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#1 Our Halloween Event! on Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:03 am


****Hello, hello? Is this thing on? God damn useless piece a' -- o wait there it is. Ehem, I have discovered a way to extend the lives of a once deceased person. The possibilities of this are limit-- What? No I don't want any damn popcorn! We talked about this, get back to the yard, if you crap on the floor on more time I may have to re-kill you. Where was I? O, that's right, my awesome discovery that is total 100% mine, no one has done this before or died trying to stop me from taking their research. No sir. Bringing back the dead for all eternity feast fest? Sounds sick right? That's how you kids you use that word now right? Sick? Is that crap on the floor? Im gonna be sick. -End of Recording 1

Well hello again. Everything is going well and there is peace across the land. Just kidding. Everyones dead. Well, undead for that matter. Either way, i'm liking this much more. Also, a certain someone, don't wanna point any fingers, is not cleaning up after his floor "accidents". Im starting to think they are not accidents at all. While I search for the dubious defecator, I am finding now that these people seem unbelievably happy to b alive again. So happy in fact, that whenever they see a person who is not as fortunate as them, the undead give them a great big hug. It's so cute, almost brings a tear to your eye. The living are so happy that they scream out and joy, bit girly sometimes though. To each his own I guess... -End of Recording 2

It has come to my attention that there are some who do not like my new island. All i have to say about that is @$#% ^^&* &^%$ %$^%. This thing has an auto-censor. Well that aint no fun. $#%#, really that is censored? what about ^&%^$. No way, really. What's that? Yea I guess i'll just wait till they get here, get me a pen. Now, where was I. O thats right, you coming to your doom. I really think you'll like being undead, living is a thing of the past, get with the times. Come on over to my island, have a good time. I might even let you keep your brain in a jar if your nice about it. Hey who are you? Lich? Watch your language theres kids here. Now you distraced me. O crap only 8 seconds left, think, think, think, o this oe is good. "Try not to hurt your girl parts on the multitudes of minions I've set upon you!".- End of Recording 3****

Well people, this guy seems like quiet the hand full. We at Jackob's decided to send this recording to all of your worlds since you are the best of the best. We tried to take down Dr. Ned and the Lich ourselves but I think were just adding to the army of the undead. On this recorder there is an input function where you can put your name and tier. Those who decide to help us will be rewarded, ehem--not that most of you will live anyway-- ehem. So please give us your information so we know how my transporters to send to your realm to bring you to the island. Due to space constraints we ask that each controller only sign up his two best men.  Name, teir, codename. Sign up today and help protect the Jackob's way!

If you're interested, do not register until retiering is done for all applications, but state your interest now! (if your app has been rechecked and modernized register.)

#2 Re: Our Halloween Event! on Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:48 am


This is going to be hella exciting. Can't wait to start cracking zombie heads!!

#3 Re: Our Halloween Event! on Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:12 am


I'm glad to hear it!

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