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#1 Kageyama Kanamaru [Finished] on Sat Oct 03, 2015 9:44 am

Heaven or Hell? Let's Rock!

Name: Kanamaru Kageyama (影山 金丸)
Alias: Mister Kag
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Vizard
Character Alignment: Lawful Serious

Appearance: When presented, Kageyama rarely reveals the full extent of his energy knowing that others would deem him an easy opponent in such a case due to his relative low power level for his rank. Kageyama then hides his reiatsu in regular settings- an easy task compared to other captains due to Kageyama's distinctive low energy. When in combat, Kageyama reveals flashes of concentrated energy in a means comparable to sprinting, or flexing one's abs on the beach in order to make it appear as though he has more power than he actually does. The aura of reiatsu around him itself is a lime green color with streaks of pink bursting about here and there during his power flashes. Kageyama has learned to control these bursts in order to create rather impressive light shows which he sometimes puts on for other members of his squad.

Due to his hidden power level, the first thing to notice about Kageyama then would be his eyes. They are a dark brown color, thin, long, and almond shaped. Kageyama primarily keeps a calm composure, and effectively communicates this by showing little emotion through or sometimes even closing his eyes.

Kageyama's natural hair color as he materialized in the Soul Society is a bright, cotton candy pink color with light blue vertical streaks which grows at a fairly quick rate. Kageyama always cuts his hair before going on a mission. In the field, when it gets too long, Kageyama is known to use his own zanpakuto to give himself a quick cut. Otherwise, Kageyama keeps his hair long and keeps it in a pony tail to keep it neat and in check while not on duty. The ponytail also serves as a quick means of cutting his hair before out on mission should he not have the time to seek a proper barber.

His skin is light, almost pale which barely blends with his light colored, pink hair.

Kageyama's features are very thin and compact which, with his hair cut short, makes it seem as though his face were a little too small for his head. His head is a heart shape with a point chin, a fairly wide forehead, and a V-shaped point on his hair-line in the middle of his forehead which makes his face look like an actual heart. He has epicanthal folds over his eyes, and long, pink eyelashes out of his eyelids for a man. His has a high, long nose but has a very subtle slope and with the tip still very close to his face. He has a small mouth with thin, skin-toned lips.

Kageyama is tall and skinny, standing at 6'2" but weighing barely 160 lbs. His features are defined, but few would really call Kageyama muscular. He really lacks a gut, and his waist is just noticeably thinner than his shoulders. Kageyama's body is otherwise average and unremarkable.

Style/Clothing: Kageyama wears his uniform to standard. Black robes, white trims, little deviation; his dress a testament to Kageyama's no-nonsense personality. He wears baggy, black pants, white socks, and straw sandals. While on missions, Kageyama wears a black cowl and facemask to hide his face and off-colored hair while in darkness.

While in an artificial human body while in the human world, Kageyama actually dresses quite flashy and in the style of the people around him. His favorite outfit, and thus the outfit which he commonly wears, features a lavender toned, V-neck, cotton shirt; a gray colored, thin cotton cardigan; a pair of orange cordoroy jeans; and a pair of white canvas shoes. He would often keep a pair of headphones on and in his pocket, but not actually connected to anything most of the time. The goal of the outfit according to Kageyama is to "blend into plain sight".

Kageyama has the same formal suit in the human and spirit world which Kageyama has, but rarely ever has to wear and so never does. It is a five piece suit comprised of an over coat, a blazer, a vest, a button-up, and trousers. The over coat is long and black, ending at Kageyama's knee. Both sides are buttoned, though the coat was meant to be worn unbuttoned. There are epaulets over the shoulders all buttoned up. The suit is a white color with black pinstripes running vertically along the suit. Under the suit is a light-blue, black pinstriped vest, under which is a checker-print tie, and white dress shirt. With that is a black belt, and black trousers with black wing-tipped shoes.

Tattoo's/Scars/Etc: Kageyama has a series of large, ugly looking scars on his upper body. On the front side Kageyama's body are cone shaped marks over his shoulder, two circles adjacent to each other next to his armpits, and an arc opened against Kageyama's head, going between the circles formed with three, comparably sized, vertical lines. On the back side, the same cone shaped markings over the opposite side of his body. On closer inspection, the scars actually appear as bite marks clearly made from a hollow.

Over Kageyama's right shoulder is the Romaji character for two, with a decal of a pasque flower underneath the two signifying Kageyama's affiliation with the second division. Because of how Kageyama typically dresses, the tattoo is not usually shown.

Personality: Kageyama isn't typically the kind to initiate conversation for no reason. He keeps a serious, and sometimes somber appearance. He portrays himself as stoic to the viewing public. While he does tend to shy away from social interaction, Kageyama is by no means incapable of it. When in conversation, he sticks first to being taciturn and to the point. His answers are decisive, and often blunt sparing no moment to self-censor or reconsider. Even when making a joke, Kageyama seems somewhat serious, to the point that none would think of it as a joke without first thinking about it simply because of his tone of voice.

For the most part, Kageyama isn't the type to "hang out". He isn't part of any particular circle of friends, and doesn't intend to be in the future. While Kageyama does have friends, he often won't be the one to invite them out anywhere, and for the most part, won't get invitations to anything. Others think of him as something of a "sour sport" who can't have fun due to how Kageyama typically presents himself. While this is untrue, Kageyama doesn't really make it a point to prove anyone otherwise.

Unbeknownst to anyone else, Kageyama is actually quite ambitious. Kageyama has ambitions to become among the royal guard, with his own palace and whatnot, far away from the barracks life of the usual Seireitei. Kageyama also believes himself to be quite old, twice the age as the others in which he shares the barracks with. Kageyama has in fact considered suicide at a younger age as an attempt to reincarnate back into the human world, but recanted knowing full well the repercussions. In his old age, Kageyama has also taken quite the time for self reflection. This is typically done alone, where it is only his voice, believing that an external force, even one that is "part of him" would be too disruptive. Kageyama does not keep any record of his own past, his history existing to him simply in the form of recollections as well as what others think of him. Kageyama has almost no memory of his life as a human, and it often only occurs to him some times as a nightmare which vanishes as the day begins.

Killing hollows is more of a job to Kageyama, and so he does it quickly and effectively. Kageyama spares not a moment to make his presence known, often simply diving onto his target, slashing their mask, and moving on to the next target. Sparring is a different situation, however. While in a spar, or a fight with someone who actually knows Kageyama, he actually assumes that the opponent knows something about him, and thus changes his strategy to accommodate this. In which case he actually tends to poke fun at his opponent in an attempt to infuriate them and trigger a response to make them more prone to attack.

In spite of his normally cool head, however, Kageyama can have very strong opinions. He won't attack anything without reason to, but when he doesn't particular like someone, he will often do his best to attack them. This is often in a passive-aggressive manner, which Kageyama personally doesn't like when used on himself. When the situation calls however, Kageyama is very active aggressive.

When helping souls pass on, Kageyama makes himself known with his mask off and his face completely revealed. He carries himself with a lot of bearing and discipline towards the recently deceased, seeing himself as an ambassador to the dead. While he remains serious, he attempts to be as friendly as possible in order to aid the souls he helps in making peace with death, answering as many questions as he is asked in as truthful a manner as possible.

Kageyama has a philosophy and political opinion that is best described as reactionary. Kageyama's opinion on the soul society is an over all negative one. Though he has only faint recollections of his human life, he could remember that his vision of the afterlife when he was alive was much nicer. He sees the soul society as a place in need of some sort of social change, but as a shinigami, cannot offer much direct hep. To the seireitei, Kageyama acts as a subtle force. On his free-time, Kageyama goes on his own missions which he deems as "labors of love" where he investigates areas around the soul society, and attempts to help the locals without making his presence known. Kageyama cares little for human world politics, and only ever pays attention once in a while when on down-time during missions.


• When something goes as planned
• When someone supports his ideas and agrees with him
• Actually enlightening conversations
• The feeling that he made a difference some how
• The screams of his enemies


• The realization that the enemy is more like himself
• Those who think too highly of themselves
• Wronging those who don't deserve it
• The taste of seafood
• Songs where there is an air horn playing the melody


• Keeps a strong poker face in normal situations
• Naturally kind heart that actually tries to give back to the community
• Not prone to emotional break down
• Tries to keep his own emotions away from his work and other people's lives

Fears and Weaknesses:
• Poker face crumbles when faced against an opponent that explicitly conflicts with Kageyama's ideas ad does so in a particularly snarky manner
• Can't handle publicity, and often gets a bloated head after getting recognition for a good deed, thus leading to Kageyama cloistering himself
• Has a constant need to keep himself in check
• Something of a hypocrite, which he attempts to catch himself on but does anyways out of habit then hates himself later on for doing it

• Live a lavish lifestyle away from the troubles of the worlds
• Make life less horrible for everybody else somehow
• Establish himself as being capable of taking on opponents far stronger than he

Now, a New Rival. Fight!

List of 'Known' Skills:

• Shunpo
• Basic Reiatsu Detection
• Basic Hakuda

Fighting Style: For the majority of Kageyama's fights, which comprise of low level hollows, the opponent is taken care of quickly, quietly, and relentlessly. Kageyama sneaks up on the hollow, revealing his energy only as a trap to attract the hollow to him. Then, when it gets close, Kageyama slashes its mask in half as soon as it becomes open. Kageyama spares no time to initiate conversation, knowing he will never speak to his opponent ever again. If a hollow may be more challenging, then Kageyama will spare no time in revealing his shikai and defeating it in such a form.

The same holds true for stronger named opponents, where Kageyama will sneak up on the opponent, then relentlessly attack until the opponent falls. The moment Kageyama deems his opponent as any sort of a threat, he attempts to finish the job quickly by immediately unleashing shikai. While in this state, Kageyama typically waits for the opponent to transform again with the assumption that he has won, then transforms himself (assuming he is capable of doing so) to finish the job.

While fighting against an opponent he knows personally, however, Kageyama forgoes any sort of gambit. He retains the elements of stealth and continues to make choices based on the power his opponent displays but does so under the assumption that his opponent knows what he is capable of. Kageyama spares no time to pull the punches, immediately powering up to his strongest form before unleashing his onslaught. The intent is to push the opponent to power up to their strongest form, though Kageyama may attempt to actually defeat the opponent without allowing his opponent to actually do so.

While sparring, Kageyama abandons any element of stealth or tactics believing it to be more fun than anything else. Kageyama typically remains in an unpowered state until his opponent agrees to train otherwise. He sees sparring with less of an intense eye, and thus attempts to challenge his opponent, but without really the intent of "winning". For the most part, Kageyama allows the opponent to "win", unless he believes they don't deserve to for one reason or another.

This is my Weapon; There are Many Like it, but This One is Mine.

Zanpakuto Name: Nanbokusenso (南北線そ)
Zanpakuto Element: Projectile, Kido
Sealed Weapon Appearance: In its base form, Nanbokusenso has an almost shamefully elaborate and eclectic design. The blade is long, almost as long as Kageyama's legs. The blade, though curves and tapers, has a mean width of two inches from edge to back. The blade has a single edge, the rib made thick in order to support the blade. The blade appears to have the luster of silver. The groove along the edge is decorated with eccentric waves and whorls which remain localized to the edge. A shallow ridge is near the rib of the blade which stems from the base of the blade up to the tip. The tip itself is a round curve which still lends itself well to stabbing. Running mid-line along the blade on one side is the kanji for North, and the other side the kanji for South each written four times in gold which lay flat on the blade. The long, green silhouette of an eastern-style dragon runs through the blade, weaving back and forth between the sides of the blade.

The collar of the zanpakuto is gold in color and triangular shaped. Nanbokusenso in its base form lacks a cross guard. The hilt has a make of apparently fine grain, dark oak wood. The hilt is long to accommodate both hands, and there are ridges on the hilt to make it more comfortable to hold. The sheathe is made of the same wood, so that when sheathed, Nanbokusenso almost appears as a walking stick.

Nanbokusenso is accompanied with another, much shorter blade which matches Nanbokusenso except smaller, though both are Nanbokusenso. Kageyama wears the two as a daisho pair, with both holstered on the left side of his waist, with the longer sword over the shorter sword.

Spirit Appearance: When asked about the appearance of his zanpakuto spirit, Kageyama describes Nanbokusenso as a remarkable tall (almost twice Kageyama's height) gentleman dressed in western, 19th century styled garb. Nanbokusenso has a completely bald head. He has a thick, long beard. He wears a gray suit with a white dress shirt, and gray pants with a gold trim. He wears a black colored stetson and black bow tie. The most notable part about Nanbokusenso is that he has no face. It is a little unnerving, considering that he still speaks.
Spirit Personality: Nanbokusenso is described by Kageyama being very fatherly and mature, but sometimes crude. Nanbokusenso puts on the the guise of a stern old man. His personality matches Kageyama in that they are both serious with a lot of bearing. He is strict and aggressive, loud mouthed with a lot of banter. Nanbokusenso is tough on Kageyama, but only in order to make him stronger. Though he tries to make himself hated, Nanbokusenso is in truth actually very kind; though he paints himself as a bad guy in order to assert his own dominance.
Inner World: Kageyama's inner world manifests itself as a series of large green sea turtles swimming in a seemingly infinite black space with a starry background, seemingly illuminated from nowhere in particular. The turtles themselves are just large enough for three people to stand on them comfortably. While the turtles move their flippers, they remain stationary and floating in the same area. Each turtle is different from every other turtle in some way, with no turtle being exactly the same. It is unknown as to how many turtles there are, simply because there are so many turtles. The turtles are an average of ten meters from each other, the shortest distance being two meters, and the longest being closer to the avenue of fifty.

Shikai Release Phrase: Bring on
Shikai Appearance: Nanbokusenso can only achieve shikai when sheathed, with or without declaring the release command.  Loosely speaking, Nanbokusenso resembles a pair of elaborately designed tanegashima rifles. The long sword turns into a long rifle with a wood oaken body with the same make as the hilt and sheathe of base form Nanbokusenso. It uses a rifle grip which extends into a wooden stock with a flat canvas sized about the same length and width as the pocket of Kageyama's right shoulder. The long rifle barrel is a bright silver-like luster with the kanji for north written in gold and the silhouette of the tail of an eastern style dragon. It uses iron-sights with a small form structure at the front of the barrel as the front-sight aperture, and a retractable metal rear-sight aperture. Underneath the barrel is fixed a bayonet tanto styled in the same way as Nanbokusenso's base form save the intricate blade plating. The shorter pistol-sized part of the zanpakuto appears as a sawed-down version of the first, without the butt-stock without a bayonet, and with a much shorter barrel. Nanbokusenso does not use physical ammo, and thus has no real slot or need to chamber or eject ammo and casings.
Shikai Abilities:

Name: Reiatsu Projection
Effect: The primary, and most obvious of Nanbokusenso's power is the ability to fire a focused projectile of solid reishi in the form of small bursts of small, pink energy balls. Kageyama is capable of firing these projectiles indefinitely. They travel up to 400 meters away at a speed of 140 miles per second. Kageyama can fire a single round every second. The power is equivalent to a low level kido and is consistent regardless of which rifle Kageyama fires from.

Name: Kido Enhancement
Effect: Kageyama may also cast kido through Nanbokusenso. While cast through Nanbokusenso, Kageyama requires neither to use an incantation, nor to even call out the spell's name. Instead, Kageyama may nearly think the name of the spell with the intent to use it. The spell has the same power as it would without incantation. The kido is fired through the barrel. Kageyama must have used the kido while in shikai without Nanbokusenso first before being capable of using this ability.

Shikai Techniques:

Technique Name: Basic Projectile Blast
Technique Description: The standard projectile attack fired by Nanbokusenso. It is the equivalent to the standard energy slash of other shinigami and equally as usable. Kageyama may fire one projectile every post without consequence.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The cavitation is strong enough that Kageyama can miss by a foot and still put a wound on his opponent.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Might blast a sizable hole into the body, possibly blasting straight through if hit.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Will impact the body and leave a modest hole and might leave an exit wound.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: When hit, will create an impact wound, but only an exit wound on the softest of targets.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Leaves a decent sized crater, but probably won't rend more than some subcutaneous flesh if anything.

Technique Name: Mark for Death: Dance of Ritual Sacrifice
Technique Description: A standard and basic attack used by Kageyama which is simply a direct improvement of his basic attack. It was an ability with was developed as a natural next-step, which focuses his spirit energy within Nanbokusenso as well as using the zanpakuto's own power, to fire a larger than normal attack. Kageyama can charge this attack up to three stages, each charge using one post and increasing the FAR of the attack by +1 each stage. This power takes two posts before being capable of being used again, and three posts should it be fully charged. Should Kageyama charge to the third stage, he suffers from a -1 to his attack and defense FAR the post immediately after its use- regardless of whether the attack was successful. If Kageyama is his hit while charge, the technique fails producing a small contained explosion. Should the technique fail three times, Nanbokusenso reverts to its base form, and Kageyama must wait three posts before returning to shikai.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The cavitation is strong enough that Kageyama can miss by a foot and still put a wound on his opponent.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Might blast a sizable hole into the body, possibly blasting straight through if hit.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Will impact the body and leave a modest hole and might leave an exit wound.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: When hit, will create an impact wound, but only an exit wound on the softest of targets.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Leaves a decent sized crater, but probably won't rend more than some subcutaneous flesh if anything.

Technique Name: No Holds Barred: Dance of the Three-Headed Beast
Technique Description: Only usable using Nanbokusenso's long rifle. This allows Kageyama to fire three rounds of his basic attack in quick succession, or to use a single kido three times at once. This technique has no charge time. It follows the same rule of the base ability in that Kageyama must use the kido without Nanbokusenso before casting it through Nanbokusenso. Dance of the Three-Headed Beast cannot be used twice in quick succession. Should a kido be used, Kageyama cannot use the same kido for three posts after using it through Nanbokusenso using this power.

Technique Effect Chart:

Opponent is Two+ Tiers Lower: The cavitation is strong enough that Kageyama can miss by a foot and still put a wound on his opponent.
Opponent is One Tier Lower: Might blast a sizable hole into the body, possibly blasting straight through if hit.
Opponent is Equal Tier: Will impact the body and leave a modest hole and might leave an exit wound.
Opponent is One Tier Higher: When hit, will create an impact wound, but only an exit wound on the softest of targets.
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: Leaves a decent sized crater, but probably won't rend more than some subcutaneous flesh if anything.

Technique Name: Tongue of the Screaming Dragon: Dance of the Raging Serpent
Technique Description: After this technique has been charged for one post, for or five posts, Nanbokusenso's shorter half gains a bayonet. While the bayonet is out, Kageyama gets temporary AR+1 (after Shikai). After those five posts, the bayonet disappears and Kageyama loses the power boost. Kageyama must wait five posts before using this technique again.


Spell Name: Sho
Spell Type: Hadou
Spell Number: 1
Spell Incantation: Unknown
Spell Effect:Fires a short, repulsive wave of energy which pushes the target away from Kageyama.

Spell Name: Byakurai
Spell Type: Hadou
Spell Number: 4
Spell Incantation: Unknown
Spell Effect: Fires a beam of electrical energy through Kageyama's fingers. If cast through Nanbokusenso, the beam fires through the bayonet if using the long rifle, increasing the range of the attack slightly, but decreasing the attack FAR -1. If using Dance of the Three-Headed Beast, the attack fires through the barrel regardless which half of Nanbokusenso is used.

Spell Name: Shakkako
Spell Type: Hadou
Spell Number: 31
Spell Incantation: Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!
Spell Effect: Fires a ball of red energy from Kageyama's hands, or through the barrels of Nanbokusenso. Kageyama cannot use Dance of the Three-Headed Beast to fire this attack three times, however, he may use Dance of Ritual Sacrifice in order to increase its attack up to three stages (Kido FAR +1 each stage). which is similar to the base attack, except with a fire element. This kido cannot be used for two posts upon being used through Nanbokusenso through Dance of Ritual Sacrifice.

Spell Name: Tenran
Spell Type: Hadou
Spell Number: 58
Spell Incantation: Unknown
Spell Effect: Fires a swirling tornado which surges forward and engulfs the target.

Spell Name: Sai
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 1
Spell Incantation: Unknown
Spell Effect: Fires a ray of reishi from Kageyama's hands or Nanbokusenso's barrels which winds the target's hands together to form handcuffs.

Spell Name: Hainawa
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 4
Spell Incantation: Unknown
Spell Effect: Fires a ray of energy from Kageyama to the opponent, binding them.

Spell Name: Seki
Spell Type: Bakudo
Spell Number: 8
Spell Incantation: Unknown
Spell Effect: Focuses a ball of energy into one area outside of Kageyama's body which repulses anything which hits it.

Behind the Mask

Inner Hollow Appearance: Amayakuro is the name of Kageyama's hollow. While Kageyama visits his inner world, Amayakuro takes on the form of a small child in a blue vest and brown stetson. Kageyama believes it to be a manifestation of Nanbokusenso's shorter sawed-off rifle, to which he is partly correct, in that the smaller half was created as a response to Amayakuro's own spirit energy. Amayakuro's true form, however, is that of a tall emaciated man with long, black hair down to his knees; and pale, almost cyanotic skin. Like Nanbokusenso, Amayakuro has no face.
Mask Appearance: The mask appears as a smooth, concave slate which curves into Kageyama's face. It is split right in the middle horizontally, with the top part being white, and the bottom half being black. Out of the bottom half is a vicious array of teeth which are the only detail to Kageyama's otherwise spartan mask.
Mask Ability: None
Mask Duration: 0, Kageyama has yet learned to use the mask; Amayakuro only takes control should Kageyama be on the verge of death, in which Amayakuro has eight posts to defeat the enemy, or otherwise they both die.
Mask Techniques: None

Tell me your story...

Kageyama's background is a curious one, in which because of his old age, Kageyama isn't entirely sure about himself. After spending over three hundred years in the Seireitei, Kageyama's only reminder of his human life had become his last name, which he had clung to for a reason he had long forgotten. His zanpakuto gives him ephemeral glimpses of his past, but in a nature comparable to day dreams in which the feeling faded away briefly after coming back to his senses. How he became a vizard is also a mystery. All in the Gotei 13, including himself, are not even aware that Kageyama possesses vizard powers.


Kageyama was born in late the Muromachi era during the turmoil of the Sengoku period. As a child, he was left behind as his parents fled a samurai invasion of Kageyama's birth village which had been subsequently burned down. There, Kageyama was discovered by a low ranking samurai,  Kensuke Kageyama, who then took the orphaned child as his own, and gave the child a name. Kageyama was raised by servants up until his fifth year, when the Kageyama mansion was itself razed by enemy samurai. Then the young Kanamaru was one of two survivors. The other was a worker at the estate- one of Kageyama's care-takers.

The Kageyama clan had looked over a town which produced matchlock rifles, called tanegashima. That town, however, was soon destroyed. The care-taker, once Kensuke's tutor, had begun to instruct Kageyama in the ways of the samurai. In addition to etiquette, Kageyama was taught to use a sword. Then, when he was old enough, Kageyama asked of the mechanisms which his care-taker had always seemed to maintain. It was then, when Kageyama was taught basic rifle marksmanship. The care-taker, being as old as he was, could not offer Kageyama a proper training partner. The training, nonetheless, was rigorous. Kageyama was pushed hand and knee to become a strong, muscular samurai.

On Kageyama's 19th year, his master died. Kageyama was left a ronin. Not long after, however, he had heard news of men forming up to invade another continent. Kageyama could not pass off the opportunity to join the fray and test his abilities. Kageyama's entry was overseen by a daimyo, Hideyoshi, who had watched Kageyama very closely. Due to his training, Kageyama had little difficulty in joining the war. Without much experience in human interaction, Kageyama's conversation with the other troops were rudimentary at best. Many regarded him as, though a good samurai, too socially awkward to be enlightening. Still, Kageyama fought valiantly.

Kageyama at the time, was known for using two tanegashima at the same time, a feat which he had accomplished by keeping his rifles loaded before combat. Kageyama was noted for his longevity in battle, surviving many battles in the Korean invasion. He was nick-named the Twin-Headed Dragon, because of his use of the tanegashima. With superior fire power, Kageyama played a great role in his company's victory, enough for him to return home. When he did, Kageyama was far too old to aid in the war effort, and others had barred his entry from other wars in spite of Kageyama's alleged vigor. He had retired then to travelling through Japan, challenging dojos before killing off their members in cold blood using his tanegashima. He had even, at one point, met Miyamoto Musashi. The two clashed, and noted each other for their similar styles. Without a decisive victory, the two moved on.

Kageyama met his death alone in the woods near a small village. He had been sick for some time then. When a combination of disease and old age had hit him, Kageyama collapsed, unable to move on again. He died peacefully- but not the way he wanted to.

A hollow had manifested besides Kageyama's dead body, emerging on the town and slaughtering its people. This hollow was not Kageyama himself, but that of another who had died. As a hollow, its ability was to gain the powers and experiences of its victims, and Kageyama was among its first victims. Those who could see the hollow referred to it as a Two-Headed Dragon with a wide, gaping maw; and large, biting teeth. As a weak hollow, Kageyama was slain with relative ease. While Kageyama became the primary personality of the hollow, some bits of the other souls the hollow had eaten remained, and did reincarnate properly as expected.
Reincarnation Arc:

The first time Kageyama was referred to as "Kanamaru" was in the Soul Society. Kageyama had a different first name as a human, but was always more comfortable with his last name. It was the name he had given everyone, though as he grew acquainted with his clique within the sereitei, his new friends in the afterlife had taken to referring him as "Kanamaru" as the name he gave simply seemed too formal.

Eventually, Kageyama's human name faded away, until nothing was left of Kageyama and Kanamaru. He still preferred being called Kageyama, however. Kageyama was one of the few in the group who had strong enough spirit energy to grow hungry. He was normally very hungry, and ate frequently, often hunting for food in the more rural areas of the soul society, though often having to steal it. It was the worst afterlife Kageyama could have imagined, and for the longest time, he and his friends had dreams of leaving the shabby seireitei behind. He and his friends made promises to each other to join the ranks of shinigami at the palace at there 100th year.

When the time came, however, Kageyama was the only one ambitious enough to enter. Kageyama made it in his second try, after many long hours of study. There, he was simply "Kageyama" once again. Kageyama had average scores. Nothing about him was particularly interesting. He graduated among the rest. Kageyama started out with one single assauchi. While in the academy, after consuming enough of Kageyama's spirit energy, the assauchi had split into two seperate zanpakuto; one a katana, the other a wakizashi.

While in the academy, Kageyama was known to be very disciplined. His instructors made sure Kageyama had always kept his bearing, reinforcing this behavior throughout their classes. Kageyama was not the only student they focused on, however, it was Kageyama in which these lessons stuck. It was in the academy when Kageyama adopted his no-nonsense personality, initially as a show for his superiority to the other students, though the others did not think of him in such a way.

Nanbokusenso's name was revealed around the same time other shinigami began learning the names of their zanpakuto, with Kageyama being among the earliest of his graduating class, though by no means the first. When he presented his shikai, his peers were not impressed.

Shortly after graduation, Kageyama was assigned to the second division, as he believed it was best for him. He earned notoriety as one of the few (possibly only) snipers in the gotei 13. His talent as a soul reaper, on the other hand, were questionable.
Kageyama Hollowfies for the First Time:
It was while Kageyama fought another mysterious vizard, when Kageyama first discovered his own vizard powers. The Gotei 13 had sent Kageyama to do a quick, clean job, then dispose of the body before returning to the Soul Society to enjoy the resulting pay. Kageyama was given time for preparation, and was trained through specific programs from the Gotei 13 before heading off on his mission. The name of the vizard was unknown, and Kageyama cared little to ask.

Just as Kageyama was ready to defeat the vizard, when the smoke faded the mask was revealed. The second time, at least. After Kageyama's first attack, he fired as soon as he noticed its silhouette. Then, the vizard jumped from the resulting dust cloud to attack Kageyama with mask donned, and zanpakuto in shikai. Kageyama recalled its zanpakuto using the water element, firing water from secondary slots floating freely above the vizard.

For a time, the two seemed evenly matched. However, as time passed by, Kageyama was simply incapable of keeping up. In a battle of brute strength, Kageyama had nearly lost. His techniques simply took too long to use. and Kageyama was defeated. At that moment, Amayakuro took over. The mask formed over Kageyama's face with a surge of dark energy, and with violent relentlessness, the enemy was done with quickly, and narrowly escaped with his life.

After it had gone, Kageyama dropped on the ground, only to be found by other shinigami much later on, when he was nursed back to health.

RP Sample:
Sample RP post:
With a strong whoosh of spirit energy as a crater formed beneath the two, Kageyama's blade clashed with that of another. Their energies collided, Kageyama purposely releasing more in order to give himself the appearance of being larger. His opponent, however, was not to be underestimated, for his opponent was a vizard. Kageyama was specifically tasked to take it down and at first, he thought it being a simple task- simply take it down before it noticed. However, as soon as Kageyama released enough spirit energy to enter shikai, the vizard had taken notice, and used shunpo to get next to Kageyama before Kageyama could even respond.

The vizard's next action, however, Kageyama braced himself for. Kageyama moved his zanpakuto just in time to guard from the enemy's attack, forming a crater in the hill Kageyama had just been laying on. Kageyama jumped back, fearing the worst, but keeping a straight face. His opponent was quiet, and Kageyama was intent to maintain the relative silence, speaking using only his blade. Without hesitation, Kageyama sheathed his zanpakuto and removed the longer part from his belt.

"Bring on; NANBOKUSENSO!" Kageyama cried out. The zanpakuto glowed as Kageyama began to radiate with spirit energy. A flash of energy engulfed Kageyama and his zanpakuto as a strong aura permeated through the area, growing stronger as Kageyama began to show more and more of his spirit energy. It was an intimidating display which Kageyama had always disliked for its lack of tactical worth, but always used against stronger opponents to appear stronger. As the energy stabilized, the light which swallowed up Kageyama dispersed in a brilliant light show, as flower-petal-like sparks filled the area.

Emerging from these sparks, Kageyama arose, a long rifle in one hand, and a shorter one in the other. "My zanpakuto, Nanbokusenso" Kageyama stated. Kageyama stood in the air above his opponent as if to seem impressive, aiming his barrels roughly at the vizard below. His fingers curled slowly onto the trigger. Kageyama was ready to fire, and was very intent on killing his opponent without a doubt in his mind. The scare tactics were made in attempt to cull his opponent, drawing the vizard closer to Kageyama for a better shot with his Nanbokusenso.

"No Holds Barred" Kageyama started "Dance of the Three-Headed Beast." Kageyama squeezed his hand against the trigger and held it there, as three rounds of condensed reiatsu flew from them in a short burst. As Kageyama felt the shots fire from Nanbokusenso, he released his fingers and dropped the longer Nanbokusenso. With the longer one on the ground, Kageyama through the shorter Nanbokusenso to his right hand, his primary firing hand.

It was strange for Kageyama to use such a strong attack the first time, but Kageyama wanted to make sure his own victory. Kageyama was unsure of what his opponent was truly capable of. Niether have really said a word to each other, and so Kageyama felt it proper to play it safe. He knew how strong the vizard were, and their ability to don their vizard masks to increase attack power. Kageyama had to defeat the enemy before that happened, but was still prepared to fight should he fail his initial attempt.

While the six rounds headed toward Kageyama's target, so did Kageyama himself. "Shunpo!" he shouted, as he seemingly vanished. Kageyama appeared once more behind his target. He was falling slowly, pointing his barrel forward toward his opponent. A smile had formed on Kageyama's face, but quickly faded away, the part of Kageyama that wanted to keep composure. Still, he was ready to fire, waiting for his opponent to respond to his first attack.

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Can you please change your username to your characters name?

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Posted in the thread; Requesting a grader.

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UGH I HAVE BEEN SUMMONED!!! After reading through this, I feel confident in giving this a Tier 3-2. If you flesh it out a bit more, say give it a few different techniques and perhaps even adding to the History section, I would be more comfortable giving this a 3-1. Awaiting next grader's opinion.

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going over the app, I think tier 3-1 is a suitable tier for this one, although I do wanna point out that we have a offical kido list now for you to take kido from, just in case you would like to check them, the link is here:

I'm just saying that there is a bit of lack of detail revolving around the kido list so just in case the ones in the kido list can give you more detailed versions, then please do so, but if that's your choice, I'll make ya tier 3-1 ^^

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at Kanamaru's request, I'm locking and approving this for tier 3-3 Smile

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