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#21 Re: The Black Swordsman [PRIVATE] on Tue Oct 20, 2015 2:15 am


2nd Division
2nd Division
Despite his best efforts Kuroi failed to stop the Cero Lluvia from firing and Graven had kept above him with the best possible position he could be in the blood-red glow suddenly released five huge cero on par with a Gran Rey Cero. He sighed and tried to leap aside, he dodged the majority of the closet blast however the shock wave would throw him into the wall of Las Noches. Again, there was a small crater and Kuroi had to try hard not to lose consciousness. When he finally fell from his position he had to try hard to land on his feet, his Resurreccion dispersed and reformed Hora's sealed state. Kuroi could feel he had broken ribs, and his left arm hung uselessly from his side. It was a marvel that he was standing at all.

Kuroi would eventually reach Graven, at closer inspection he also had multiple burn wounds of different degrees, his face and hands were also covered with the dark colour of blood. Graven Fel, It is stated that all those who have faced the Black Swordsman have died regardless of who they were. That statement is now false, you fought me survived and also beat me. That is something no one can admit to doing except you. My sword is yours, I am your Segunda Espada Kuroi said, he would then turn to Las Noches, he said nothing but it was clear he needed to rest and recover his injuries. The pain to more and speak made it impossible to do both at the same time. After entering the giant of a building two young arrancar came up to him and were about to help him. Kuroi waved them away and they left, despite they didn't show it they were clearly afraid of their new Segunda Espada and so they should. He finally arrived at his quarters, what a bloody walk it was though as Kuroi was forced to walk through so many layers of floors and stairs just to reach the Espada Quarters at the very top of the bloody structure which he would call home now, after entering he fell asleep before he even hit the bed and let his high-speed regeneration kick in.

WC: 373 words

OOC: All Done and End Thread if Graven doesn't want to post.
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#22 Re: The Black Swordsman [PRIVATE] on Tue Oct 20, 2015 2:34 am

Graven Fel




©2013 caliburn

Graven sighed as he let his Resurreccion fade. He had expended a large amount of reiatsu in the fight, and was impressed by the Black Swordsman's skill. The myths hadn't been wrong, after all. Now, all he wanted to do was curl up in a ball and sleep or eat a large meal, as he hadn't had the chance to do either in the past day or so. He had been so intent on finding his Segunda Espada that he had neglected himself in the process, only stopping to rest for a few minutes.

Using Sonido, he entered the gates of Los Noches, burst into his bedroom, and collapsed on the pillows that made up a bed. He was sore all over, and sported a couple of woulds like the one in his shoulder that would heal with a nap. Pulling off his jacket, he let his shirtless body drift away into oblivion as he slept a deep, dreamless sleep. His power appeared to have grown once again over the past 48 hours, between pushing himself to find a lieutenant and the sparring match that ensued. Part of his mind began to reconstruct Los Noches in his head, but he was too damn tired to do anything about it. It could wait until what constituted a morning in this gods-forsaken place. For now, he was going to make sweet love to his pillow.
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