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#1 Kosuke (Done!) on Fri Feb 26, 2016 3:19 am

Name: Kosuke Kurokawa (Rising Sun, Black River)
Alias: Heaven’s Death God
Real Age: 550
Phys. Age: 21
Gender: Male

Height: 6’0
Weight: 170 pounds.
Physical Traits:

Dark hair, Dark eyes, these are what most people think when they see Kosuke. He is tall, standing at around 6 ft. though this doesn’t mean he is built in a bulky manner, no Kosuke has lean muscle. Far from rippling, and not very attention catching, but they serve their purpose. His skin is pale, betraying the sheltered life he was forced to live, away from the violence the Rukon district will convey. His shoulders are not broad, but they allow room for the tattoos he has on them.

His face is narrow, seeming to fit along with his lanky form. He doesn’t have very high or pronounced cheek bones, but they are there. His almond shaped eyes house a black iris, one that betrays his best attempts at hiding his emotions. Usually when one looks into his eyes they will see mirthful orbs, full of life and joy. But, on rare occasions during combat, his opponents will find an icy gaze that may freeze them in their tracks. And lastly, the most unlucky opponents receive a glare that is solely reserved for those who harm those Kosuke cares for. This glare will set your soul on fire, if looks could kill, this would murder your entire race.

A soft, content smile usually graces those in the presence of Kosuke. While he has suffered some in his life, he wants nothing more than to relish life’s happy moments. While when he is annoyed, a scowl could show itself, this is usually replaced by a neutral annoyed look though. And finally, for those who truly piss him off, Kosuke shows a deep, hard scowl. This goes along with his angry glare quite… uh... angrily. Kosuke’s body is home to many scars showing the years of combat tempered marks that symbolize learning, improving and mistakes.

His most prominent scar, would be the one that turned him into a Vizard. It is directly over his heart, marking the one thing that has suffered the most in his life. His face is framed by onyx black hair, his bangs fall down covering his forehead. He has a thin nose, and also very slender fingers. Though he is not overly built, he has been training for many years and has a muscular chest and back, along with a slight eight pack. His most powerful muscle though, would have to be his legs, it seems he was simply made for speed.

Kosuke has a few different outfits from his many years of travel. Though his most common one would be a black gi with a mesh undershirt, covered by a dark hooded cloak. The cloak is black on the outside, but a rich red on its inside, its bottom is tattered showing many years of travel and even combat. It has a few tears but nothing too strenuous. Kosuke also wears a necklace with a single magatama on it. He usually keeps his zanbatou strapped to his back.

His other common outfit is used solely for training. It consists of short black pants that come down to just above the ankles, white socks and black sandals. He has a black longsleeve shirt, but he ties it around his waist, in order to be freer in his movements. He also feels like it looks cool, so that’s what he wears.

His body has many scars, mostly on his back and chest. He has a few along his arms, but nothing too major. His most prominent scar is from where the hollow stabbed him in his heart. It appears as an ugly, jagged scar right in the center of his chest. He also has a couple tattoo’s. His most prominent ones are located on each shoulder, and are merely tribal based tattoo designs. But he has another one right at the back of his neck, just below his hairline, it is the kanji for light.

General Fighting Style:  Kosuke likes to engage in close-quarters combat. He is usually reliant on his skills with Zanjutsu and Tengetsu's abilities. If he faces a stronger opponent, he usually tries to take it serious and focus on getting through the fight. When facing an opponent of equal strength, he often tries to enjoy the battle, even if it is one among enemies, he will relish in the challenge. He dislikes fighting those weaker than himself, for the sole reason that he dislikes those who take advantage of their power over others. If he is to fight a friend, whether it is to the death or just a friendly spar, his attitude towards the fight depends on not only the situation, but the friend whom he is battling. 


  • Spiritual Power
  • Spiritual Energy
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Zanjutsu
  • Stamina
  • Durability


  • Agility
  • Kidou
  • Sensing
  • Defense
  • Hakuda
  • Endurance

Ability Name: Heat Manipulation - Kosuke is able to control the heat his body puts out and the heat around him in the immediate area to a degree. He can raise and lower his own heat output and obviously his body is immune and has adapted to this change. He can control the heat in a small area around him to make it feel like a sweltering summer day, or removing all heat to make it feel like the most frigid winter. This is done by his ability to control heat using his spirit energy.

Sealed Appearance:
Tengetsu appears as a walking stick initially, but is actually a sword with a sheath disguised as a walking stick.  The stick is around a meter long while the hilt portion takes around 10 inches.
Zanpakutou Name: Tengetsu (Heavenly moonlight)
Call Out Command: “Gyakusatsu, TENGETSU!” (“Slaughter, Heavenly Moonlight”)

Tengetsu appears as a large cleaver blade that goes all the way down to the bottom of its hilt. The total length is around 5 ft long with the hilt itself being 1 ft. The hilt is wrapped in red bandages while the blade itself is grey. The blade is lined by slots in the metal that allow for more aerodynamic slices and a faster movment.
Abilities: Enhanced Heat and Light manipulation- Using light manipulation, Kosuke can enhance his heat control to another level. Using light blasts or waves as a transferring method, he can greatly change the heat concentration of objects or people caught in the blast. From enough heat to melt most metals (not zanpakutos) to almost no heat enough to freeze most objects and parts of people.

Heat Wave- Waving tengetsu in a slashing motion, Kpsuke sends out a wave of red, intensely hot light. This ability will cause first or second degree burns upon contact and can cause some metals to melt immediately (iron, steel, bronze, copper, etc…). About the strength of a typical Bala, 2 post cooldown.

Flash Canon- Holding Tengetsu directly in front of him and facing to the side horizontally, Kosuke charges light energy into the blade. Once this is done, a large flash of light follows that has enough brightness to reduce sight by 75%. (Two posts). After these posts, their sight returns. This does not effect any other senses. 2 post cooldown

Frost Wave- In a slashing move similar to “Heat Wave”, Kosuke sends out a wave of blue light that appears to almost be a sky blue in color. This light holds almost no heat and therefore anything it touches, it draws the heat from it. When it touches an object, that object is coated with ice, the same goes for the limbs or body if any people it might hit. About the strength of a typical Bala, 2 post cooldown.
Boosts: Speed and Strength

New Name: Kurai Tengetsu (Dark Heavenly Moonlight)
Kosuke's Bankai appearance:

Kurai Tengetsu:

Abilities: Masterful Heat and Light Manipulation-

Black Flame Wave- This attack takes the form of a flaming black wave of light. It holds the most heat of any attack of Kosuke's. It can and will melt any and all metal it comes into contact with and it causes second degree burns to anyone who is unlucky enough to get caught in it. About the strength of a Cero, 2 post cooldown.

White Flame Wave- This attack takes the form of a white, flaming slash of light. It has zero heat inside of it and therefore will flash freeze anything it comes into contact with. This is not only excruciatingly painful, but also can cause 50% movement loss of any limbs effected even after you break the ice or thaw them out. About the strength of a typical Cero, 2 post cooldown.

Boosts: Speed, Spiritual Power, Stamina

Abilities: Temperature Enhancement- Thus allows Kosuke to fire Balas, Ceros and Gran Rey Ceros that cause not only their normal damages, but also either being super heated or having no heat causing freezing damage as well.
Increased Speed and Stamina
Hollow Powers: Sonido, Cero, Bala, Gran Rey Cero, Heirro, Regeneration.
Boosts: Speed, stamina

[size=47]FULL H[/size]OLLOW FORM
Abilities: [What new abilities does your character gain?]
Boosts: Speed, Strength, Durability, Spiritual Power

History: It was around five hundred and fifty years ago, Kagome and Ryuuko met. Ryuuko was a Shinigami, he held no seat, but he was a member of the 11th division. He and his family lived in the 75th district of the Rukongai in the soul society. They often had to fight off people who thought they were better off since Ryuuko was a Shinigami, but they were able to hold off most intruders. While both Ryuuko and Kagome were skilled in martial arts and had a rather powerful spiritual energy, their son Kosuke had much more than they were expecting. Ryuuko decided that he wanted to train Kosuke the moment he was able, to both be able to defend his family and to one day become a Shinigami s well. Kagome hated the idea, as she viewed the occupation as dangerous and fool hardy. It wasn’t long after Kosuke was born that Ryuuko was sent on a mission from which he never returned. During their time of mourning, the two of them rarely left their home. Kosuke grew up kind of isolated due to his mother’s fear of Kosuke wanting to become a Shinigami.  

                    After around 10 years, Kosuke had been attacked by some thugs that were common in the area they lived in. After this attack, Kagome decided to tell Kosuke the truth about his father and began to teach him some basic martial arts and Kenjutsu. She trained him for five years, on the fifth year, her greatest fear came true, Kosuke wanted to become a Shinigami. So he went to the Shinigami Academy in order to take the entrance exams. The exams were difficult, but he managed to pass and was placed in the 5th class. Upon entering the academy, Kosuke is given an Asauchi to use throughout his time in his classes. He spent every waking moment studying the various katas, Kido, Zanjutsu stances, and history that was put in front of him. He wanted to be able to protect those precious to him to the best of his ability.

                  Six years after he started the Academy, he graduated at near the top of his class. He was given his Asauchi, which was now a Zanpakuto, and was then assigned to the 18th seat position in the 11th division. He worked closely with his new friends and teammates to grow stronger in order to protect his family. For the next twenty years, he went on missions and trained with his new squad, they felt like they could take on the world. Kosuke’s mother even went back to the academy and was placed on his division. She was placed at the 20th seat however, due to her age and skill level.

                   One day, Kosuke, his mother and one other team member were sent to hunt down and destroy two hollows that had been hunting in the human world. It was moving like clockwork. Kosuke would dash in, distract them. Kidomaru would follow up with a powerful attack and finally his mother would throw some Kido at them. But one of the hollows attacked their resident long range fighter. This caught them all off guard, and Kosuke couldn’t do anything to stop the attack that ended his mother’s life. Sent into a blind fury, Kosuke attacked the hollow with all of his worth. Effectively killing it, but not before it was able to pierce his chest with one of its claws. This served to fill Kosuke with its spirit, cursing him with hollow powers.
After that mission, Kosuke would despise and hate hollows with a burning passion. While most Shinigami will kill a hollow if they come across one, Kosuke would go out of his way to eradicate them if they are nearby. He will never forgive them for ripping his mother away from him. So he trained, and trained, and trained. Kosuke lived, spoke, and breathed training. He wanted nothing more than to gain the power to destroy every last hollow, to keep them from taking any more of the people he cared for. He trained like that for two hundred years, learning new styles of martial arts and training with a unique mutation he had with his bones. It was after this he was able to meditate and find a moment of peace.

                   Kosuke opened his eyes in a dark world, the sky brightened only by the light of a full moon, with a few stars in the sky. Kosuke made his way over to the edge of the cliff that seemed to overlook a vast ocean. Once he arrived there he noticed a tall man staring out into the void. Kosuke approached him and talked with him about who he was, but Kosuke could not hear his name. After another fifty years of trying, Kosuke managed to defeat the strange man living inside of him in one on one combat. After this victory the man revealed himself as Tengetsu, the spirit of Kosuke’s Zanpakuto. It was at this moment that Kosuke unlocked his Shikai, and from then on he was training even harder.

                    After unlocking his Shikai, Tengetsu and he became good friends, while Tengetsu was more serious usually, he knew how to have fun too. However, on a standard solo mission, Kosuke’s life took a sharp turn. He was fighting a large, gorilla like hollow. It was going well, he had some scratches, and blood was leaking from the corner of his mouth, but other than that he was doing fine. The hollow on the other hand, looked perfectly healthy, well, just as healthy as it possibly could have. Kosuke was running out of steam, and when the hollow went to smash him with its massive fists he closed his eyes awaiting the death that was sure to come. But, a sudden effeminate voice in his mind reminded him of his mother, how she was murdered by a hollow, and how he should give into the lust for death and kill this beast before it killed him. At that moment, an ungodly sound escaped his lips as his mask formed for the first time. It was after this, that he would meet the manifestation of his soul and the soul of the hollow that stabbed him combined. And at that time, he would need to accept that he was now part hollow.

             For the next one hundred and fifty-nine years, Kosuke trained to master both his hollow form and his usage of Tengetsu. He was often speaking with the spirits inside of him and they had all become friends, though in Tengetsu’s case it was begrudgingly. Kosuke also began to slowly work his way up in the ranks, using his newfound power to inspire those around him. But, he kept his hollow powers to himself, and only trained those when he was in private. He did not want to be judged based on his unfortunate bad luck. He did however read of other Shinigami in history who had attained the same power he held, he made it a wish of his to one day meet someone who was like himself.

              After the next two hundred years, he had mastered forms of martial arts and trained his body to the point that it could easily handle the amount of power he possessed. Tengetsu, his hollow and himself were now all working in perfect sync and he almost never lost control to his bloodlust in hollow form anymore. They had become a high functioning team in their own right and were definitely a force t be reckoned with. Kosuke had definitely grown from his time in the academy, he still however, held onto his undying hatred of hollows, and vowed to avenge his mother eventually. He still though, wants nothing more than to protect the family he has found in the eleventh division.

Side Notes:
Roleplay Sample: Kosuke woke up to the sound of his cursed alarm, which he smashed with his fist hoping that it wouldn’t reappear as it did every morning. He slowly crawled out of bed and into the shower, allowing the warm water to wake him up and allow him to become fresh for the day. After he got out of the shower he went and poured himself a cup of coffee and made some rice patties. After he ate he began to do his morning exercises such as laps, jumping jacks and push-ups. Afterwards he decided he would go and do some training with his squad mate, Fuji. He opened his door to let the cool morning air flick against his cheeks, thus he began he short walk to meet with his friend.

Knocking on the wooden door to Fuji’s apartment, Kosuke wondered if he was even home. That is, until he answered the door. It seemed he had been expecting company and was fully dressed in his usual training gear. This consisted of a brown gi, tied off at the waist with a black sash. This fit the man perfectly as he was very well built. He stood at 6’5” and was very bulky, he relied mostly on brute force when fighting rather than speed. Kosuke greeted him with a wide smile, “Good morning Fuji! Would you like to do some training since we have the day off today?” Fuji merely smirked, “Of course you of all people would want to train on the one day we get off. But sure, I’ll train with you.”

The two made their way to one of the more secluded training grounds, Fuji placing his Zanpakuto, which while sealed took on the appearance of a large zanbatou blade, on his back. Kosuke placed Tengetsu into his sash, tucked right at his lower back. They each waited for a moment, Kosuke took this time to psych up his personal ‘team’. ‘You guys ready?’ He asked, hearing a resounding ‘YES!’ in his mind he smirked and dashed forwards throwing a fast haymaker at Fuji’s chest. This was blocked, and he was thrown off the man and back a couple feet. Kosuke kept up the assault though recovering quickly and threw a barrage of punches at Fuji. Eventually Fuji grew tired of blocking and jumped back drawing his Zanpakuto. Kosuke was already mid jump though and threw a punch directly at Fuji’s face.

Using the flat of his blade, Fuji was able to block the punch and break Kosuke’s hand in the process. Kosuke let out an annoyed, slightly pained grunt as he was forced to give Fuji space so that his hand could heal. He focused on where he could feel the break and felt his bones mending themselves back together with a series of sickening cracks. Shaking off his newly restored hand, Kosuke drew Tengetsu and dashed straight for Fuji. The two engaging in a short sword battle, before creating distance again. This time however Kosuke used his Shunpo to dash behind Fuji and hit him in the back of the neck with the handle of his blade. This action managed to catch his partner off guard and gave Kosuke the leverage to continue his assault.

With Kosuke leading in the battle Fuji threw a series of kicks, much too agile for one of his size, but followed them with a downwards strike from his massive blade. Kosuke managed to dodge the kicks, but had to use Tengetsu to block the unexpected sword strike. Using all the strength he could muster to hold back the blade, he managed to knock it away and dashed forward ending with the tip of his blade pointed at Fuji’s Adams apple. Thus, Fuji surrendered and Kosuke treated him to some Pocky before heading back to his house to rest and prepare for a bust day tomorrow.

Once he made it back to his apartment, Kosuke grinned at the soreness he was feeling from his sparring match with Fuji. It seemed he was getting stronger after all. Setting Tengetsu on his special pillow, Kosuke sat down at his table and ate away at some left over rice cakes from earlier that morning. Once he finished his meal, he decided it was about time for him to hit the hay. He made it to his bed and upon hitting the soft mattress, he was out like a light.

Last edited by Kosuke on Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:59 am; edited 23 times in total

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#2 Re: Kosuke (Done!) on Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:29 am


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#3 Re: Kosuke (Done!) on Sat Feb 27, 2016 5:23 pm

Appearance: 1 paragraph
Personality: 1 paragraph
History: 5+ paragraphs
RP Sample: 1 big paragraph

Overall Quality: Broken coding, inconsistent sentences, some typos, and awful Gary Stu vibes from his perfect appearance. You need a lot of work with both quantity and quality to be approved at all.

Ready For Approval: Not quite yet. First, you need to reach the minimum quantity requirements for tier 5-1 - which you haven't done. A link to the grading standards is here. I will not give a tier assessment, as the application needs a lot of work before I can do so.

Notes: Please remove the colored text; it is difficult to navigate the application if everything is yellow or green. Your images aren't working, so you need to fix them. Also, remove all kido spells that are numbered above #60 as your character has no way of knowing them (he'd be probably incinerated, if he tried to use such a powerful Kido). Additionally, reconsider his age, as it would need a good explanation on why he is as weak as he is after two thousand years. You cannot start out with Bankai, unless you meet the requirements for tier 2-1, so remove it. Also, what is his last name?

Now to techniques and other details.

Technique Name: Light Cannon
Technique Description: The user points the tip of the blade at the target and then charges light energy into a condensed ball of light at the tip. This ball then fires off a beam of concentrated light energy at the target, burning and blasting them back depending on their strength. 2 post cooldown

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: This technique will severely burn them and blast them back a great distance. The blunt force of the attack will also break some bones.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: The attack will cause severe burns and blast the victim back a good distance. Broken bones are possible from the brunt of the attack.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Medium burns where his and they may slide back a few feet. Has the potential to fracture bones, but this is not always the case.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Slight burns will occur and they might feel the push from the attack. Other than that it might cause a bruise, maybe a scratch.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Not very powerful then, may cause minor burns, but usually they will feel the intense heat. It might lead to sweating, if you are lucky.

Slight burns means burns below the degree of minor. Opponent one tier higher would have minor burns, but an opponent two tiers higher will not experience any burns, due to the large gap in power.

Technique Name: Photon Cutter
Technique Description: The user charges light energy into the blade and this causes the blade to glow light yellow with the energy. Then in a cutting motion, the user releases the energy in the form of a crescent that is around three meters long. 1 post cooldown. 2 post cooldown

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: This will cause a severe gash to form, which is then cauterized by the intense heat. It will also blast them back a couple yards.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: A slight major gash will form along with painful burning. They may be knocked down from the pressure.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Will cut the victim badly moderately and will burn along the cut area, this may knock them back depending on how they prepared for the attack.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: A medium minor cut will appear, along with slightly burned skin. This will not knock down the opponent.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Very small cut will appear, Cutting damage is negated might singe some arm hair or something. No chance for knockback.

Pointed out the issues with red highlight and strikes in the quote. Smile

I will not review Bankai as that is off-limits to you right now. All other techniques seem to be alright.

Now, for the history. You wondered a while ago, if your backstory was okay. I will now review it, so we'll see.

A) I have an issue with his age. If he's going to be like 4-2 or something after the changes.

B) There is no rule, that his father cannot be the former lieutenant of Division 4... but personally I'd say not.

C) "Project Spearhead" did not experiment on living shinigami, nor did they experiment with giving anything hollow powers. IC-ly, Project Spearhead started about 100 years ago (?). @Izuna Kimura is our leading modified soul, from the Project 10: Esper, which was the tenth sub-project of Spearhead/Genesis, that was responsible for making modified souls. So, mod souls are pretty young race. You can PM him or me for details of mod soul lore, if you're interested, as we are the moderators in charge of it. Izuna's biography - link to his application here - contains most info about the mod soul lore, but there's some more to it fleshed out in our heads.

D) How do you think a program like this survived? It would have quickly been put to an end, due to the attention it would capture with deaths of hundreds of people. Probably all OC Visoreds here have their inner hollows sealed into them in a hollow attack - and I advise you to use this method as well, rather than giving him hollow powers due to experimentation. In addition, he couldn't have survived it, as laboratory/experimentation method (which was what Aizen used in canon) resulted in soul suicide or complete hollowficatio aka the death of shinigami and birth of a hollow.

E) His mother did not report the incident? Kosuke would be killed here if someone learned of the unethical things they were doing, since Visoreds are considered abominations of nature and a threat to the balance of transmigration cycle. This is irrelevant as pointed out in previous comment

F) Uh, at what point did he learn to fight - or trained as a shinigami to summon a zanpakuto? Shinigami powers are not inherited, except for personal abilities, and everyone trains for a zanpakuto - which at first, is an asauchi. Didn't his mother take him away to prevent him from the life of shinigami? In addition, I don't see a mention of extremely large reiatsu pool in the abilities section.

G) Did you know that desertion would be a crime, that his mother would be hunted for the rest of his life, and that they couldn't live among the humans as Gigai is as newly invented as modified souls.

H) Where did he train for Kenjutsu? Is there a story to it, or is it just like random detail? Where is the years he spent grieving for the loss of his only parent?

I) Let me get this straight... he was in Human World and awoken in Soul Society after a hollow attack? Because that definitely doesn't make sense.

J) Okay maybe no one knows he's the son of a traitor, and he joins Academy. This would be the point, where he learns to fight, not before and by himself without a teacher to teach him how to fight. Also, being a prodigy really isn't that cool and greatly decreases the quality of story in my eyes at least.

K) His captain trained him personally, cool. Then he became a third seat, and got a shikai overnight without any explanation, after which he became the lieutenant of Division 5. Uh... any explanations or stories for how and why?

L) Hahaahahahahaa. So next, he kills a captain, a vice-captain and a third seat single-handed. And then he like becomes a captain himself. Very nice, if there would be an explanation for his weak tier. Also, Division 4 is assigned with healing the injured soldiers in the battlefields and cleaning the barracks of other divisions, not in guarding a certain location.

M) The current captain is a female.

N) Okay, I am tired of making this list, so I'll cut it short. You're saying your character is a former captain and like extremely powerful? No, this is not going to fly. Please change your history.

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#4 Re: Kosuke (Done!) on Sat Feb 27, 2016 7:36 pm

Okay, I will make the aforementioned edits. Though tbh, the yellow and green colors were provided solely based on the Shinigami/vizord template. I will change the colors I provided though. And I am going to wait until there is a site history or lore posted so that I can be sure that my own history coincides with it. Because , as far as I was told, there was currently no official site wide history or lore.

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#5 Re: Kosuke (Done!) on Sat Feb 27, 2016 8:00 pm

@Kosuke wrote:Okay, I will make the aforementioned edits. Though tbh, the yellow and green colors were provided solely based on the Shinigami/vizord template. I will change the colors I provided though. And I am going to wait until there is a site history or lore posted so that I can be sure that my own history coincides with it. Because , as far as I was told, there was currently no official site wide history or lore.
Quote do post: 88486

The highlighted words like 'Appearance', 'Personal Abilities', etc., are written in a specific shade of yellow (though you are allowed to change the color if you wish so, just don't paint the whole text XD) - everything else should be in white. I don't know where the green must have come from, but I will look to it with my fellow admins Smile

You shouldn't wait until we post a site-wide history, as it's a work-in-progress and will take some time to come out. Izuna is working on the modified soul history, so it will probably be published first. The history is pretty loose, to be honest, but some dates like the creation of modified souls are already set in stone. Otherwise, the site-wide history will be built by the biographies of players and their characters; as with Graven Fel, whose history plays an important part in the last millennia of Hueco Mundo, and as with Izuna Kimura, whose history describes most of the mod soul lore. If you have any questions about, I am ready to help you with them.

In addition, your biography's faults are mainly not because of it wouldn't fit with site lore. We strictly follow canon mechanics, and such the way of becoming a hollow you detailed is not a valid method due to canon reasons. In terms of common sense, you cannot be a 2,000 years old ex-captain without the tier 2-1, which you do not have. The duties of Division 4 are well-explored in the canon, so you cannot mention something else in your history, unfortunately.

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#6 Re: Kosuke (Done!) on Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:52 am

I finished all of the aforementioned edits and all of my colors/pictures are working properly at this moment!
I look forward to being graded~

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#7 Re: Kosuke (Done!) on Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:59 am

Also, Idk why but for some reason some sections keep turning green >.<
I think I fixed it but if it happens again idk what the issue is...

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#8 Re: Kosuke (Done!) on Mon Feb 29, 2016 3:50 am

Appearance: - 4 Paragraphs, meets standard so all good.
Personality: - 5 Paragraphs
History: - 9 Paragraphs.
RP Sample: - 6 Paragraphs.
Overall I approve. In terms of character, powers will be graded below.

@Kosuke wrote:
Technique Name: Hikari Cero
Technique Description: The user forms a concentrated ball of light in their mouth or hands. This is then shrunken down and finally fired as a massive beam of light energy at the target.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: totally devastating, can be fatal if not blocked properly or dodged. Will also blast the target back a long distance.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: still very devastating, but it can be survived. Might still be lethal if they aren't prepared though.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Can be blocked, though it will cause severe damage to the person doing the blocking.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: Less painful, yet it still packs a punch and will hurt the one blocking a little.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Blocking it is almost child's play, allowing one to use minimal effort to block the attack.

I hope you understand that unless it is Death Enabled or a nameless NPC, it is highly unlikely that the attack with be fatal. I am simply pointing this out.

I approve the powers.

Now I will list your tier here and summon my other Mods/Admins to do a second approval.
@Fauna Yasenha @Graven Fel @Erida Seika @Manda Marluz

Tier: I am suggesting tier 4-1 or 3-3 if the staff agree.

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#9 Re: Kosuke (Done!) on Mon Feb 29, 2016 3:59 pm

I am approving this to tier 4-1 as well!

Since you have two approvals, you're now free to start roleplaying!

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#10 Re: Kosuke (Done!) on Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:28 am

Bump for reevaluation?

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