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With a cracking noise, Takezo's sword split in half, giving way for Uji. Bearing through the pain, Uji picked up his rifle with his left hand again to push forward with a thrusting attack at Takezo's chest. Using the last stump, Takezo pushed away Uji's rifle. Takezo let go with his right hand, reaching for the longer katana at his side. Takezo's grimace flashed a smile as Uji stepped back and away from Takezo's drawn sword. Takezo dropped the broken wooden blade in exchange for one of steel.

“Impressive” Takezo complimented.
“I do my best” Uji replied facetiously.
“I found your mother's last night. It was hiding under her stomach”
“You keep bringing up my mother. It's kind of a low blow.”
“She did that too”
“You talk too much!”

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Takezo brandished his sword with both hands and swung horizontally to slash Uji. Uji was quick to counter, parrying the blade with the barrel of his rifle. Taking another step, Uji pushed the barrel into Takezo, who fell back. Takezo let go with his left hand, holding the sword in front of him with his right to cover his face. Takezo's off hand slowly motioned back to his left thigh as he maintained the same pose as he had with his wooden sword.

Uji held his rifle aligned with his right shoulder. The muzzle was pointed downward but Uji's head looked up at his opponent. Uji's finger was off the trigger. Though it was not loaded, Uji was taught too well the art of trigger discipline, and did not want to break his training just yet. Takezo and Uji circled one another, trading feints. Takezo would jump forward only to pull back, then Uji would occasionally lift his rifle. The two tested each other fiercely.

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Finally, Takezo had brought up his katana with a wide back swing, only to have Uji step in to knock him upside the chin. Takezo's jaw clenched forcefully as the force reverberated through his skull. Somewhat instinctively, Takezo moved his left arm to quickly grab the lower half of his sword's handle, using his left elbow to push Uji's tanegashima out of the way. Takezo brought his sword downward for a diagonal slash only to have Uji block with the barrel of his rifle. Uji, using his rifle as a pulley, pushed Takezo's sword off. Uji stepped closer and twirled his tanegashima in attempt to buttstroke Takezo. Before he could, Takezo was already in the midst of his own attack, slashing at Uji horizontally.

Uji quickly redirected his attack into a block, catching Takezo's blade with the long side of his rifle.

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Takezo quickly recovered and went in for another downward slash. Uji responded with an upward sweeping block. As their weapons clashed, Takezo let go with his off hand. With his left thumb, Takezo pushed out his wakizashi and grabbed it underhand with his off hand. Takezo lifted his katana just enough to gain leverage, and then made a biting motion with his arms.

With no way forward, Uji was forced to move back.

“Wow. I've never seen anyone do that before.” Uji remarked.
“Really? You should try it sometime!”
“I'll keep that in mind.”

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Releasing his rifle with his left hand, Uji drew back his tanegashima for a wide back-swing. Takezo raised his katana, holding his left arm across his body to guard his chest. Takezo's katana clashed with Uji's rifle. Then, in one quick motion, Takezo slashed with his wakizashi. Using his left arm, Uji grabbed Takezo's left wrist to keep the blade from meeting his body. As Takezo pushed, there was an audible crepitus in Uji's left arm.

Uji grunted, but continued to push back. Takezo recovered, but could not pull back his arm with Uji gripping onto it. With his right arm, Uji performed a backhand butt-stroke, squaring Takezo in the jaw, knocking it loose. Takezo staggered back, spitting out bright red blood onto the ground. Uji let go, allowing Takezo to fall back. Takezo recovered, looking back up at Uji and making a satisfied puff through his nose.

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Takezo thrust his wakizashi forward at Uji's chest Takezo swept it away with his rifle, the blade sliding down making a small cut on Uji's index finger. Takezo made another chop at Uji, who swept the blade away with his bare hands, grabbing onto the flat of the blade and riding it down toward Takezo's hand. Takezo attempted to cut away at Uji's arm, but was too late. Uji pulled Takezo inward and drove the back of his rifle into Takezo's face, then down again to hammer it against Takezo's head.

In response, Takezo raised his companion sword to stab into Uji's side. Takezo staggered back at the brunt of Uji's attack, making a drawing cut at Uji's side through Uji's clothes which quickly stained with blood, which pulsed outward.

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Uji slowly backed away to the area the bag of musketballs had dropped- but Takezo was too clever to have forgotten. Quickly, Takezo stepped forward with a downward chop with his long sword. Uji, too slow to reload, simply threw the bag at Takezo.

Takezo was met with a bag in his face, too surprised to respond. As he regained composure, Takezo felt something on his right shoulder. When he turned to look, it was Uji's rifle, but with a different pattern on it. No. It was a different rifle- Uji must have switched them while Takezo was distracted!

Uji squeezed the trigger over Takezo's shoulder. With a deafening bang, a ball shot forth from Uji's tanegashima. Just as their ears had stopped rining, the sound of cracking was heard in the distance. A shoot of bamboo had fallen- split in half by Uji's musket ball. Even then, smoke continued to rise from the barrel of Uji's tanegashima.

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Takezo slashed again across Uji's abdomen, Uji backing away to avoid Takezo's blade, only to find the other one going down on him. Uji raised his rifle to block; Takezo advanced once again with his companion sword. Uji swept his tanegashima downward to meet the flat of the blade. Takezo glared at Uji, unamused by his maneuver.

Uji stared back and pushed forward the barrel of his rifle into Takezo's torso. Takezo grit his teeth and stepped back, only to push forward again with the opposite foot. Uji blocked with the tip of his rifle. Takezo stepped forward with his other foot and advanced with his companion sword. Uji stepped back, the swung upward the butt of his rifle, shifting up his firing hand to leave more wood to impact Takezo who had stepped back. Uji use his firing hand and swung into Takezo with a right hook. With his short sword, Takezo blocked the attack and swung with his long sword.

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Uji dropped his rifle to block Takezo's sword, leaving his arm in place to block Takezo's companion sword. Uji grasped the blade of the wakizashi tightly with his left hand and lifted his left foot. Using Takezo for balance, Uji let go a powerful kick, pushing Takezo away. Takezo staggered back, getting back onto his feet. Uji himself recovered.

Takezo took on a horse stance, holding his katana out in front of him and his wakizashi on the side. The blade of Takezo's katana was held midline to his body, almost exactly. Uji reached to his back to unsling his other tanegashima to take on a similar stance to Takezo.

“How foolish” Takezo remarked.
“Up yours” Uji responded, leading with a left hook.

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Takezo blocked with his wakizashi and thrust with his katana. Uji swung his tanegashima horizontally to block. Both fighters withdrew, returning to their fighting stances. Takezo was next to attack, chopping with both his sword and companion sword, bringing them down over Uji's head. Uji lifted his tanegashima to be parallel to each other, his defense giving slightly to Takezo's strike. Takezo withdrew his long sword and slashed again, upward at Uji's armpit. Uji stepped back.

On the offensive, Takezo pushed out his wakizashi in a stabbing motion aimed at Uji's hand. Uji stepped back once more. Anticipating this, Takezo thrust again with his companion sword into Uji's abdomen. Uji quickly kicked against the ground, pushing himself away. Takezo made a vertical slash above the shoulder. Uji blocked with his left, attempting to smack the blade down. Takezo attacked again with his companion sword. Uji blocked, stopping the motion of Takezo's hand with his left rifle. Takezo attempted again, Uji once again blocked.

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