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#1 Post limit on PMs on Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:07 am

I don't really understand why you have to have a limited number od post before you can PM some, and it been a bit annoying frankly, I don't really want to go spam ten post somewhere nor do I have reason to post anywhere for that matter. My problem with the limit is look at new members like my self , I have a few questions for my character and I cant Pm a mod to ask them and no one is ever in the chat. I think another member suggested these when I was talking to them that you should have a least one mod in the chat at least to answer question or look like the sites not dead, if your going to keep a post limit on PMs you should make it easier for new members to get help on there apps.

Thank you for your time and consideration

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#2 Re: Post limit on PMs on Wed Dec 16, 2015 6:23 pm


Gami, unfortunately, one, its not ten posts, its five posts before your allowed to post and I believe that's the minimum.

I understand your frustration about the five post to pm rule, but, let's see if this makes sense: its a way to encourage people to get active, because honestly, if you intend to be active, then five posts is pretty much nothing, especially if you post in the games section a little. besides, if you wanna ask a question without having to pm, then you can always ask it on your intro thread or here since me or anyone else posting on this thread will get a notification and we can come and answer your questions.

I am sorry that I'm not very active on the chatbox, I really am sorry, just that I've had a lot of stress and been really busy with university stuff, so my time on BS is limited and so, I don't normally get much of a chance to talk in chat.

just, don't be afraid to pm me or post in the aforementioned topics and I will do my best to reply and forgive me for not being as active

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