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#21 Re: Making An Acquaintance [Private] on Sat Sep 12, 2015 3:01 pm

Dre was viewing everything what had happened from a safe distance he was at. Not because he was scared or anything but because he didn't like getting in other peoples way. Be that as it may; he was quite pleased by the performance Tengen had put up. The lad actually had some blood lust in him. Though at first, Dre thought of him as just a person who didn't like his hands getting covered by blood. But it seems not to be the actual case. He was happy that Tengen proved him wrong because of the fact that most of the time he was right in judging people. It felt nice to be proven wrong once in awhile. Because something just felt good about it.

Getting up slowly from the small slab he was sitting on Dre tidied up his coat. Once it was done he made eye contact with Tengen. He looked happy but something told Dre that there was some disappointment inside him. Mostly because of the reason that he let the leader of the ring escape. Dre knew for certain that he himself could have just easily captured him. But he was just too lazy to get himself all worked up.  

Dre gave a small wave towards Tengen as he walked up towards him. Smiling softly, he said, "Well, I gotta say, that was surprisingly a good show you put up with these guys. You've got loads of potential fella. And I mean loads. Oh, and you know what makes me laugh the most is? The way how you killed that guy called Jeb. Ha, it made me crack up for some damn reason, ya know?" Dre stopped for a moment as he took a quick breath only to start talking again, "Oh, and I saw you let the boss go. To be honest with you; I had an easy chance to capture him. But I just wasn't in the mood. So do you still wanna get to him?"

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#22 Re: Making An Acquaintance [Private] on Wed Sep 16, 2015 1:12 am

The feeling of blood covering Tengen's body was a little disturbing to him. His intensified bloodlust had surely been a product of his inner hollow attempting to free itself. As the smoke and debris cleared from his Kids spell one would be able to notice a great change in Tengen's demeanor and appears. He would be hunched over in a very animalistic manor. His eyes had turned a diamond crystal shape and we're as crisp as the night sky. His hands had become hairier as his finger nails turned into sharp claws.

His breathing was hard and rough as if he was animal. Noticing a figure in front of him Tengen would lung forward with quick speed staying silent. He would not be able to notice who it was until he was directly in front of them. But by this times Tengen's claws would be pointed at Dre's neck. Seeing his face had allowed him to regain control of himself as this situation was starting to get rather out of hand. This did not occur often which was strange only during great moments of emotional turmoil. He hated seeing anything as gory as that, he had determine the quote and "eye for an eye" was necessary in this moment. He would stare at Dre a moment before addressing him.

"Yes, would should go after him. I'm gonna make sure he recieves the same death as that innocent young lady."

Tengen would wait for Dre to enter the dungeon as his spiritual pressure would fluctuate from normal to high.

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#23 Re: Making An Acquaintance [Private] on Fri Sep 18, 2015 7:50 pm

Tengens claws were pointed at Dre neck as if he wanted to rip his throat out. For a minute or two there Tengen had lost total control of himself. In which he leaped an attack. Intentionally or not intentionally. But however Dre did not care about wether it was intentional or not. He saw Tengens attack coming a mile away. He could have easily ducked and started to attack Tengen but something told him that the man would not go all the way. It was a gut feeling. Dre had these kinds of feelings when he faced certain unusual situations such like this. He always knew he chose the right decision because he trusted in himself. Which again proved right.

Dre did not flinch as Tengens claws were pointed at his neck. Dre looked straight at Tengen as he said, "Calm down fella. Save your energy for someone more important." as he saw the man coming back to his senses. Tengen said something about going after the leader who was responsible for the death of the woman. Dre shook his head as he heard this. "Come on fam! People die every fucking day, it's no big deal. Eventually everyone will face death at some part of their life one way or another." pausing for a second he continued, "also stop being such a fucking white knight. The bitch died that's it. If she was in your shoes right now, believes me, she fucking ain't gonna  fight back or avenge your arse. Britches ain't got time for that." Dre paused again to take a quick breath as he said, "but anyway since your so damn willing to kill this cunt, I will help you." as Dre entered the dark tunnel and began walking hoping to find what they were looking for soon.

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#24 Re: Making An Acquaintance [Private] on Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:14 pm

Tengen looked at Dre with a rather cold stare. It was bothering that he didn't value the life of anything or anyone. It was a shinigami's swarm duty to protect the inhabitants of the world of the living Tengen had known that even though he had defected years ago. To him life wasn't just something that is disposable even if every life is destined to be reborn the bonds and the memories made during this lifetime had been irreplaceable. The only death Tengen viewed appropriate was natural and any other kind disgusted him.

Especially in this situation not only has another person taken the life of a being but to go as far as mutilation and down right respect of remain was not something Tengen would stand for. Of course his actions would seem hypocritical but his heightened intense emotions we're a disadvantage of having a hollow inside of him. He would began to follow Dre down the stairs but not befor addressing his true feelings.

"Dre I am no where near a white Knight but I can't stand to have this guy out here to continue this string of killings. That LADY was innocent as far as I understand so there shouldnt be a problem as to why I choose to take down this fiend. Not doing so is a big middle finger to my pride and what I have went through"

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#25 Re: Making An Acquaintance [Private] on Sun Sep 20, 2015 4:31 pm

As Dre went down the stairs he heard what Tengen had to say. But he knew that he would have little impact of it because of the fact that human life has become nothing but money for him. The money decided which and how many people he should kill during the course of the contract assigned to him. He would do anything to get his contracts done, and that was the main reason he was so popular and in on high demand. After killing so many people, Dre has lost the sense of love, friendship, happiness and so on. The only thing that cheered him up was some peace and quite,but knowing the job that he did he knew that it was just impossible. But in a way, Dre was satisfied with the way he lived. He had no bonds. He had no friends. He was a drifter that was moving from town to town in every week. He knew he had nothing to loose. Dre did whatever it took to get the job done. That was his mentality and that is how he succeeded.

Dre replied after hearing what Tengen had to say, "Innocent you say? Far from it. While you were doing your thing at the alley, I did some snooping. That women was a convicted drug dealer. The reason she was killed is because she went dry on the money. Probably she was taking shit for herself. Bitches gonna bitch. So what do you say now mate?" he arised the question at Tengen but without giving him time to answer Dre started to talk again, "She knew what she got her self into. She knew the risks. Drug dealing is some shady business. Anyway I think you are brainwashed by society like the rest of these toy faggots. Pride doesn't do shit. People die everyday, and you can't save them all. Most of them deserve to die and some of them not so much. But what is far more important is that you cannot stop death. No one can. We come and we go. Time to understand that before you fuck yourself up."

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#26 Re: Making An Acquaintance [Private] on Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:08 am

Tengen was sadden at how far Dre had gone to humiliate him and the life of that young lady. Even though she was a convicted Drug Dealer there was no obvious signs she used the drugs and Tengen had known exactly why... He would let Dre see for his own eyes why this hit so close to home. He understood why the woman would hide the drugs and money for herself. It was to protect what Tengen wanted Dre to see, it was to form her way out of this lifestyle to better herself. He would stay silent as they reach the bottom of the stairs. A single swaying light would cover the room reveal both a metal doorway and the body of a mutilated woman. There was no way to avoid the sight of the body and the first thing one would notice was the females rather large stomach. Inside it would be the life of an innocent baby stolen at he hands on the man they we're chasing. This had been what Tengen wanted Dre to see...

Would this be enough to enact some sort of emotion within him. Tengen upon entering his beastly state had picked up on the scent of this. A woman had always smelled different when she was carrying and for Tengen it was unforgettable. He would choose to stay quiet instead of addressing Dre. He would continue to walk towards the metal door as he would wait until they decided upon how to finish this hunt.

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#27 Re: Making An Acquaintance [Private] on Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:38 pm

Dre and Tengen entered the room as they were greeted by a body of a dead woman. The body was totally mutilated. The woman had a huge stomach as if she was carrying a baby. Taking a closer look at the body, Dre realised that she indeed was. The baby was fiercely taken away from her and by the looks of it they also raped the woman after she had given birth to the baby. Assuming they actually waited still then. Dre shook his head. He wondered if the people who did also abused the baby. But knowing what kind of place they were in it was most likely to be have done. "Such a fucking waste!" Dre thought to himself as he looked away. Not because it was disgusting but because of the fact that he simply didn't like these kinds of things. It was kind of comical coming from a person like him.

Dre caught up with Tengen who was waiting for him near the metal door. Reaching up to him Dre looked at him as he said, "the guy is actually a few meters away from us. He seemingly didn't get far enough." as he took a small tab from his pocket and showed it to Tengen, "I've added a small tracking device into him before letting him go back in the alley. So we could hunt him down. What would be the point of getting to him instantly? Why not have a bit of fun as well?" Dre said as he stepped outside and looked at the tab. The man was definitely close.He could just feel it.

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#28 Re: Making An Acquaintance [Private] on Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:42 am

Tengen liked the idea of keeping the man waiting for death to attack him he at every corner. He would nod to Dre in agreement and prepared to exit the hiddent dungeon but not before knocking in the large metal door that stood between them, "I seems you'll escape with your life for a little while longer. Enjoy it." Tengen would immediately walk out of the dungeon leaving Dre behind. He needed to regain his calm, collected, and calculated mind. He was extremely too emotion and this was prime moment for his inner hollow to corrupt him and take over. He would begin breathing slowly as he flash step to several buildings away. He was Dre was going to follow him. He wasn't quiet sure how to handle Dre.

All of his views had clashed with Tengen's and it had seemed he lacked any form of compassion. How was Tengen going to maintain his level head around him. He believed in solving dangerous situations with his words rather than action. He didn't need anymore unesscary drama then he already had and plus the goal was to make new friend not enemies. It had seemed that Dre had some sort of effect on Tengen has it been good or bad is what the main question should.

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#29 Re: Making An Acquaintance [Private] on Wed Oct 14, 2015 11:38 am

Dre followed Tengen as he kept fast stepping away from the place they had come out from. It was actually good to smell the fresh air that was coming from outside. The air and the density inside the dungeon was very unnatural, and it smelled old and dead. Dre wondered how rotten that place was, and how long had it been down there for. "More like for a few hundred years" Dre thought to himself, as he remembered how old the place looked and the way it was designed. Most likely the the tunnels were used for war and the dungeons were built to lock the war enemies up and torture them. Feeling alot relived getting out of there, Dre wondered how the events would unfold in the present state of what was about to happen. He and Tengen had not bonded with each other the way it was about to be. They both had different opinions and views of how things should be done. Knowing how both of them felt for each other Dre knew it would be hard to form a good friendship with Tengen. It was not impossible but it was kinda hard.

Tengen and Dre was closing in fast on the boss guy. As they kept fast stepping, Dre saw a man running towards the south side of Karakura town. Looking at Tengen, he said, "there is a man! Let's get him. He's already exhausted and running slow."

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