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#1 Nox Xorik on Sat Dec 05, 2015 8:14 pm

Nox Xorik - Those Who Fear Life

There are old spirits that wander the Hueco Mundo, but some of the eldest of them all have acquired their age through joining a secret group that promises eternity and more.  The number of souls who know of the existence of Nox Xorik truly beyond those who have pledged their loyalty can be counted on one hand, although more are aware that there is definitely an enigmatic group in the darkest shadows of the Hueco Mundo.  Nox Xorik as a group is split into three core components - the Body, the Heart and the Soul, each more important, and more exclusive than the last.

The Origin

In ancient times, the lord of Nox Xorik, Seach Taraign, grew dissatisfied with the inequities of the world, of the eternal cycle of life and death.  He yearned for something more, and as something more did not exist, he created it himself.  A master craftsman, amongst other things, Seach Taraign took his very soul and forged it into a vessel of immense scope - a closed cycle where life and death do not exist.  Souls could pledge themselves in service to Seach, and upon their death, whatever way it might come, their souls would be torn away from the cycle instead to join with Seach's soul, swirling in that darkness for a time.

And from what became a collection of souls, Seach and the chosen can pluck free the soul of a thought to be dead being, and place them within a new body, if one is available.  With this, those who have pledged themselves to Seach never truly die.  They will take on new forms through the ages, unless their soul is irreparably destroyed, or if the unthinkable occurred and Seach himself died.

The Sacred Halls

To the furthest north of the Hueco Mundo, beyond the lands of lords and tyrants, lies a place dead even amongst the death of the Hueco Mundo - empty sands with no life, no wind, and a dark cloud in the sky that even denies the moonlight.  This is the land known as Imhuvlt, and hidden in this place, deep below those silent sands, is a bastion where the Soul of Nox Xorik exists.  In the depths, there is an open chamber where a great throne bearing Seach overlooks a floor that is an ever shifting, amorphous shadow, and it is this that is the transformed soul of Seach Taraign.  Those who shed their blood upon the shadow are bound to it, and become a member of the Heart of Nox Xorik.  Only a select few are brought to this place, and only they and Seach know of it's location.

The Order

The Soul of Nox Xorik

These are those who live within Imhuvlt, those who have a key purpose within the organisation.  They include beings who defend the shadow against those who would seek to harm it, and those who are blessed with the task of extracting the fallen from the shadow for rebirth.

The Soul is for NPC's only, and mostly exists for lore and story purposes.

Lord and Master: Seach Taraign
Guardians of the Soul
Harvesters of the Soul

The Heart of Nox Xorik

These are the Eternals - all those who have pledged themselves.  There are currently seven such individuals, each considered a son or daughter of Seach, and they each possess their own hidden base of operations in the Hueco Mundo.

Eternals of Nox Xorik
Larypt Kalaldas
Nafliri Vallas
En'dis Amas [NPC but open for application, PM for details]

Additionally, through the history of the Eternals, the following have died a true death.

Deceased: Fjorsak Martial

The Body of Nox Xorik

These are pawns in a greater game - souls that serve Nox Xorik without being pledged and as such, still very much mortal.  They typically serve one of the Eternals in some capacity and understand the benefits of becoming an Eternal themselves, and one and all they crave to ascend to the Heart...

Soldiers of Nox Xorik

Please contact me if you have any questions.  I'll be running side plots involving Nox Xorik actively, so go ahead and sign up!

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