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#1 I would like a chance. on Sun Aug 02, 2015 11:15 pm


As I'm sure many of you are currently recovering your eyes from the hollow depths of your skulls, I feel it would be a waste of time attempting to justify the suddenness of this, and as such I'll just get right into it and hope for a listen.

As I'm sure several of you have noticed, this things a fork away from being done for, dead, and it's for a multitude of reasons. I'm friends with many of the staff, many have IRL circumstances preventing activity and are working on things, that members continue to summarily reject, which is fine, though a consensus on what is wanted or what is acceptable is certainly needed for progress, or simply a "okay we'll see how it goes" approach, all of this would be an excellent way to offset most of the stalling going on with the site, but I don't see it happening.

Couple this with the inactivity and disinterest of most of the sites members, you can see where this is heading. I've been pushed aside several times due to my brash and abrasive behaviors, and my habits of being something of a dictator. I'm still somewhat abrasive when angered, but I'm sure most of you whom have some recollection of me, can probably piece together the fact that I've changed in those respects a tad, and though I still am not one to concede power to disrespectful people, I certainly don't think I'm a dictator in approach now, even if I had power.

Like it or not, and this is no shot at current staff as they haven't been granted an overly far shake, this site peaked when I was in charge, and for those of you keeping count, I was 13-14 at that time. I would like to think my judgment and leadership capabilities have collectively increased in the time since I was in charge. And I'm not going to give you people the sermon on the mount about how my life has changed or I found Jesus or some stupid shit like that, it's not what you folks want to hear, and I'm not going to lie. I've matured due to age, and circumstance. That's all that needs said.

So, here's the deal. Anamist, one of our most influential members and a current Admin is leaving for army training in 2 weeks, the site has no activity in comparison to what it should, and many of the former systems I implemented and helplessly watched be raped by my successors, need some thorough fixing. I'm asking for a chance to help out and fix what's been done, and change the site for the better, or at least be given the chance to do so. Looking around, there isn't much to lose. And my track-record is successful, albeit checkered with personal demons. So, thanks for reading, and I'll await judgment on the topic at hand.

#2 Re: I would like a chance. on Mon Aug 03, 2015 12:00 am


I do not have much to say in these matters: simply put, I no longer have the time, ability or desire to effectively and perform my staff duties. A handful of you members are rather out-spoken, passionate and intelligent- occasionally this causes trouble between you & us staff. In hindsight now, I see that while there was conflict(some unresolved), those members have admirable qualities I could see benefiting Bleach Story. It's no stretch of truth or lie to say that currently Bleach Story is a few heartbeats away from dead. While Yuki & I have poured a great deal of time & thought into the forum & it's future, our thinking has been limited to us and us alone.

I sent a PM to Yuki, but my idea is to enlist Jeff, Mushami, Luke & possibly Erida as staff members. I will be stepping down, I am unsure about Yuki- but if this should happen, Kuroi Shingatsu would be your senior(Yes even for you Jeff). As a recent addition to the staff team, Kuroi would be in charge of monitoring you aforementioned people and ensure things stay fair. That being said, with how things are right now, no one is benefiting from this stagnant stage and I dont have the ability right now to change that. Yuki is preoccupied and it would be unfair to the members of this forum for the (inadequate)staff to deny those who have the time, creativity, intellect and desire to change and revive the forum.

Now that all of this is said, there are a couple of things in regards to myself and my character that I will be mentioning. Anamist Souigetsu will retain his tier equivalent power and Segunda Etapa. I will not be taking any leadership positions in organizations(So Simetria leadership is available but for those who are eligible, which none of you are currently) So instead, the NPCs I have created will be filling these vacancies. I have yet to finish them, but I will be drafting some individual's help to finish the few left to complete.

Do not think of this as a chance to benefit yourselves, rather to benefit the forum. While I am abdicating my authority as staff on Bleach Story, do not think that I do not hold any sway or influence over the forum. If my opinion becomes tangible & the things I have mentioned are allowed: if I see unfairness, misuse or abuse of granted powers, I can and will you you removed, your work/progress omitted & you will be banned permanently. We do not need people who are only interested in self-benefit.

Starting the 8th of August, you will be unable to contact for me a number of weeks due to my Army training.

#3 Re: I would like a chance. on Mon Aug 03, 2015 12:07 am


No one would take away your tier and if the system was changed, I'd bump yours up to suit it. Though I'm unfamiliar with Kuroi, I'll respect that decision, and ultimately ask him to not limit me in an overly outright manner. I will also welcome the other additions to staff if and when this falls through, and ask that we all find a way of communication outside of the forum, so we have more than one way to organize things, get along, and discuss ideas.

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