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#1 Thank you!! on Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:18 am


This suggestion is a fairly simple one. Words like "Thank you" (and things of this nature) could really boost member morale and participation. I'm thinking back on not only my own experiences with contributing ideas to this RP, but others as well. There are a few members that come to mind that have contributed dozens of ideas but are not really that active (if at all) anymore. Like a shadow, they came and left without a trace...that's not in an obscure archive folder some place. Sadly, despite many of the ideas and suggestions which were actually used to breath life into the forum. They've been all but forgotten, essentially tossed out. Why do I say this? They weren't shown the level of gratitude they deserved considering an idea may have been used to keep the site from dying altogether. I'm thinking of Duquin's revolutionary AR system that brought us closer to actual Bleach mechanics. I'm thinking of Yuki's badge system idea which inspired activity. Like Erida Seika for her Temporal Staff Powers idea when we began losing potential members due to staff inactivity over real life issues. Luke's RPer of the month idea which inspired just that, some really good RPing. :urharaftw: The very suggestion of having an Espada alternative group due to the absence of Aizen for the RP was my idea. And one of the most constantly used RP types I'm seeing is the 18+ (don't know who came up with that idea, but they should be immortalized with thanks. :baaaaaaad:

I'm suggesting the creation of a "Hall of Contributors" or something of that nature where those who've really contributed their innovate ideas to the forum are remembered with public thanks maybe a badge. The idea is to let people know, that we, this site appreciate them and are not ungrateful. This is to say "You aren't required to do the work as you are not staff, but thank you for what you've done." Perhaps once a month we can look at those who's ideas which were popular and inspiring and add the contributor to this hall.

#2 Re: Thank you!! on Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:27 pm


Then you'd get people like me whoms works have been thoroughly disemboweled whom would take relative offense to celebrating people who've contributed to the sites death, Duquins a great guy, but no one liked how overly complicated and time-consuming the system was, and what you're looking at is the outcome. Sera Nova is a great one I think, we both got along, but a hall would be something of a joke. We have two members left that have been around since the sites relative beginnings and they are me, and Grimmjow. I would be omitted due to past issues, but when I ran the place it was the biggest Bleach RP going, it was bigger than Gotei and PH at it's peak and in 4 months I had probably.. 1400 posts? And I basically remade the site post-deletion from Rukia Tetsuya.

So bad idea, way to many tempers, way to much past drama, and if you weren't put in you'd feel under-appreciated yet if everyone gets in it loses all fucking meaning xD.

Edit: To clarify, I don't mind Duquin, I think he's a great guy, a good thinker, and I have nothing personally against him, I think he took over a shitty situation. BUT, Thinking that everyone has the time, patience, and capacity to deal with controlled complexity is and was this sites undoing due to a large extent, as people quickly became disinterested. On top of that, he tried Democracy, which, fucking LOL. Democracy works if the site has half competent members, this site is lucky to have an active competent staff at any given time. So yeah.

Not trying to win popularity contests if you didn't notice, just honesty here, it's the best policy.

#3 Re: Thank you!! on Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:15 pm


Hey, I loved his AR system and didn't think it was the least bit complicated!! X3

I have no idea what happened too long before I joined, but if you were that awesome in your contributions, you would totally deserve to be in the hall of contributions. I don't really think it would be something without meaning were it that expansive. Think of the rock and roll hall of fame. That's a lot of folks, but people still want it and make a big deal out of getting in.

Also, when it comes to my time here I must say that it was most active when it was a "democracy". You do bring up a good point though. That is one of the reasons I believe democracy is a failed concept altogether. :urharaftw: Ehh...but that's getting off topic.

#4 Re: Thank you!! on Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:30 pm


I would agree with the Democracy bit, and trust me, you weren't here for the sites true prime. No one here was if I recall, short of maybe Yuki (might have been.) And furthermore, you may have enjoyed it but you're hardly the majority, and seeing as the site was more active than that for upwards of a year with my system in place, and the stats system housed many holdovers from when I was around and those whom succeeded me (whom changed nothing I put in place.) I wouldn't really say it worked. We lost many great members over that and the politics that went along with, Sera and Zoran immediately come to mind, and there were plenty more. On top of that, the sites activity continued to dwindle and collapse in on itself, and the second, the second Staff left and couldn't control it as much the system collapsed, people quickly lost interest and many did beforehand. I spoke to several. And several had spoken to several others, I am not pulling this out of my ass, but I'm not publicly giving out names if you or Duq want them PM me and I'll send.

It just really was to reliant on staff structure, something this site has struggled with, and it relied to heavily on experienced Roleplayers and Roleplayers whom did it for a tad more than Casual amusement, which is something this site has never truly appealed to, and never will. Making this anything more than a RP site for beginners and casual vets, and making it anything near complicated or predetermined completely ruins this sites target audience and it's willingness to join, they don't want 50,000 complex systems, they want 5 things of rules and to be able to jump in make an app have it checked within a month of it's posting, and to have some fun.

"Casual" and "Structure" Tend to not go hand and hand and I dare say, such contradictions set a precedent for failure in a social environment such as this, to whatever capacity of a social environment you'd like to think of this place as being at least, but back to the topic at hand.

The Rock and Roll HOF is a sham, it doesn't even have KISS, in such hall of fame's there will always be contempt among those that believe they belong more so than others, it would just be another pandering political distraction, that this site has little need for at the current time, especially when you consider the age of this site. I'd pretty much have to be the main consultant, since Grimmjow/Udar isn't overly active. And on top of that, people would want a criteria and blah blah blah.

Staff don't have time to get an actual RP system done, you really think they have time for side projects? xD

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