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#21 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Thu Sep 17, 2015 11:24 pm

As Tengen stepped from the Senkaimon the first thing he would experience is the spiritually rich air. As his eyes adjusted to his homeland he would gasp in air. It was exactly as he remembered it with the exception of a few buildings and the hordes of powerful spiritual pressure like he's never experience before. At first it would take a while for his body to readjust to these conditions but within those few moments his of adjustment he was being carried of to the Central 46 compound for arraignment. Tengen wonder who the judge would be and if their decision would work in his favor. As they arrived to the guarding checkpoint   two rather obnoxious guardsmen attempted to agitate Luke by bringing up the past. Tengen listened carefully but did not dare to speak as he learned of Luke's past. Every person has a past but it depends on the actions one takes during their present day that counts.

It had seemed Luke paid for his sins so Tengen dared not to judge him. He would only offer up a nod as he was transferred from his care onto Central 46's. Once inside the building Tengen would watch as his zanpaktuo was taken by the guardsman and he was forced to abandon his clothing from the world of the living. He now wore a plain white kimono without any foot ware before continuing onto the court room.  He was forced to walk into the center of a rather large room where several dozens of people looked down upon him. Feeling a little stressed Tengen wait for the trial to began before offering his speech to protect himself. Tengen listed carefully to the actions he has committed and the evidence found by Luke. Tengen would then stare at the official the head judge called upon to reach a verdict. But before

Tengen could state his claim the rather older lady would began giving her verdict. It was painful to hear discuss her father's experiments as well as the trauma he received that day. They had even received the video footage of the terrible events. What shocked Tengen the most was the old lady's decision of rehabilitating him back into the Soul Society even after killing his own father as well as attempting to destroy and or tamper with crucial evidence. They have came to the decision that Tengen's crimes weren't worth a harsh sentencing seeing as how what happened we're all illegal acts of terrorism.  The surprised and rather happy Tengen would be lead out of the courtroom after receiving his verdict.

He found it incredibly strange that he did not manage to get a a words in but he didn't care. He was now getting everything he had wanted back he was one step closer to finding the place called "Home." Upon receiving his own brand new Shihakushō he would follow the guardsmen to where his zanpaktuo was located before being removed from Central 46 grounds. As he exited the entrance from which he came he would notice Like waiting for him to exit. Had he been their the entire time? As Luke referred to his court trail Tengen could do nothing but same as he perform a small leap into the air.

"I am allowed to continue my duties as a shinigami and must relearn the duties in which I have abandoned these passed years. Oh and apparently I'm stronge enough to qualify as a 3rd Seat.... But no...  I'm aiming for a Vice Captain's spot, the things I've experienced lately have taught me a lot more than what I have failed to grasp while performing my own rather unorthodox training methods."

It was then that Tengen realized he had no where to go. Even if he was able to fight for a Vice Captain spot which squad would he report to. Where would he live? These questions purged his mind but for anyone as intelligent as Luke he could be able to read Tengen's minds just by the expression's on his face. If he could remember correctly he originally belonged to squad six which was often sent to the world of the living and also provided direct orders for the Head Captain would this be where he would return to?

WC: 713

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#22 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Sat Sep 19, 2015 3:13 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke took note of Tengen as he was escorted out the central 46 compound; now wearing a standard shinigami's Shihakushō, carrying his zanpakuto in his arms as he walked up the path to Luke. Luke then listened to Tengen's response to his question about becoming a shinigami once again and noting he had enough strength to be able to go for a third seat's position in a squad, however noting his desire to become a lieutenant of the squad he was ordered to join.

Luke nodded his head before he would gesture for Tengen to sit next to him. Whether he did or not, Luke would then respond himself.

"I do agree that you have potential as a third seated officer, I wouldn't push for a lieutenant's position just yet; you see, you just got off getting major punishment by central 46, I don't think rushing for that position when you've only just returned will make things difficult for you, trust me. The best thing is to take that third seat exam and readjust yourself and earn your squad's respect. You've been on the run for a long time and people won't just overlook your crimes, just because your friends with the captain, it's always there, it's subtle, but you'll notice it, so try to speak to their hearts because if you do that, the minds will change in time to warm to you, just be prepared to work on earning your squad's respect and trust again...speaking of which, here's the third seat exam recommendation," Luke explained to Tengen why it would be in his best interest to get the third seat position and keep it for a while before handing him a letter from his old squad, squad six about a upcoming exam for third seat; taking note the Tengen was to lead a offensive strike on a location of choosing; if the exam or mission was successful, Tengen would be made the third seat. It didn't detail what happened if he failed, but Luke was sure that Tengen would know the price for failing his exam.

Luke would then speak again after Tengen had managed to read through the letter.

"Although at least there is a few in the squad willing to give you a second chance, so don't blow it, especially when I'm the examiner for your test in a few days time. Since technically your in my custody till the exam and your transferred over to squad six for the exam and hopefully your new assignment, you'll be staying with me in squad three's barracks till the exam. Whatever you choose to do like training or something for the exam is up to you, but you may not leave the squad three barracks without permission, understand, Tengen-san?" Luke explained to Tengen about bits of the exam and about where he was to stay till the day of the exam. As a small smile appeared on Luke's face, he stood up and stretched his arms and legs, having grown a little stiff from the sitting.

"You know, once I get a captain's position in my squad, the third seat's position and lieutenant's position will be open, It would have been interesting to work with you, Tengen, besides..." Luke would say honestly. If Tengen stood up, Luke would whisper in Tengen's ear, taking on the voice of the older woman who gave him his sentence.

"...Don't forget, I'll be watching," Luke spoke in her voice before he would start walking towards squad three's barracks, gesturing for Tengen to follow. He spoke in the way he did to Tengen just then as he wanted to hint that his judgement wasn't everything it seemed on the surface.

Location;; Outside the central 46 compound, Seireitei
Word Count;; 615
Tags;; Fauna, Tengen
OOC;; Luke be a trolling ;D lol

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#23 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Sun Sep 20, 2015 5:43 am

Tengen would pay careful attention to Luke. He wanted so badly to run freely and escape that in which has been haunting him since his last time here. But now was not the time for a trip down memory lane. He had just been blessed with a chance for a do over and wanted nothing more than to regain his rightful place in the Soul Society.  In doing this he would have to follow protocol and do whatever was needed of him. He knew he would also have to regain the trust of everyone who would come to know of Tengen's past and currently everyone in sqaud would be aware of this.

This was exactly what Luke would touch upon as Tengen was called over to take a seat next to Luke. Agreeing with the judges decision of seeking a third seat position over a lieutenant Tengen would decided thus was necessary. Having just returned it would not be wise to seek a position of such a high status especially with not having the trust and respect of his squad anymore.

"I guess your right. I don't people would be so welcoming at least not now. A lot of people from every Division loved my father. He was even next in line to be voted Captain of squad 12. I hope they understand my decision. Having been betrayed by the one you love most in this world is something that will never go away. Having been lied to and manipulated was..."

Tengen had decided to stop dwelling in the past the future was here. He now has the chance to redeem himself, he would not let his past ruin his future any longer... Having pushed these thoughts to the back of his mind, Tengen would hear Luke speak of both where he would temporarily stay as well small bits of
information about his 3rd Seat exam. It would seem Tengen was on a much shorter leash then he had realized. He was only allowed to roam  through the 3rd Division.

"Seems reasonable."

Tengen would breath the the air in slowly. He was just now starting to relax. There was slight pause in Luke dialogue where Tengen felt himself reach total bliss. This was soon interrupted by a proposition on Luke's behalf that certainly would be beneficial to Tengen. Being asked to move to the Third Division after Luke received Captaincy was an honor. The very fact that he was offered the chance of obtaining Luke's current position or Vice Captaincy was unbelievable to Tengen.

"Yeah, of course Sir it would a unbelievable honor. Seeing as how you maybe be the only person I know in the Soul Society since the last time I was here it would certainly be more comfortable for my readjustment process."

A smile would cover Tengen's face as he watched Luke stand to stretch. It would also seem that he was ready to depart from Central 46 grounds. Tengen would take a stand of his own but something odd would send chills of disbelief through his body as he listened to an all to familiar voice escape Luke's mouth. It was the voice that belonged to one of the officials that handled Tengen's case, in fact it had been the voice of the old lady in which provided his sentencing. At that moment it would click in his mind. That court case had been a little unexpectedly too eay. Tengen never even received a moment to speak which was something that never occurred in this situations. Was this the reason why he earned his freedom. Tengen faces could visibly be seen turning a redish hue as Luke began walking away.

WC: 614

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#24 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Mon Sep 21, 2015 11:59 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke listened to Tengen's responses, pleased that Tengen seemed eager to take up a position in squad three when Luke became captain, it was something that pleased Luke a lot. He would need someone by his side who cared about the squad, someone he could rely on and also someone who understood squad three's despair-based fighting style and way of operating. Besides, He was sure Tengen would be interest to get someway to accessing the squad three evidence locker and getting his father's work.

As he walked away, he saw in Tengen's face starting to realize about what was really going on, his face flushed red. Luke grinned like a devil, turning his head to Tengen.

"I wasn't going to allow them to have you locked up or killed on the sins of your father; a victim shouldn't have to pay for the crimes of the person who did them wrong...But enough about that, just keep it to yourself as our little secret, now Zetsubo, if you would be so kind to escort him to squad three," Luke explained sincerly before looking to his zanpakuto before drawing it and tossing it into the air. Once airborne, the zanpakuto glowed black and started howling like a man who had lost his wife before erupting into black mist before reforming behind Tengen as Luke's zanpakuto spirit. The spirit was tall and appeared to be floating always a few meters above the ground. He was completely black, wearing baggy combat trousers, lined with pockets and a long trench coated that went down to his knees, the front also lined with pockets. at the top, he possessed a large brimmed black cowboy hat and a long, ragged scarf that appeared ripped at the ends as the appeared to float in a invisible wind, his face was completely covered with the scarf covering the bottom and the shade of the cowboy hat covering the top.

"As you wish, Luke," Zetsubo would tell Luke via his telepathic ability as to Tengen, it would appear that Zetsubo would simply be looking at Luke without the spirit saying a single word. Luke would then appear to nod and look to Tengen.

"Ah yes; Tengen, meet my zanpakuto spirit; Zetsubō no Sākuru, although you're cleared of charges, you're still under what humans refer to as house arrest till your third seat exam, now come along, we have to get back to the barracks sooner or later, Tengen," Luke explained to Tengen, introducing his zanpakuto spirit and his reason why before indirectly ordering Tengen in a casual manner to come along to the barracks. Zetsubo would if Tengen didn't move within a reasonable time, would push him forwards, if he moved, then Zetsubo would follow him, floating behind him. Luke would keep walking, but keep a ear out if Tengen had any questions.

When they arrived at the barracks, two unseated squad three members opened the gates for them, having had advanced orders from central 46 to expect them. Luke would then order them to close the gates and to keep them closed for the next few days; anyone leaving without permission would receive punishment.

Luke would have Zetsubo lead him to his room in the barracks that was fitted up like a small self contained flat with a kitchen, large bed, covered in black and red silk blankets and pillows. Waiting for them was a well endowed woman with soft skin, long black hair and blood red eyes. She wore a long red summer dress and matching heels with red roses on the front of the shoes. She giggled at Tengen as Zetsubo dissipated and reformed into his sealed form inside his sheath.

The woman then walked up to Tengen, smiling and giving a sexy purr as she looked him over.

"Oh, he's so handsome and cute, no wonder master likes you so much, oh sorry, I'm Kurai, what's your name?" Kurai said excitedly about Tengen, hinting at Luke's sexual...interests before introducing herself as Kurai and asking Tengen's name. Luke blushed a deep red with shade hiding his eyes before muttering something about having to take care of business in the bathroom.

Location;; Squad three barracks, Seireitei
Word Count;; 690
Tags;; Fauna, Tengen
OOC;; hurr

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#25 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:49 am

Tengen's embarrased face had quickly turned into one of happiness, he woulf feel his heart flutter as Luke explained to him why he had done what he did keeping Ten He felt secure in finding a someone in which he could trust and one that offered up a kindness in which he deserved. Luke has proven to be someone in which Tengen could give his heart to. Having never been introduced with love it wouldn't be surprising if Tengen was open to find it seemingly unorthodox places.

But for now it was time to push this away, it was not the time to let his feeling interfere with his goal. That was one of the many things that led to him being where he was now. This was easier said than done as he watch Luke release his zanapktuo to watch over Tengen. Offering up a nod to the zanpaktuo spirit he would be reminded of the term house arrest. It was fun how human slang could work for many situations in and out of of the spiritual world's. Tengen would follow the silent directions left by Luke and began to follow him to the division barracks. But before he would arrive he was sure to ask at least a few questions,

"So... How has the world changed since my last time here? Is there anything I need to know about the divisions."Tengen would span these two questions out within a time limit that provided an ample amount time to reach the squad three barracks. Upon reaching the gate he would notice two shinigami open the gates in response to Luke's arrival. It would seem Tengen was to leave the premises for at least the next couple of days seeing as how he ordered them to close the gates. Once inside Tengen was lead by Zetsubo to what he assumed to be where he was staying for his duration in the Third Division. It seemed more like an apartment then squad barracks this was something which had changed from his days here. But he wouldn't have time to dwell on this as he noticed an unfamiliar figure began to walk within his view.

The first thing he would notice is her blood red eyes, it was the first time he had seen anyone with them besides him and he was surely intrigued. As the woman began to speak Tengen would began to lock onto her words as she stated that Luke had been attracted to him. Tengen face would instantly turn red revealing that both nervous and somewhat interested in the third seat as well but of course he wouldn't say this. He would offer his had to Kurai before telling her his name as Luke would excuse himself with bloodred cheeks of embarrassment. Oh no Tengen was sure going to put some pressure Luke.

"I'm Tengen Uzuma nice to meet you... Heyah Luke where are you going? Need a hand I could sure be of some sort of assistance... Hehehe..."

WC: 502
((OOC: I So Fell Asleep Earlier... Sorry It Took So Long Lol.))

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#26 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Tue Sep 22, 2015 6:08 pm


Fauna wrote:Take note that this post possess suggestive themes, if you are under the age of 18, try not to read too much into it

Luke Yasenha ;; 2-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke listened to Tengen's questions and thought about the best way to answer them before settling on explaining the current state of affairs.

"Well, currently, I think things are as they were, although I don't know if they have changed since you left, but for the most part, the squads are the same, although its possible that most of the people you knew have left since your disappearance. As you surely know, your squad six is currently like a first deployment squad as when they get orders from the head captain, they are normally the first to mobilize to the scene and engage the enemy; basically squad eleven if they had any amount of brain power between the lot of them. As for squad three, my squad; we assist squad two in capturing those who would break our laws, we also spy on not just our enemies, but our friends, family, anyone and everyone, we even spy on those in the outskirts, beyond even the squad two's patrol corps reach, in that respect, squad three has the most freedom in the soul society, but we also are specialists in detective work, analysis and interrogation as well as gathering information by any means necessary, but our squad also possesses a despair based way of doing things and fighting style. We normally never engage unless we have no choice and the first thing is to try a peaceful solution before battle unless we have orders telling us otherwise. It's a important fact for anyone wanting to join squad three to know what despair is and depending on that will influence what position in the squad you get..." Luke explained about how probably little had changed since Tengen's disappearance besides from possibly new faces and about what squad six, Tengen's currently chosen squad did and about squad three and what it's responsibility was as well as what lay within squad three's hearts and minds.

Luke took a breath to recover himself before speaking again so he could gather his thoughts.

"As for recent news, we had a attack of couple of weeks back by a arrancar who worked for a hollow and arrancar based organisation called the army of blood, they broke through the barrier around the seireitei using some sort of device and heavily injured the lieutenant of squad one and only managed to push him back with help from the newly appointed third seat of squad one, Okami Shiba, but things have been getting worse since then; especially with Graven coming in and organizing a temporary alliance between shinigami and his arrancar organization; the espada. Honestly, I don't trust someone who possesses a vengeance against someone to lead a battle, they normally become personally driven and easier to manipulate then someone who's thinking straight, but regardless of that, there's a civil war in Hueco Mundo and the thirteen court guard squads have been ordered to prepare for war, which means we need to be ready by the time this war starts, because if we ain't, a lot of possibly innocent people will die and the balance we shinigami maintain will be in danger of becoming unbalanced by this conflict, so we must be ready for it," Luke explained about the recent attacks by the army of blood's mad forger and by Graven Fel, the first espada and a fallen king of Hueco Mundo, telling Tengen about the upcoming arrancar civil war and that they must be ready for when it comes.

When Luke managed to get into his bathroom, his face was bright red, more so when Tengen asked if he needed a hand. Luke looked to the door.

"No! I'm fine, I just wanna take care of business," Luke replied, embarrassed before pulling down his trousers and feminine frilly panties and started taking his sealed blade and rubbing it to get it to shikai, making fapping noises as he did so, giving a few moans that could be heard.

Meanwhile, Kurai giggled pervertedly as Tengen asked if Luke wanted help and Luke's response was priceless, she laughed beautifully before sliding her hand into Tengen's hand.

"You two are so cute, Tengen-kun, it seems you like him too, right? if so, why wait for Luke to open the door?" Kurai would tell Tengen, turning him around for a moment to talk to him while giving him a perverted idea that made her giggle again as she could hearing Luke's fapping through the door. She stood on the tips of her heels and whispered in his ear.

"...if you go now, you might be able to see Luke when he goes bankai," she purred, cuddling his arm like she was his girlfriend or something, looking up at him with big blood red eyes like a puppy would give to look innocent as she licked her lips, wondering what Tengen was going to do.

Location;; Luke's quarters, Seireitei
Word Count;; 807
Tags;; Fauna, Tengen
OOC;; The sexual innuendos are real hurr

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#27 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:42 pm


Having acquired the information he needed he would stay silent as Luke answered his questions...

Back within the barracks of the Third Division things where starting to get a little out of hand... Tengen's sly remark about helping Luke with his predicament... had seemed to backfire as Luke turned him down as he entered the bathroom. There was a moment of silence where Tengen thought everything would be fine but what happened next was extremely surprising. The room began to be filled with two very interesting sounds both of which Tengen could distinguish clearly. The first of which was clearly a series of battle cries of Luke's which was amazing and kind of attractive but that wasn't the most important fact.

The next sound was all to familiar especially in Tengen's case. It was the sound made only when one had decided to play with or stimulate their pen- I mean shikai. Tengen's eyes would widen as both of these facts settled in his head. He couldn't believe Luke was partaking in something like that especially at a moment like this. It was hard for him to hide his excitement but he had managed to do so by this time avoiding a red blushing face which seemed to happen a lot here. As much as Tengen tried to not think about the current ongoing events a few feet away in the bathroom Ms. Kurai seemed to have other plans. She had pointed out that Tengen deed in fact have some sort of feelings for Luke. But of course he would not go in that bathroom it was certainly something he was not prepared for in the least, no matter how powerful his Bankai could have been. As Kurai locked onto his arm he would cough to initiate a change of subject before address Kurai's comments.

"I would admit I do feel something towards Luke but I certainly will not act upon it. I wouldn't want to do anything to ruin the possible professional behavior between us to. I will soon transfer to the Third Division after my readjustment process and it would not be decent to screw the Captain.... Anyways is there anyway I could get something to eat or drink all I have had for two days have been a rather dry and tasteless rabbit with nothing to wash it down. It'll be good to give Luke some uhhh... private time, it's starting to get a little loud over here."

It was nice to know that he could get under Luke's skin. He would now be able to use that to his advantage in the future but of course for good things... maybe.

WC: 444

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#28 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:17 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 2-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Kurai listened to Tengen's responses as she also kept a ear on her master's moans of pleasure, giggling as Tengen answered her.

"That's so sweet of you, Tengen-kun and don't worry, I haven't forgotten, but of course, there's always the times when you two ain't on duty; as for food and drink, I can prepare you anything you desire and as for drinks, my master only keeps still drinks in his quarters; he has peach ice tea, J2O, the orange and passion fruit version from the world of the living and orange flavored water. Please tell me what you would like to have and I'll go prepare your meal for you, Tengen-kun," Kurai said, teasing Tengen a little and winking when she said about the times when they weren't on duty before telling Tengen about what he could have, which was anything food wise, but only a certain few drinks as Luke didn't like drinking alcohol and if he did, people would see that he had the lowest alcohol tolerance in all the soul society, which his former friend from squad ten, Mercry and a few others realized the embarrassing way of what happens when they spike Luke's drinks with alcohol, so he kept himself to soft and still drinks. Kurai, once given her orders by Tengen, there would be one more moan before they would hear something going into the toilet and by the sounds of it, there was a decent amount before Luke could be heard cleaning up and flushing the toilet, washing his gloves before coming out, his face bright red and panting a little.

"Sorry about that, I just had to take care of that; I hope Kurai is taking care of you ok; she's a wonderful thing, isn't she? she's one of two mod souls, created from my anima (female side of the soul) and one from my animus (male side), she's my anima, sometimes I wish I was her; beautiful and free...but besides that, I hope that didn't put you off me, sometimes I just have to deal with it, ya know?" Luke explained apologetically, embarrassed by what he just did, but he couldn't help himself, especially with Kurai and Tengen inking him on. He rubbed the back of his head as he talked to Tengen, hinting at Luke's transgender feelings to become the opposite sex, something he hadn't said as openly like this before, but today seemed to be full of firsts and besides, he trusted Tengen and he hoped that Tengen wasn't put off by a possibly transgender captain in future if he got to do a challenge to his captain as he sent off a request to challenge his captain to squad six's captain, Luke hoped he would be allowed to, the squad deserved a active captain and Luke was determined to take that role and after that, fulfill his promise to Tengen and have him take either his former third seat position with a exam or the now empty lieutenant position, left by Yuki Akies. Even now, he didn't know what happened to her, he just hoped that her tortured soul found peace and managed to become reborn one day.

Location;; Luke's quarters, Seireitei
Word Count;; 529
Tags;; Fauna, Tengen
OOC;; two posts to go Smile

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#29 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:12 pm

Tengen thought a moment about what he had wanted to eat. It would take a small amount of time to figure it out before he would speak towards Kurai.

"I would like to have a traditional America breakfast with eggs, bacon, and toast please. As far as a drink I would prefer that delicious sounding tea. I honestly have grown a liking to American based food since my time away. Although it is nowhere near healthy as stuff found in the Japan area it still tastes amazing"

Tengen would take a seat at the table as he began to travel through the memories of his time in the World Of The Living. There we're a few good ones but not nearly enough to out weigh the bad. Tengen couldn't help but remember his time in Rio after he was knocked out, drugged, and robbed, losing all his money by simple humans. The sound of Luke exiting the bathroom and the smell of cooking food was enough to escape this trance but funny enough had placed him in one of the most awkward situations he has been in his life time. It was hard to look at Luke after the events that transpired in the bathroom. It was embarrassing to both hear it and be half of the cause of why it happened. Even still Tengen had forced himself to stare into Luke's eyes as he began to speak to explain himself.

"Of course I understand your well "human" as they like to say. Its healthy to uhhh get that stuff out of your system. Its essential for the growth of your self. Well then again your a Shinigami so I'm not sure how human things applies to us. But that's what a registered doctor would say to a young adolescent male hehehe."

Tengen would add in his comments before hearing Luke address Kurai. An anima is what she's called this was something Tengen have never heard of or knew was possible. It would appear to be nice having your personality split so to speak but in Luke's case it seemed liberating. Tengen felt honored that Luke had opened up himself even a little bit. He dream to be more like Kurai was plausible especially in the Soul Society so he would see nothing with changing himself for happiness sake.

WC: 389

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#30 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:29 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 2-2 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke laughed a little as Tengen explained about not minding too much about Luke having to take care of business, explaining it was healthy to do so and making a joke about what a doctor would tell a sexually active male. Luke would give Tengen a friendly slap and laughed.

"Very true, my friend, just sorry that it came a such a awkward time, maybe we should try something later when it's at a better time...ah, I see Kurai has gotten your meal," Luke said, displaying one of those rare days when he looked relaxed and calm instead of broody and sad, before turning to Kurai, his anima mod soul as she brought Tengen what he had referred to as a all american breakfast with all the trimmings, plus a bottle of peach ice tea that also originated from the world of the living. Luke had to admit, it looked very nice as Kurai lowered the lap tray with the goods onto Tengen's lap before she lifted the plate of food for a moment before something that Tengen probably hadn't seen before occured; she produced black flames that covered the bottom of the plate before she put it out by force of will and set it down, smiling happily.

"I had forgotten to warm the plate before serving, sorry about that," Kurai said, purring warmly and went to stroke Tengen's head, "Hope you enjoy, sweetie," Kurai told him like a considerate mother before returning to her cleaning duties in Luke's quarters.

Before Luke could ask Kurai to fix him up some scrabbled eggs, a knock came from his door to his quarters. Luke sighed and patted Tengen on the back before standing up.

"Oh bother, I do apologize Tengen, please excuse me for a moment," Luke said before heading to the door, where a unseated member of squad three sat, kneeling at the door. He looked up at Luke with a determined look on his face.

"Sir, Squad six captain Jun'ichi Nakamura has arrived, he has asked to speak with you regarding your request and his decision about the third seat exam for former squad six member, Tengen Uzuma. He's waiting in the captain's office for you," He reported to Luke, where Luke would nod and thank the man, letting him go to his duties before leaving, heading to squad three's captain office. He entered and there was Jun'ichi Nakamura, the squad six captain in his regular attire of a modified shinigami's outfit and his captain's haori with the symbol of squad six clearly on the back. He sat leaning against the desk.

"Well, Third seat Yasenha, I presume you know why I'm here?" Jun asked Luke, who simply nodded, his blood red eyes fixed on the captain who stood in front of him, "Very good, then I'll deal with your first request about the captain's challenge exam; I can say that it was eventually agreed that you can be allowed to challenge your current captain for the right to lead squad three as its captain. As for your second request, I've seen Tengen before he ran off, back when I was the lieutenant of squad six, he was always pally with the captain, which isn't how I like things in my squad, but he's a decent shinigami and I agree; he seems to belong here with you and since we are being honest here, he'll probably be better off here with you then in squad six," He explained that, just after Luke had done his business in the toilet, he sent a hell butterfly to the disgruntled squad six captain about being able to challenge his current captain and a recommendation to allow Tengen to apply for a position in squad three instead of squad six, both which Jun had accepted and allowed him to do. Luke bowed to Jun.

"Thank you very much, Captain Nakamura," Luke said, Jun just huffed and started to leave the room, but stopped at the door to say one more thing.

"Be careful, kid, don't expect this fight against your captain to be a walk in the pack, I know your strong and all, but it takes more then strength to win, I just hope you know what your getting yourself in for, so long kid," Jun told Luke, giving him a piece of advice before leaving the barracks, leaving both the fight against Luke's captain and Tengen in Luke's hands or going by a human saying, leaving the ball in his court.

Luke sighed, it was time, time to face the nameless and pitiful excuse for a captain; the one who was never around when the squad needed him, the one willing to pressure his members when he should of been there to help and leaving squad three in disaray, leaving the former lieutenant Akies and himself to run the squad without him, but now was the time for Luke to take over as the captain of squad three and bring squad three out of the chaos that his captain caused and with Tengen assisting him, it felt very promising indeed as he returned to Kurai and Tengen to relax and prepare for his final test against the squad three captain he despised so much.

(Thread End)

Location;; Squad three barracks, Seireitei
Word Count;; 867
Tags;; Fauna, Tengen

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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