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#1 Site Update on Tue Aug 18, 2015 1:21 am


Alright, for those of you who wish to know what is ready and what is not, here is an update.
All templates have been fixed.   Should you find any errors in them please feel free to let a member of staff know.
Now, for some news that many have been waiting for.  First, Udarsha, if you’ve not noticed, has now made this a cannon and AU site.   What does this mean for us?  Well, Fauna(Luke) and I have decided that they are two different universes that have been found linked together.  Plots are in the process to be able to link them.  What it also means is that you all can now play cannon characters or have cannon characters in your history.   (must be recent history however.)  There is a new rule regarding playing cannon characters, however.  You must be active and on the AML for at least one month before applying to get the character.  We also will not allow repeats of the same character.  I will be creating a Cannon Character Taken list soon so that all can know who is available.  Also, if you’ve not been active for 3 months without leaving notice, you will lose the cannon character you control.  Time frame may change but will be noted on the cannon character list.

We are working to implement something new regarding a way to help with power ups.  The FAR system.  Fauna(Luke) will work to get that post up soon.  We are also working on not grading as harsh as we know some of you were not happy in the past.  Also, any grades that Jeff left on your thread, please disregard.  If you wish your app regarded please let us know through PM and either Fauna(Luke) or I will get to it once we have the grading info set down good.

Now I want to open this up to any questions that you all may have.  Any flaming and your comments will be deleted.  I want this to remain civil.  I do wish to note that you can rp while we still work out some of the bugs that have been left behind as well.  So, with that, any questions?????

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