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#1 The Mask of the Wraith on Thu Nov 05, 2015 2:02 am


Item name: The Mask of the Wraith/Bōrei no Kamen (亡霊の仮面) / Possible host monikers while wearing it: The Masked Wraith/The Forerunner of Fate
Mask Appearance:
The Mask takes the form of a bronze top half of a skull with a smooth rim that covers part of the head, but only covers down to the nose level. There are some decorative lines in the mask itself, curving from the top of the mask, over the eyes and down the cheeks. On the inside of the mask, there is kanji that is part of a quote to describe the mask's power, carved in by Ryo after using its power; the kanji  will read like this when seeing it:

Kanji within the mask:

Translated, it reads: "...But the mask of the wraith gave me a second chance, to go back in time and change my fate..." and this is to refer to the mask's single yet great power.

Wraith form Appearance:

Masked Wraith's mask appearance:
Once transformed, the host appears as a humanoid hollow-like creature with dull white hollow bone armour covering the host besides from the feet (unless the host is wearing footwear at the time). The bronze mask changes form from what it is (see above) to a full face mask, reminiscent of a hollow's mask. This includes grotesque black teeth on the mask, the mask itself becomes white with the markings becoming black as to better see them against the white. The rim of the mask, especially around the top possess root-like extensions around it. The body is then coated in a black fabric-like material, similar to the material of bakudo number 99 part one: Restrict; keeping the hollow armour underneath it with some around the arms and legs swirl around the aforementioned appendages with a supernatural wind. While active, it causes the eyes to glow a light blue and causes the whites of the eyes to turn black, due to the mask's hollow-like nature. Also, while on, the mask causes any sounds made by the host into hollow-like screams and growls, restricting any chance for the future version of the host to warn the past version of any dangers and/future events that is to take place.

Transformation when donning the mask:

The power of the mask of the wraith is simple yet powerful; The mask, when donned, transforms its host into the masked wraith; a hollow-like doppelganger and,  as the transformation happens; takes the host a few hours back in time before the events that forced the host to don the mask. Although this isn't hollowfication or a dormant vizard ability (see history) and also cannot manipulate time, but allows the host to be able to exist with his past self as a separate entity and retaining control of himself. The catches for this power is the mask becomes fused to the host's face and won't come off or break till the past version of the host has been killed or dies and also, due to the power of the mask, it needs a large source of power to keep itself going, otherwise it starts killing the host, so to keep itself going, it forces the host's zanpakuto into shikai or the arrancar into its released form to sustain its form. For Ryo, it means he's forced to kill something every three posts or start to loose his life force double time, both from the mask and his own zanpakuto. Once the past self has been killed or dies, the mask is able to be removed, allowing the future version to reenter the timeline, replacing himself and being able to change his fate, using the knowledge of the future and the advantage of surprise to rewrite a doomed fate. Can only be used in death enabled threads and within those threads, can only be used once and once removed, cannot be used for the reminder of that thread.
Number of it you have/possible/allowed: Only one exists; Currently owned to Ryo Suzuki
History: This was formed by Berenguer Espetón by accident during the rematch of Berenguer and Ryo as Berenguer (in his released form), attempts to use his power over matter to transmute Ryo, but instead hits his own mask fragment that Ryo kept in his uniform to track him down with; This awakens the mask's lost power that Berenguer once had when he was whole with one of his powers of travel through space and time, reforming the mask into what it appears now. Its not seen again till it appears that Berenguer, forming a blade from transmuting the sand into a iron blade and runs it straight through Ryo's heart. Deciding that he can't be killed by someone so dishonorable, he risks everything and puts on the mask, becoming the first masked wraith, transforming as well as going back two hours before the events of the battle even took place. He comes to the realization that, before the events of the battle, Ryo saw the same creature he had turned into, prowling around the base of Berenguer's lab, he knew he had to be in those places and followed where he was fated to go and, to his surprise, saw himself from the past, seeing him with a slightly confused expression on his face as he looked on what he saw as a possible vasto-lorde level hollow was instead, his future self, encased in a hollow-like shell. Using his skills from squad two and his own ghost like abilities, follows the course the battle took, up to where he was stabbed through the heart while he was behind Berenguer, the mask suddenly became loose and he was able to remove it as he watched his past self die as he put on the very mask he was wearing. Taking the advantage of surprise, Ryo uses his shikai to run Berenguer through, ending it once and for all. Now, it resides with Ryo as a reminder that he suffered the ultimate sacrifice to preserve his honor both as a shinigami of squad two and for himself and in case he ever requires such terrible power again.

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#2 Re: The Mask of the Wraith on Fri Nov 06, 2015 7:46 am


bumping for completion

#3 Re: The Mask of the Wraith on Fri Nov 06, 2015 8:12 am

Well, I don't want to seem picky but.. Time-Travel. It goes under a banned power and surely even items cannot have banned powers? I would also like to wonder if Ryo needs permission from those it effects to don it just as Izuna needs permission to invade someone's mind this talks about Ryo changing any mistake he makes. I will approve since I have no problem with banned powers if they are worded correctly however I want a second opinion on the matter.

Otherwise I approve. I APPROVE!!!

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#4 Re: The Mask of the Wraith on Fri Nov 06, 2015 8:23 am


well, that's true, not gonna deny that ^^; but as stated, it doesn't allow Ryo to manipulate time and takes him back only a few hours before the events that caused him to have to don the mask in the first place. also, the mask by its own nature, doesn't allow the host using the mask to interfere with things that are meant to happen/predetermined up to the point where the mask is removed on the point of the past self's death, allowing the host/future self to re enter the timeline and change his fate in that point of time only.

Also, this item is restricted to a death enabled thread and can only be used once in that thread and once removed, cannot be used for the remainder of the thread as shown here:

Me wrote:Can only be used in death enabled threads and within those threads, can only be used once and once removed, cannot be used for the reminder of that thread.

hope this better explains the mask's power as it doesn't allow the host to gain time powers, it only sends them back in time a few hours before the host donned the mask in the first place like a paradox Smile

#5 Re: The Mask of the Wraith on Fri Nov 06, 2015 8:35 am

Okay still want the opinion of Dre, Graven or another Staff Member though..

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