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#1 Dance, Dash, Death! (Private) on Sun Jan 17, 2016 12:13 am

Karakura Town, 14:52 hours, XX/XX/20XX

A business district like every other. Humans scattered about like ants without a hive mind to tell them what to do. Everyone doing something different whether it's eating, shopping, or what have you. A child runs along after school is up. He had some cash and was on his way to get some ice-cream. How unfortunate that he, along with every other human there would find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time...

There was a flash, followed by a deafening set of explosion. They were completely random, but many were taken. Buildings, people, vehicles, nothing was safe as each blast tore through the district-street. Those who weren't injured or killed quickly began to flee in a panicked frenzy. And the funny detail? There was no terrorist attack, as it would most likely be labeled later in the news. Everything was caused by a world those poor sods couldn't even Dream of seeing. The body count doubled now, bodies of men in black and white uniforms. They wield katanas, or did at some point. A few of the several dozen survived, and they now faced a terrifying sight.

A man in white armor. He bore the insignia of one of the most terrifying men in the history of the soul society, Dante CarmesiHoja. This strange man's armor matched perfectly that of the infamous Army of Blood, but had it's distinctions, mainly the fact that it was bleached to appear white. And the helm... What was supposed to look like any other skull-shaped helmet now held a figure far more menacing, but from what? All it had different was a breathing apparatus...

None of that mattered right now thought. The fact is that one of the four horsemen was in Karakura Town, and was now responsibly for the deaths of many people, whether he liked it or not.

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#2 Re: Dance, Dash, Death! (Private) on Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:36 am





©2013 caliburn
Sho was quite happy; he had been looking forward to this trip into town and, once he was there, made a beeline straight for the music store; his little slice of haven for a music fanatic like he was. He had also heard this really cool song from a game called undertale and he went to the game OST section to find the digital download copy of it. So as he walked out, looking rather happy as his headphone lit up to confirm the download was complete. Then, when he walked out the store, he tripped over and fell onto his face, before quickly righting himself.

"Dude, not cool, hey, wait a minute," Sho started to shout, but then noticed that the man dressed all funny wasn't moving and he was coated in blood. No one else seemed to see this guy and the others now laying on the street. He looked over and saw a guy wearing strange white gothic armour with a skull helmet with a breathing apparatus built into it. He felt strong, really strong and he didn't look particularly friendly. Sho went over to the man. He had felt a similar feeling to hollows, only he didn't look particularity monstery or having multiple legs or something; he looked like a regular human.

"Hey, you know killing ain't allowed, its kinda against the law. Nice outfit though, very into the goth scene, but I'm gonna have to set my stage for you since I don't think I can let you get away with this. So just relax man," Sho said casually, perhaps too casually for what had happened, but then, he twisted the cup of his headphones slightly like it was a dial. Suddenly, a burst of multi-colored spiritual pressure surrounded as two small pylons came out either side of the headphone's cups, lightning connecting the two pylons while circuit-like markings covered his hands and feet, shaped like the front of loud speakers.

"Oh yeah, by the way, I'm Sho Tanima," Sho said, grinning before he selected the new song he got, it was the perfect time to use it. D'gerik would suddenly hear a extremely loud base drop before Sho would dash forwards using bringer's light. This was a new song, so he was going to see what would happen. The first thing was that the sound was forming sound clones of Sho, that also started dashing around before Sho came at the masked man, punching his helmet, which would send a sound shockwave through it and into his head. it would be worse for him as the helmet would contain the sound. Even if it wasn't going to be effective in terms of damage, this guy was going to end up with damaged hearing and the worst headaching in his entire life. He then pulled back, the other Shos' surrounding him as they all started dancing, not taking this seriously whatsoever.
technique log

Technique Name: Battle song verse two: Undertale - Bonetrousle
Technique Description: The power of this song is based on confusing a opponent and rapid fire attacks. When the song plays, the opponent will start seeing multiple sound copies of Sho. They appear solid like Sho, but if hit, they shimmer like a ripple and after a decent hit, are destroyed, releasing a blast of sound energy around a two meter radius. (maximum of five with tier 5-1 spiritual energy) at Sho's command, they start dashing around the opponent, Sho will then attack with the sound copies, using bringer's light and the speed of sound granted to him by his power to punch and kick his opponent with his sound wave empowering them. Although his sound waves are weaker then his regular attack and don't continue passed the target's body, disapating after three meters once away from the target's body as its meant to only affecting the target, making this more close range then his other powers. Like all of Sho's songs, it lasts for 4 posts and then a one post cooldown before the song replays.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: Opponent will take a descent amount of damage, may have some broken bones in their body and anything they hit during knock back
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Opponent will take a good amount of damage, may have some cracked bones due to the shock wave passing through them and anything they hit due to knock back.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Opponent will be lightly damaged with any damage taken when getting blasted back (same for above tiers).

#3 Re: Dance, Dash, Death! (Private) on Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:33 am

"A human that can see me? Now there's something annoying that hasn't happened in a while..." thought D'gerik as the human spoke about trivial matters such as human law. Quite honestly, D'gerik felt he had no time for this, and wondered what he would do now that he had this joker to deal with. Whether he was a joker or not remained to be seen, as D'gerik's distaste for humanity typically got the better of him when it came to rationalizing the worth of any individual human's life. It mattered little now. D'gerik had just been forced to take out this entire unit of grunts, and honestly didn't much feel like fighting anymore.

He was about to turn around and leave, when the most peculiar thing happened. D'gerik should have guessed this earlier, but now he knew for certain why it was that the human could see him with such certainty... It started first with seemingly empty threats, but the human seemed to have other plans. D'gerik couldn't tell what it was that the human did, perhaps he wouldn't have been able to tell even if he was born during an age where that sort of technology even existed. Regardless, the human's action led to the single strangest source of spiritual pressure D'gerik had seen in a very very very long time. And that's when it hit him. A human that could actually see a hollow breed like him? A human with the ability to unleash a spiritual pressure far greater than what humans can even hope to exert? This human was identical to those he had so long ago dealt with. Not to mention the human's spiritual pressure rather matched the eldest brother, who was the strongest of the four.

Normally, D'gerik would have entered a defensive stance, but he didn't want to fight in the first place and honestly didn't think much of this one, now identified as Sho Tanima, being his first mistake of the day, and hopefully the last. Sho's fist smashed against D'gerik's helmet, something which, had D'gerik acted smartly, would have been very easily avoided. Instead, he took the full brunt of an attack he didn't even expect due to underestimating the fullbringer.

As a result, D'gerik was knocked aback slightly. He held his head and groaned in pain as his hearing was overcome by a loud, high pitch tone, similar to when a grenade explodes and leaves you deaf for a moment. Additionally, D'gerik was knocked off balance, though he managed to remain on his feet. He took a moment to recover from the blow, noting to not make the same mistake again. However, as D'gerik looked up, he saw every incarnation of Sho dancing. Honestly? This infuriated him.

"Well..." he started "I was gonna give you a chance to leave since I had no business even with the shinigami. Now, on the other hand, you've made me quite angry and then proceeded to taunt me... If you live, consider yourself very lucky. . . ." he finished before taking a basic battle stance.

Just as suddenly, the sound of a child thought to have been crushed be a piece of the buildings brought down by his bala and now crying out in pain and fear came to be. D'gerik sighed, detesting the sounds of crying children in the worst possible way, ESPECIALLY with the mother of all headaches that was plaguing him at the moment...

Words (Total): 570 (884)
OOC: Sorry it's taken so long, life and all that jazz

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