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#1 The March of Time (Open) on Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:21 pm

Perhaps he should have returned to the Hueco Mundo, yet now did not yet seem like the correct time.  Travelling through a garganta, through the abyss between worlds, Saelien found his thoughts returning to that moment of awakening.  Now he knew it had been three years.  A blink of the eye to him, perhaps, but long enough that it raised a host of questions more impressive than their predecessors.  It was less a question of what, but who?  Who could have done this to him, and why?  He had no enemies - he made plenty, certainly, but unmade them all the same - and even if he did have enemies, if they had the power to restrain him then they would surely have slain him in his weakness.  No, the question went further.  Tessilith, empty yet untouched, void of even the most simple life...that made Saelien suspect that some great arts had been used against him three years ago, and only now had they broken.

Now, he was free.  And, perhaps, Tessilith was open to the attention of others.  Nothing was certain, not now, but Saelien had his suspicions, growing despite the cloud that concealed the truth of what had been done to him.  He did not think Tessilith would be empty on his return.  And he would act accordingly.

His journey ended for now at a grand spiritual nexus, a place well known to shinigami and arrancar - it had not changed greatly in the time he had been gone, and he knew this place as well as any other.  As subtle and silent as Saelien could be, it was inevitable that the presence of something would be detected, for Karakura attracted far too much attention from spiritual eyes.  But that was fine.  It was more than fine - it was what Saelien desired, required.

The weather was not nearly as appropriate here - sunshine, barely a cloud in the sky and certainly no hint of cold or snow, beyond the cold that Saelien himself brought.  He was quite visible to anyone that was looking, who could see a spirit walking.  He chose not the streets, but instead an open park, mortals filling it, enjoying the light above.  To be so blatant, so obvious, was not something that Saelien would normally do, but he was a close to troubled in thought as he ever would be.

His musings were put to rest temporarily by another garganta opening, and a far less welcome creature showing it's face.  A hollow, large and powerful in stature if not in soul, perhaps sensing the crowd of mortals, perhaps sensing the small amount of reiatsu from Saelien and thinking it had found itself a treat, emerged and sniffed the air twice before howling.  It looked to the crowd, masked face making something close to a smile, then it looked at Saelien.

Saelien was a little disappointed, he had to admit.  A basic hollow provided no entertainment at all.  Well, almost no entertainment.  Before the beast could open it's mouth to speak the typical words of it's race, Saelien appeared in front of it, one hand reaching in to it's chest, bypassing flesh but not harming it, catching the essence of the beast and tearing it free in one pull.  The body of the hollow collapsed bonelessly, deprived of life and yet undamaged, not disintegrating as a truly dead hollow would.  A pale collection of reiatsu and thoughts screamed silently in Saelien's hand, a dim orb of light.

Good.  His ability of Harvest had not suffered in his sleep.

There was nothing to gain from the soul of a basic hollow, not even the slightest nourishment.

But Saelien could be far more creative than that...

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#2 Re: The March of Time (Open) on Tue Oct 27, 2015 10:36 am

With a single strike, Kageyama had landed his blade just above the ground. Kageyama himself was floating merely two feet from pavement. Before him, a hollow which Kageyama had somehow underestimated. It split itself in two the moment before Kageyama could slash it in half. At that point, he was in the country side- actually a slight bit away from the section of the human world Kageyama was sent to patrol. Kageyama had been chasing the same hollow for about ten minutes. His normal approach- sneak up to and finish right away. Most hollow were not as dualistic in nature, and in fact this one didn't have any indicator- perfectly symmetrical from head to toe. Kageyama was hesitant to use his shikai on such a weak creature. The hollow quickly reformed itself and laughed.

"What the hell are you?" the hollow turned its head around and looked downward at Kageyama. This one was a tall humanoid, about the size of a tree. It had three fingers on its hands and two long, clawed toes. In response, Kageyama only nodded. His face was fully veiled, but it was clear that he was a soul reaper. Kageyama raised his blade as the hollow ran off- and faster than Kageyama had assumed. Perhaps it was hiding some kind of strength?

Kageyama followed the hollow into the city, and between streets, the hollow split up again. There, Kageyama sensed another presence that was much darker and denser, something Kageyama had not quite been familiar with. At that moment, Kageyama was still hidden- but his attention was ssplit in three. Without exerting any extra spiritual power, Kageyama was unable to properly use his shunpo or shikai properly. At the same time, Kageyama was certain that had he not made an effort to hide, whatever it was would surely find Kageyama- who still had higher spiritual power than many of the humans.

Kageyama's choice therefore was to allow the hollow to go to the power for use as bait, then to observe from thereon in. As suspected, the hollow was made quick work of, and by what felt to Kageyama like another hollow. Kageyama quickly shifted through a wall, and into an apartment building his gigai was staying in- hoping it was still there.

"Hi th-" the soul said before Kageyama abruptly stopped it, forcing the pill from the artificial body and his own soul into it. With a hacking cough, Kageyama's physical body had spit out a round, green pill which he stuffed back into its dispenser. It was time for Kageyama to do some investigation.

Kageyama opened the blinds just slightly, turning his head in the direction of the spirit energy.

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#3 Re: The March of Time (Open) on Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:58 pm

Nothing of importance had happened - no reaction from the crowd, no sudden arrival from the heavens to strike down the hollow. Would it, in the absence of Saelien, proceeded to enjoy a hearty feast, plucking the most choice morsels from the crowd of humans? It certainly appeared that way. Of course, reality was otherwise - the body lay silent and motionless on the ground, the soul of the being still resting in Saelien's hand. The humans remained alive, oblivious to the fate they had been spared, and how ironic it was that the Cold Lord himself had been their saviour.

He was the one who orchestrated grand, magnificent deaths. Mass murders, common massacres - these things were usually beneath Saelien. There was no challenge, nor was there a meaningful result from such actions. So why was he here, where the blood of every living being was almost singing out in a plea to be freed at last? Curiosity?

No. Hunger. As it always was. Not a physical hunger, for he felt no need to eat. He needed to affirm his return. He needed to get an idea of how much of his ability had simply rotted away over his three year slumber, without putting himself in any real danger. That was why he was here. Nothing of great importance would be sent to investigate, when the chaos began, but hopefully enough would come that his blades would remember how to dance again.

Saelien scanned the crowd, determining his target. There - an older human, surrounded by others. Saelien used sonido to close the gap, and simply pushed the soul of the hollow into the human - such was the power of Harvest. The result would be twofold - damnation, for the merger of human and hollow would result in soul suicide in short order, especially with such a forceful merge, and the human mind would clash with that of the hollow, driving it mad. Saelien could have extracted the soul of the human and let the hollow own the body, but there was no need. The value of one human soul was even less than that of a hollow.

It did not take long for the effects of Saelien's actions to manifest. There was now a human, filled with the soul of a hollow - emotions, instincts and power - surrounded by other humans. The monstrosity screamed once, and began it's attack. Saelien turned away as blood began to fly, scanning his surroundings for anyone or anything that was going to intervene.

If there was anyone near, he doubted they could resist the sight.

Who ever got to see a hollow possess a regular human?

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#4 Re: The March of Time (Open) on Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:52 pm

Kageyama had been watching the scene from the apartment. His gigai's reiatsu-suppressing properties allowed Kageyama to go undetected, though his own spiritual power was still strong enough to see the hollow- along with one very human-looking one. Kageyama had seen nothing like it before, having only read about it. The arrancar, who were hollows that acquired shinigami-like powers; Kageyama knew to keep his distance. In his mind, Kageyama already began forming a plan. Before that plan was complete, however, Kageyama had already left the flat, slamming the door behind him. He shuffled down the steps of the apartment building and ran as quickly as he could toward the scene.

For the most part, Kageyama attempted to hide any intent, trying to blend in with the crowd. On his face, a feigned look of shock and horror as were the others around him, panicking without knowledge of what had happened. Though he did not turn his head up, Kageyama's eyes occassionally flashed, checking to see that the stronger hollow was still there. Otherwise, his attention was focused on the possessed human. Kageyama knew it wasn't easy, but still definitely something fixable that he had taken care of before. Using his ability to detect soul ribbons, Kageyama quickly discerned the hollow from the rest of the humans.

As one human was about to become bit, Kageyama tackled the human out of the way, elbowing the possessed man before dragging the normal human off. "Run!" he shouted, projecting to through the street. Kageyama himself began to jog away from the hollow, turning just to see if it was still giving chase. His cadence was slow just enough to catch up, though he attempted not to make it appear so that it was.

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#5 Re: The March of Time (Open) on Mon Nov 09, 2015 4:35 am

Karakura Town... this had been the place where Tengen spent most of his time in the human world and but of course it proved to be the most eventful place he has experienced. He did not think he was going to return to this place so soon but it had seemed the Third Division needed to handle some sort of secretive affairs. Tengen was left to wander free, which was almost unbelievable.

Had this been some sort of test to see if he would escape back into the world of the living after just shortly being assimilated back into shinigami life. Keeping the idea of this test within the back of his mind Tengen proceeded to make his way to his old stomping grounds a small creek that overlooked most of the city.

Wearing a Gigai to avoid unwanted attention Tengen slowly made his to the peaceful creek but to do this he needed to traverse through a mid sized park which by this time was filled with people of all forms of life. Having been trapped by his thoughts Tengen was not able to notice the several spiritual pressures that began to build within the park. Tengen would decide to take a small break at a rather large tree close to the center of the park to clear his mind and release any attachments to his time in the world of the living. Maybe this excursion had been a chance for him to let go of past.

Tengen's peace and quiet had been taken from him as he began to hear the screams and pattering feet of several afraid humans. Looking up Tengen had now been able to notice the supernatural happenings that unravelled in the quaintly active park. His attention was primarily pulled towards the figure standing idly in the center of the park. Tengen instantly felt the presence of a hollow but this one had been much different from what he was used to in fact it held an odd sense of a shinigami... This must have been the being known as an Arrancar a hybrid much like Tengen and yet it seemed the process had been switched.

Tengen had then been pulled towards the corrupted human soul, had this been a rare form of hollowfication? Tengen had never experienced a sensation it seemed that both of the souls we're colliding in attempt come out of top. This could not have been good for either of the souls. This thing retained it's human form but was filled with growing hollow powers. It needed to be taken down and quickly if possible. Taking a stand Tengen would eject himself from his Gigai just as another shinigami would appear to stop the human infected hollow. Perfect... although Tengen had been worried about that monstrosity he needed to deal with Arrancar.

Tengen needed to handle this situation with intelligence and power, Arrancar's we're a species of mysterious origins their was no telling what abilities this thing had, but Tengen knew he could not let this go unattended. Using a simple flash step Tengen would close the gap between himself and the mysterious arrancar. Of course he would now lose the element of surprise but Tengen felt the need to talk things out before resorting to violence. The more information he could gain from this exchange the more beneficial it would prove for the future of shinigami.

"Hey, you what do you think you're doing? Messing with the souls of this realm is not gonna slide with us shinigami. So I suggest you stand down before I, Tengen Uzuma have to teach you a lesson." Tengen had decided to conduct himself as the confident and oblivious type but this was just only the part of his developing plan. What did both him was his his ability to refer to himself as apart of the Shinigami even if he did not yet belong to a squad, this was certainly interesting.

WC: 658

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#6 Re: The March of Time (Open) on Mon Nov 09, 2015 9:03 pm

As the hollow approached and a different shinigami- the one that perhaps was actually supposed to be patrolling the area- Kageyama found an opening. Reaching into his pocket, Kageyama pulled his trusty spirit glove, and did not take the time to put it on. He held the glove in his palm, and slapped it against the possessed human, forcefully ejecting the hollow's soul from the human body. Kageyama then put the glove back into his pocket before taking out the container for his gikongan, a blue, plastic tube with a green frog head.

Kageyama pushed back the head, popping the green pill into his mouth. His soul appeared not long after swallowing, popping from the gigai. The gikon caught the falling, empty human body and placed it gently on the ground. Kageyama unsheathed his blade without a moment's hesitation, gripping it tightly in both hands. Before the hollow could react, Kageyama slashed its mask in two and forced himself back into the gigai. Kageyama had hoped that the other shinigami kept the arrancar busy enough.

Within his gigai, KAgeyama looked at the fallen body, then ran as fast as he could out of the city.

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