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#1 A Myth No More (Private) on Wed Oct 07, 2015 12:15 am

Was there any scrap of parchment scattered across the worlds that told the true tale of the man that set foot once more in the mortal realm, boots crunching on fresh snow that continued to fall from the sky, fierce now but with a promise of tranquillity to come - he knew from a glance above, for the sky dared not lie to him in his own element.  Was there any frayed mind left capable of spewing gibberish about the cold, about the souls, about the man who owned both and made them sing his perfect tune?  There was not, for the records were gone, set alight, and none could speak for the last language they had ever learnt was the language of blood, writing their final word and legacy on whatever ground they chose to stand on.

There were no tales to capture even a quarter of the truth of the man that was Saelien, but ah, there were stories aplenty of the Cold Lord, or the Living Death - few could ever decide if they belonged to the same being, or two different, terrible forces.  Some believed they were titles passed down, for the Cold Lord had surely been slain and the Living Death had met the death that did not live, and such was frantic news that had spread across the deserts of the Hueco Mundo like wildfire.  Truth and lies, smoke and mirrors.  He was the Cold Lord.  He was the Living Death.  Owner of all their tales and a hundred more, a thousand more.

And he had not been seen for years.  His stories had grown cold, barely embers against what they had been before.  No one had reported any deaths from the hand of terrible myths.  No one had found themselves unable to sleep following dealings with Saelien, waiting ever watchful, ever fearful, for the cost of their bargains to be claimed.  What ever had happened to the Death that roamed the desert?  No doubt those questions had been whispered before, but time laid claim to whispers more firmly than wind ever could, and it did not share.  The truth had been killed and the myths put to rest.

It had never been of his own choice.  In fact, his mind was near as clouded as the skies above.  He had been in the midst of cultivating a grand legend, his infamy at it's height, his plans proceeding as intended...and then he found himself waking in his empty, frozen halls.  No signs of life, no signs that it had ever walked in that place.  Silence had taken his home of Tessilith, and nothing had dared to take it's place.  No bodies, no bones, even the most meagre creatures of the Hueco Mundo had avoided that place as if knowing that they did not belong there.

He was the same as once before, and yet not.  He had seen himself in the mirror, and he could see that he had not died, and yet he was less all the same.  So many questions to ask, but to ask blindly would be dangerous.  And so the Cold Lord had gathered his swords to himself, had taken his white cloak and left the icy tomb behind, travelling to the mortal realm.  There was no better way to tell how long he had slept than to see how the humans had moved forward.  He knew the ways of Soul Society and Hueco Mundo.  They were two eternal warring worlds, and as such they grew ever stronger in power through the years but forever weak in culture.  Stagnant.  That was good, of course.  Stagnation was a breeding ground for predictability.

Now, here on Earth, he could see that it had not been so long.  A few years, perhaps.  He had been concerned that he had been lost to the world for longer - decades, centuries.  After the first thousand years of his life, time and it's passing meant less and less to Saelien.  He had slain some of the deadliest foes he had ever met by allowing time to act as his sword.  Striding through snowy streets, Saelien passed undetected by the humans, and hardly visible to the shinigami - his reiatsu was suppressed, and his icy reiatsu ensured that whatever leaked through could have been mistaken for a gifted human.

He would not dally too long here.

There was work to be done, after all.

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#2 Re: A Myth No More (Private) on Fri Oct 09, 2015 6:15 am

The sky looked unrelentingly grey. Yuu's eyes gazed at them from below, trying to focus intently on the heavy layers of clouds. He could remember how he had visited this very same spot eight years ago. There had been no clouds blocking the sun on that relatively warm summer day. The park hadn't changed all that much during the time, so the difference in seasons provided some much needed contrast. Yuu wasn't used to seeing things like this; his fleeting nature ensured that he either only saw one possible version of the given place or that the change was too slow to take proper notice of. It made him think.

Yuu bobbed his head down from the upward gaze to let his eyes wander around the park once again. One of the bigger trees had fallen down, leaving behind only a stump. The other trees were still very much alive despite of their barren appearance. All of the luscious green had been replaced with white and gray. Unless something were to happen to the seasonal cycles, it wouldn't remain as a permanent state. Months would pass and the life would return. But if Yuu weren't here to witness that change, this landscape would be his last memory of the place. Life, then death, with no rebirth...

The reality caught up with Yuu once he noticed that the back of his coat had frozen slightly on the back of the bench. It was almost 4 pm. He decided that it would be best to go grab something to eat while the sun was still up. After getting up from the bench, having to nudge his back and bottom off the bench ever so slightly first, he headed straight out of the park and onto the street. There weren't enough pedestrians to provide a steady stream of people, which didn't particularly bother Yuu. He knew that just by wearing a mostly white outfit and possessing an albino-esque appearance stuck out enough for him to get occasional stares. For example, the couple walking behind him made some brief comments about him as they thought that he wasn't close enough to hear. He didn't mind. He just adjusted his scarf and trekked on.

But then there was someone who caught Yuu's attention instead. A man dressed in mostly white, with strikingly blue eyes and a hair so lightly blue that it almost crossed to being white. His skin was pale and seemingly flawless as well. There was no notable facial differences, but the overall similarity was notable in Yuu's eyes. But this was all there was to it, and as such wasn't noteworthy enough to indulge in. It would at least make for an interesting memory to add to this town. And as such, Yuu stopped paying attention to the man before they'd make accidental eye contact and such engage and just continued on his search for a...


As they passed by each other Yuu was hit with coldness. It was cold enough for it to have snowed, so it was obviously a chilling weather already. This felt almost like a violent wind passing by, freezing your skin until it becomes fragile enough for it to just shatter off on its own. But this didn't last as long as that would if that were the case. The stationary scarf around Yuu's neck was also a good indicator on the fact that there had been no wind. He turned around to focus on this person once again. The couple didn't seem to pay too much attention to him. In fact, they didn't even seem to notice the man as they passed each other. The conversation didn't stop, yet they didn't seem to be absorbed in it to completely ignore the man to the degree that one of the girls bumped shoulders with him. The confusion that followed was the final nail that changed Yuu's opinion of the man. This was interesting after all.

He turned on his heels, passing the couple once again as he started to follow the man. He quickened his pace slightly to catch up, but tried not to overdo it. Yuu wasn't sure what the man exactly was, so caution was the key. That, and unambiguous attitude. And as he did reach the minimum distance for a proper conversation, he engaged (earning the attention of the few people, considering that he was talking to seemingly nothing. He didn't mind)

"This might come off as rude... but what kind might you be? Because it's not all that clear and it's starting to bug me."

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#3 Re: A Myth No More (Private) on Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:01 pm

For years, Saelien had masked his activities under the guise of being an assassin that would work for any major power, given the right price. To compare him a simple assassin would be akin to comparing a master-work dagger to a kitchen knife, however, and he had never once thought of himself as something so low. Nonetheless, few could ever have claimed to be anywhere near his efficiency, his deadliness. He had not failed any of his contracts back then, and when he had marked a target for death, then death had already claimed them. He had used many styles, some traditional subterfuge among them, and whilst Saelien might have forgotten how he had missed the last few years, he never forgot the skills that he learnt.

And he could tell when he was being followed.

This was not a game that Saelien was willing to play, even if he was slightly amused. He stopped, smiling slightly, turning as he was addressed. An idle burst of pesquisa told Saelien little, which truly meant that it told him all he needed. The reiatsu signature from the new arrival was not shinigami, not arrancar, but closer to human. Saelien turned, that smile far from fading. The reiatsu signature was slightly off - not quite human - but the appearance before him was most certainly human. How interesting. Questions were raised and answered in Saelien's mind in rapid succession, and he found it curious how the being asked a question that Saelien could rightly have asked back, although he was far from 'bugged'.

Saelien wondered if this was a mod soul - he had not met any directly before, unless they had managed to hide themselves better than even he realised. They had never been worthy of his attention, but now this man had earned his for being brave enough to approach. What did they hope to gain? Were they looking for mindless chatter? Perhaps that would happen. Perhaps not. Saelien had decided that this one would make the choice.

"How very to the point," said Saelien. It occurred to him that those were his first words since awakening very bland they were. "You should already know the answer to that. What shinigami would take the time to observe, to appreciate a sight like this?"

Saelien gestured to to their surroundings - the snow had picked up it's pace, and there was a hustle as nearby humans realised that now was perhaps a good time to finish their activities and be on their way. The cold was rarely their element.

"I admit I am surprised you were curious enough to approach me. No one has done that calmly in...a few years. You may call me Saelien."

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