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As the fifth seat, Kageyama had been assigned to more menial duties where he had stuck around the human world. His jurisdiction were the woods just behind the city that he was staying in, and he was allowed to operate only in the area; around only if the situation were to dictate so. Though Kageyama had not expected it so his first time, the woods were in fact quite difficult, almost more difficult than the urban areas. It was in the woods, that often, the city-goers from the town areas around the woods would go in order to off themselves. As such, bodies were found ocassionally hanging from nooses around the trees, to be taken down days later by the local park rangers. Japan's suicide rates were about enough to keep Kageyama busy, as well as a little depressed.

Still, it was his job, and the day had actually been quite slow. It was about three days since he last performed a konsoe, and five days since he last had to fight a hollow. With their rudimentary understanding of their new predicament, new hollows were fairly easy to do away with. Kageyama simply had to enter shikai, and shoot them down before they could even respond.

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Distracted with work, Kageyama had never actually taken much time to see the woods around him. If he wasn't on duty, he was within his gigai, walking the human world, solving problems as he saw them. However, the sun was far from settting, and the city was far away. Kaageyama still had a full day ahead of him.

Treading casually through the woods, Kageyama stumbled upon what appeared to be a small shrine overgrown with plant-life. As he approached, the squirrels and cicadas which had apparently made the area home, scattered about as his footsteps rustled the leaves, and his presence alerted the critters. The smell of rotting wood and mildew was actually quite pleasant mixed in with the forest air. The shrine and the finely carved stone, metal, and wood structures looked rustic and weathered, characteristic of such shrines. Although Kageyama had no sentiment with such structures, he felt inclined to approach.

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With some hesitation, Kageyama approached the shrine to see that it had not been touched or maintained for years. The structure had been carved from wood that had appeared to have once been covered in layers of oil whichhad long since weathered off, exposing the wood to the elements. It was a dry season, and so the wood was fairly hard. On the front-facing side of the shrine, was a shoji screen. It too had been fairly withered, though whatever was inside still looked somewhat preserved. It was a glass screen- something not so characteristic of the shrine. Out of curiosity, Kageyama parted the screen and lifted the glass, laying it gently on the ground.

Carefully, Kageyama snatched the papers, put back the glass, and folded back the screen. The paper was cracked and yellowed with age. Moisture seemed to have made it quite wrinkled. Words were written in black ink on only one side of the paper. It seemed to be a stack, not too tall, and some of the pages actually stuck to each other. It was clear that in spite of whatever efforts were taken to keeping it preserved, did it just long enough to get into Kageyama's hands.

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Caligraphed boldly, center right of the page was the title "BOOK OF STEEL" written top down in black ink as the rest of the text. Kageyama thought it a little showy, but whoever had written the pages in Kageyama's hand seemed to leave the other words very much spartan. Kageyama took a second to thumb through the pages just to understand its contents. Apparently, it was some segment of a martial arts manual. In his head, Kageyama began reading.

"If you're reading this, then I hope you do not share it. I have purposely omitted these pages from my book as it did not adhere to the image I wished to present my audience. However, consider yourself lucky for even finding me."

As he continued to read, a scene had popped up in Kageyama's head, something very familiar but he could swore he personally did not do.

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“Who the hell are you?”
“Huh? Me? You can call me Uji. Who the hell are you?”
“Takezo. Takezo Shinmen.”
Takezo lifted, with his right hand, a thick oak stick fashioned into the shape of a sword. He took a lunging stance, his side to Uji, the blade held out. His right leg was forward. With his free hand, Takezo slowly reached to the back of his head to undo the bands that kept his hair in a ponytail. As he released the bands, the tied back hair dropped down to his shoulders. The bands were tucked into Takezo's belt, before he rested his free hand onto his left thigh.
“You've got those two sword at your hip and you choose a little beam?” Uji scoffed. Uji stepped back and reached to his left side to pull a musket ball from its pouch. Before he could do so, however, Takezo quickly lunged forward and knocked the pouch from Uji's side. Takezo swung again, that time Uji lifting his rifle to block, the wood and metal clashing with a hard clanging noise. Uji grabbed the middle of his tanegashima to push Takezo's sword out of the way, before striking with the back end, his tanegashima lacking a proper stock.

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Takezo swept upward with his freehand, his forearm slapping the barrel of Uji's tanegashima outward. With a wide swing and killer intent, Takezo aimed a slash at Uji's neck on his right side, only for it to meet the back end of Uji's rifle. Uji himself pushed outward

As Uji's rifle impacted Takezo's sword, it made a loud, blunt noise which traveled through the open, grassy field they were on; birds, alarmed by the sudden noise, flew from the ground and into the sky, the sound of flapping covering the noise of battle.

Through the feathers, Uji swung his rifle downward, scoring a hit over Takezo's head. “Bah!” Takezo exclaimed, his face scrunching at the brunt of the hurt. Uji's strike was more a distracting as he swung again, shifting the weight from his left hand to his right, in order to strike Takezo in the stomach with the end of the rifle away from the barrel.

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Uji had another tanegashima slung to his back with a cloth sling across his chest, the barrel pointed upward.
“So. How come you don't use that one?” Takezo said, pointing out the rifle. “How come you don't use those?” Uji spat mockingly.

Takezo grabbed his sword with both hands, squaring off to his opponent. Uji took up a similar, squared stance. The first to move was Uji, who lifted his rifle just beneath Takezo's legs, Takezo responding with a quick swing downwards, blocking Uji's rifle with the flat of Takezo's wooden sword. As the two exchanged blows, the sound of wood against wood echoed through the area with almost a rhythmic quality.

“For a stranger who just goes around challenging people to sword fights, you sure have picked a strange opponent” Uji remarked. “If I had your skill though, I'd be awfully cocky too. Of course, I never did.”
“Your skills are sufficient”
“Your mother would agree!”

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Uji took a quick step back, changing the grip of his rifle to one more similar to the grip one would use to hold a katana. Uji lifted the tanegashima above his head, and stepped forward with one foot to strike Takezo on the head, only to have his attack blocked once again with an upward, concussive smack in which Takezo placed his hand at the far side of the blade. Feeling the force behind Uji's attack, Takezo only pushed further forward, pulling back his arms only to get enough leverage to push Uji outward. Takezo's blade hit Uji across the stomach, sending Uji back as he grunted with an “oof!”

Takezo tightened his grip on his sword, lifting it for a downward slash at Uji. Uji dodged to the side to swing his tanegashima at Takezo's legs. Takezo lifted his leg then quickly attempted to regain balance, swinging his sword at Uji's head. Uji crouched downward keeping the barrel of his rifle pointed out and forward. In his squatting position, Uji pushed against the ground using the force of his legs with intent to smack Takezo in the groin. Meanwhile, Takezo himself made a downward slash attack.

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Uji, noticing this, relinquished his grip with his left arm to meet the blade, his bone breaking with an audible crack. Uji grit his teeth bearing the pain. “That could have been my head!” he thought.

With his broken arm, Uji pushed away Takezo's blade, holding out his rifle infront of him like a sword. Uji's left arm hung limply, though it was the only the ulna bone in his forearm which had actually cracked (not that he would know).

Uji stepped forward and swung down at Takezo, who blocked. Uji performed the same move, smacking his rifle against Takezo's blade. Being metal, it did not give out or bend at the whim of Takezo's wooden sword. The sword, however, had a sizeable dent which Takezo had taken quick notice of. As Uji came down for a fourth downward slashing strike, Takezo stepped to the side and swung with a horizontal slash. Uji dropped his wrist, swinging the rifle downward like a helicopter blade, to meet Takezo's sword with a loud “BAM!” blocking the sword. Uji lifted his rifle again for a final downward swing. Takezo gritted his teeth, lifted his sword. His eyes were closed for a second.

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Takezo was definitely no stranger to challenge. It was not too long ago, in fact, that Takezo had trodden through the fields of Sekigahara after a battle. He was starving and for the most part defenseless, almost dying before someone had rescued him. It did not take long for Takezo to return to Sekigahara in search of deserters to take down single-handedly, more as a show of skill than anything else. For Takezo to have met Uji in such circumstance was pure luck- of course, more for Takezo than Uji.

At least, that's what Takezo had thought. Uji proved a more difficult foe than Takezo originally imagined. Even after getting rid of Uji's ammunition, Uji was still fighting. Uji himself had been trained at a young age. The only son of a bushi family before the castle was ransacked leaving him as one of two survivors. The other survivor became Uji's master and had trained him to become a powerful samurai. With his training and the vengeance that fueled him, it was no wonder Uji was such a force.

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