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Bleach Story Badge System

List of Badges:

To earn this complete a site-wide plot or sub-plot 100%. This means you must have participated in ALL of the plot threads.

Battle Addict
Participate in over five battle threads with any characters to earn this badge.

Social Hell Butterfly
Participate in over seven social roleplay threads to earn this badge.

Colored Badges:

Colored badges are usually used as event and contest awards. They can be earned in the following ways:
- Win a TPW.
- Win an OTM.
- Purchase one for five points.
- Actively participate in and finish at least one site-wide plot thread.
- Freely make and give rp template/art/graphics to at least three members.
- More ways are welcome to be suggested but not guaranteed to be added.

Once you get all nine badges, you can trade them in for a super exclusive badge and work for them again for more prizes!

First time you get all nine
Bronze BS Member Badge
An extra character slot
No cooldown and half the word count for any training thread.

Second time
Silver BS Member Badge
Extra character slot
One free ability and technique.

Third time
Gold Member Badge
All of the colored badges!
One tier up for a character.

Rules and Form:

- No spamming this thread; requests only. If you have questions or suggestions, please PM a mod!
- Badges and prizes can be subject to change at any time.
- For colored badges, your first colored badge will ALWAYS be the default one. For any others after that, you get to pick the color. If you don't specify the color, though, you will be given a random one.
- Use the template below to request badges!

[b]Badge Wanted:[/b]

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-Credits for the badges goes to Yuki.

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Username: Izuna Kimura
Badge Wanted: 1st Coloured Badge.
Proof/Reason: First in the Top Poster of the Week.
Other: N/A

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Username: Kaitou
Badge Wanted: 2nd Colored Badge
Proof/Reason: My template bro~
Other: Nyaa

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Username: Graven Fel
Badge Wanted: Battle Addict
Proof/Reason: I've done plenty on Graven Razz
Other: 2 Tier Trainings, A Segunda Training, RP Sample Thread, Technique Training

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