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#1 Kaitou Bankai! on Tue Oct 06, 2015 2:50 pm

Bankai Name: [エクスカリバー]Excalibur
Bankai Release Phrase: Do not show them pity as you burn them: Destroy what binds them together, Excalibur!
Bankai Appearance:
The use of Bankai changes Kaitou and Caliburn's appearance drastically. Caliburn becomes a massive sword, while retaining its cleaver look: the blade alone is ten feet long, with a foot and a half long handle. The end of the blade moves outward and downward to protect some of the handle, while the opposite side has three chain links which hang off an extrusion of the blade, and are there to make noise and distract enemies while swinging the weapon. The blade itself retains the Shikai stage groove near the tip, which this time has nothing in it and is simply blank. At the end of the handle is a counter weight which is almost as heavy as the blade, to keep it balanced. Through connection to Kaitou, he can use the weapon with little to no effort, treating it as though it were the size and weight of a katana, if not less.

Kaitou himself also undergoes changes in his appearance while his Bankai is activve. His hair grows a reddish tint, while his eyes shift from blue to red. His body is covered in a thin, flexible metal-like substance that offers him protection without sacrificing mobility. His upper body, shoulders and arms, are covered in red cloth; these are held together by a metal plate on the back in between his shoulders, and a simple string in the front. Around his waist is a dual-banded metal plate which holds up a full red-clothed version of his standard black half skirt and covers both legs from the back ,leaving them opened up in the front. While in this form, his Zanpakuto is too large to carry in a sheathe, and as such is usually in his hand or resting on his shoulder.

While using the bankai, Kaitou's reiatsu becomes white with a red outline.

Bankai Ability:
    Ability Name: [千炎怒り]Fury of a Thousand Flames
    Ability Description: During Bankai, Kaitou emits a constant aura of flames, burning everything within 50 yards in any direction. Similar to how his Shikai worked, Kaitou produces 200 bladed embers per post while in Bankai, up to a maximum of 2,000, which can be redirected and controlled at will, without Kaitou having to do so manually. At this tier however, each ember is roughly as powerful as Hadō#16. While active, Kaitou has a +2 FAR bonus to Kido & Fire Defense, and a -2 FAR bonus to Physical, Ice & Water Defense.

Bankai Techniques:
    Technique Name: [太陽のスト]Strike of the Sun
    Technique Description: Kaitou can absorb all of his embers in the area directly into his blade, causing the physically destructive force of his Zanpakuto to increase drastically. For every 500 embers he draws into his blade, Kaitou gains an Attack FAR +1, up to a maximum of +4 at 2,000 embers. This ability has a 1 post charge time per 1000 embers, lasts for 3 posts, and has a 10 post cooldown. Drawing any number of embers that is not an interval of 500 results in the power being rounded down to the nearest interval. Example: If Kaitou draws in 1999 embers, he gets a +3 as if he'd drawn 1500. If he draws in 499 embers, he gets no bonus.

    Technique Name: [エッセンス破壊]Essence Destruction
    Technique Description: By releasing his Bankai, Kaitou can scatter the blade into 1,000 embers, increasing how many he has access to instantly. After using this technique, Kaitou's loses attack power [equal to Attack FAR -2] and gains Reiryoku power [equal to FAR +2]. To restore the blade after using this technique, Kaitou must use the Strike of the Sun technique. This ability has no charge time, but has a 5 post cooldown.

    Technique Name: [火災のスポーン]Spawn of Fire
    Technique Description: Kaitou can create an addition 400 embers on his blade and release them with a swing. These embers will proceed up to 50m in the angle and direction swung, but will then react like normal embers. This ability has a 1 post charge time, and a 3 post cooldown.

    Technique Name: [コアの抹殺]Obliteration of the Core
    Technique Description: Kaitou explodes all of his embers at once. When done like this, any biological creature that is killed by this attack is vaporized from existence. This technique has no charge time, and has a 10 post cooldown.

    Technique Effectiveness Chart;
    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: At this tier, any singular ember would cause serious injury, if not death. Each ember is treated as powerful as Hadō#33. The amount of embers that Kaitou can put out cause opponents of this tier to be in a high and constant state of danger from this attack.
    Opponent is One Tier Lower: Enemies at this tier have a slightly higher resistance to the explosions, but are still in a high level of danger. It would only take 5 well-placed embers at this tier to kill an enemy, and therefore vaporize them. Each ember is treated as powerful as Hadō#31
    Opponent is Equal Tier: Enemies at this tier can battle off the explosions, but they still take their toll. With each ember being treated as powerful as Hadō#25 at this tier, the sheer number of them is the real danger.
    Opponent is One Tier Higher: Enemies at this tier treat each ember as though it were Hadō#12. The destructive power of the embers is greatly falling off here, but the number is still where they take their primary power from. Death is still a possibiltiy, but it would take a higher number of embers to cause it; approximately 200.
    Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: At this tier, enemies treat each ember as though it were Hadō#4. The number is the only real issue anymore, but it is still an issue nonetheless. It would take a thousand embers to kill a single target at this tier.

    Technique Name: [最終的な爆発]The Final Explosion
    Technique Description: This technique compresses all flames, embers or otherwise, in a 500m radius around Kaitou. All of the flames are compressed into a glowing red orb that rests in his hand, which can be thrown like a base ball to cause an explosion with the destructive force equal to Hado#99. If not thrown, the orb will simply disappear. This technique requires a full 2,000 embers active from Kaitou's bankai, has a 2 post charge time, and can last up to 5 posts without exploding. Using this technique causes Kaitou's bankai to end (after the explosion or disappearance of the orb), and his bankai cannot be used again for 3 threads, within that arc.

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#2 Re: Kaitou Bankai! on Tue Oct 06, 2015 3:30 pm

I approve this! Yay!

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