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on Thu Aug 27, 2015 3:38 am


Cero Espada
Cero Espada
NPC Template

Identity of a Soul

Name: Hane
Alias: Tercera-Sama
Age of Appearance: 23
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Arrancar
Character Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Hane is quiet and reserved, only speaking when she feels she needs to. She is powerful but reclusive, and can count her friends on the fingers of one hand. In combat, she is unrelenting and vicious, belying her calm nature.

Her Zanpakuto is named Gavilán, or Hawk, using the command to molt in order to enter Resurreccion. Her techniques revolve around slicing her opponents apart using her feathers.

Her Aspect of Death is Greed, and she does well to quell it considering that she is the embodiment of it.

Intended Role: Hane is to be the 3rd Espada, and is supposed to be approximately Tier 2-3 or higher.
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