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hey, I've noticed there is a lack of understanding when it comes to how these particular bleach mechanic with people simply using it outright or not understanding what should happen under role play conditions, so I prepose the following:

-Gentei Reīn (Soul Limiting Symbol) will only apply to shinigami who have these two conditions met:

1. they are tier 3-2 or higher and

2. Must have obtained the rank of Vice captain or Captain (Includes the head captain)

then this can be applied to these shinigami when they come into the world of the living, this symbol will normally be the symbol of their squad on their chests like a tattoo which limits them by 80% of their usable reiatsu and spiritual energy, this in role play terms will be shinigami with this are reduced to their starting tier upon their starting app (for example, if Luke had this, his tier would return back to tier 4-2, the tier he started at but when Gentei Kaijo is used, his tier will return to tier 3-2) or in the case of NPCs with this, a lower tier can be chosen and agreed on beforehand either on a rp request or over pm or chat but the shinigami in question can still use their shikai and bankai while under Gentei Reīn but with vastly reduced power due to tier drop and with very little spirit energy behind them so anyone using shikai or bankai do not gain the AR bonus with their release until the seal is removed.

Gentei Kaijo (Limiter Release) is for those who have the above seal on them, this is the release command that Must be spoken in order to release one's full power, without the command, the seal will remain on until their return to the soul society when it is taken off.

the role player needing a Gentei Kaijo must ask for the seal release command IC to the soul society, either by hell butterfly, Denreishinki or other direct communication line to the soul society, this process once request must take a minimum of three posts to five posts, depending if something is jamming the signal or other mishaps should occur to anything carrying or receiving the message like the aforementioned things.

but once soul society has given verbal authorization of Gentei Kaijo, the shinigami must verbally say "Gentei Kaijo" in order for his/her full power to be released, upon saying it, the tattoo seal of their squad symbol will glow and vanish, releasing the seal and allowing the shinigami in question to go full force

(I'm reposting this and asking for opinions for whether to add this to the game rule section or not ^^)

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