She had been getting paperwork done when she was rudely interrupted by a young shinigami who filled her in on the details. She sighed, the Vice-captain sighed and grabbed one of her random shihakusho and decided she would get dressed on the go, she also decided that she better take the concealable and deadly Homing Dagger with her, ass by the reiryoku the intruder was quite powerful. She finally slipped out her door and pulled her hakama up to cover her panties and slip the top over her covered chest, however she didn't bother with it too much and disappeared with Seipo before leaping to the roof above the shinigami stranger.

The immoderately dressed woman stood above him on the rooftops, reiatsu suppressed so that the young man couldn't sense her. She peered down before lightly dropping down and appearing behind him by a few steps although she purposely made herself audible so he turned to see the Vice-captain who's clothes were a mess; Her hakama was barely holding onto her hips and her top revealed part of her bra. "Might I ask your name? And what you are doing here? My initial observation tells me that you are not from here by the lost expression on your face." she said to the teenage shinigami.

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#3 Re: A New Universe on Fri Mar 04, 2016 6:01 pm

Ichigo could only be left to work things out for himself, he'd done that a lot and now wouldn't be any different. He decided to walk a bit, it was better than remaining where he was and he wasn't going to find anything out by remaining in the same spot. The orange haired teen did stop at one point and decided to switch out into his soul form, he had warned himself to be on guard and keeping in his human form wouldnt be a good idea. With that Ichigo separated from his body and glanced around for somewhere safe to leave his now lifeless body. It didnt really seem safe to leave it just out in the open so he looked for a covered area somewhere he'd be able to find easily. There was what appeared to be a small shed, that would do for now.

Leaving his body in there Ichigo then turned and walked back out, turning his eyes up to the sky, seemed pretty clear today, but still no sign of any life. Those very reiatsu's he sense before seemed to get further away, could they perhaps sense his own reiatsu and be avoiding any clashes. It wasnt long though before someone had appeared before him, well no more like behind him up on a roof unknown to Ichigo that was. It was only when Ichigo heard the scuffle of someone' s feet hit the ground behind that the teen became surprised. Ichigo was quick to look over his shoulder seeing someone there, and he instantly let his right hand come up reaching for Zangetsu his grip taking hold of the hilt but not pulling the blade free. But it seemed this woman only wished to ask him questions one of which being his name.

Ichigo relaxed a little more as he turned to face her letting his grip on Zangetsu loosen before dropping his hand to his side. It was only then that Ichigo actually turned to face the woman that he noticed how messily dressed or more under dressed she was. Ichigo drew back in shock as he looked off, was that any way to dress now. ''Ichigo, Kurosaki'' he spoke as he refrained from looking at her. ''Look i have no idea where i am!'' he quickly said as his temper raised a little, the lack of understanding of this place was frustrating him. ''Who are you even? are you a shinigami?'' he fired his own questions back.

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#4 Re: A New Universe on Fri Mar 04, 2016 6:20 pm

Izuna noticed the strawberry-haired Shinigami go for his Zanpakuto and that immediately made her engage Homing Dagger on instinct however as he turned around the knives deactivated without having to shoot at him and scare him, she visibly relaxed when she saw him drop his hand back to his side. He turned around and then it surprised Izuna when he recoiled and seemed to be unable to look at her. Many theories entered her mind and then she heard him say his name. However she frowned a little bit when his temper rose, "Well Ichigo. You don't need to get angry, I don't like it when people are angry." She then looked at him before addressing the man once more, "So is there a reason you can't look at me, I mean I am sort of a shinigami but seriously why can't you look at me?" she said as though he was completely weird by saying that. Surely barely dressed women appeal to teenage boys?

Izuna then walked up to Ichigo and grabbed his face, redirecting it to look at her. "Come on it isn't that hard to look at an indecently dressed woman is it? Where is all those hormones and chemicals? Or are you simply Homosexual?" she said question after question although Ichigo did have more power than her if he had any brains he would know that she would obviously not be alone in this world but then again it is Ichigo we are talking about.

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#5 Re: A New Universe on Sat Mar 05, 2016 3:20 am

Ichigo was immediately on his defence the moment he had heard the sudden appearance of Izuna, it had been so quiet and she had appeared from nowhere as it seemed. He hadn't even noticed that she had engaged her weapon as if to attack. But it seemed it was merely the surprise of her showing up that had caused them both to be on guard. He had only glanced at Izuna before he noticed the lack of clothing she wore and it hadn't been difficult to miss and Ichigo being who he was disliked such things. It seemed Ichigo was no stranger to having shy away from others that did the same things, he'd never usually notice the lack of clothing women had unless it he was forced to look. But still Ichigo was only made to feel uncomfortable more than anything.

The substitute shinigami was quickly to remember that this was someone who could give him some answers here, something he was desperate to know. The short temper that Ichigo had flared up and it wasn't long before he was reminded of how lost he was and he wanted answers. Izuna seemed to pick up on his brash ways and told him not to get so riled up seeing as she didn't like anger. Ichigo knew he probably shouldn't let his frustration come out but he couldn't help it, he just wanted to know what this place was now. ''What i mean is, i wanna know what this place is....'' he asked trying to get some answers.

But it seemed that this woman was more concerned with the fact that Ichigo was struggling to look directly at her, she was still not exactly covered up and she wasn't letting his actions towards that fact go. But he did get a sort of answer about who she was, a kind of shinigami he'd never heard of that but he'd press it further. ''How can you be sort of a shinigami?'' he attempted to switch the subject. But it seemed Izuna really wanted him to answer her as to why he wasn't looking directly at her and she even went far enough to physically grab his face and forcibly made him look towards her. ''Hey!'' Ichigo snapped angrily as he scowled he barely knew this woman but was asking why he was not full of hormones liked most teenage boys, it appeared Ichigo didn't have it in him to wish to see what most guys his age did. Ichigo looked shocked as she made the assumption he was homosexual ''You don't know enough about me to make that assumption!'' he claimed. ''You should tell me where i am for starters...and who you really are'' he requested.

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#6 Re: A New Universe on Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:25 pm





©2013 caliburn
As soon as Ichigo had finished speaking, they would both be hit by a release of massive spiritual pressure, for ichigo, it would be equal to byakuya of his universe as Luke descended from the sky and landed between them; his spiritual pressure as black as night and radiated despair.

"Mind your tongue, intruder, Izuna is my lieutenant. as for me," Luke said, snapping at ichigo for his rudeness before drawing his zanpakuto and dashing to engage with him. Luke had also detected the large spiritual pressure, although for him, that wasn't hard, especially since whoever this was had little to no control over his spiritual pressure, despite how dense it was. Luke would be a towering man at six foot three inches, with spiky black hair, blood red eyes and wearing his standard outfit of a black and red karate Gi, red silk obi sash and black horse riding gloves and black leather boots. Although the key thing that ichigo should notice was he was wearing a inverted version of a captain's haori, this one with the symbol of squad three, a squad he should be familar with due to his interactions with Gin Ichimaru.

"I am Luke Yasenha, captain of squad three, prepare to engage."
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#7 Re: A New Universe on Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:49 pm

Gonna slip in here, posting order is Ichi. Luke and me then by the look of it.

Izuna was about to ask him about the purpose of him being here and explain to him things like where he was although the plans were changed with the arrival of her captain. Luke had arrived as if falling from the air, he angrily snapped at Ichigo, and it was clear he intended to fight the ryoka. "Captain, I don't think attacking the kid is necessary. He appears lost and harmless through body language and words. In my opinion the Ryoka must be lost and I think we should help. Strangly he acts as if he has never been to the Seireitei before." Izuna said, with her logic it made sense at least. While the two men did their stupid interactions Izuna began to strip down to her underwear before she would stand barely dressed for a few minutes.

After said time had passed she hoped her little erotic stunt had made the two stop, if they hadn't listened before of course. However she truly had no desire to stay cold in her panties and bra, so she got dressed properly and afterwards she would appear much more neatly groomed in terms of her clothing and appearance. "Now perhaps we should here out the Ryoka? I might start by asking how you got here?" she said as if everything was completely normal and she hadn't just taken off her clothes like it was the most natural thing in the world.

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#8 Re: A New Universe on Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:10 am

Ichigo could only look on and await some kind of answer to all of the many questions he had fired at Izuna, but it was very quickly cut short as there was an energy that all too suddenly filled the air. It felt strong, forceful and it definitely made Ichigo aware and take note of it. He tried to pick up on if he recognised this reiatsu, if he had sense it before but it didn't ring any bells, so this was someone entirely new. How had he not noticed someone with that kind of energy around here, unless they were purposefully making sure that there were no traces of them until now. It lead to Ichigo wondering who this was, and if they were going to mean a threat, but he didn't know who was friend or foe right now and he'd just have to make that decision himself.

The teenage shinigami directed his attention back into Izuna, giving her a look that ask the question if she knew who that was or not but he didn't voice his question because whoever it was happened to be revealing themselves above. A male though it was hard to tell if he was a shinigami or not he had unusual uniform of choice that Ichigo didn't recognise to be that of the Gotei 13. He could only watch on as the new arrival lowered themselves to land between he and Izuna. Ichigo had only been observing for the moment before this man addressed him personally and told him to watch the sharp tongue Ichigo had. The very words had Ichigo glaring in an instant, who did this guy think he was now. Of course Ichigo kept his not so nice thoughts to himself especially seeing as he was listening to that fact that Izuna was his vice captain. Ok so these two were from the Gotei 13 then, and of high ranking which begged the questions of what division they ran together. Ichigo searched the guy's Haori for an indication of what squad he was from but he didn't have nearly enough time to look because from nowhere Ichigo was attacked he barely had any time to react to it from the amount of speed this guy had. Oh yeah a Captain, how could he forget. Ichigo instantaneous reaction was to pull at Zangetsu and was what he'd usually do but all Ichigo could do was try and dodge, and he did so by simple diving out of the way rolling before jumping to his feet quickly. ''You got some kind of problem!'' Ichigo was quick to raise his tone as he reached for Zangetsu leaving his grip there. Izuna had brought up the fact of how lost he appeared. ''You should listen to your vice captain, i don't have a clue what's going on'' he added.

Ichigo did hear this guy out as he introduced himself as Luke Yasenha and revealed his squad, he belonged to the third, Gin Ichimaru was the Captain at one point because Ichigo himself knew all about him and had clashed swords with him too. Luke had claimed he was now meant to prepare for battle ''Ichigo Kurosaki, substitute shinigami, bring it on!'' Ichigo proudly stated as he pulled Zangetsu free of it's bandaging revealing the huge over sized cleaver like blade of his. It seemed though that Izuna had other ideas to aid Ichigo rather than fight, he glanced a little over to her seeing she was in fact completely dressed as she would normally and not even seen her little stunt moments ago. He heard her ask just how he got here, his blade lowered as he looked down a little ''I...i dont know...'' he admitted as he took his eye off Luke.

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#9 Re: A New Universe on Fri Mar 11, 2016 3:23 pm

Skipping Fauna... It has been too long, if you miss your next post you may be evicted from the thread.

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#10 Re: A New Universe on Fri Mar 11, 2016 3:45 pm

Izuna sighed as she listened to her captain, after the boys brawled for a short period of time they would see her intervine. She sighed as she activated the Homing Dagger, and made them surround the two men. The scene would unfold and both fighters would find themselves encircled by three daggers. "Stop fighting. Captain you don't attack every ryoka you meet and you ryoka don't start a fight in the Seireitei. Now lets talk like gentlemen and ladies understand?" she asked with a irritated tone on her voice. After everyone had settled down her strange weapons moved silently back to her obi like bees returning to a hive, although she turned her attention right back to her. "So tell us Ryoka. How did you arrive and what is the last thing you remember?"

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