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#11 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Mon Aug 31, 2015 12:44 am

Tengen watched as he looked over evidence of several experiments and and his very own hollowfication. How could he be stupid enough to not know their we're extra copies. His eyes would widened extremely as the man played and explained the events of his past that he tried so hard to keep sealed. All of the remaining evidence he knew of was in their family estate how could he not know their was back up cameras and storage for this evidence. He would shake his head repeatedly. His whole life had been a waste of time. Everything he did in the last thirty years had been completely pointless all the running, all the hiding, not being able to find love, have friends. As his fist laid on the ground he would squeeze them pulling up any and all form of plant life and soil.

His spiritual pressure would spike as he would began to howl loudly. Anything within a five mile radius would here the howl as it boomed outward like a shockwave. This would surely alert his captor resting next to him. Upom gazing on Tengen would would notice a great change in his features. They had changed drastically, his skull had morphed to that of an wild dog. His teeth would transform into fangs, while his ears became pointy and hairy. His crimson red eyes would transform into diamond shaped crests. This rest of his body would sprout snow white hair as his hands developed sharp and lethal claws. To anyone experienced and informed on hollowfication this surely was not that. This was Tengen's own personal Beast Takeover triggered by his emotional response to his crappy life.

Even still this Beast Takeover had been different from all others. Usually Tengen would have full control of this form which served to boost his natural senses. But this time he had seemed to lose all control allowing his inner hollow take over this form. Tengen did not relinquish enough control to allow for a full hollowfication but this could be quiet troublesome for the pair. The loud howl was not just for animalistic flare it served to call any and all hollows within the range of his howl. They surely we're gonna have their hands full especially if Tengen did not regain his consciousness. His inner hollow through this form would udder a few words to inform the third seat just resting a few feet away.

"Let the games began..."

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#12 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Tue Sep 01, 2015 7:53 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke felt the change of Tengen's spiritual pressure, hearing the dirt being dug up as his hands dug into the earth. Luke opened a eye towards him, seeing the changes to Tengen, he carefully stood up and watched him closely, but out of arms reach, in case in some bizarre way he managed to break his bakudo.

Luke saw as Tengen's appearance changed; his face becoming more like a wolf's, his hands morphing into claws as white fur started to cover his body, his eyes becoming more pointy and furry and becoming what Luke had seen in the research videos, including the one he showed Tengen only moments before. Luke however thought there was something different to this as Tengen started howling like a wild wolf, it bothered Luke, but he felt that although this form had plenty of hollow spiritual pressure, this wasn't hollowfication as normally, the target would have formed a hollow mask and a hole with the hollow's trademarked white bone armour, each hollow had it in its own unique way, but this form Tengen was taking lacked all of the above, seeming more fitting with what humans call werewolves then hollows, but Luke couldn't ignoring that this hollow spiritual pressure and Tengen's howling was drawing low level hollows to the area like moths to a flame.

Luke then heard a hollow-like voice coming from the wolf form he had taken up, telling him that the games were begining, Luke stood up and turned his head to whatever form Tengen had taking.

"I doubt that this will entertain you, hollow, because there is a simple reason this won't be enjoyable for you..." Luke spoke softly yet serious as he turned to face the large wave of hollows building in the sky above them and then, Luke would slowly slid his zanpakuto from its sheath, enough for Tengen to hear with his enhanced hearing the pain grinding of the metal grinding inside the wooden sheath before releasing it, releasing a ton of spiritual pressure, causing the leaves of the nearby trees to curl up and die, falling to the ground before swirling around Luke like a twister of dead leaves. Luke looked up to the hollows before flash stepping away, faster then Tengen would even be able to register and before he could blink, Luke would be back in the position he started in. Luke would sheath his zanpakuto and walk over to Tengen. At first glace, the hollows looked as they were, but there was a unnatural silence in the air.

Suddenly, as soon as Luke's zanpakuto clicked into its sheath, the hollows surrounding them suddenly burst with a slash directly through their bodies, blood spraying out before all the hollows fell onto the ground in two equal halves before disappearing into spiritual particles as they were all purified.

"...Because it will happen so fast, that it would be over before you even blink again, so tell me, was that your plan to have hollows appear to deal with me while you found someway out of my bakudo? Nice try, but your going to have to try a lot harder then sending weak hollows like that to stop me, if you try something like that again, I'm going to get a muzzle for you, do you understand me? because as far as I'm concerned, this game ended before you even spoke the words when you sent such weak hollows against me," Luke said, explaining to the hollow currently in control of Tengen's werewolf body that it was going to have to try a lot harder then that in order to beat someone of Luke's power and skills, he stayed standing up as he waited for whoever was awake inside this body to response, just in case this hollow had come up with a plan B in case his army of hollows got destroyed.

Location;; Forest near karakura stone quarry, World of the living
Word Count;; 644
Tags;; Luke, Tengen
OOC;; Tengen went to beast mode :3

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#13 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 2:24 am

With Tengen's conciousness still suppressed the Hollow was able to continue wrecking havoc whole attempting to find a way to escape but first he needed to fix his hosts injuries. Using his own spiritual presence he would slowly began healing Tengen Uzuma's body. He would snarl at the shinigami words before a smile would cross his face. Tengen's inner hollow would laugh at the shinigami's words, "Those hollows weren't really aiming to attack you Mr.Shinigami. They were infact running from from a much bigger threat or should I say two."

At that moment the possesed Tengen would look past the shinigami in front of him. He would smile with a malicious grin as a rather large and bright red light covered the area they we're in. As the shinigami would turn around he would notice to large and hostile Menos Grande attempting to attack him. While one of them began charging and then shortly firing, the other Menos would wait until the cero landed before attempting to crush the both of them with his rather large foot. If timed correctly Tengen could use the Cero to dispell the enemies Bakudo with just enough time to Dodge the other Menos foot. The inner hollow would assume that the shinigami wouldn't have time to protect himself and Tengen Uzuma.

This was in theory a well calculated plan if he could pull this off he would be able to attack the shinigami on his own accord. He would do what his host failed to do during their one sided battle. He would take down this shinigami using Tengen's Shiroi Kiba a power in which he could control fully in this state allowing him for masterful and lethal attacks.

The inner hollow would stare onto the shinigami with an intense blood lust as he mocked him on his next move, "Now Shinigami show me all of this skill you speak so highly of."The inner hollow at this point would attempt to stand, seeing as how by the time the Menos' Cero would reach his host's body, the injuries would be healed. It would have been potentially dangerous to take a direct hit from a Cero at this range with the injuries sustained a while ago. The inner hollow would howl once again signaling the Menos to fire as he prepare Tengen's body for impact.

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#14 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 6:08 pm


Luke Yasenha ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke listened to Tengen, clearly possessed by whatever had caused the transformation, saying that the hollow were running from something bigger or two. Luke was growing tired of this thing's arrogance before hearing the distinctive sound of the sky tearing as two menos grande tore through the sky. The area became bathed in a red light as the one behind Luke had been charging a cero and with a great hollow roar, fired the cero at Luke and the possessed Tengen. Luke's eyes would appear to be shaded, before he would do something that would be sure to surprise the thing inside Tengen; He raised his free hand towards the cero, focusing spiritual pressure into his hand, the cero clashed with his hand, being deflected and appearing to be blocked, simply by Luke's hand.

Once the cero had ended, Tengen would be able to see that Luke had contained the energy of the cero in the palm of his hand, using a kido shell, similar to what was used around a Shakkahō core to keep it stable during firing. He then spun around as the other menos came to stomp down on them, he raised the cero, which due to the way Luke's spiritual pressure acted, had turned a nightmarish black, his eyes burning red.

"How pitiful, you think you can stop me? begone!" Luke said with a growl before disengaging the kido shell and releasing the black cero, blasting the menos's foot and knocking it onto its back with the force of it's own fellow menos's cero. Smoke would be gently rising off his left hand before turning his attention to the menos that had fired the cero, flash stepping and slashing its mask in one single strike before falling gently to the ground again, seeing the possessed Tengen trying to stand in his bakudo, saying he wanted to see these skills that Luke spoke of as the menos Luke had knocked over had gotten had started charging a cero towards Luke.

Luke didn't respond to him as he dashed into the sky and extended his left hand towards the menos, which had turned to him, deciding he was the bigger threat here.

"Sprinkled on the bones of the beast. Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle, Bakudo number sixty-three: Raikōhō" Luke spoke aloud as yellow energy formed into his extended left hand, his fingers taking a claw-like position and just as the menos was ready to fire, so was Luke as they both fired; the menos fired its cero, Luke firing his full incantation Raikōhō at it, the two powerful blasts clashed in the sky, appearing like a storm of spiritual pressure before Luke's Raikōhō slashed through the menos's cero and smashed into his mask with enough force to make Tengen's Raikōhō look like a firework as a massive explosion of lightning erupted from the blast, appearing like a small mushroom cloud before taking on another shape as the center dipped down and burst outwards, sending blasts of powerful lightning around a ten meter radius.

Luke came down after the menos started disappearing and walking towards Tengen, releasing a burst of his full power onto this creature, letting the hollow know that this was no ordinary third seat, his power was on par with captains and he would know that now.

"I warned you, don't try that again unless you wanted a muzzle, but now I guess I have no choice..." Luke spoke to the hollow with a creepy calmness about him as black energy forming like a snake started to form around his right arm. Luke sheathed his zanpakuto before extending his right hand towards the hollow transformed Tengen.

"Descending pulse, The sleeping leviathan. The carrier of the underworld. Entangle the tireless words, raise your hand and let ouroboros come and devour the world within the wheel of infinity; bakudo number sixty-three: Kokuja sokubakushima," Luke spoke as the black energy that wrapped around his arm solidified into black chains of spiritual energy before Luke closed his right hand into a fist and the kido shot forth, wrapping around both his torso and his elongated muzzle, wrapping it tightly, this kido was much thicker and more chains were present then it's non-infected counterpart and to the thing possessing Tengen's was about to discover, the kido started growing tentacles from the chains and would slowly start to wrap around the possessed Tengen's body.

"Sorry, I haven't quite gotten the hang of this kido yet, it's hard to control you see, it's almost like it has a will of its own, so unless you have anymore plans to try and escape, I suggest you give up, someone at your level isn't going to beat me anytime soon, so, Tengen, if your in there, wake up already," Luke explained to the thing in control of Tengen that he had a hard time controlling what his new bakudo did, so whether or not he was able to stop it before it wrapped Tengen in a air tight cocoon to suffocate to death would see how willing the thing in control of Tengen was willing to keep control with the prospect with dying and loosing the body it needed to survive, the humans would call this "playing chicken and seeing who blinks first", although the idea of doing this with chickens seemed strange, the idea of seeing what he would do to avoid death would be interesting to see as Luke started to walk away slowly, putting more pressure on the hollow within Tengen to either release his hold or loose the person able to deactivate the bakudo that seek to bind him like a boa constrictor.

techs used:
Name: Kokuja sokubakushima (black snake bondage stripes)
Number: #63
Category: Bakudo
Incantation: "Descending pulse, The sleeping leviathan, the carrier of the underworld, entangle the tireless words, raise your hand and let ouroboros come and devour the world within the wheel of infinity"
Effect: This bakudo is a infected version of the normal bakudo "Sajō Sabaku", where the chains are black and there are double the amount to eight instead of the normal four, which wrapped around the opponent's waist, trapping the arms as well as stopping movement, the infection increases Sajō Sabaku's ability to not be broken by phsical strength as even captain level shinigami within a hollow form cannot break it and, as a side effect of the infected reiatsu, the bottom and the top of the chains start to grow tentacles which slowly trap the opponent in a cocoon of black, shadow tentacles, the bakudo also squeezes harder slowly over time like a boa constrictor, although a outside force can release the opponent by cutting through it with a shikai released weapon or by the caster releasing it willing or if the caster is knocked out, the bakudo is released in these ways.

Technique Effect Chart:

*The effect chart is for damage, durability, or any other after effect of a technique. The damage/effect/etc will be based off of tiers.*

Opponent is Equal Tier: Bakudo cannot be broken by physical strength, this applies to tiers below as well
Opponent is One Tier Higher: possibility of breaking out the bakudo using a large amount of reiatsu
Opponent is Two+ Tiers Higher: much greater possible that people of a high tier can break the bakudo using just a general amount of reiatsu, even less for tiers above Luke's tier at this level.

Spell Name: Raikōhō
Spell Type: Hadō
Spell Number: #63
Spell Incantation: "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!"
Spell Effect: The caster uses this spell by raising the hand facing towards what he his going to be firing at and opening his hand to his palm, gathering yellow energy, similar to #32, but forming in front of the palm and with lightning covering the orb before, at the caster's command, it fires as a stream of lightning energy, shaped to look like a lightning strike towards the target which explodes violently in a destructive cloud of lightning, causing both explosive damage and electrical damage at once, results vary from person to person.

Location;; Near Karakura stone quarry, World of the living
Word Count;; 957
Tags;; Luke, Tengen
OOC;; winny

Template (c) Yuki Seika

#15 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 10:23 pm

A possessed Tengen would stare forward in disbelief as he watch this shinigami easily take down all and anything the menos had thrown at him. The cero in which he depended on to set him free had been effortlessly redirect towards the other Menos who at this point had toppled over falling onto it's back... Without a second to rest the shinigami would strike the menos who fired the Cero ending it's meaningless life in a matter of seconds. The possessed Tengen's blood would began to boil as the inner hollow's own rage had not allowed him to notice his control of Tengen was weakening.

Deep within Tengen's spirit would be a tiny white orb surrounded by darkness which seemed to originate from a large wolf mask. The small weakened orb upon detecting the inner hollows rage would began to grow and move towards the mask leaving behind a trail of light that would continue to spread like and infectious disease. The orb would fight hard to reach the mask but to no avail, as the inner hollow began to somewhat regain it's composer. Yet the happenings of events deep within Tengen's would had still been unbeknownst to the hollow.

Back within the real world the shinigami had just taken down the second Memos with a larger more flashy Raikoho then what Tengen could produce. The inner hollow still struggling to stand would slightly regain his composer as he watched the shinigami turn to address him. Just quickly as he regained his composer he had lost it, as a powerful breath taking spiritual pressure bursted outwards from the shinigami's body towards the possessed Tengen. Now fully standing the inner hollow would began to snarl and growl as he listened to the man speak of putting a muzzle on him, which at this time the hollow would began forcing Tengen's body into a more animalistic form almost completely taking over his humanistic features.

Only patches of skin and head hair remained as the hollow continued to growl and snarl foam building on the edge of Tengen's mouth as his rage and anger towards the shinigami had began to become insatiable. The inner hollow had hardly heard the words of the incantation only seeing the black chains surrounding his hosts body which seemed to do the opposite of encroachment by surrounding his host in a attempt to suffocate the both of him. The hollow at this point was no longer able to communicate due to his blinding rage. He could only focus in on the shinigami as he threatened to kill the both of them by suffocation.

Unlike any other exchange of words these seemed to hit the hardest for the hollow. Managing to turn his rage in to power a large build up of spiritual pressure for began to take place under the chains. The hollow would now attempt to force Tengen's body to enter it's Hollowfication state to double it's power but still unbeknownst to the hollow Tengen would be working intensely yo regain his body back...

Back inside Tengen's soil the now medium sized orb had now once again began to move towards the mask lighting the path behind it eliminating the darkness as it went. To an outside opinion it would appear as the light orb would constantly eat the darkness and convert it into powers as it traveled. At the moment of reaching the Wolf Mask the light orb would have grown to match the masks side. The light orb would then continue to move forward as it collided with the mask in a attempt to force it to relinquish its control...

In the realm of the living the battle deep within the soul had now began to take effect. The hollowfication would began to stop just as only the mask developed leaving the hollow almost in disbelief. Now fully aware of what was happening the hollow would screech as he panicked, struggling to put words into a sentence,"No what are you doing. I am in control of you stop this useless resistance you distasteful shinigami." At this point Tengen was now able to regain some form of consciousness as he would be able to speak out against the actions of the hollow in his normal voice,

"Take the backseat hollow I'm getting my body back and there's nothing you can do to stop me." Tengen's words had in fact been true as his beast takeover form had began to revert back into his "human" body. The hollow at this point was no longer able to communicate but appeared to be fighting back as the reverting of his body had begun to slow down dramatically.

This had needed to be a battle for the soul as both of them where taken there to see who was the one that would gain control of this body and soul. The orb of light would began to transform into a humanoid silhouette. The mask would continue to stay just that, as instead the aura around it intensified to protect itself. The light silhouette would then began to form a blade of light that matched Tengen's shikai Shiroi Kibai identically. The light silhouette would then strike the blade forward as it hit the mask breaking through the aura defense. As the sword came in contact with the mask it would began to dissolve releasing the energy around the mask in the same manner of "spreading the disease." The light orb that was once trapped has now imprisoned the dark forcing it to lose control of it's host.

In the living world Tengen's body would explode with a calm spiritual pressure which quickly removed his beast takeover form now completely returning him to normal. He would look around him as he struggled to breath as he used the last of his spiritual pressure to regain control of his body. He would look towards his shinigami adversary as he attempted to walk forward finding himself in a moment of need. He would stretch his left arm forward as he took his first step as the life from his eyes began to fade again as he feel toward being pulled down by the weight of his opponents chains. This time having passed out from pure exhaustion no one could be sure when he was going to wake...

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#16 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:19 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke took one more step before stopping, sensing a clash of spiritual pressure. Turning to see that whatever was in control of Tengen's wolf like body had started converting it to hollowfication, it was a nice effort, but Luke was far from worried; it would take someone of Luke's strength to even try to break out of both bakudos simultaneously, But he was curious about the internal struggle that Tengen was going through as The hollowfication had suddenly stopped with the mask halfway formed across his wolf-like face.

Luke then noticed the thing in control speaking, yet Luke felt that it wasn't directed towards him as he refered to something that was interfering with his control over Tengen's body and him struggling to say to him to stop interfering with this. Tengen's voice then came through, letting it know that he was taking back control of his body. There was a tense silence before the wolf form that Tengen possessed pulsed and glowed brightly with spiritual pressure and Luke had to advert his eyes from it, taking a peak to see that his wolf form was regressing back into his human form, the mask cracking and breaking as the shift began, falling to the floor and shattering like a piece of weak bone.

Luke noticed that Tengen had somewhat regained consciousness, reaching out desperately for him. Without even hesitating, Luke flashed stepped from where he had walked to and grabbed Tengen before he fall, leaving him passing out in Luke's arms with his infected bakudo wrapping itself around him, Luke forced the kido's tentacles to bind around everything but his head.

"It's ok, Tengen, your in safe hands, now rest so you may be free from that which you," Luke said softly, laying Tengen against the tree in a comfortable position before taking a rest against the tree next to Tengen, eager to let Tengen rest and Luke himself wasn't against taking a nap.

(nine hours later, human time of 9:30am)

Luke would be first to awake, feeling his soul pager going off inside his haori, he took it gingerly out his pocket, eager to not to disturb the rest of his prisoner for as long as possible.

"The prisoner transport troop is coming within the, a hollow came by earlier along with a bunch of its friends, but they were defeated quickly, I assure you...yes, he's just resting now...yes, don't worry, I'll keep a eye on him, but I wouldn't worry; he's bound in two sixties level bakudo and from what I saw last night, he's so drained by now, I doubt he could even move, let alone try to break free and he has told me that he intends to accept his fate and return to the soul society...ok, I'll be seeing you soon with my report, Third seat Yasenha out," Luke spoke over the pager to a unknown individual from his squad, informing them of his progress before thinking about getting something to eat.

"Where can I get something to eat here in the world of the living? Hmmm...wait, don't they have those stores that sell those packaged foods for cheap...well, it's better then nothing, I think I saw one earlier, but I'm in my soul form and my gigais are at home...crap, now what do I do?" Luke thought about where he could get him and Tengen some breakfast before noticing a wild rabbit close by, bouncing gently around. Luke smiled, clicking his zanpakuto a little out its sheath before flash stepping, killing the rabbit in one clean and swift strike so it didn't suffer and made a campfire. Using his zanpakuto's blade, he skinned the animal like what humans call "butchers" and then, once deskinned and gutted, he cooked the meat on a fire he set up with tree branches and a flash from his byakurai, the waft of the cooking rabbit would reach Tengen and Luke would come over to him, lowering himself so he was still standing, but has bent at the knees, using his hand to give Tengen a somewhat friendly slap to the face.

"Hey, Tengen, wake up, the prisoner transport troop will be here within the hour, you might as well try to eat and relax a little before you get carted off back to the soul society; managed to get some wild rabbit, didn't find one of those convinance store things the humans rave about, so I hope you don't mind eating rabbit for breakfast; although I don't remember if I introduced myself, but since we should try to be at least a bit causal about things and since we ain't fighting no more, I might as well introduce myself again in case I forgot; I'm third seat of squad three, Luke Yasenha," Luke said, trying his best to relax, although the thought of being on trial against central 46 gave him the shivers and Tengen might see that even though he was trying to relax, he would notice that Luke was tense about something. Luke would turn back to the fire, turning the rabbit around so it would cook evenly as he waited for a response.

Location;; Near karakura stone quarry, World of the living
Word Count;; 855
Tags;; Luke, Tengen
OOC;; sorry for late post x.x also the prisoner transport troop will arrive in my next post as a heads up

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#17 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Thu Sep 10, 2015 10:24 pm

Deep within Tengen's subconscious was a quiet scene. He would awaken deep within his Inner world with no sign of the Hollow or Shiroi Kiba. He slowly stand up as he felt the effect of the past events on his body even within his spirit. Snow would fall from the sky hitting his skin as he backed up against a tree as the memories of these traumatizing events continued to play over and over in his head. He no longer held any emotion towards what happened his body... no his spirit felt number to anything involving his inner hollow.

Tengen having already come to terms with not being able to get rid of the hollow, would now intend to best him at every corner. A spark would appear in his eyes as he vowed to make his inner hollow pay. Just as doing so he would notice a silhouette out of the corner of his eye who appeared to be friendly. Upon turning his head he would notice Shiroi Kiba who appeared to be proud of Tengen.

"You have put that dog in it's place yet again as well as surviving and assault by a captain level shinigami you just keep surprising me Tengen. I feel deep within our spirit that you are close to achieving something of great strength you just need to find and emotional stability and purpose in this world. Only then will you obtain your true strength."

Tengen stared Shiroi Kiba with stressed eyes. He knew that his partner was right but it was not as easy as it sounded. Who knows what was going to take place as he returned to the Soul Society. He could possibly be locked away and forced to pay for his crimes against the 12th Division. No one understood Tengen better than Shiroi Kiba but within this moment that statement would seemingly be nothing but words. He would already know what he wanted to say to Shiroi Kiba but before he was able to speak he would be forced back conscious.

Now slowly awaking Tengen could smell the distinct smell of cooked meat which was the first thing that hit his senses. Not shortly after he would hear sounds from someone in front of him that slowly began to form words. Lastly he would open his eyes as he noticed a rather unsettled Luke who attempted to explain himself for waking Tengen while offering him food. Tengen looked at his body he was almost unable to move under these several kido. Was this what Luke was forced to due to prevent him from harming Tengen? He would look up at the sky as his stomach began to growl.

"Uhhh yeah... rabbit would be fine thank you and yes I do believe you have already told me your name."

It was awkward for Tengen to even look at Luke. The past events could be seen as a rather large temper tantrum if even that. Someone of his status could compare Tengen to a measly fly. Tengen wondered if Luke at him as if he was a abused broken child corrupted by his father. In some ways this was true, but Tengen's life accomplishments had nothing to do his fathers abused. He would not replace the life he had even if could. So as he stared at Luke he offered apologetic eyes before speaking out.

"Thanks for not uhh... Killing me or anything... I appreciate it. I'm sorry for giving you so much trouble. Today or shall I say yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. I never wanted to be a nuisance to anyone. All I have even wanted was to find a place called Home and be happy. Sadly these things were taken away from me by a man that was suppose to protect me from these dangers. Of course I can't blame him for the choices I have made in life but I know for fact that this was necessary for my survival. I have come to understand that the soul society has become more open to beings known as Vizards but I have been running for so long that it seemed easier to stay away."

At this point Tengen would remain silent waiting to hear the words and opinion of a shinigami from the place he has wanted to return to for as long as he could remember, but what would these be?

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#18 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Sat Sep 12, 2015 6:17 am


Luke Yasenha ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke would chuckle a little, hearing the sound of a stomach crying out for food as Tengen explained that rabbit would be fine and that he reminded Luke that he had spoke his name to him before, so he reframed from saying it again, noticing that Tengen lightly struggled against both level sixty bakudos, although this seemed to be in reflex and not of any reason desire to escape.

As Luke thought about how to serve the rabbit without a plate, He noticed the questioning gaze from Tengen, as if wondering how Luke saw him. if he was correct, Luke would think he was someone with a promising future. The kid had guts and a strong will, Luke could tell from his analysis of him during his battle with him and his internal fight to regain his body after his unusual transformation in what humans would call a werewolf, something Luke hadn't really seen outside of the wolf clan; a group of humanoid wolves and other animals that sometimes became shinigami and Luke had heard of them possessing a ability to turn into a more human form. However from what Luke observed, this seemed to be the other way round; with the humanoid form taking on a more animalistic appearance, although knowing squad twelve, they would be all over him if they knew fully about what he was capable of, fortunately for them, since squad three was in charge of keeping the evidence for the trial safe and sound in squad three's evidence vault, squad twelve wouldn't have any clue to the full extent of his father's research; currently, only Luke, who had enough of a ranking to access the evidence as he displayed earlier with the video files he had managed to take from the evidence locker for Tengen's case.

Luke then turned his attention on what to serve the rabbit on and thought of a interesting solution; he tried forming the shell of a Shakkahō or it's outer casing, but he then used his zanpakuto to carefully cut the Shakkahō's shell in half, it felt warm and would make a good temporary plate as he then manually broke with his hands pieces of the rabbit's meat before putting one serving in one of the "bowls" and Luke's serving in the other.

He came over, willing his bakudo sixty-three to allow the use of his arms, although it wasn't responding at first and Luke had to put some force, making his eyes glow demonically before Tengen would feel the bakudo loosen around his arms and release them, covered in black tentacles that solidfied quickly into what appeared to be long black leather gloves with a single chain running from either wrist. Luke would offer to give Tengen the bowl and place it in his hands or leave it in front of him to pick up himself before sitting down, tucking into a bit of the soft, juicy flesh of the rabbit.

Luke would listen to Tengen shakily at first thanking Luke for not killing him and his apology for causing him so much trouble, his looking around for a place to call home and to be happy, he said something about the soul society looking more passively about Vizards, but that it was easier to stay away. Luke took a few moments to take it in before speaking.

"Your welcome and don't worry, killing isn't my style, if I was really honest with myself, I'm a pacifist, I rather dislike fighting for fighting sake and not when you really think about what we are fighting; Hollows were once souls that had lost their hearts and become empty and when you really think about it, we are really killing those we swore as shinigami to protect, I understand purifying them is the way to release them back as a normal soul again, but at the same time, I wish there was another way to return a hollow back into a pulse without having to kill them, but until then, I must do what must be done," Luke spoke softly inbetween mouthfuls of rabbit, looking to Tengen before continuing.

"Although to say the soul society is getting friendly with the people you call Vizards, I would be mistaken, most are in hiding within the seireitei, keeping their hollow selves hidden; I lied to my squad about what happened hear to keep you covered, so I would suggest keeping your mouth shut about it, it's not a friendly subject to go into, after the trial, depending on your sentence, I show ya what I mean," Luke said before a senkaimon opened up in front of them and four men carrying spears with lightning rods on the ends walked out, wearing long robes that covered their bodies and their faces. the one in front held the red collar that would restrain all of Tengen's spiritual powers and energy.

"It's time," He said simply and to the point, Luke nodded and helped Tengen up as they finished their rabbit and put him in the collar, locking it in place as the guards' staffs were connected to the collar. Dispite himself, Luke kinda thought Tengen look cute in the collar, but quickly shook the thought as he took his place in front of the group, ready for the return of the soul society, he looked at Tengen, trying to muster a reassuring smile.

"Well, Tengen, are you ready to return to the place your heart calls to?" Luke said, referring to Tengen's place for a home and in a way, sharing Luke's view wasn't really what place you call home, but where your heart belongs and Luke felt that, for all Tengen's running away, his home and his heart lay in the soul society and the seireitei, where his trial awaited.

Location;; Near karakura stone quarry, World of the living
Word Count;; 962
Tags;; Fauna, Tengen
OOC;; I'll be doing the trial at central 46 next post ^^

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#19 Re: There's No Place Like Home… [Fauna/Closed] on Mon Sep 14, 2015 7:56 pm

Tengen stirred under the kido as he felt an ample amount of pressure removed as his arms and hands we're released for eating his cooked rabbit. He would slowly eat his rabbit as he watched and listened to like discuss his views on purifying hollow souls. He took notice on the words dealing with the Vizards. It has seemed his information about the Vizards had been misinterpreted. There in addition was something odd about how he addressed the Vizard situation it seemed too personal. To have a higher up shinigami falsify But these feelings would have to be put to rest for now. He was sure that their was only a few moments before he's was going to be taken back to the place where this all began.

He began taking in his surroundings anyway it went it was going to be a while before he could return to the world of the living. It was so easy to become anything or anyone in this world of the living. He wondered what his time in this world was like back when he was alive. He had lost all of him memories had been lost much like the abundance of shinigami and other spiritual being. Only Wholes or ghosts as the human addressed them we're conscious of thier life. That is why shinigami's performed Konso, Wholes maybe unable to leave their past lives behindmaybe and rest especially with unfinished business. If gone on long enough these spirits will undergo a dangerous transformation. Turning their hearts and souls into pure darkness only replaced by hunger. These new spirit forms were known as Hollow... This is what has happened to Tengen.

Even still Tengen started off as a Shinigami how was it possible to convert a shinigami's soul into that of a hollow? Was it just a simple as corruption of his would with the tainted hollows? Or had this been a a manifestation of what Tengen would have been if his life did not follow this path. The life cycle of would was a curious thing that Tengen would never understand. All he knew was that ever soul was reborn even hollows. How many life times has Tengen live, was this life time and better then the last? Would it be worse than the next? Stuck in deep thought Tengen preferred not to speak anymore as the enforcement squad arrived to apprehend him. He would offer one last thankful and apologetic nod to Luke as they began walking through the Senkaimon. How as the Soul Society changed all these years?

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Luke Yasenha ;; 2-3 ;; Shinigami ;; Male

Luke walked in front of the convoy, hearing the slow but steady footsteps behind him of the guards and Tengen himself as hell butterflies flew around them, guiding them back to the seireitei. They would eventually appear outside to the central 46 compound, where there was guards of highly trained shinigami standing by the first of two doors to the central 46 building.

Luke stepped forward, the guards reacted instantly, pointing their spears at him.

"What's your business here, Luke, Demon of district 66? So how is your suspended sentence from the maggots nest holding out?" The guard asked Luke in a rude manner, referring to a title Tengen wouldn't have heard of, but refering to the last time Luke was here, he had been sentence to a hundred years in the maggots nest for destroying rukongai district sixty-six during a spur of berserker level insanity and he had been given that title as a reminder of his crimes. Tengen would see Luke's fists clench up when the title was mentioned and a slight rise of spiritual pressure before he let his fists go and stood aside, showing the guards Tengen and the guards that held him in place.

"My business here is to deliver Tengen to the central 46 elders and doing my job in bringing criminals to justice as per the councils orders as you know; now I have, you take over, I'm sure you can manage it," Luke explained to the guards with a growl in his voice, not liking the disrespect, regardless of what he had done. The guards simply huffed and nodded before gesturing for the guards to take Tengen inside while Luke went around towards the area that the elders would be coming from, where he would see Luke suddenly slam his fist into a nearby tree, breaking straight through it and causing it to timber onto the ground with a thud before continuing to walk away. While the guards inside would prepare Tengen for his trail by stripping him down and giving him a plain white kimono to wear while his zanpakuto was put into a barrier, Luke would be heading to intercept a central 46 judge. Seeing his target was a elderly woman in her sixties, Luke pounced using flash step so she wouldn't even have time to yell for her guards to assist her before he took her behind a bush with Luke getting a good look at her panicked face and body.

"Who are you? and what do you want?" she asked him, sounding like a annoyed granny. Luke would then simply use bakudo number nine: Geki to restrain the elder so she wouldn't be able to move from the spot before black mist began to pour from his zanpakuto and surround his body, before reforming into a exact copy of the elder. Luke coughed a little before speaking in her voice.

"I am you for now and don't worry, I have what I need, I'll release the bakudo after the judgement is done," Luke said in her own voice before releasing a burst of his spiritual pressure to knock her out before coming out the bush, appearing to look distressed. Her guards came up to her.

"Lady Shiryoku, are you hurt? where was the person who dared to lay a hand on you?" The guards asked, they seem geniuely concerned for her safety. Luke, as Shiryoku, brushed the dress she was wearing and pointed to the distance.

"He grabbed me, said something bizarre and ran back towards the seireitei using that blasted shinigami flash step, we wouldn't catch him if we tried, anyway, I have to get inside now, the trial of this newest prisoner is to begin shortly," Luke spoke to them how he imagined Shiryoku would address her guards; stern, but respectful and a bit shaken from what happened. The guards nodded to her, taking a bow before surrounding her and escorting her inside.

Once inside, she dismissed them and entered the seat, next to another elder woman on her left side and a older man on the right. She would then see Tengen being brought in by the guards before they were dismissed besides one who was holding onto Tengen's zanpakuto.

"Tengen Uzuma, you are charged with the murder of your Father, Mr. Akira Uzuma, formerly the fourth seated officer in squad twelve and involvement with forbidden research involving hollowfication. How do you plea?" The head of the central 46 judges addressed both the court of elders and Tengen. Once Tengen had given a answer, The head judge would look towards Luke in Shiryoku's form.

"I'm aware that squad three possesses evidence of what has happened and the report by third seated officer of squad three, Luke Yasenha, if you can, Lady Shiryoku, please read out the evidence and conclusion that was reached," He asked and Luke, in Shiryoku's form, took the report from under the desk and opened the report to the assessment section. She lifted the paper closer to mimic shortsightedness before reading aloud.

"It is my opinion, having reviewed the evidence of experiments made by the father over several variations, all which are illegal in the laws of the soul society. However, further review of the evidence shows that during this time that the boy suffered trauma at the hands of his father and was even forced to become a unwilling test subjected at the hands of his father; the video has been provided for the council's viewing, but it is my own opinion that, although the boy has killed both his father and what he thought was his work before running away, I don't believe that punishing him as being willing involved with his father's experiment and recommend a suspended sentence towards the soul society and give him a position equal to his strength and ability in a squad so he can be rehabilitated towards obeying the laws of the soul society and to ensure that such a tragedy doesn't repeat again," Luke spoke in her voice, reading from the report, allowing the video of the father tricking the young Tengen to be injected with the hollowfying liquid and being forcibly turned into a wolf like hollow while begging for his father's aid, which he refused. The video would then end as Luke explained a just punishment for his father's murder as a way to learn to not do such a thing again.

Luke then sat back down and there was a series of whispered chattering across the room before the head judge spoke again.

"In light of the evidence presented and by the order of central 46, the sentence will be as recommended; you will serve as third seat in a squad that will be arranged soon so you may learn to obey the laws of the soul society and to make up for your misdeeds of the past; he may go and this council is dismissed for now," The head judge addressed and confirmed the sentenced before allowing Tengen to go free and take his zanpakuto with him. Luke would move from the seat and head out, changing back into his own form before flash stepping out the compound, releasing the bakudo on the real Shiryoku before he would appear, waiting down the path for Tengen, sitting on a bench, his eyes turned to Tengen as he would be escorted out from the central 46 compound.

"So, how did it go?" Luke asked, pretending like he had been forced to wait outside, not saying anything about being the judge who allowed him his freedom.

Location;; Central 46 compound, Seireitei
Word Count;; 1,253
Tags;; Fauna, Tengen

Template (c) Yuki Seika

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