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#1 Top Poster of The Week {Year 2015} on Sun Sep 20, 2015 10:28 am

Top Poster of The Week Rules & Guidlines

Only 1 winner would be chosen each week.
The winner would be awarded with a unique kind of badge.
The posting games section is also back; use it if you want to win.

The counting is not done manually, it's counted by the board it's self. So definitely no favoritism.
Go here to check it, if you so wish;

Everyone's participation in this contest is mandatory.

P.S: This contest will be held every week.


TPW Rookie: Winning the TPW for the first time.

TPW Dark Star: Winning the TPW 3 times in a row.

TPW Beast: Winning the TPW 5 times in a row.

-With a free tier up.

TPW Shocker: Winning the TPW 8 times in a row.

The King: Winning the TPW 10 times in a row.

TPW Eternal: Winning the TPW 15 times in a row.

--With a free tier up.

Best of luck to everyone. :D

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