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on Sat Sep 26, 2015 4:08 pm

You might be a mod, and your character might be a death god, but you cannot Godmod.

Godmodding is as bad as it sounds. Characters that have no weaknesses, or have only a few, completely UN-exploitable weaknesses are Godmod. Also a character who takes no damage even from a direct hit of a powerful attack is also Godmod. Characters such as these are often categorized as “Main Characters” That’s right. No character should be able to be on the level of a Main character such as Ichigo or Aizen. They were both Godmod in the end, Ichigo morose but you get the picture.

Also falling in this category is Auto-Hitting. In your post you are not allowed to state that your attack was a hit. You can dodge your opponent’s attacks in your post, you can launch your own attack, you can even work out a logical setup to make it so that your opponent is less likely to be able to escape, but you cannot say that your attack hit them.

An example:

Player 1 jumps at Player 2, then uses Shunpo to get behind Player 2, and before Player 2 can react, Player 1 slashes upward with his zanpakuto, slicing deeply into Player 2’s back.

Wasn’t that bad? Not only was it boring and unimaginative, but Player 1 didn’t give Player 2 a chance to counterattack. Let’s look at how it should be written.

Player 1stared intently at Player 2, looking for an opening. Player 1 noticed that Player 2 was holding his Zanpakuto in a left handed fashion, which hinted that he was weak on his right side. It occurred to Player 1 that if he attacked the right side Player 2 might not be able to react as quickly as if he attacked the left side. But that alone, might not be enough.

With a quick motion from his arm, Player 1 launched an unspoken Bakudo, the Climbing Binding Chains, at Player 2, if they hit Player 2 then that would leave him unable to attack. In the second after the Chains flew at Player 2, Player 1 sprang up above Player 2, swinging his zanpakuto in a high arc over his head and aimed to bring it down on top of Player 2. If Player 2 concentrated on the chains it was likely that Player 1 would slice him, but if Player 2 watched the attack from above and tried to dodge it, the chains were most likely going to bind him in place.

There, that’s how it should be done. There was no auto hitting and it left room for many options for both players.


Also if it your post and someone is attacking you, don’t do some bogus dodge, take the hit. I don’t want to see people shunpoing out of the way if they are bound by a Bakudo or something similar. Dodging everything makes rping dull and makes your character inch closer to godmod.

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